Black Love Denied: Black Women hooking up with White Men(Part 1 of 3)


Black love scares the racists who run this country. It has become quite obvious that television and film are tools of mind control.  And they use the media to brainwash black men and women on a global scale. Black people are in a physical  and spiritual war against our oppressors.  But the war is also psychological. Last year I covered the subject of Black Love being under attack.

This time I want to show how this process has been going on for years. And go in detail a little more. The  promotion photo above is  from the drama Minority Report. It’s funny it’s called Minority Report when there are hardly any minorities on the show.  Meagan Good is in the lead role but surrounded by mostly white men.  There’s an Asian woman,white woman and a Hispanic man also on the show. Although Meagan is not romantically involved with any man on the show…yet.  There seems to be a growing trend of putting black women with white men on television shows and films. While some may see this as racial progress,I do not.  I believe Hollywood is making a conscious effort to keep black men and women divided in films and television. It’s obvious they don’t want the masses to see too much black love on the screen. It seems that any time a black woman has a lead role in a show there are no black men to be found. I will be covering black men in part two of this series. This phenomenon is not really new since it’s been pushed on us for decades.  I want to show how this pattern is a form of mind control to get blacks to see interracial dating as a better alternative.  There’s been so many examples of this that there is no way I could possibly list them all. There’s just too many. It would end up being a ten part series. But I did want to highlight just a few examples over the years.


Back in 1968 there was the famous kissing scene between Nichelle Nichols and William Shatner on Star Trek.  It was very controversial at the time since it was the first interracial kiss on television. Of course nowadays it’s normal in television and film.


Back in 1971 was the blaxploitation film Honky. It was one of those low budget films that were common in the seventies. It was a love story with actress Brenda Sykes and John Nielson. If you look at the poster you’ll see the music was done by Mr Interracial King himself,Quincy Jones.



When the sitcom The Jeffersons debuted in 1975,there was the interracial couple Tom and Helen Willis. Played by actors Franklin Cover and Roxie Roker.


Superstar Whitney Houston was in the film The Bodyguard in 1992. She played a famous singer who fell in love with her bodyguard,Kevin Costner. Although the film and soundtrack made millions,I was never a fan of the film.  Houston was much too classy for Costner. I hated seeing her with this ugly man. I’ve never liked him at all.


The drama film Zebrahead(1992) starred the beautiful N’Bushe Wright.  Her love interest was played by Michael Rapaport. This is another film that was hard to stomach.  There’s no way a black women this beautiful would lower herself in being with this creature. Rapaport has made some racially insensitive comments in the past. He’s another racist punk I can’t stand.


In the crime thriller Jackie Brown(1997),black film icon Pam Grier had Robert Forster has a love interest.  This interracial couple was another mismatch. As usual you get a beautiful black woman with a below average white man.  This was a film done by racist director Quentin Tarantino.  Tarantino is in love with the word “nigger”.  He says it about a thousand times in most of his films.  He gets a kick out of using it all the time and gets away with it by saying ” it’s all just art”. Yeah right!


On the sitcom Girlfriends(2000-2008) actress Jill Marie Jones played character Toni.  After dating black men who were losers,couldn’t commit,womanizers and didn’t make enough money…..she finds happiness with her white knight.  They eventually got married and had a child.  Her husband was played by actor Jason Pace. So much for black love right?

This video from YouTube highlights some of the interracial couples on television over the years.  There are many of these videos all over YouTube.  You actually have some delusional black women uploading this stuff.  These are by women who have clearly been brainwashed to believe that voluntary genocide is a good thing. They are sadly mistaken!


Then there was the romantic drama Something New(2006),that starred actress Sanaa Lathan. Her character falls in love with a white man,Simon Baker. After ditching her black fiancée because it just didn’t “feel right”.  I guess they lacked chemistry. Anyway Lathan portrayed character Kenya McQueen. McQueen?? Interesting last name? Were they trying to say that the Black Queen should choose a White King? You be the judge.


How could we forget the film Lakeview Terrace? This thriller was released back in 2008. Long before Kerry Washington was in a white man love triangle on the hit show Scandal,she was getting her swirl on with actor Patrick Wilson. This was a very interesting film because the interracial couple was been harassed by a black neighbor played by Samuel L. Jackson. It added an interesting twist to it.  A black man not down with the interracial propaganda?? Imagine that!

