Black Love Denied: Black Men & Latinas…a better match?(Part 2 of 3)


There’s another trend going on.  The attack on black love is very real. I told you what they’re doing to black women in part one. Now I’ll show what they’re trying to do with brothers. This picture(above) is from the Fox drama Rosewood. It premiered back in September 2015.  It stars Morris Chestnut in his first leading role on television. He plays a doctor on the show and he is paired with Puerto Rican actress Jaina Lee Ortiz.  She plays a Miami detective. There is a beautiful black actress in the show as well played by Gabrielle Dennis. But she plays the sister to Chestnut’s character.  She also plays a lesbian with a white girlfriend no less.  Black people playing homosexuals and lesbians is something I’ve covered many times in the past. That’s a whole different subject. But this post is about a trend I’ve noticed a lot in the last twenty  years or so. I have seen a steady increase of latina actresses playing the romantic interest to black men in countless films and television shows. Although in Rosewood, Morris and Jaina have not officially “hooked up” they flirt with each other in nearly every episode.  It is only a matter of time before they eventually get together.


The first time I can remember seeing this was in the film Money Train.  This was way back in 1995.  It starred Wesley Snipes and Jennifer Lopez.  I remember this because I believe it was the first love scene Lopez ever did.


Then I remember seeing Cuban actress Eva Mendes with Denzel Washington in Training Day(2002).  She also played his ex-wife in the film Out of Time.  And she also played Will Smith girlfriend in the film Hitch(2005).


In that silly ass comedy Boat Trip(2002),Roselyn Sanchez played the love interest for Cuba Gooding Jr.  They had absolutely no chemistry together and the film wasn’t even funny. But I think this is a disturbing trend.  I know some people will say that it’s no big deal sense these are “women of color”.  But this is nonsense to me.  It doesn’t matter if many Puerto Ricans have 15%-20% African ancestry.  The fact remains that most of them have  over 60% European ancestry.  They are mostly white.  Theses are the facts!  They may speak Spanish or Portuguese but they are not African women.  We need more roles showing black love across the board.  These Latinas are being used to promote race mixing as a better alternative to black love.   It’s also a way to show that Latinas are better for black men.  All this “love has no color” crap sounds silly to me!  Hollywood is terrified of black men and women loving one another and creating beautiful black babies. They seem to promote anything that can further divide black me and women. I get the feeling that black people loving each other is their biggest fear.


In the film Four Brothers(2005)singer/actor Tyrese was the love interest for Colombian actress Sofia Vergara. I remember thinking they were such an odd pairing when I saw this film.  They film was okay as far as action films go.  But in the film Tyrese was adopted by an old white woman.  And he had three adoptive brothers.  Two of them were white guys. One of them played by Mark Wahlberg.  It was really silly.  You know how Hollywood likes to show blacks who were raised by whites as “decent negroes”.  It was truly a waste of film. I wish I could get my money back.


South Beach(2006) was a television drama starring Odette Annable and the late Lee Thompson Young. Annable has a Cuban mother and her father is French/Italian. So that would make her…….white right?

The Event

In 2010 there was the television show The Event. It starred Blair Underwood as the President of the United States.  The First Lady was played by Puerto Rican actress Lisa Vidal. In the show Underwood’s character’s name was Elias Martinez. He was an Afro-Latin man so I guess that’s why his wife was a Latina right?  But why not a more black looking Afro-Latina then? I think you know the answer.

Also in 2010 there was the film Our Family Wedding.  It’s about a black man(Lance Gross) marrying a Hispanic woman.  The woman is Honduran actress America Ferrera.  It’s a comedy about the blending of different races and cultures.  This video clip is my favorite scene in the film.  It shows the Hispanic grandmother fainting when she sees her grand daughter’s black fiancée.  It’s kind of funny but also very realistic. Mainly because this is how many of these old(and young) Hispanic family members truly feel when their daughter/niece/grand daughter is marrying a black man. It’s done in a comical way but underneath is the truth of their anti-blackness. Which runs throughout Hispanic/Latin culture.


Do you recognize this man? That’s John David Washington. The son of legendary actor Denzel Washington.  Not sure if many people know that he’s acting on the comedy television series Ballers(2015). He plays a  professional football player character named Ricky Jerret.  In the series his fiancée  is Cuban actress Anabelle Acosta. In his first starring role you would think he would be cast with a black woman.  But then again Denzel was paired with Cuban actress Eva Mendes in Training Day. Like father,like son right?


This is a picture from the upcoming comedy Meet The Blacks.  It stars comedian Mike Epps and his wife is played by Colombian actress Zulay Henao.  Once again the black woman is left out.  The black woman in the pic is his daughter.  The title of the film is supposed to be a play on words.  But it’s insulting because they’re called The Blacks…but the wife isn’t black!! How ridiculous is that??


This is Forest Whitaker with Mexican actress Eva Longoria.  They played husband and wife in the film A Dark Truth. It always cracks me up when I see Mexicans and blacks playing lovers in films.  Mexican culture  has a strong anti-black sentiment.  I’ve had Mexican co-workers over the years.  They treat me with respect and don’t give me a hard time.  They’re cool with you in the workplace but they keep a social distance. Dating them is an entirely different story.  I know for a fact that most Mexican men hate seeing their women with black men. They find it very disgusting and think they are better than black men anyway. I even know some that wont even date a Mexican woman if she’s dated black men. That sounds like extreme hatred to me.  That sounds like the mentality of a racist white redneck.  I’m telling you that most Hispanics/Latinos as a whole don’t like black/African people. Most of them that come from Cuba,Brazil,Mexico,Puerto Rico,Colombia…are raised on white supremacy.  They believe that light skin,light colored eyes and straight hair is the beauty ideal. So naturally they will hate black people. Many Latin countries even have a term called “blanqueamiento”.  It’s a term many have never heard. Blanqueamiento, or whitening, is a social, political, and economic practice used in many post-colonial countries to `improve the race` (mejorar la raza) towards a supposed ideal of whiteness. The term blanqueamiento is rooted in Latin America and is used more or less synonymous with racial whitening.  So you can see  where their hatred of dark skin comes from.  I know black men who have dated some of these light skinned Latinas and their families usually don’t accept the black man.  Since they believe “whitening” the race is better,why would they want to darken their race?  They have to think of their children right?


Also just as a side note,many of these Latinas are in these booty model magazines. Don’t get me wrong these magazines are very degrading to women.  I used to read them as a young man myself.  But I matured and grew out of them.  They have these women in very degrading poses,all oiled up with,rubbing their G spot with a come hither look in their eyes. Degrading as they may be, these are still magazines catered towards  black men.  So why are Latinas on the cover?  Why do they have “Latina lovers ” editions?  I don’t see black women plastered on the cover of magazines for Hispanic men. This is really pathetic.  Black women even take a backseat behind Latinas in magazines geared toward black men. And the black men who are the publishers of these magazines should be ashamed of themselves. These clowns are hyping up other races over black women. Shameful!


This is  actress Jessica Alba and Mehki Phifer.  This is from the 2003 film Honey.  In the film he flirted with her until he won her over. In the film actress/model Joy Bryant plays Alba’s best friend. Joy is a gorgeous black woman..but of course they have Mehki’s character hook up with Alba. Not to mention that Joy is much prettier than Alba by a mile.

Here’s a video from the George Lopez show. This was back in 2010. Lopez did a DNA test on Alba.  Her mother is a blonde white woman and her father is a Mexican.  The results were not surprising to me. Alba found out she was 87% European. And she seems pretty disappointed about it.  I can understand her frustration a bit.  She sees herself as a “woman of color” so this was a wake up call for her.  I know many people see her as somewhat exotic with dark hair and full lips.  I actually saw her in person in 2014 at a social event.  She walked right by me. She may not have blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin but at the end of the day….she’s a white woman. In the film Honey the stylist had her hair permed to give it some curl. This was an attempt to make her appear a  bit more “ethnic” because she obviously doesn’t look black. I find this interesting because  I remember reading years ago that Honey was a role written for the late r&b singer/actress Aaliyah.  When she died tragically in a plane crash in 2001…they gave the role to Jessica.   So this proves my point that this role and many others should go to black women.  But Hollywood wants to erase the image of the black woman.  They want to keep the dark skinned African looking woman away from her rightful place….with the black man.   But keeping black men and women separated is what Hollywood does best.    Even when a black woman has a starring role she is linked with a either a white partner or lover.  I have seen this in shows like Scandal,Sleepy Hollow and Minority Report. This is a way to kill two birds with one stone. By putting Latinas in these roles they are saying that they are a better match for black men. Which of course is a boldface lie.  And secondly it promotes race mixing and making pretty little “exotic babies”.  Which is brainwashing us into believing that looking less black is better.  This is another reason we need our own television studios  and production companies. That way we can promote black love and show that strong black relationships are what’s really important.  Yes I know there are dark skinned Hispanics from Brazil,Cuba,Mexico,Puerto Rico and Colombia.  I have met some really beautiful Afro-Latina sistas. I’m not speaking about Latinas that are clearly of African descent.  If they have a African textured hair,black features and have a dark brown complexion they are obviously black women.  I’m talking about these straight haired,light skinned women with obvious European features.  If you look at it from a genetic standpoint they are mostly European. I know people don’t want to admit this but it’s the truth.  Like I said before,it doesn’t matter what language you speak.  What matters in this world is race,heritage and culture. And although culture is very important,in a system of white supremacy race is the MOST important.  So don’t be fooled by these white looking Latinas in films with black men. This is not progress for black people at all.  These are interracial relationships.  You have to call it what it is. Some might have a little Africa in their bloodline but they are still NOT black.  And any black men saying it’s okay because they are “women of color” is just saying that because they want to date non-black women.  I’m very hip to that term so don’t even try it. Hollywood is doing this on purpose to make us view Latinas as more acceptable because they are not “too white” but yet “not black” either.  Doesn’t matter to me.  It all comes down  to promoting race mixing and dividing black men and women further apart. This is what their whole agenda is about. And one more thing,these Latinas get their hips,thighs and nice butt from the African woman.  That’s why many Cuban,Colombian and Puerto Rican woman have nice shapes.  Yet they want to erase the image of the black woman??  This is very insulting!! Give the original woman her props!  Why go for a cheap imitation of the black woman? When you can have the real thing.

