Black Love Denied: Black Love Redemption(Part 3 of 3)

Film archivist and historian CHARLES WOODS (aka The professor) sat down  to talk about the depiction of Black Love on the silver screen, and share his insight into three films- HALLELUJAH (1927), NOTHING BUT A MAN (1964) and BEYOND THE LIGHTS (2014). He offers a great breakdown on the depiction of black love in Hollywood. It shows that over the years that Hollywood has never been fully comfortable with black people expressing love for one another.  We have to be conscious enough to understand that the negative depictions of us is being done on purpose.

I also like this video above.  It’s a great discussion with black men and black women talking about what is black love.  They are all being very open and honest about what black love means to them.  I think we need to have more discussions like this on  social media as well as in person.  We need safe places where we can discuss things ls.  we are being hammered every day with anti-blackness. Every day we are told by the media that we are not good enough. Or that black people are “less than human”. After what I showed you in part one and two it should be obvious that the racist media wants to keep us fighting one another.  Black self acceptance and black love is a very scary thing to those in power.  This is one of the main reasons they push interracial dating on us so much.  They want us to look at other “options”.  Whether that is dating a white person,asian  person or even someone of the same sex. None of these alternatives is pro-black. They are either anti-life or will not produce black children.  Which is their main goal.

Black Love1

Black Love2..

Here’s some posts on Black Love worth checking out:

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Black Love3

Black Love1...

We can no longer let the media divide us.  We have to realize that we need one another. The Black Man must be open to listen to black women and their pain. As well as black women must be able to listen to the struggles of the black man.  But we must listen with not only our ears but our hearts and without judgement. Stop blaming each other. This is the first step if we want to defeat our common enemy. Here at Kushite Kingdom I’m always talking about uniting and having black pride.  Well if we truly want to unite,bond and grow in our relationships….we must heal. We must bring closure to the anger and pain from the past. We have to do this to end the dysfunction in our community. So that we don’t past this on to the next generation.

This is a great video with Naazir Ra and his beautiful wife Okeba Ra. It’s a  video about Black Love Redemption Day.  Which I think is a better alternative to European inspired Valentine’s Day. I think you’ll really like the video. They make a great point about how love,communication and building a strong black family is what’s most important. Healing one another and working together is the our path to redemption. And I believe that once we do this we can find joy.  And realize that with dedication and discipline we can repair our relationships.  And bring back Black love to our community. This is how we can heal and ultimately find peace.

29 thoughts on “Black Love Denied: Black Love Redemption(Part 3 of 3)

  1. This is an excellent post. Just this morning I looked up the origin of the word “Hollywood” to grasp a deeper understanding of the mad mind control industry. Someone said that the name Hol or Hel is a Norse goddess associated with pagan rituals of tree worship. That said, any sort of Nordic rite as Hitler’s Nazis idolized has to be the antithesis to positive Afrikans imagery. So I ask myself where’s the model of wifehood coming from in a single parent household? Not Hollywood. Why did so many brothers in the 80s-90s idolize being pimps, hustlers, dboys, and players instead of husbands? Why is it when I dated a square, I was, well he was rudiculed for being straight-laced? Thank you KP for unveiling the sinister control that Hollywood has on our value system or lack thereof. America certainly is a mind control colony. We must be more vigilant in reclaiming our own values that has no foundation in the otherness of others.

    • Thank you MsSunshine. I did this series because I want our people to be aware of the mind control by television and film. We should not let them dictate to us what is valuable or beautiful. Black people don’t control Hollywood so we can’t expect them to uplift our people or show us in a positive light. It’s obvious they want us to fight each other and see the “enemy” as a friend. It’s all just deception. Thanks for the information on the association of the Norse Goddess and Hollywood. I also heard that the wand that magicians use is made form hollywood. And since magicians use illusion to trick their audiences,the Jews that started the film industry decided to name the town after the wand. A little history

      • Yes, I heard that too about the wood used for making the magical wand. And look at Halle Berry’s name and how she is celebrated in the industry? These people are the biggest symbolic ritualists.

      • That’s true. People don’t realize how evil Hollywood can be. And they would lose their minds if they knew all the disgusting things you must do to become rich and famous. The price is WAY too high. It’s best to keep your integrity and sanity.

      • It’s obvious by the way those dumbasses glorify white celebrity. Today sportsanchor Mike Golic was whining because Paul McCartney couldn’t get into the Grammys. I love some of Paul’s music too but this fool was acting as if Jesus was standing at the door. Their hero worship especially of sleazy ass perverts, drug addicts, wife beaters, deadbeat dads, cheaters, rapists is very sickening. They are the modern day version of Sodom and Gomorrah

    • ‘Why did so many brothers in the 80s-90s idolize being pimps, hustlers, dboys, and players instead of husbands? ‘

      Great comment, and yet idiots want a pass for this but blame black women solely for liking men like this as if they never paid to portray this image to the world. Black men and their bitching about black women is getting annoying as hell, weak ass men, with nothing on the menu talking about they want a submissive black women but many will settle with less than submissive white women and not say a damn thing.

