Tales of Buffoonery:Episode 14(Will Smith)

Will Smith1

I’m really getting tired of Will Smith pandering to white racists. He’s had a lot of success making films that make white people comfortable. I guess you could call them “raceless” films. And because of that he has become a media darling.  But lately he and his wife have criticized Hollywood for a lack of diversity. They are asking black people to boycott the Academy Awards this year.  They’re a little late. Most black people I know don’t really give a damn about the Oscars anyway.  But I think this is mostly sour grapes because he didn’t get nominate for his film Concussion.  He had a terrible African accent in the film.  He was not very believable in my opinion.  Well now he has hit a new low. This fool did an interview a few months ago with the Hollywood Reporter.  This clown actually said racism is rare.  Rare? On what planet?  The entire system is racist! This is insane in my mind. Here’s the quote:

“Everybody is prejudiced,” he said. “Everybody has their life experiences that make them prefer one thing over another — it makes them prefer blond hair over a brunette; if you see somebody with dark skin walking down the street, you have a different reaction than you have [with] someone who is 5-foot-1 and white.”

The word “racism,” he said, implies something worse: the feeling that “your race generally is superior.”

“And I have to say, I live with constant prejudice, but racism is actually rare — someone who thinks their race is superior,” Smith continued.

Smith said that, on the rare occasions when he’s encountered someone in Hollywood who’s actually racist, he’s immediately decided not to work with them. And, he said, it does happen.

A moment later, the interviewer asked if actors could do anything to fight this kind of racism. The other African-American actor on the panel, Samuel L. Jackson, answered with a simple “No.” But Smith was more optimistic about their chances.

“As actors, we have the ultimate power,” he said. “Historically, story combined with imagery moves humanity forward. What we do — not that it’s a responsibility, but it is the ultimate forum for changing people’s hearts and minds.”

Will Smith2..

Here’s a picture of Smith smooching David Letterman. I find it very fitting. Since he loves to kiss white ass so much!  I swear this man is a closet homosexual! This man has NO pride. To say that racism is rare is to diminish the oppression and suffering of African people by a racist society.  You’re a disgrace Mr Smith!

31 thoughts on “Tales of Buffoonery:Episode 14(Will Smith)

    • I used to like Smith on Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He’s made some good films. But lately he’s been saying some wild stuff! All that fame and money has went to his head or something.lol Racism is rare?? WTF?!

      • This is what I don’t get he and Jada want to bitch about lack of diversity but then says racism is r-a-r-e WTF?!! He just contradicted himself especially since there was an episode of “Fresh Prince” where he and Carlton were stopped because they were driving a fancy expensive car. Will said in an interview that happened to him in real life but racism is r-a-r-e. Kushite MANY Negroes in Hollywhite are drunk on the Kool-Aid. They get way too comfy with white folks then balk when they get a Negro moment. He has gone from a prince to a damn court jester!

      • I remember that Fresh Prince episode. Will and other blacks in Hollyweird get too comfortable and think they’re accepted by white society. Then they get their “n*gger wake up call”. He and Jada are really tripping right now. Saying that racism is rare is a bold face lie.

  1. He’s definitely a gay! And I hate to see Jaden dressed like a girl all the time! And Will kissing his son in the mouth? In public?! It makes me wonder what goes on when the cameras go off. Very disturbing!

    Uugh this family is a bunch of weirdos. Beautiful people physically, and very talented, but just a very very very odd bunch! What a waste.

  2. don’t forget about his son Jaden Smith! Oh God!
    Who parents allow their son to dress like a girl? There are pictures of his son circulating on the Internet, where Jaden leads a border of roses in his hair, dressed as females, females skirts?
    Not to mention his new white girlfriend at his side!
    WOW black men who are one of the men at the genetic and physical layer represents the ideal of the true man!
    Wow black men shown with female attitudes or with white women!

  3. And to piggy back off of what Laverne said, obviously no one played a slave or mammy on the big screen this year so is it any wonder, why the Awards this year is so lilly white it’s blinding

  4. Even most white people wouldnt say no dumb s#%^ like that. He’s so full of crap, I see him running for public office one day.
    I wonder what Sam Jackson was thinking when Will was saying that. He seems like he sees through the bullshit, but you never can tell with actors.
    Yesterday a hilary radio ad came on, and it was morgan freeman. My mom thinks that he volunteered b/c he supports her. I told my mom he’s an actor, and he definitely didnt do it for free. She still thinks he wouldnt have done it if he didnt support her. This man was alledgedly f^%#€£^ his (step) granddaughter. These actors are amoral and a cog in the machine. Plus will and jada were into the scientology cult at one point.
    And will sounds like a goddamn fool talking about actors have the ultimate power. Yeah, and its been used for evil and destruction and war the whole time.

    • Yeah Will is a damn moron! And Samuel Jackson knows it’s crap! But he’s a sell out punk too. Jackson never calls out his buddy Quentin Tarantino for using the “n word” in all his films. He also makes excuses for white racism just like Will Smith. Morgan Freeman?? That old ass fossil!lol He sold out a loooooooong time ago. He always plays the “noble negro” in most white films. I remember hearing he was messing around with his step granddaughter. What a sick bastard! She was recently killed wasn’t she? I think She was murdered by her boyfriend….so they say. But yeah I feel you,these actors get paid to mislead the mindless sheep(public). I’m glad my followers can see through the bullcrap.

  5. Also did you guys hear about Jaden Smith being slated as the new face of Louis Vuitton Women’s wear? yeah it’s sick

  6. Like the rest of these Hollyweird coons and mammies, I have NO respect for Jada and Will and didn’t give a DAMN about their weak protest of the Oscars. Lord, I pray for the children who gets caught up in the mess that is Hollywierd.

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