Part 3 coming next! The wrap up!


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  1. Joy Bryant currently plays on the show Parenthood with a white husband. I guess that’s the only way for Black women to get a permanent role on television these days? And the show Deception from a few years back paired Meagan Good with a white guy because it just wouldn’t work out with her old flame played by Laz Alonso. Crazy! The show Luther with Idris Elba, he had a whitish wife……… And Viola with her white husband on How to Get Away With Murder then the lesbian scene with a white woman?! It really makes you think when you think about it.. It’s all too much!

    I love reading your candid viewpoint on this nonsense! Maybe mixed women/Black men relationships are coming up next, but if not, I’d like to hear your thoughts on Blackish.

    • Yes I’ve seen that show Parenthood. I hated seeing Joy with that white geek for a husband. It was such a mismatch. The love outing these type of couples together in films and sitcoms. It makes nerdy socially awkward white guys think they cam get the hottest black women. Usually they get turned down. But I have to admit on occasion I have seen some white guys with black women that were very attractive. If the white guy has enough money and his financially stable sometimes they can pull a good looking black woman. But it’s still hard for me to look at. I’ll be covering Joy Bryant in a later post. As well as Viola Davis in that horrible show. Viola’s show has interracial sex,gay lovers,murder, etc It’s way over the top! You’re right,it’s too much for the brain to digest. I understand your frustration. That’s why I do these posts so that people know they’re not alone. My blog is here for people to vent and speak their true emotions. And I’m always honest,sometimes to a fault. But I think people like my honesty even if they disagree with me. I try to be as candid as I can.
      No I covered the mixed women The last post will be about restoring black love and getting back on track. Although that’s interesting that you brought up Blackish. Since that’s a show with a black man and a biracial wife. Even the daughter on that show is biracial too. I think I did a post on Blackish a few years ago. I said it was mostly a buffoonish comedy. It has a few funny moments but it could’ve been much better. They did one episode where the father was talking about getting in touch with his African roots. Which is cool but it was all a big joke. None of the family members were into it. Which is showing the audience that loving and embracing your culture is corny and not the thing to do. That was all I needed to see. But I know some people that say they like the show. To each his own.

      • I was paying attention, I swear. You did cover the mixed chicks and I asked before I even thought about it!

        Any who, your other followers and I appreciate your candidness. It’s so refreshing + necessary in such a superficial world. And it’s important to continue these conversations because some people are blind to what’s being forced down their throats. And at this point in time, it’s dangerous to be ignorant of certain things.

      • Thanks Kelley. I really appreciate the positive feedback I get. It makes it all worth it in the long run. We all must do our part to fight this sick propaganda. We are in a battle for our minds! This is NO joke!

      • Thank you so much for this! Are you taking questions? I have a lot of questions for this topic. Is there any way I can email you or something?

  2. Very true stuff. Here in Panama too all the news people are white which surprised me, and you can still buy skin whitening creams. How fucking off is that? Everyone goes gaga over white baby’s. The country has been indoctrinated for sure. Good read today. Blessings

    • The skin whitening creams are very popular in Africa,India and Asian countries. The false belief that lighter skin is more desirable is running rampant. This is just the spreading of white supremacy and it brainwashed people with black and brown skin. It makes us feel ugly and inferior. if their was no white power this wouldn’t be such a problem worldwide.

      • Well, there is something they should know as I said in another article.
        If you are of European or Asian heritage and sometimes Ethiopian, then around 2% of your genome originated from Neanderthals. Everybody was black at first but when successive waves of modern humans began migrating from Africa into Asia and Europe, encountering and interbreeding with their Neanderthal cousins who had evolved there from around 250,000 years ago, their skin began to change over period of time. This also affect the way they deal with problems. One other feature is the occipital bun was a knot of rounded bone at the back of the Neanderthal skull and may have been an adaptation for the attachment of their massive neck and jaw muscles. Vestiges of the occipital bun were common in early modern European skulls, but are relatively rare among Europeans today. Modern human faces tend to be small and tucked into the lower half of the head under a rounded brain case. The Neanderthal face tended to be larger, with a brain case set back in a longer skull. An elongated skull may hint at a Neanderthal inheritance and is particularly common in the British Isles, Scandinavia and Iberia. I hope some of DNA didn’t come from this group. Neanderthals had jaws large enough to comfortably house all of their teeth, even having a gap behind their wisdom teeth. If, as commonly occurs, any of your wisdom teeth have become impacted or haven’t erupted at all, it may be because your evolved smaller jaw doesn’t have the space to cope with these vestiges of our foliage-chewing past. If you have all 4 wisdom teeth with space to spare, you may have a Neanderthal ancestor to thank. This also explains why some white people faces seem to be long with long jaw and their faces may seem narrow from the side. The brow ridge is a bony ridge located above the eye sockets of all primates which reinforces the weaker bones of the face. The pronounced brow ridge that Neanderthals shared with other archaic human species, such as Homo erectus, shrank when modern humans evolved – but did not disappear entirely. The angle of the Neanderthal nose bone projected out with a wide opening, making it a large and prominent facial feature. It could be an influence on the modern human aquiline nose prevalent in the Neanderthal hotspots of southern Europe and the Near East, and amongst native North Americans whose genetic source has been traced to the Altai mountains of East/Central Asia.

        The Neanderthals’ large jaw and protruding mid-face meant that they had a weak, or receding chin. The receding chin in modern humans is normally a congenital condition. It ran in the family of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs of the 18th dynasty, to which Tutankhamun (1341 BC – 1323 BC) belonged. A reconstruction of Tutankhamun’s features in 2005, based on CT analysis of his skull, captured his weak chin and overbite. Although his racial identity is debated, anthropologists reconstructed his appearance as a Caucasoid North African. They also concluded that his elongated skull was a normal anthropological variation, not a result of disease or congenital abnormality. Neanderthals had a large mental foramen in their mandible for facial blood supply, meaning that their side jaws and cheeks were well supplied with blood. The result was a reddening of the cheeks, familiar to Eurasians inhabiting the northern latitudes when the weather is cold or doing physical exercise. A comparison of Neanderthal and average modern human finger bones shows how much more robust Neanderthal hands were – especially the tips (distal phalanges).
        In fact, research suggests that the slenderness of modern human hands helped to give us the advantage over Neanderthals. While Neanderthals had much greater hand strength, our precision grip gave us the technological and cultural leap in developing more sophisticated tools and art.

        Of course, there is a huge amount of modern human variation in hand and finger size. Russian arm wrestling champion Denis Cyplenkov may be a Neanderthal throwback in the hand department – his party trick is crushing walnuts between his massive fingers.
        Genetic analysis has revealed that 70% of modern East Asians inherited Neanderthal mutations in genes involved in the production of keratin filaments, which may be responsible for straightening and thickening hair.

        There is a lot of variation in the shape and texture of modern human hair. Broadly speaking, African hair is mainly coiled and dry; Asian hair is straighter and thicker; and European hair is somewhere in between.

        A Neanderthal inheritance of straight, thick hair may have helped modern humans to adapt to non-African environments; straighter hair tends to be oily and thicker hair is insulating, which would have been an advantage in colder northern latitudes.
        The same Neanderthal keratin mutations which affect hair also affect skin, making it more insulating and better adapted to colder environments.

        The overall thickness of the stratum corneum, or outermost layer of skin, is generally similar among all modern humans. Although African skin has been shown to be made up of more layers when compared with the skin of Eurasians, it seems more compact. The less compacted layers of Eurasian skin may be an insulating adaptation.

        Neanderthals, who ranged from Western Europe to Central Asia, probably had the same distribution of skin color as modern humans, including fair skin and freckles. Fair skin is an advantage at northern latitudes because it is more efficient at generating vitamin D from weak sunlight. Freckles are clusters of cells that overproduce melanin granules; they are triggered by exposure to sunlight and are most noticeable on pale skin. BNC2 is one of several skin color genes and it influences saturation of skin color and freckling. It is a Neanderthal gene and is found in Eurasian populations, most commonly in Europeans (70% have at least one copy of the Neanderthal version).