      This stuff is shameful, women like thugs, men like hoes but they point fingures as if both aren’t doing the same crap as each other, these anti-black women men sound exactly the same as the women on beyondblackandwhite but neither side will admit they are in the same basket. Even saw a video with some coon from Chicago talking about biracial kids from white men and black women hate black people but when it is reverse the kids are cool, I was like David Carroll was right black men aren’t actually upset about swirling they a jealous that black women might be more successful at getting better white counterparts.

      • The majority of us black men in this country are with black women. Go check the stats. Those of us who date outside are not the same as the whole group.

        “Black men and their bitching about black women is getting annoying as hell”…We are on an article about black love and you are showing up to say that all black men are “bitching about black women”?! Aside from what you are saying is untrue for the group,those who use complaints about black women to go outside their group just want to be with another woman. Also, vice versa for those black women.

        Only a few of us are jealous of those who swirl. It is your business, in almost all circumstances, if you want to go outside your group whether you are a black man or woman. I know most of us men feel that way.

      • Do you think I don’t know the stats, I also know roughly half of black adults ain’t married. Something people conveniently ignore from the equation, most black people date and marry black people, this is how all groups are but black swirlers are the most vocal, this is a sign of a weak community, where those that want to breed out actually have a voice.

        These black men that swirl are major issue, not only are they bitchy but they spend all day moaning about black women, they claim they have no interest in, which make no fucking sense. They are now a predominant voice online of black men, this stuff is getting out of hand and people are just standing by. You also ignored my beyondblackandwhite reference, there are men as well as women who are on this bs and it is brainwashing youth into believing in some gender war crap, most of these black men are not content with non-black women this is something I saw a while back, if you like non-black women okay, why advocate it to other men but get butt hurt when I advocate black women? These people want more than some personal preference, they want to drown out black men who are down with black women and black families, this to appease white women, out of self-hatred or out of some sick mind set, take your pick.

        My reference to swirling is not about black people who don’t versus those that do, it in reference to what David Carroll pointed out about these negroes, they aren’t against swirling per say, they are hypocrites, call black women bed wenches but say they prefer white women or mixed women, that is purely hypocrisy and put good upstanding black men in hot water as people think we are all hypocrites including black women who don’t swirl which is where the problem arises.

        I am a black man, just type the name in on Google, I go in on black men and women all the time, you seem defensive over something, when I say black men I don’t mean all black men or else I would be part of half of this too.

        Is this not on topic with the past two posts in the series?

      • The majority of us black men are with black women, whether we are married or not.

        There are always plenty of black men who show up to argue with those who try to bash black women.

        I agree it is hypocritical. I also wrote they really just want to go with a non-black woman in nearly all cases. Maybe some are justifiably bitter over a past experience with a black woman, but even then they can’t go and bash all black women for that. They should not leave black women.

        There will be consequences for the swirlers, and all I can do is make sure they are aware of them before making the decision. However, they should already, by using their judgment, be aware of that.

        The swirlers are being pushed for certain reasons. It is similar to how black women who bash black men are pushed. You can try to go against it, but there is a significant group that will continue to do it. What is going to happen will stop them, but for now these people, which are largely men, will continue.

        Children need more guidance from people close to them so they can avoid the black gender war impression.

        I was pointing out that there is a difference between those black men you described and the majority of us in the last comment. Yes, I do not agree with those men slandering our women.

      • All I know is that these swirlers both male and female are getting out of hand, the sheer amount of garbage they are putting out is increasing. White women in particular are promoting their negreos who sleep with them, these people literally worshipping white women, when white women made this hated Feminism they cry about.

        Main thing is we need to either spam on an equal level to shut these fools up or black women need to make loads of video about how they love black men to shut these fools up. This is because they spend all day on a handful of videos with self-hating females worshipping white men and claim this as proof to spam everywhere with that bed wench bs.

        Black men have proven to black women that we love them for their physical beauty, indeed dark skin women dominate Tumblr and it is mostly black men giving them props, but eventually we need to shut up these fools that are making all the noise. These agents of European society are trying to claw their minority position into something more dominant and with Twitter in particular you see their trolling everywhere.

      • You are spot on with that first paragraph! I never thought of it like that but that was really good.

        I definitely agree with speaking out against these type of swirlers. Their message of attacking the opposite gender, especially against the women, when it is wrong. Still, outsiders are really pushing this agenda so it may not be possible to spam it equally.

        However, when race relations get much worse(which is inevitable at this point), these people will be in a really tough position, especially the male swirlers. And something else will happen that will force most to end their relationships. They will be ashamed of having slandered the blacks of the other gender.