Keke Palmer

In the comedy/musical Joyful Noise(2102) actress Keke Palmer was in an interracial relationship with actor Jeremy Jordan. On a sidenote,recently Palmer said she doesn’t like to label her sexuality. She doesn’t want to say if she’s gay,straight or bisexual.  That’s an interesting comment. Well now that I think about it,Queen Latifah played her mother in Joyful Noise. And we all know Queen Latifah likes women.  Maybe some of Queen’s “lesbian vibes” rubbed off on Palmer. Who knows?


Think Like a Man(2012) was a romantic comedy with a mostly black cast.  It was actually a book written by Uncle Tom himself Steve Harvey. I have no idea why it was made into a film. But anyway even though the cast was mostly black they wanted to go for the “crossover appeal” so they added an interracial couple in the mix(no pun intended). Gabrielle Union was the unlucky one in the film having to kiss the unattractive actor Jerry Ferrara.


Best Man Holiday(2013) was released the next year.  I guess after the success of adding an interracial couple in Think Like a Man the producers figured they’d try it also. Best Man Holiday was a sequel to the film The Best Man(1999). Nia Long was paired with actor Eddie Cibrian.  I know quite a few black men that told me they didn’t like this pairing. A lot of brothers love Nia long. But just in general Nia has a big following in the black community. This was not a good look at all. They should’ve just kept the cast black.


The show Sleep Hollow has become a big hit. It premiered back in 2013 and is still on. It stars actress Nicole Beharie. Her partner is played by white actor Tom Mison.  Much like the show Minority Report with Meagan Good, once again an attractive black woman on a show and no black men anywhere. The combination is always the same.  If a black man is the lead, there are no black woman as love interest. If a black woman is the lead,there’s no black men around. And if black men are around they seem to have no interest in the black woman. This really insults my intelligence. And these shows are big hits with young white men.  I guess because  their idea of heaven is them having all access to beautiful black women with no black men around. Sounds like a nightmare to me!


The Haves and The Have Nots is a cable television drama.  It premiered back in 2013 on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network. The fact that Oprah is involved with it should be enough for you to know it’s not very good. Oprah is not pro-black by any means. But it get worse.  The show is written,produced and directed by Tyler Perry(known homosexual). When I heard he was producing it I knew the show would be garbage.  I figured it would have black dysfunction,violence,drugs,interracial sex and homosexuality. It turns out I was right on all accounts.  The only thing good on the entire show is beautiful actress Tika Sumpter.  Although she is a talented actress not even she can save this mental pollution disguised as entertainment. On the show she has an affair with a married man. So basically she plays a whore and homewrecker.  And of course she has an affair with a white man,played by actor John Schneider. Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey don’t give a damn about black people and our struggle.  They don’t mind being used as tools for white supremacy. Just as long as they get paid.  They both know how powerful television images can be.  I just hope sistas are aware of this sick propaganda being used on them.  Your white oppressor is not the man you need to be in bed with.  The black man is the natural partner to the black woman. They are doing everything to keep us separated in television and films.  So if the media is telling us that black women should be with white men..who should the brothers hook up with? Hmmmmm….you’ll find out in part two.


85 thoughts on “Black Love Denied: Black Women hooking up with White Men(Part 1 of 3)

  1. 100% percent agreed. If you pay more attention to the interracial dating pattern that’s being promoted on television, sometimes they do pair a black man with a biracial woman as well but you don’t see the same pattern with black women with a biracial man. Furthermore on television you will see two dark skin parents with a biracial child. Not only are Europeans causing division among black men & women but black beauty is being attack. These devils are telling our children black isn’t beautiful but being biracial is better.

    I going to add the television show “The Walking Dead” to the least because Sasha a black woman that was in a relationship with a black man who was weak but now there setting her up to be with a white man that has a stronger manly role. But on this television show black men are weak period.

    The promotion of interracial dating on television is mentally disturbing our people minds. Since the European population is dying & they are mentally becoming more crazier then ever, their trying to find ways for survival. They are heavily trying to get black women too breed with white men but it’s not working since we’re least likely to date interracial.

    • It’s destroying the minds of our people. You see it on so many shows now. It’s obviously done on purpose. They want to keep the black man and black woman apart. That’s why I did the post about biracial woman also. The interracial sex and promotion of biracial women is intertwined. This agenda is just to keep us fighting one another and see interracial partners as a better alternative. You’re right,they are truly devils! They want to program our children to believe that blackness is ugly and unattractive. This interracial crap is pure anti-blackness! Black Love must be denied in racist Hollywood.