        Neanderthals also likely had the same distribution of hair color as modern Eurasian populations, including a spectrum of red hair from auburn to brilliant red to strawberry blond.

        Between 2% and 6% of modern northwestern Europeans have red hair, compared with an average of around 0.6% of the world’s population as a whole. In the British Isles the numbers are much higher. In Scotland around 13% of the population have red hair, but over 30% are unknowing carriers of the redhead gene. In Ireland about 10% have red hair, but as many as 46% are carriers. Genetic red hair is rarer In Asia, but can be found in the Near and Middle East.

        One of the mutations in the main gene for modern human hair color appears to be of Neanderthal origin and may have helped European hair color to diversify by providing raw material for selection to act on.
        The large eye sockets in Neanderthal skulls indicate that they had large eyeballs to fill them. Antroplogists have suggested that they required larger eyes to enable them to see in the weaker sunlight of the northern latitudes.

        Some further suggest that they devoted more brain power to processing visual input than to higher-level processing, and this is partly why modern humans had the evolutionary edge on them.

        Ukrainian model Masha Tyelna’s large natural eyes may be a hint of this ancestry, or at least more accurately reflect the proportionate size of Neanderthal eyes.
        Having evolved in Eurasia over hundreds of thousands of years, Neanderthals developed the HLA receptor that provided them with immunity against the many local pathogens that lurked in the forests, rivers and caves of Europe and Asia. There was a distinct evolutionary advantage for the newly arrived modern humans from Africa to inherit this receptor.
        While this inheritance conferred an immunity advantage to modern Eurasians, it also made them more prone to some autoimmune reactions. It isn’t yet known if Neanderthals suffered from these diseases themselves, or if these mutations affected only modern humans when they were implanted into our genetic code:
        15. Increased risk of Type 2 diabetes

        Type 2 diabetes develops when the body is unable to produce enough workable insulin – the hormone that helps release the glucose in your blood to give you energy. Type 2 diabetes usually appears in people over the age of 40, though in South Asian people, who are at greater risk, it often appears from the age of 25. It is treated with a healthy diet and increased physical activity, plus medication and/or insulin as required.
        16. Increased risk of Crohn’s disease

        Crohn’s disease is a type of inflammatory bowel disease that may affect any part of the gastrointestinal tract in genetically susceptible individuals. It leads the body’s immune system to attack the gastrointestinal tract, possibly directed at microbial antigens. Crohn’s disease affects about 3.2 per 1,000 people in Europe and North America, but is less common in Asia.

        17. Increased risk of lupus

        Lupus is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks normal, healthy tissue. It can affect the skin, joints, kidneys, brain, and other organs. It affects around 53 per 100,000 in the US and around 40 per 100,000 people in Northern Europe, but it occurs more frequently and with greater severity among those of non-European descent.

        18. Increased risk of biliary cirrhosis

        Primary biliary cirrhosis is an autoimmune disease of the liver marked by the slow progressive destruction of the liver’s small bile ducts. When these ducts are damaged, bile builds up in the liver and over time damages the tissue. It may affect up to 1 in 4,000 people in North America and Europe, but appears to be much less common in Africa. The ratio of female:male sufferers is at least 9:1.

        19. Difficulty with nicotine addiction

        Neanderthals did not (as far as we know!) smoke cigarettes, but one of the gene variants they passed on to modern humans is associated with the difficulty in trying to stop smoking. What particular function this mutation originally had in Neanderthals is a mystery. You find a lot smokers in Italy, France that cannot stop.

        20. Increased risk of long-term depression?

        Why I’m giving you this information is to explain to African wants to date outside of their race, they may want to sure the ones they don’t have the DNA of Neanderthal. A lot of latin people know they have African blood in them and recognize it and a lot of latin people don’t want to recognize it, but they need to recognized the DNA of Neanderthal because this is a killer.

      • Thanks for the comment. And I appreciate all the information. That was quite a lot. But the bottom line is Afrcicans are the only 100% human beings. All the rest have Neanderthal DNA. Therefore when we as black people mate with other races we are diluted our African genetics. We are doing other races a favor by giving their our melanin and DNA. They get a benefit out of it much more than we do. We shouldn’t be race-mixing with others. The more pride we have in our own race and culture we will stop doing that. Hopefully more of us are realizing that fact.

  3. @ Kushite Prince

    “So why are Latinas on the cover? Why do they have “Latina lovers ” editions? I don’t see black women plastered on the cover of magazines for Hispanic men. This is really pathetic. Black women even take a backseat behind Latinas in magazines geared toward black men. And the black men who are the publishers of these magazines should be ashamed of themselves. These clowns are hyping up other races over black women. Shameful!”

    Thank you for stating this message because its very disrespectful toward black women. When it comes down to other races of non black African men they think race first especially uplifting their women. You not see them brag on how beautiful other races of women are before their own. I’m the J.Lo era is over with because ever black men it seems wanted a non black Hispanic female. Furthermore a lot of non black Hispanic women think they are better then black women when it comes to getting a black man because our man has hype them up.

    I hate to say it but I have come across many black women that stated they wouldn’t date a black man that dated interracially. The reason why black woman will have to be 10 times as beautiful as their non black counterpart in which they can be average or below average.

    • Thank you Shanequa. This was something that has been bothering me a long time. It seems the media wants to eliminate the black woman from the equation. And all this love for Latinas in films has made many of them believe they are better than sistas. They are in dreamland! Black women are the true standard of beauty. These mixed breed Hispanic women are feeling themselves a little too much. So I wanted to make sure they know their place. And I’m upset at these cowardice black men who praise them all the time. My father told you should never uplift another race of women above your own. I don’t know what’s wrong with these black men today. They want to be accepted by white society so much they will disrespect black women to get ahead. This is the act of a self-hating colorstruck coon! All this worshipping of whiteness and lightness is destroying the minds of our people. And since these dumb ass brothers love these Hispanic women so much…it’s no wonder Mexican/Puerto rican/Cuban woman think they’re better. You see rich black men marrying them in the media and they’re the sexual partners of black men in films. Hollywood is very slick with they’re brainwashing tactics. Black love is the answer for our people. I am SO over this interracial crap! That’s why I promote black love on my blog. We have to counter the assault on our consciousness. And you’re right about black men dating these below average non black women. I’ve seen black men with unattractive white/Hispanic woman and many yyimes they are overweight. Yet a sista has to look like Meagan Good or Beyoncé to meet their standard. That’s because they don’t really value black women at all. Since society says light skin and straight hair is better….a fat white woman gets a pass. But a sista has to perfect from top to bottom. This is the mentality of a fool with no self love or self respect. This mentality has to change.

      • This sad and kind of scary. Black men have historically erased black women image in favor of mix breeds and non black women. This should be seen as betrayal. Where does this leave black women. Do they value us as much as mix breeds and non black women. Will they protect us seeing as how black men love “all women?” This is worries a lot of black women because really are black men are partners? Has the black man ever had any concern for his woman? Also its shameful on the black male image. They are the only men who don’t value the women of their race. If you can’t take care of the women of your own tribe what good are you.

      • The self hating mentality is what I want to change. We as black men should be uplifting our sistas and giving them encouragement. That’s why I did this post. I want to show what’s going on so we can fight against it. But trust me there are millions of black men who love black men. We are out there believe me. We just need to speak out more and show sistas that they’re not alone. And that we are not all sellout Uncle Toms that worship white women.

      • It’s pretty pathetic that Latinas are so little in your eyes yet we have taken so much of your thought process and attention without even wanting to. The reason black men are more and more interested in Latina woman is because besides our beauty, we have bigger things to worry about in life (such as liking our men and making them a priority) than the pettiness of this exact example message a black woman posted that is unnessecarry unless you yourself have been scorned by a black man due to a beautiful Latina woman. WHO CARES if black men prefer Latina woman or if black woman are upset that they feel dropped by their men. Live your life and be happy being YOU! I NEVER went looking for my black man, he chose me! P.S. We have that bomb bomb 😉 !

    • Bwhahahahahaha!! Are you shitting me?!! Oh please plenty of men of other races treat their women like dirt! And plenty of black women slobber over men of other races it’s just that they don’t take roles with black women. Society has deemed ABB for women of color who aren’t black and Hollywhite isn’t run by black men so don’t blame them for this idea either. Shonda Rhimes is the one who made the Viola Davis mess yet black women give her a free pass.

      • One more thing on that subject. Sometimes it is better for black people to take parts where not competing against each other for the spotlight in acting.

  4. @ Kushite Prince

    “I’m talking about these straight haired,light skinned women with obvious European features. If you look at it from a genetic standpoint they are mostly European. I know people don’t want to admit this but it’s the truth.”

    P.S. Very well stated furthermore these NON BLACK AFRICANS as well as animals all get LICE something that our people doesn’t get. Also some biracial children can get it too depending on there hair texture which many people don’t know about these cases This should ring a bell in the negroes head.

    • They are genetically white. I don’t want to hear that weak ass excuse that they’re “women of color”. That’s just an excuse so they can sleep with non black women. Like I said,it doesn’t matter if they speak Spanish or not. Latina is just a term they use to confuse us. It’s to make us think they are not white people. Spain is a place of Europeans(whites) that speak Spanish. Language means nothing. I speak English but does that make me of English descent? No! I am of African descent. And yes I know about the head lice they get. You know what they say. You lay down with dogs,you wake up with fleas.