  2. I said many times before that black men & women need each other because we are all we got period. What effects the black man will effects the black woman too, especially when we are both crying out in pain but refuse to listen too each other problems. We are in a time that we are living in the New Jim Crow & racism is at a all time high. Black unity & love is needed more then ever. Its about to get more worse & more hell for our people when President Obama leaves office. The coons, sellouts, race traders & etc. is about to get their negro wake up call & a good old ass beating from us to go with it. I strongly believe our people are living in there finally days of there oppression & we’ve enter into a new age of revolution to fight for our freedom. I just have this feeling shit is about to go down. The revolution will go down in this generation real soon. These Europeans are getting these niggers mad & the African WARRIORS & QUEENS is about to be let out. I stated nigger because our people still have the “American Nigger Factory” program in their minds. You can’t keep a people oppress then don’t expect them to fight back.

    P.S.Naazir Ra and his beautiful BLACK QUEEN made good points in the video.

    • It’s time to de-program our minds. The coons,sell outs and race traitors have got to go! Either they wake up or we have to leave them alone. I feel as though time is running out for our people. We have to get our act together and move forward as a people. Black love and self respect is the only answer. We have to do all we can do rid our minds of anti-blackness and replace it with self love. We need to do it for our children. We need to get back to being true kings and queens and acting like it. The n*gger and bitch mentality has to DIE! If we really want to heal and have a future.

  3. Off topic but these are interesting stories. The first link speaks power on how the beauty of the black woman is so strong. Laws were made banning black women from wearing their hair out so eventually they start wearing headwraps. White women were envious of the black woman’s beauty that even her own men couldn’t stop looking at black women.

    Story like these are still happening today of black women being rape against there will.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        Thank you, brother I really appreciate everything you post on your page. Please keep making post in uplifting & promoting the natural beauty of black women & love.
        Too many of our sista’s are suffering from self hate issues because they feel black men are attractive to straight hair. I told one sista, black women are now embracing their natural hair & no longer going by white beauty standards. This ignorant clown had the nerve to tell me black men will tell a black woman anything to get pussy. Keep in mind this black woman, son is dating a below average, overweight rejected Mexican woman. Also this coin complain about black women wearing to much weave but prefer them to have process straight that is not natural. This same coon told me I need to flat iron my hair because black men will love it. I told her, no I workout on a daily a basis furthermore my hair will sweat out. On top of that flat iron my hair daily will cause heat damage. I don’t confirm to white beauty standards. Furthermore this same coon husband cheated on her with other black women that have process straight hair. She also divorce her husband & haven’t had another man since. If a man is attractive to a woman he’s more concern about beauty instead of arguing on how she wear her hair.

        It’s sad that black women have to alter there natural appearance to be love by our men & society. We as black women spend so much time trying to please others but not loving ourselves. Superficial shit isn’t black love nor will it keep a relationship.

      • I agree sis. I know a lot of black women with that crazy mentality. They conform to white beauty standards because they think that’s what brothers will like. We have to teach little girls to love themselves and not worry about what others may think. We have to embrace our outer and inner beauty. Thanks for all the kind words. I do my best to empower and uplift my people. But I criticize us when we go down the wrong path. I don’t do it to denigrate our people I do so we’ll do better. Like they say…you’d do better if you knew better.

    • Thank you Shanequa for the links which are very interesting. I never knew the actual law that was enacted but I had read in the Voodoo Queen, an autobiographical book about Marie Laveau of the laws whites had passed in Louisiana that enforced Creole and Afrikan women to cover their hair as well as step off the sidewalk and into the street when approaching a white person. The white girls knew the sisters were more beautiful than them, so they had to go as far as changing the law! And to think how nowadays, the white girls will try real hard to take a successful black man from a sister as if we’re invisible. That other story is just sickening.

  4. I watched the first vid and it was impressive. Of all the movies stereotyping Black men and women in dysfunctional relationships, there’s still movies that show in a positive light the essence of Black Love. I will watch Beyond the Lights if it’s on DVD or Netflix… By the way, excellent post!

  5. I should have guessed you did not celebrate Valentine’s Day.

    Black love is definitely being attacked. However, we must continue to love and treat our women with respect.

    • @ N.S
      Black women must learn to love & treat black men with respect vice versa. At the end of the day black men & women are one, we can’t survive without the other.

      • I agree. Some couples are doing well when it comes to this, but many are not. It is better for all of us that they resolve their issue and treat their man or woman correctly.

  6. that little clip by tommy davidson, he was soft shoe cooning. making excuses for whites. I know a good many of them who think exactly as their forefathers did, and they cling desperately to those ideals. But anyway…..

    Good clip by charles woods. Ive watched hallelujah a few times, back then I was just happy to see an old black film. Alot of the things mr wood pointed out were lost on me, at the time. I do remember nina mae mckinney played the role of a loose woman, and the main plotline was he wanted her and lost everything b/c he wanted to have sex with the neighborhood whore. Very anti-black male film.
    This my first time hearing of nothing but a man. And I misjudged the trailer for beyond the lights, and never watched it. I will watch both of these soon…..
    Dr Cress Welsing made some astute observations about the blaxploitation era in her books that were whoa.

    • Yes Charles Woods gives a great breakdown of films. Once you watch a few films you start to see the racist patterns. I spot them very easily now. Hollywood is an extremely racist town. They like to pretend that they’re so liberal. It’s all a farce!

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