      • Wow…This has really opened my eyes on so many levels. Here Im thinking interracial couples are the most beautiful things on Earth. Once I gotten older I was thinking about dating outside of my race..Even though I’ve never been with a black guy I was actually thinking about leaving them to just go date white man. Well Im not saying that I wouldnt date black man at all. I literally wanted to cry once I read this. It was super hard to accept the truth but Im going to accept it. It sucks because I know that I cant do anything about this. Nothing at all. Ive been reading many stories on wattpad about interracial relationships. I have noticed that in some movies they protray the black man as being a bad man, uneducated, and poor while the white man comes from Europe and is living great well educated, nice car, good business. This makes me sick. I even started to believe that black men were actually like that. But then I realized that not all black men are that way at all. Its the media brainwashing girls my age (Im 16 btw) to believe that black men are horrible and the only thing that they are good for is their penis sizes. I dont think this is working though. I’ve talked to many of my friends and they said they would never date a white man. I actually looked at them as if they were racist and not opened minded but Im the one whos really stupid. Being brainwashed into this interracial mess. Im so glad that you have enlightened me on this although it breaks my heart. For about a year ive been fantasing day dreaming that God will send me a white man. Even the stories on wattpad are about lots of white men. I was thinking about writing a story about something interracial. There are rarely any stories about black love. Ive never heard any stories about black love…This is really scary to me and it honestly makes me want to cry. Im so confused I dont want to do the wrong thing.

      • Dating a white man would be a huge mistake. Do your best to find a black man. Black love is the real solution for our people. Do not fall for the interracial propaganda. It’s genocide for our people.

  2. P.S. the video clip have all these beautiful black & biracial women playing the love interest of below average non black men. Furthermore the beauty of black men & women is undeniable beautiful that can’t be compared. Looking at these interracial couples is a hot shitty mess, it’s like mixing beauty with dog shit.

  3. I don’t watch tv anymore, but they did a similar thing to sitcom men. All the fathers in the homes were idiots and the kids and mothers worked magic around them. Good points here as usual. Good luck with the fight

    • I know what you’re talking about. Back in the 80’s The Cosby Show was one of the last shows that portrayed fathers in a positive light. Then Married with Children debuted in 1987 and it all changed. You started seeing cartoons like The Simpsons and Family Guy that show fathers as stupid buffoons. I think the media wanted to destroy the masculine principle for men. It was a way to not take the role of fathers seriously. Men are supposed to be seen as protectors,providers and give guidance to their kids. Now the kids on sitcoms are smarter than the dads and feel like they don’t have to listen to them. A lot off this anti-father propaganda started in the early nineties. And it’s still going on today.

  4. I don’t watch too much tv so I didn’t realize there were SO many shows perpetuating this kind of relationship! Hollywood is really going IN! If they MUST go the interracial couple route, why not use a Middle Eastern or Brazilian man sometimes? Or Sri Lankan or Mexican? There are so many other options besides white and I know there are men of these nationalities trying to get roles in film and television.

    In real life, from a this proud Black woman’s view who considers herself smart and funny and fairly attractive, there is ZERO appeal in white men. They don’t do anything for me. In general, they are weak, corny, unattractive, clueless, arrogant and rude. And their voices never drop so I know I couldn’t do it. And I hate hate hate pink nipples and thin lips. I can’t. Not to mention Black men are just… everything to me. I went out on two dates with a white guy about ten years ago and he said one too many things about him being white [insecurities I think] for me to want to go out again. Then I thought about how it would be meeting his family and that kind of scared me.

    These shows are making these white guys look like so much more than they are, which is the point, I’m sure. Thanks for bringing up issues that people don’t always want to discuss.

    • Yes it’s obviously an agenda at this point. I have another series on interracial dating coming up. It will go into even more detail about how social media pushes this agenda on us. But this one was mainly about how the media manipulates the minds of black people. You dated a white guy?? At least you came to your I feel the same way about white women. I could never see myself walking around holding a white woman’s hand. It blows my mind how a black man can call himself a proud black man and marry one of them. It’s a total contradiction in my eyes. Glad you liked the post. Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3.

      • Like I stated in my Slave All Niggers Daily blog post, while they may look good on a tv screen, computer screen, or on magazine pages, it’s a totally sharp contrast in real life. They do not look that good up close and in person, and don’t talk about when they’re old. I swear, Cicely Tyson looks better than these old broads, that’s why so many of them lie about their age. I work in a jewelry store now, and trust me, jewelry does not do the majority of them justice. The way it would enhance us, it doesn’t flatter them at all, but Hollywood would like to make us think otherwise

      • Yes! Looking back, I can’t believe it either! Do I lose points? I shouldn’t have told you..