  5. I would also like to add that this Black Men with Latin women razzmatazz is heavily pervasive within the Hebrew Israelite community. Because of warped doctrines created by disgraced Israelite Elder Ahrayah that have many black men foolishly believing that Hispanics and native Americans are our people when in actuality, they hate us just as much as the white man does and many of them feel insulted when alot of these Israelites during their street preaching sessions try to lump them into the same boat as us, which basically echoes the statement you made about them having strong anti-black sentiments within their culture. Another thing, within alot of these Hebrew assemblies these brothers would speak degradingly to and about the black woman, saying stuff about “the black woman is loud, she like to run her mouth, she got a stink behind” and she needs to this and that but the Latin women get a clean pass. Another bombshell, alot of these Israelite Elders don’t really care about Latino men per se, sure they invite them into the congregations and give them high ranking positions within the camps over black men but it’s all to get access to the Latin women. So its basically a quid pro quo sort of deal and alot of these Latino men in the camps are just lazy bums who they recruited from prison cause some of them got charged with domestic violence and a whole host of other things. The thing with these Latinos, they would pretend to be down with black people and black culture, some would even go as far as to claim to be black BUT only when it benefits them. When the shit hits the fan, they would leave you in the dust and run and cleave to their own or to the white man. Smdh

    • Oh yeah I’ve ran into a few of these Hebrew clowns. Not all of them are this way. There are some who have real knowledge of self and embrace African people. Those are the ones I can deal with. But the white worshipping,anti-African types are the worst! These guys are self-hating coons. They are so into the Bible and the 12 Tribes doctrine they can’t see straight. I try to respect everyones religious beliefs. If you find strength and guidance in your religion that’s cool… you. But when you start disrespecting our great elders and bashing sistas…your ass has got to GO! I don’t deal with foolishness like that. And you’re right,many of them kiss the ass of Mexicans and Puerto Ricans. It’s just to get in the panties of Latina women. That’s why they always disrespect AFrican women because they find Latinas more attractive. That’s why I can’t take these fools seriously. They look like morons trying to convince blacks that latinos accept us. I know black men personally that dated Mexican women. And they said the Mexican family was not very accepting of the relationship. I had a black co-worker who told me it took over a year before the family of his Mexican girlfriend accepted him. And many black men have to have a really great job to get the attractive Latinas. Many of them are gold diggers who just want to use black men for theor own gain. But these stupid ass black men don’t care because they just want to say they have a Latina on thei arm. And many times the Latina women are not all that attractive. Out here in the states a lot of Mexican women are shaped kind of funny. They’re fat with a wide They look like Sponge Bob But these brainwashed negroes don’t give a damn. They’ll get with them. The non black women always get a pass. A bunch of low life negores with no self respect. And keep on the lookout for a dumb ass Hebrew named Blakksage. He’s always on the Abagond blog. They guy is a real

      • I think Blakksage commented on one of my blog posts already and a few of yours if I am not mistaken…. lol I can’t tell the last time I perused Abagond’s blog, but I will be on the look out.

        “They look like Sponge Bob ” lol you couldn’t be more correct I have seen them in New York when I went to visit my cousins a few years ago, they’re like blimps, here in Antigua we have some, but a lot of them are of negro descent, but Some of these Afro-latinos like the Zoe Saldana and Dania Ramirez, Sammy Sosa and Alfonso Ribiero types, you gotta watch them cause some of them are a piece of work if you know what I mean

      • Blackksage is a fool! Nothing but a self hating anti-black buffoon! He’s not even on my intellectual level. It’s like debating with a Yeah we have to be careful with these Zoe Saldana types. Many are big self haters. I have met some cool ones too. But you noticed the ones you mentioned are not married to black people. That tells you a lot about their mentality.

  6. The white Latinos are the same soul mate of Western whites!
    The fact that they speak a Latin language does not mean that they are not to be classified as whites!
    White Americans are a people of arrogant but most are a nation of ignorant people, they should better educate themselves!
    Latino is not a race and there, the word “Latin” comes from the Roman Empire, the Romans were the people has found a Latin culture!
    French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian are Latin languages, those who speak the classic Romance languages,
    Latinos are the same as for the English, they are Anglophone!
    In English also they have some Latin words, but they do not know it because they are idiots!
    Excuse this lesson of history but I being a black Brazilian woman who speak both Portuguese and Italian is embarrassing to hear certain things from a mass of ignorant people who want to educate the next!
    In my country we have always had the Colourist problem, but many people see Brazil mixed country where there is no racism because we are mixed!

    • I call this utopia!
      Because for me it is sad to hear black people say, there is nothing wrong with mixing, mixing leads to progress, it is good that people mixes, because in the end we are all human beings!
      Really? You can mix when you’re aware of what’s going to happen to your children in the future! You have ever wondered how others will watch your children? Why put the rot in the brain your child,such crap as the best type skin, perfect hair grow like?
      No, these blacks do not think about the consequences, because it is better to mix when your knowledge is founded on ignorance!
      The racial mixing has always led to the extinction of a racial group with the dominance of the other!
      Surely you know, what white Brazilians have done after the abolition of slavery, their plan was to totally eliminate the black race in Brazil, so they promoted mass migration of people of European origins!
      They do not love us, needless to inculcate this crap in our mind, they do not love us, and especially us, we don’t love ourselves!
      In South America the Colourist is a problem, look at today’s black Brazilians living in favelas as third class society, and white Brazilians living in rich apartments! This you call it racial mixing?
      White Brazilians get the best jobs, black Brazilians can not get better medical care, because health care is expensive!
      The black Brazilians are forced to have more menial jobs as waiters, servants, etc!
      You go in hotels and big supermarkets, shops you will not ever see black employees! Brazil and US are both their built of mentality about ex slavery countries!
      Black people are criminal, ghetto, slums, black women are bitches! Call ideal society, because we are all mixed?
      When people hear that I am a black Brazilian woman, they don’t believe me, because these pieces of shit show only “white face of Brazil!”.
      I’d love if you to talk in your next articles, about adoption of black kids by whites! Why I do not understand why the blacks do not adopt black kids? I see this also another way of how to love “whiteness.”
      If you will do, I would like to give you,my opinion about it!

      • Thank you Nubian! That was a great reply! I love what you said about Brazil. I have said the same exact thing countless times on this blog. Brazil(and other Latin countries) love to claim there is no racism in their countries. The evidence of anti-blackness is everywhere!lol They just try to deny it at every turn. Brazil is full of racist whites. They call black people darkie and monkey all the time. I have covered the black adoption craze a few years ago. Many white celebs love adopting black babies so they can corrupt their minds. That way they will be brainwashed European blacks! It is really sick in my opinion. Here’s the link if you want to check it out:

      • The thing that makes me sad is that these negros want to contribute to cleaning of our people!
        The way they talk, and the way they behave is damn crazy,
        they are victims of a disgusting brainwashing!
        I feel disgusted when I see these black people and these non-white people their ass!
        In Brazil, people said, and today continues to say, if you want to improve the black races must procreate with whites! Really? WE blacks we are stronger people in the world because genetically we are the original prototype of the human race!
        As we have come to this? A black who is ashamed of being black, and comes up with this crap? With whites? They who came to the world as albino mutants and have used other beings to survive otherwise Goodbye!
        IR is a favor they are doing to whites, because the process is the same every time, at the end they don’t give a fuck if their own bi-racial kid, he/she will cleanse every trace of black from their family!
        Some black people know that the whites are racists but the self-hatred is so big that they can not do!
        It’s not like procreating with whites, will defeat white supremacy, it does not work that way!
        What it says at the end of this documentary mother of Nayara Justino, really makes you think about it, she said that there will be no more blacks in her family because all are getting married with whites!
        Just because some racist trash whites call you monkey it doesn’t mean, you should kiss them and married them!
        Really they make me sick!

  7. A white male with a black female is a power move and indicates a conqueror over the conquered. Therefore it will be inconceivable for a black male to be with a white female, because this would shake the foundation of white pathology. Rest assured they are now having the knee-grow male as a sodomite, so I guess in this sense, both he and the knee-grow female are on equal footing on tel-LIE-vision and a hollywierd Jewvie. On pint as usual Afrikan

    • Yeah that’s so true BMS. They want us all to be sodomites like them. They see insanity as sanity. The European will stop at nothing to make us all homosexual interracial daters. And we will keep this fighting going. All black men need to stand up and speak out against this sexual perversion. Jewvie?? That’s a good one! I’ll have to use

  8. I’ve had many conversations with Latinos, who like to proclaim that their respective countries have no racism. This is quite the contrary to what I’ve learned and experienced. Even Black historian Henry Louis Gates was promoting the “Latin America is colorblind” myth in his documentary series (Black in Latin America), by saying that Cuba no longer has racism/it’s only about class. I find this very deceptive, especially during a time when you see public figures promoting terms like “people of color” or “Black and Brown.” I see that as problematic, because it bonds people together solely on the basis of White reaction to them or their collective position in White society.

