Donald “Hitler” Trump

Donald Trump1..

The similarities between these two men should cause you concern. I’ve always said that Trump’s message was nothing but white nationalism with a makeover. You think things are bad for black people now?  Wait until Obama leaves office. If this guy becomes President…it will be much worse. However maybe more black people will wake up and realize all we got is each other.  And maybe in the process we will rely on each other more.

20 thoughts on “Donald “Hitler” Trump

  1. Yeah, I’ve seen Trump throw up the Nazi salute as if he’s just waving to the crowd. Hmph. The man scares me. I heard a radio show where a psychic mentioned Hitler’s statement, with reference to his dabbling in the occult. Supposedly, Hitler predicted a future leader like him but even more tyrannical who was already born and of wealth that would even scare him. The psychic suggested that Trump fits the description. I hope it’s all a bunch of mumbo jumbo but if it gets down to Hillary and Trump, I don’t want to be forced to vote for her. When they say pick the lesser of two evils, this time we can’t afford to because I know what her husband did to black folks just with mandatory minimum sentencing laws where non-violent drug offenders who mostly sold the crack that the government supplied got life sentences in prison.

    • That’s so true MsSunshine. I keep trying to tell black people the Clintons can’t be trusted! They are enemies to black people. They are both slick racists. All people have to do is research a little bit and you can find out what they’re both about.

  2. Funny you should bring this up. Last month, a white guest at the hotel my mother works at said “if Donald trump wins, that’s it for America”

  3. Hitler wasn’t a racist in the true sense….as in he was a native German who wanted to cleanse Germany of non Germans. Trump is a Scottish/English mixed breed who is not Native to North America and is apart of a European Settler class. Hitler was 100% right in how he ruled inside of Germany. Trump is a free loader off Native American land and African slave labor. Big difference.

    • That’s a very interesting perspective. I never looked at it that way. But you’re right about Trump. He’s just a free loader living off of the genocide,rape colonization from his forefathers. But then again I guess most whites would fit into that category.

  4. I bet Donald Trump will be the next president because he want the old “RACIST WHITE AMERICA” back, furthermore he’s very open of stating his racist opinions toward blacks. We have a lot of white people supporting Trump because when they see him especially other white males they see power & white supremacy. Black people are going to finally wake up and see “THE NEW JIM CROW” when Trump get in office.

    • There are some who are of the belief that Donald is just a trump card (no pun intended) to get support behind Hillary. His incendiary comments are meant to manipulate the minority voters to run to the medusa witch-beast grimplork. Typical good-cop bad-cop tactic and many of us fall for it each and every time

  5. Watching on from the shitty UK, I really do worry for my brothers and sisters in the Racist States of Amerikka. Who the hell will you vote for? Will you bother to vote? You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Each way you look, you see white supremacy ready to pounce. None of these candidates give a shit about black ppl. They’ll be throwing parties the second Obama leaves office. I think a new, smarter, untied Black Panther Movement needs to emerge to combat this next chapter of white supremacy, Amerikka seems to be approaching…


    • Be thankful you’re in the We have no one to choose. None of these clowns give a damn about black people.I hope more of our people are waking up to this fact.The system is not designed for us to rise up.Thanks for your comment.

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