Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 13(Chiwetel Ejiofor)


I haven’t done a Buffoonery post in awhile.  And I know a lot of my followers like them so I thought I’d bring it back.  When I saw this article I knew I had to do a post on it. British actor Chiwetel Ejiofor recently said that homosexuals have it harder than blacks.  Can you believe that?  It’s bad enough his wife is white but to say something like that is unforgivable.  And people still tell me the gay agenda is not real. I thought I had misread it when I first saw it. Chiwetel Ejiofor believes Hollywood still marginalizes people because of their sexuality. The industry has been accused of a lack of diversity following the 2016 Academy Awards nominations, where no African-American actor or director was nominated for a top honor for the second year in a row, but the actor “believes it’s harder for someone to succeed if they’re homosexual than if they’re black. “I hope this changes (but) I think it’s probably harder to be gay,” he said.

“I think sexuality is still marginalized in a way that is pretty open. I think it’s tough. I think for one’s own peace of mind, for one’s own sense of self and psychological health, I feel like that’s the horrible thing about ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’… Because it produces a sense of shame, and therefore this sense of being ‘less than’, you know? And I hate that. I hate that for anybody.”

But Ejiofor, 38, argues that at the same time, a person’s sexuality isn’t anyone else’s business, and if the individual wants to, they should be able to declare their preference without fear of it affecting their opportunities in life in any way.

“If I hadn’t had the opportunities and the fortune that I have had, of course I would have a very different perspective to that, but I can’t be completely intellectually dishonest about what has happened in my life… It’s a tiny bit more nuanced for me to talk about,” he explained.”

This is taking self-hating coonery to a new level.  Hollywood is ran by a bunch of Jewish butt pirates…but they have it harder than blacks??  What do you think?

29 thoughts on “Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 13(Chiwetel Ejiofor)

      • SMH infuckingfinity!!! I used to really like him but he is stuck on stupid in the worst damn way possible!! Oh yeah dumbass, I’d like to know then how many gay folks were lynched? How many gay people had their homes firebombed because the straight people didn’t want them to move in? How many gay people are beaten and brutalized by cops for the past 200 some years? How many gay people had to worry about arriving then eating in the back? I could go on but you get the idea. It’s stupid ass fools like him that are making it harder for BLACK PEOPLE. And to equate being black and being gay in any way is complete and utter stupidity. This dumb shit needs a bitch slap from Malcolm!!

      • Love or lust? We have to be realistic about this. Ina system that promotes white beauty over black beauty,it’s unlikely too many black men are marrying white woman out of love. It’s a status symbol in most cases. He has money and fame so of course there are plenty of white women who would marry him. Chiwetel lives in Britain and I hear the interracial dating is off the charts out there. I’ve seen this pattern with way too money rich black men. So I think status has a lot to do with it.

    • Like I always tell people….the gay agenda is real. But Chiwetel should be ashamed of himself for these statements. He’s pandering to the gay elite that control Hollywood. I’ve lost all respect for this man!

  1. Kush. Although I have never seen it, he starred in a movie called Kinky Boots where he dressed in drag. This is how it usually starts. I have noticed especially for black men that in order to make it in Hollywood they have to dress up as women. This is part of a system that degrades the black human race. It is so sad.

    • That is so true Raymore. They trying their best to reconstruct the image of the black man. They want us all seen as effeminate sissies. They are trying to dehumanize black people as a whole. You’re right,it’s very sad. This is the sick evil system we are up against. I never seen the film Kinky Boots before. Thanks for the heads up about it.

  2. This is what happens when you marry a white woman. Their attitudes, mentality, and cultural aspersions become intertwined into the consciousness. For any Black man to say such a think is heresy to our people. Once they go white…I take flight. Trash this fool!

  3. I’m not surprised anything this coon fool and the other coon fools do. I heard that he now has a black girlfriend. Whoopdy doo; he still doesn’t get a cookie from me.

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