    Certainly, there are parallels in economic/disparities between African and so called Brown/Latino people. However, it fails to take into account the unique historical presence African people have held in this world. Furthermore, there are clear phenotypical and cultural differences and by lumping everyone together creates the tacit approval of Black Male/Latina coupling in the media.

    Also, as you alluded to in the post that there is a clear racial hierarchy in these countries, with White being at the apex. This is most apparent in Brazil, which has immense anti-Blackness, as well as an adverse perception towards Indigenous people. Indeed, that speaks to centuries old racist indoctrination that exists within those countries, given that many people such as mestizos/caboclos have partial Indian or African ancestry.

      • Yes I know. But we all know it exists. That’s why I always say racism is alive and well. It’s like people don’t say n*gger in public a lot. People try to be more polite but that’s just a smokescreen. Their hearts and minds have never changed. They just try to be more politically correct when others are around. But when they’re at home they say all types of racist comments.

    • These folks in Brazil are in a dreamland! They know there is a color caste system in their country. White is always on top. And that’s how it is in most Latin countries. The anti-blackness is everywhere in these latin countries. They just like to tell us that racism is pretty much eradicated. When in reality there is a lot of race mixing and their solution is just get rid of African looking people and the problem is SOLVED!!! It’s genocide…plain and simple! That’s why I keep doing posts on this interracial BS!

    • Thanks Kasai. You’re right about those latin countries. They love to spread the lie that their countries are “colorblind”. It’s all just white supremacy to me. They just don’t want to admit the reality of a color caste system. But you can tell by the way the country is structured. The lighter skinned people have the most wealth and control the government. And the darker skinned people live in poverty and fill up the prisons. I’ve seen this globally. How anyone can deny this fact is beyond me.

  9. Excellent survey of these shows, KP! Thank you and I’m looking forward to part 3. This article explains perfectly why I don’t watch much television anymore. It is so obvious what is going on, I am surprised more people don’t see it. Of course, I have covered my thoughts on the “Latino/Hispanic” population group in my blog post about hybrids, but one thing I don’t like (and I think Bhekezitha and Original lady mentioned this in either a video or blog post) is the term Afro-Latina/o or referring to people as Hispanics. I am not criticising you for using the terms, but calling people by language groups is what is adding to confusion. I don’t think someone can be an African-Latino. It just doesn’t make any sense. It is like instead of using African-American (a term I don’t like either) people called Africans in the USA, African-English or African-Anglos. There might be a case made which argues that Africans in America psychologically act like those terms, but racially speaking, as you said in your post, these cultural referents are subverted to one’s racial classification in the modern world, so that should be the primary classification in my opinion.

    • Yeah I know what you mean. I knew a black girl in high school who I called black. She corrected me and said “I’m not black. I’m a Afro-Latina. I’m from Honduras.” It kind of caught me off guard. I didn’t expect to hear that. Back then I was young and didn’t know much about language and the cultures of different people. I’ve done a lot of studying over the last fifteen years. I’m much more wiser now. I do slip up now and then and say Afro-latin because I have heard it my entire life. It’s hard to retrain your mind to use a different term. But I do see your point though. That’s why in this post I stated that there are whites who speak Spanish and they try to confuse us into thing they are some different race. But there are Africans who speak Spanish and Portuguese. What should be call them? They are still African people right? If not Afro-Hispanic or Afro-Latino,what should we use? I’ve used it before because typing “Africans who speak Spanish” seems like a mouthful. But if you have any suggestions,I’m open to hearing them.

  10. “It doesn’t matter if many Puerto Ricans have 15%-20% African ancestry. The fact remains that most of them have over 60% European ancestry.”

    I don’t have any European features… Plus, there’s African descent in regions like Loiza, Ponce and even the Metro areas of San Juan. Puerto Rico basically it’s a combination of European, Taino (which is the Native Indian) and African features, but still we have 100% African descent people. As for the article, it seems to me that Black women has been cast aside and placed in uncomfortable roles, such as the lesbian, the lonely single mother and the sellout. I never see a story or a love story based on a black couple. Instead, it’s a dysfunctional relationship or lack of relationship for the Black woman.

    • Yes I have noticed that too. Black women are never respected in racist Hollywood. They want to portray black women as bed wenches for white men,drug addicts,whores and single mothers. And if she is successful and has a good career..they hook her up with a white man. But also I don’t like this pattern of Latinas being the replacement for black women. This nonsense needs to stop. That’s why I felt this post was important to do. Thanks for the comment.

      • I have to asked you this. What do you think about Latin men dating black women because I can name a handful that do? I have to admit about Hollywood portraying black women as bed wenches, but you don’t have to take that part. Skip it. Jessica Alba husband is not an immediate black person, but by his father, and grand father he is. So don’t be surprise if you see some where in the future she has a darker child if she continues to have kids. Most of the DNA is passed down by the men. I’m just glad she doesn’t have the Neanderthal DNA. I have better chance to relate to her.

      • Jessica Alba’s husband is biracial. He’s not an actual black person. Their children don’t look very black to me. And if they marry white people their grandchildren will look even LESS black. I heard that the most of the mitochondrial DNA you receive is from the mother….not the father. And Jessica Alba did a DNA test and she was 87% European DNA. I saw her two years in person and she is most definitely a white woman. She may have dark hair and somewhat exotic looking features but she’s still a white woman.

    • The only times I can honestly say I’ve seen a love story based primarily on black love was in the early Tyler Perry movies like Diary of a Mad Black Woman and Madea’s Family Reunion of course those movies were not without the black dysfunction that saturates most of the central plot. I would add also Zane’s Sex Chronicles but that was an erotic series so the central theme primarily involved sex. The protagonists were mostly black of course with the few Latinos and whites thrown into the background. Still it was nice to see something aside from the cheesy white eroticas that dominated late night Cinemax.

      • Yeah I know. But it’s obvious to me that black love is a non issue in Hollywood. They don’t promote it as much as the swirling crap. It’s forced down our throats. The agenda is real!

  11. Again, great post! I guess they’re getting ready to replace white women with Latinas now, huh? Cause I still see Black Men with mostly white women on television and film. I wasn’t expecting you to point out the pairing with just Latinas, but with all non-black women, however, it’s funny how just the other day a blogger I follow on Tumblr posted a tweet by a Latina saying that “Latinas and Black Men belong together.”

    This IR propaganda aimed at Black Men is just becoming too much for many Black Women and Girls. I remember the other day I read a comment by a black woman or girl who said and I’m paraphrasing, “I’m jealous of the privilege that non-black women have, maybe if I was a non-black woman, maybe I would be able to marry a black man.” This made my heart ache sooooo bad I felt like crying. I see comments similar to this all the time from Black Women and young girls. This is exactly how the white supremacist want Black Women and Girls feeling: worthless, abandoned, unloved, and unprotected. What’s hurting many sistas sooo bad is that so many Black Men have subcumb to the propaganda and it’s showing up badly in the devaluation and the high levels of disrespect, degradation of Black Women and Girls within the Black “Community” itself. You know how I feel about IR, but if we don’t mend this rift, I believe more sistas will start dating/marrying out.

    I posted a post on fighting misogynoir in which one of my sista bloggers wrote a post about Black Women giving up on Black Love. Here it is:

    I was supposed to write a post giving my 2-cents on it but haven’t gotten to it yet. Read the first chance you get and tell me what you think.

    • Hey sis! What’s up? I figured you’d like this This needed to be done. I’ve seen these memes about Black men should be with Latinas or Latinas are a black man’s weakness. I was getting fed up with this crap! I’ve noticed they’re been putting them with Latinas in a lot of films and television shows. But I never hear anyone address the issue. Mainly because many brothers like Latinas and feel it’s okay because they are “women of color”. A load of BS! So I felt I needed to tackle this head on. They are not better than black women at all. And they are not a better alternative. And I’m calling out these guys that uplift these so called Latinas(Spanish speaking whites). I know some wont like this post but I don’t give a damn. It’s disrespectful for black men to talk about how great Mexican/Cuban/Puerto rican are..and always give them a pass. But want to belittle and degrade the dark skinned African looking woman. The last thing I want is for sistas to get with another race. I am totally against it. When you “jump the fence” you have turned your back on your people. I don’t want to hear anyone talk about black issues and our struggle if you’re sleeping with the enemy. That goes for men and women. And all these fake conscious people that date non-blacks also. It’s hard decision for some sistas and I understand that. But everyone has to make their own decision. We have to put the line in the sand and follow a black code of ethics. No sellouts and IR daters can be tolerated at this point. We all have our one moral guidelines we follow. At least try to be a righteous person and love your people. Is that so hard nowadays?? It’s so much easier to just sell out. That’s why everyone can’t go down the pro-black,conscious road. You have to have discipline and a strong mind to do this stuff. You will be attacked by your enemy and other races too. I’ve learned that people hate the TRUTH. The truth offends people. But I’m willing to stay in this fight for the long haul. I love my people enough to give them the hard truth whether they like it or not. We all need to get our body armor on.
      Giving up Black Love??? That’s crazy Well not on this blog. That will never happen. But I’ll check out the post. Thanks for the comment.

      • Welcome. I agree 100%. The truth has to be told. While a lotta Black Women may contemplate IR, they still have their reservations because they do understand that they run the risk of hooking up with a racist and misogynistic white/non-black man; they don’t want that and we don’t want that either; however they have trouble finding the right Black man. That’s the dilemma for a lot of sistas. I’ve said on someone’s blog when this subject came up that Black Women shouldn’t feel they have to compete to for Black Men’s love and affections. This makes me very angry cause it looks as if the white supremacist have been very successful at tarnishing black women image and character worldwide, even within the black race (that goes for both men and women). After a while it just gets to be a conundrum why we can’t love each other. After hundreds of years we should be hip to the enemies tricks by now. An increasing number of Black Women are realizing many people really see don’t see us as humans or women, thus the global anti-black woman propaganda and slander. Black Women are treated very, very poorly and I don’t think it’s gonna end for us soon because no one is trying to stop it. *sigh*

      • Amen! I hear you. Just keeping whatever you can to get others to listen. I do my part and you do yours. I appreciate all the people like Trojan Pam,Brotha Wolf,Black My Story,ACBN,Diary of a Negress,Lumumba Afrika,Hung Like Jesus,Kelley and others who try to wake up our people. There is an obvious attack on black people right now. A society that hates woman,and blackness as a whole. We just have to keep fighting against it the best way we know how. The WAR is real. Thanks and I appreciate all the information you put out.

    • @ TheOriginalBlackWoman13
      Thank you for your message. I have come across too many black women that have to lower their standard for whatever black man they can get so they feel wanted. Furthermore, black women need to stop allowing men to use us especially the men in our community if we want to built with them. It’s very hard as a black woman trying to stay on a positive path when you are underappreciated & devalue in society as well as your community. One thing for sure black women are going to have too start respecting themselves & start making society respect us. I’m tired of being put in the same category as other black who are the bad seed in our culture.

      • “have come across too many black women that have to lower their standard for whatever black man they can get so they feel wanted.”

        Do they HAVE to, or are they CHOOSING to…??? Let’s not feed into the “a good black man is hard to find” b/s. That is really not true. I do find that men are getting married later. There are alot of great brothas out there, you just gotta know where to find them.

    • Like there is NO degradation from black women either!! Spare me the ‘woe is me, black women are the victims’ blah, blah, blah!! You have coons like Cari Champion, Wendy Williams, Robin Roberts, Hoprah Whitefrey, Sunny Hostin, Stacy Patton, Paris Faulkner and Goldie Taylor go on white news show after white news show to attack black men. Black women also say NOTHING about the white male media that looked for any excuse to attack Whitney while feeling ‘sorry’ for white female crackheads. Now you have idiots like Bill Maher and Bill O’Reilly looking for whatever lame reason to hate Beyoncé. Or using ratchet fools like Omarosa and Nene Leakes to point fingers by saying “see this is how bad and ghetto black women are” where’s the outrage from black women about that?!!!

      • Like there is NO degradation from black women either!!

        Girl bye! No one said that there is no degradation of Black Women and Black Men from Black Women!!! Where have you been hiding!?! There are many articles on the internet and social media conversations (that I have engaged in with other BW) discussing many Black Women’s general anti-blackness towards Black Men and Women and internalized anti-Black Misogynoir towards other Black Women. Black Women are discussing Wendy William’s anti-blackness and internalized misogynoir and don’t forget Stacy Dash her anti-blackness towards ALL black people that black people dragged her ass all up and down social media about. If I had the time I would pull up these articles and conversations for you (there’s whole hell of a lot of) but I don’t have the time. Here’s one from my blog:

        So how about spare me with the “Black Women do it too” b.s. ’cause that is not is what is being said. Black Women are victims: of racism white supremacy, colorism, misogynoir which is ALL people perpetuate against Black Women including other BW and NO that’s not discounting the BLack Man’s plight under the system of racism white supremacy. Again, bye!

  12. @ Kushite Prince
    Can you please do a post about black men harrassing black women. I’m seeing too many stories in the news of black women rejecting black men for not being interested. Too many of our sisters are being brutally attack or killed.

    As a black woman I have been harass & verbally attack from black men I’m not interested in talking too. Sometimes I even get afraid when a black man approach me because I don’t know how he respond to rejection.

    • Yes I’ve heard about these stories. I never understood it though. I’ve been rejected by women before. I’ve never attacked the women. That is insane to me! If a woman isn’t feeling you…just keep it moving. There are millions of women in the world. No need to get violent or harass the woman. I never understood black men that took it to that level. Thanks for the topic idea. I never thought of it.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        Also these interracial unions with black men never last long. It’s so strange these negroes complain about black women but be in many fail relationships with non black women. One negroe I work with stated black women are too much to deal, but has a child with a Mexican women in which the relationship never did last long. Now he’s in a relationship with a white woman but he’s having problems with her. He stated non black Latino women is his preference but you already know he dates the rejects.

      • Sounds like another brainwashed negro. I have about four black guys at my job that love white women. One is dating a Filipino woman though. But these guys hardly even look at a black woman. They will assay a biracial woman is good looking but rarely a black woman. And if she’s dark skinned…forget about it! I can’t relate to these fools. They are so braindead!

      • @ Kushite Prince
        The video clip was funny but this video clip is very heart breaking. Too many of our young & old sisters feel this way but it especially hurt when your own men don’t value us. I can’t wait till the day these negroe men & women who date interracially get they wake up call.

  13. Most of these black men who are celebs aren’t marrying marriage worthy non-African women from decent background, so why would I believe a penniless negro is snatching up good white women? These men are jokes, the women on the other hand are veering out of control, hating black men to the point of sounding like white men, been passed around by white men who say they will never marry a black women, wanting to join the white community via marriage as if the man’s family doesn’t remember they are black. All this only leads to one end result mixed people who will stick with whichever group has power, the one drop rule is gone, ask biracials id they accept been called black any more you will get a stern no. These mixed people as a reaction to being labelled as black will turn on black people, as well as to gain a better standing with whites and other non-African will treat us like dirt. You see Hollywood is but one cog in this machine, it is part of an overall game plan, more mulattoes as well as mestizo ‘raceless’ Hispanics will form a new cannon fodder to replace the decreasing defensive Euro-American, mixed people are also on the rise in Europe, these people have no affiliation but can be brainwashed easily to fight for a white run country, which is their homeland, since mixed people come from wherever that sperm and egg collided, their is no homeland, like Africa for the African.

    This method is tried and tested, I have told people, the ‘Latinos’ are not a race, but a language group, why do you think that the majority are mixed race individuals, mestizos and mulattoes, followed by whites, because the mixed people have NO IDENTITY, no race of people would allow themselves to be tied down to a language they never made, to land they never ran, and put in the same race as white people who conquered them. Remember mulattoes fought against Africans in Haiti, in South Africa, in North Africa, mestizos fought against the Mayans in Mexico (but pretend they are native) fought against Natives in Peru, fought against Natives in Brazil, white people have literally programmed them to not think of themselves as a people independent of whites thus far it has worked.

    The coon you spoke off who said they only like mestizos, mulattoes and whites who speak Spanish, these type of fools need to be exterminated. They want black people gone. The thing I have pointed out is if this wasn’t the case, why just hate on women with African phenotype regardless of where they are from, as well as why encourage it, if it’s your personal taste I don’t understand but fine stay out of my way I’ll stay out of yours. When your try to convince African men to worship vaginas which can’t give birth to them I hear you loud and clear.These people trying to create mulattoes are not on the same page as real Africans, that’s for sure.

    Really enjoyed this series Kushite Prince, I know I need to make my own blog it’s coming. I love the attentiveness to way the media has ramped it up and the fact you pointed out it isn’t only European females that are making inroads as well.

    • Thanks a lot ANTOR. Coming from you that’s high praise. I liked the exchange between you and NS. This is the type of dialogue we need to have. This is how we get to the heart of these issues. I’m glad you enjoyed the series. I did a lot of research because I wanted to cover a lot of ground. I think it’s important black people understand how the media is used against us. The television is a make-believe world. It’s a world that Europeans create and want us to see the world through their eyes.
      You’re right about the mulattoes fighting against the African people in Haiti. Same with the Mestizos. I have seen this pattern over and over again. I personally don’t see why you would want to exterminate your likeness. A lot of swirlers see their children as black so interracial sex is not a bad thing in their mind. This is why they hold onto the one drop-rule so badly. If the one drop-rule is eliminate then…that means their children aren’t black. This all stems from black self hatred and a self-beautification process. They hate their hair and African features and want them gone. So they see their non-black partner has the remedy. This is true insanity! Some of these negroes can’t be saved. Their minds are so far gone. And the media pushes this mentality by uplifting the beauty of biracial people..women in particular. I covered this a few posts back. Not sure is you saw it.
      And I’ll be looking forward to your blog. Give me a heads up when it drops. I’ll shoot you an email.

    • @ AfricaNeedsToOwnItsResources
      You made some great points in your statement but I really like this one the most
      “The coon you spoke off who said they only like mestizos, mulattoes and whites who speak Spanish, these type of fools need to be exterminated. They want black people gone.”
      We really need a drop squad in our communities to cut off these race traitors. Putting race traitors in quarantine trying to rehabilitate them isn’t the solution they need a bullet to the head. Where ever these race traitors go they spread there poison & cause confusion. I can’t wait till shit pop off because these coons real realize we have know friends.

    • You all have the nerve to criticize black men but say nothing about goofy ass bi-racials like Soulless Braindead, Halle Berry, Zoe Saldana, Paula Patton and that dumb chick from CNN. There are many mixed black women who chase white males then want to claim their ‘ethnicity’ by doing stupid crap like that “Black In America” bullshit. Halle had two kids out of wedlock by white men yet claims her kids as ‘black’ bitch please! If she had wanted black kids she would have been with a black man. I don’t hear very many people complaining about the black women in Hollywhite movies in IRs but black men are somehow traitors?!!

      • @ Lavern
        We have call out both black men & women that date interracially, furthermore Kushite Prince has made several post like this before on black men & women that date interracially. I consider Halle Berry, Zoe Saldana, Paula Patton as biracial not black. Also its a know fact in history that biracials are fence riders they jump on which race that will benefit them at the time.

      • @ Larven
        Here’s a link of a post Kushite Prince made before this one when I made a list of black & biracial women in Hollywood that been in interracially relationships.

        Here is a small list of black & biracial women that dated or married non black men that I know of but there are many more. These women are entertainers, authors, & actvist from back & the day till now. All these black & biracial women are beautiful but damn non black men took the cream of the crop. This is real sad that we have this many black men & women in Hollywood getting their swirl on with other races. Furthermore I bet the majority of black Hollywood has been with a non black men or women.
        Diana Ross
        Mary Wilson
        Cindy Birdsong
        Jada Pickett Smith (she prefer swinging with non black women)
        Lil Kim
        Serena Williams
        Venus Williams
        Rosie Perez
        Zoe Saldana
        Suzanne de Passe
        Vanity (Denise Matthews)
        Eartha Kitt
        Denise Nichols
        Irene Cara
        Donna Summers
        Alice Walker
        Angela Davis
        Elaine Brown
        The Staple Singers (Mavis Staple)
        Lisa Bonet
        Garcelle Beauvais
        Victoria Rowell
        Dorothy Dandridge
        Tina Turner
        Peaches & Herb (Peaches aka Linda Greene)
        The Pointer Sisters (Ruth Pointer)
        Denice Williams
        Minnie Riperton
        The Three Degrees (Sheila Ferguson dated Prince Charles)
        Maya Angelou
        Nina Simone
        Diahann Carroll
        Stacy Dash
        Lena Horne
        Janet jackson
        Latoya Jackson
        Sanaa Lathan

      • Dash isn’t a surprise she has been riding the Coon Train for the longest! Same with Zoe she talks all this stuff about how she doesn’t want to be defined but she takes parts as a b-l-a-c-k woman. I shake my head at that heffa so much. Some black women defended Diana Ross marrying a rich white man when plenty of her OTHER white male husbands were broke as hell. There are a number of broken relationships with black women where the white male screwed them over. Whoopi married some Swedish dude who took half her money, still that pales in comparison to what happened to Dorothy Dandridge that fucker took every penny she had. Then the woman taking care of her mentally retarded daughter put her on a train back to Dorothy by herself. Look at what happened with Garcelle Beuavais and her cheating ex-husband. Halle makes me want to strangle her ass and she dated Prince Charles holy shit!!

  14. The only female on planet earth, with accountability, is the Afrikan woman. This is why, we as Afrikan women, must go back to Ancient Afrikan Spiritual Culture. Reaching back (Sankofa) to our Ancestors and allow them to come forth through and as us is are only way out of this hole we were thrown in. Not all, but some of our Afrikans brothers are hearing the call of the Ancestors to come back home where they belong. We need them to win this spiritual war.
    Like Professor Kaba Kamene says, It ain’t over until we win!

    One Love!

      • This blog really works me into a frenzy, I almost cant process my thoughts! Because so much is running through my head at once. I cant express how much I appreciate you breaking down white supremecist code in hollywood films. Goebbels and Hitler have NOTHING on the heads of American studios, real talk.
        The thing that frustrates me most is….whenever Ive tried to broach the subject to friends or family, or on a message board….I get accused of being “race obsessed”. ^#*€|><{%*$&@@@&$$$]++[%#!!!! You have got to be kidding me. At that point I have to go silent. Other black people be telling me I'M the one thats race obsessed???! I just cant…..

        Another movie that had to be written, directed, and produced by the kkk….i think it was called "white hope" starring jake gyllenhal, he played a boxer. I usually dont listen to movie recommendations, but I was bored, lonely, and in a strange town and I listened to my white coworker (go figure, lol). This had to be the most antiblack film Ive seen in my life!!! LOL. There were a kazillion anti-black nonverbal messages. Plus they had the audacity to name the movie "great white hope" or some shit. People we have to be CAREFUL about the things we watch!!!

        All the movies you talked about kushite, for every one black person that can decipher the WS code, there are 9,999 black people who think these movies are "good". Smh

      • Yeah I’ve gone through the same thing. That’s why we have to do our best to wake up our people. So many of them are still asleep.Thanks I’m glad you appreciate the information.

  15. Also, there is sentiment among a number of black men about “moving to brazil”. They feel all black american women are the problem. This floors me. They are planning trips, discussing trips, and actually moving there. Its like a “move to brazil” club and they feel theyre really in the know and doing something big. Talk about not knowing history. I dont know what the hell they think theyre going to find down there. There is a small percentage of brothas that absolutely despise us (sistas), and think leaving the country to get away from us is the solution.

    • Yeah I’ve heard about this “movement”. I’ve seen a few videos on YouTube about it. Brazil is a beautiful place. I have a friend that’s from there. And there are beautiful women down there. But she told it’s full of poverty and very racist. So many of these brothers will be in for a wake up call when they get there. If they think it’s going to some tropical paradise..they are in for a rude awakening.

  16. Males of any ethnic group are wary and resentful of males from another ethnic group mating with females from their ethnic group. I think the reason is human and not cultural. This publication is a prime example of that truth. The question each of us has to answer as individuals is: “Are my actions, as an individual, having a positive impact on my life and the lives of those in my family who may see me as an example of being an ADULT.”

    • You bring up an interesting point. But I think we must keep in mind that who you marry is a political statement. It’s not just about “being in love”. Love extends to your community as a whole. Who you choose to marry is not just about you as an individual. This is the problem with dating/marrying non blacks.

  17. Great post! I think some of these Black Males will keep it up until the white man break out those ropes again, then maybe they’ll wake up. But….I’m not counting on it.

  18. Yes. I am disgusted about how the global society, with the help of Hollywood, is degrading Black women. We are treated like the lowest of the society cast system. Yet we remain the main force behind the black race, our black men and children. Our image has been degraded to be angry black ghetto hoesin mefia, the work place AND it seems our blackmen are not defending us. AND we do have a right to be angry. Because ITS NOT FAIR! Many of us are good hard working women able to manage much stress and fix very difficult situations, managing all the “incoming” to the black family, correction system, unequal education, discrimination on the job, single parenthood, you name it.. . We are a back bone. Dependable and counted on. Yet we are informed, invisible and disrespected. Why? Because Hollywood has cast this role upon us. Being a black women is a thankless job. Our men must help us correct this. We need backing and co-signer to fight this injustice. Blackmen – Don’t accept these roles if they are not casting a black women as you love interest or black children as your offspring. What different from how they separated balck men and women and children in slavery?

    • Thanks LaRue. I agree with you. These black actors should turn down these roles. We should be promoting black love and black unity. Brothers need to stand up for our women and protect them as well. That is a MUST! But it’s obvious the media is not a friend to black people. And we should not look to them to promote unity and love among each other.

  19. I’m a Puerto Rican Christian Woman, in love with a Black Christian Man! No one has ever Loved Me more then He does! We have real chemistry! We have both been Married to r own race n Now r Happier then ever! Before U knock it.. try it! God is in control!!!!

    • Maybe things didn’t work out with your Puerto rican husband. But that doesn’t mean you had to give up on Puerto rican men totally. Maybe he wasn’t the man for you. But here on this blog I promote black love and unity. That’s what black people need right now in this racist society. We as black people can not have unity with others until we have unity with ourselves. You are correct that the Most High is in control. But he is on the side of the righteous. Not the side of those who hate themselves,hate their culture and have no self respect. Thanks for the comment.

    • I agree with Lissette! I am multi-cultural, my father is a BLACK Cuban (probably darker than most of you commenting) and my mother is Peruvian/ Black Brazilian. I absolutely love ALL of my mixture of cultures! You can’t expect love by promoting hate! Just because one dates and/or marries outside of their race doesn’t mean that they hate themselves or their roots. It means we don’t limit ourselves and don’t see race as a factor. Love goes beyond just race, and it is more than possible to have a deep connection with someone regardless of their race. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but the majority of these remarks seem very hateful. There’s a lot more important things to be worried about than people dating outside of their race. Why isn’t it possible that maybe they don’t look at color and see someone they genuinely have a connection with and love? Furthermore, trying to use the bible to justify hate is really null and void because at the end of the day… Even the devil can use the bible to justify his actions…. Hope you all find happiness amongst all of your hate for other races, it’s a shame because all of you sound like highly intelligent people with the wrong idea…

      • You know Cici,I’ve heard it all before. The notion that people are colorblind is ridiculous. You don’t just “fall in love” like catching a cold. People choose who they want to love. It just doesn’t happen. Race is a very important factor in any cultural. And race mixing doesn’t promote black pride. It only causes more confusion having all these mixed babies running around. You can date whoever you want. But I’m curious,who are you married to? Is it a white man? If so,you have chosen to further dilute your bloodline. You should take pride in your race and marry a black man. Love doesn’t go beyond race. You do not marry your oppressor. That’s just stupid! It’s not about hating anyone. It’s about having pride in your race and the beauty of your people. The colorblind nonsense is so fake and outdated. We are still oppressed by these white folks. Thanks for the comment.

  20. Interesting perspective. I find that a lot of these non-black women only want to be with a black guy just for the benefits of success. A lot of them don’t truly love black men yet pretend that there are attractive to them. Yes I also agree with you about Latin Americans. Some of them are very racist. i mean look at the gangs in South California, they are killing off black people for even passing through their neighborhoods.

    • Yes many of them are racist towards black people. All that “black and brown unity” talk is ridiculous! These Latinas just want to use black men. I’m not falling for it!

  21. @ the Prince:

    Firstly, excellent post. Secondly, you are exactly right. To promote black love, first one has to unify with their own race. Secondly, the progression of the BLACK race and children is very important and can only be accomplished by US and no one else.

    And that bullsh…. lie that “love” is color-blind? Please! People make a CONSCIOUS effort about who they choose to love just as people make a conscious effort to hate another individual.

    Thirdly, the images that the mass Media puts out DAILY is no accident.



  22. I myself am not latino. That’s a huge misconception because as a brown man I get confused as being black.

    I am Mestizo, INDIGENOUS and european, (The majority of brown people) This is a tad misleading, we are NOT raised by white supremacist. We are raised by BROWN PRIDE, we pride ourselves of our own people. We prefer dating our own as to the fact of culture and the similarities we share. So as a Mestizo male and many more out there are slowly being denied from our woman due to black men.

    I agree for the fact that the media wants to eliminate black woman from the black man. YOU GUYS DO KNOW IT IS DESTROYING YOUR COMMUNITY. Do you guys care? You should, as you people need to keep your community in tact, why let others interfere and destroying it?

    I’m from Los Angeles and I see this stupid trend, I don’t like it for the fact that I am now being devalued from a woman (mestiza) who I see potential for me and many mestizo men. So I am here to support the black woman and you are not alone, brown men are also experiencing the same shit. That’s why I am creating a trend call

    BlackLoveMatters and BrownLoveMatters

    This is not a joke.

    This trend should enlighten people of valuing the love of your own with compassion, understanding, and Teamwork. I want my community back, and slowly people are awoken by this!

    Please spread the message, don’t use it as hate, use it as EMOTIONAL UNDERSTANDING

    • Well that’s cool you have Brown pride. Nothing wrong with that since I have Black pride and that’s what I promote on this blog. I’m glad you agree with the point of this post. I just want to promote black love and encourage black men and women to work out our differences. I don’t think interracial dating is good for our people. Which is why the media promotes it so much. As I have proven in this post and in past posts. You say you re being denied your women because of black men? How so? Are talking about the promotion of it in the media? Or do you mean in real life? I still mostly see Mexican,Cuban and Puerto rican women with Hispanic men. They are not mostly with black men…I’m just saying I don’t like seeing it so much. But to say we are taking so many of them you feel denied your own women???? That’s a bit of a stretch in my opinion. What city do you live in? Maybe you see it more than I do. I live in Cali and I see interracial couples all the time. But most Mexican women are still 80-85% of the time with Mexican men.

  23. I have one question but it simple and before anyone tries to go in i have a black wife and i am a black man but why does this bother you so much I wonder why if the world has a lot of interracial dating and it is very common that we have these relationships. And I mean all races like some black Dick.

    • You are not black and your wife is not black. You’re most likely a white faggot who trolls black blogs. Your weak attempt at comedy is not welcome here. Now get lost silly transsexual!

  24. Get over yourself. Why can’t you just let people be with who they want. I got my Puerto Rican phatass, plump breasts and beautiful legs from my mother and father. Puerto Rican people do not have a choice on how big our ass or breasts are, we have it in our BLOOD! Regardless of where our lineage comes from, this hatred is absurd as NOBODY can change where they came from. I’m Puerto Rican, have never been with a Puerto Rican man and am completely in love with my dark chocolate educated delicious BLACK MAN! The truth is that black men are tired of unnecessary drama and pettiness. There are bigger things to worry about than being concerned about what ALL BLACK MEN are doing. Mind your business and let people live as they feel.

    • Listen you Puerto Rican FOOL! I promote black love on this page. I will never support interracial sex on this blog. It’s nothing but self genocide. I’m happy for you and your self-hating coon black man. Hopefully he will breed out his weak African genes. We don’t need his type in our race. The last thing we need is more biracial babies running around. So you mind your own damn business! And don’t come back to this blog clown!!

  25. What this brother has written is 100% right and spot on! But, I will say, Afro Latinas or Latinos, go out of their way to distinguish themselves as not being black or differentiating themselves from black Americans too. I can speak from first hand experiences that this brother is referring to. I was once this black man that preferred and dated Hispanic women, from various backgrounds, Puerto Rican, Mexican, Colombian, Ecuadorian, and even marrying, a white Venezuelan woman, and the disdain and contempt, my former girlfriends’ and ex wife’s relatives, had for African Americans, were so palpable, that, I have no desire to get caught up in the Latin “swirl” ever again. I encountered more racist experiences from Latinos, than I ever had, than when I dated, white American women! After such negative experiences, I got an epiphany, and realized, my love, dedication, and, life’s experiences are better shared with black women, as black women know, black men, for who we really are, and, what we really are about. No other race or ethnic group can lay claim to this. I found out the hard way. Brothers, let’s stop worshipping these non black women and it adore the black woman for who she is…our queen!

    • Thanks for that comment Kevin. I’m glad you finally see the light. I’ve been trying to tell black people that many Latinos don’t see us as their brothers and sisters. The idea of unity between “people of color” is a dream. Many of them have the same anti-black sentiment as whites. But I’m glad you realized your mistake. Better late than never.

  26. Wow! You really hate hispanics. I understand your frustration with Hollywood stereotypes, but you don’t have to trash Hispanic women. Don’t you see that when you say black women are better for black men, you are being like the hispanic dad who doesn’t like to see her daughter with a black men. Yes, I’m latina, and I think women are beautiful, white, black, asian and the mixes of all of them too. Fight for fairness, but don’t trash other races. As I see it the way you speak shows a racist.

    • To be honest Pat I don’t hate anyone. I just want to see more black love in this world. I don’t have anything against Hispanic woman. I just feel that black women are a better match and the natural partner for black men. All that “color blind” love stuff is not realistic. And I’ve met plenty of Hispanic men who don’t want their daughters with black men. They have NO shame about saying it. It used to bother me when I was younger. But I don’t care anymore. I take pride in loving my own race and culture. It doesn’t mean I have to hate anyone in the process. But I’m not begging other races to love me. I don’t need their love and acceptance. So I could care less what some stupid ass Mexican,Cuban or Puerto rican thinks of me. They can keep their Hispanic daughters! I don’t want them and we don’t need anymore mixed raced babies. It just causes more confusion among my people. It’s all about black love on this blog. If you don’t like it…..Go somewhere else! The platform is NOT changing over here mamacita!

  27. They say black men left black women for white girls naw black women been fucking white men before we could stwp foot in a white man home as i call it white men use to call black women wenches with stands for wore back in the day and them black women love some white men smh black women blame us black men for everythingbit we have no power over the media duhh so everything black people talk about is bs ego boostimg lies smh. Black women date white men and be like we’re so cute bit when a black man dates any non black girl we’re coons or self haters cut the bs black women are hypocrites i swear my sister’s act the same way i love all race’s becuase im a human being who don’t see color just the heart wake up black people and stop listening to the devil media

  28. Plus no one in America is full black were all mutts and i own no black women just like no black women owns me we could date and love who ever we want these post be so negative and mis leading most of the time i think the internet needs to be shut down forever technology brings nothing but devils trolls and monsters out of us these nloga and post make us believe that we hate each other but to be honest they just playing with are emotions ethnithicy don’t matter but love does

      • Any black man that goes on a tirade to bash black women, just because, a few have married or involved themselves with non black men, or because, they have a negative or a few negative experiences with black women, is just showing, what a weak minded simpleton he is! It’s just a cop out by another sell out!!

  29. You need more comments! This is the truth!!

    Let me also add, I’m a black woman married to a good black man! I don’t think black love is dead BUT its in trouble. My husband’s brother is married to a non-black Mexican. This girl is so racist!! It is unbelievable! The thing is she got him saying racist comments about black people too. These women are no different than white women. In fact I’ve met some white women, I think that’s what confuses many black people. Because they aren’t white. However, I’ve met white women less racist than this girl. My husband’s brother said he is so glad that his kid is half black and not full black. Disgusting! My husband family is very light skin but they are still black! It’s so sad to see this happening right in front of our eyes.

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