        I look forward to reading parts 2 and 3!! Even on some kids’ shows they push these relationships. And when you’re watching tv all dang day and that’s all you’re accustomed to seeing, what are you supposed to think? It’s clearly strategic PROGRAMMING.

      • No I wont hold it against you. That wouldn’t be I know brothers that date white girls and then switched back to sistas after realizing their mistake. So we all make mistakes in life. All is Yes this agenda is non stop. I’ll be touching on the interracial assault on kids as well in a future post. And how it’s all over television and social media.

      • ahhh thank goodness. I don’t even like to say we dated! It was just two dates! I think I was at a point in my life where I did not recognize the strength, beauty + importance in Black relationships so I was much more open. But I’m not who I was and this world isn’t what it was, so this issue needs to be addressed. Over and over and over.

      • Just try to forget the dates even This is a serious issue to me. Although I know some people probably think it’s not that important. But it’s obvious that things are getting way out of hand. I believe in black love and unity so my perspective will be different that those with different viewpoints. I just address the issues I believe affect us in a negative way. And this is a top five issue in my book.

      • Definitely! Not only are we programmed [from such a young age] to not like ourselves, but not to like anyone that looks like us! It’s sad.

      • Yes it’s the sad truth. This anti-blackness sickness is psychological warfare. Our children are been told black is ugly and she not be respected. It really is a sad situation. We have to keep fighting against it for the sake of the children.

  5. You also forgot a few like Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton in Monster’s Ball. Sanaa Lathan and Cole Hauser in The Family That Preys. And that movie, Addicted… But I guess those are a little too hard to swallow, blaxploitation refined and modernized is what I call them. Another thing I’d like to add is, while I do enjoy The Haves And The Have Nots, there is a new plot twist wherein David Harrington played by Peter Parros has drawn the attention of white woman Maggie Day who I trying to separate David from his wife Veronica. Trust me it’s very disgusting to watch but these drama filled plots are what kinda keeps my attention

    • Yeah I remembered Monster’s Ball. But that one is pretty well known. I was trying to make a list of lesser known interracial couples. And yes I’ve noticed Sanaa has done a few interracial films as well. It’s a constantly on television and films. I’ve also noticed that some of the most attractive black women have ALL been with a white man at least one in a film. But most of the top notch white women rarely do love scenes involving black men. Keep in mind,I don’t want to see it anyway. I’m just saying that the biggest white actresses rarely do it. I still think black man/white woman combination upsets the white film going audience a lot more. The Haves and Have Nots is really garbage. But I know it’s the same reason people watch Empire. You know it’s bad for you but some people still can’t resist it. It’s a guilty pleasure. But at least when you watch it be conscious of what you’re watching.

  6. I’ve viewed some of the programs that were referenced and I have noticed this trend as well. Racial diversity (or lack thereof) in film or television is often discussed, but most do not articulate the process of building or maintaining an assortment of ideas and concepts when it comes to narrative driven media. Consequently, you will see the veneer of Black faces onscreen, but underneath these Black characters are monopolized by the all too common White Supremist tropes.
    In addition to the interracial aspect, many of these programs try to inject Black characters with the ideas of American Exceptionalism, national loyalty and/or allegiance to White run institutions. On the surface, these Black characters will possess high skilled/professional jobs such as doctor, lawyer, police detective, etc. However, most of their labor is dedicated toward preserving the existing order in society or retaining White viability. Black self-determination is most often not the motive or on the agenda of these characters.

  7. Love is something completely different, you don’t fall in love with someone practicing brainwashing or sodomizing her/his soul with terror, but these people don’t even know what it means to love someone!
    I like when you are in interracial relationship we all become WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS but the rest of their time they go to kill innocent people with guns!!
    Here in UK is very rare to see BM with BW but BM with WW is very common! White people said, they don’t recognize the human races, only to use the term “race” they are afraid or practically the term “race” is not included in their vocabularies, then why they have created terms such bi-racial and mixed races?
    The fact that they ” love ”, ” married ” and ” procreate ” with black people never, ever will justify the fact that ” they are not racist ” or what that they done to black people!

    • That’s true Nubian Queen. We can no longer be fooled just because some of them will hop in the bed with a black person. I got hip to that a long time ago. Some of the most racist ones sleep with blacks. Many just want to brag and say they did it with a black man/woman. I’ve had white women flirt with me at parties and the work place. These white women are so transparent and only want sex. Many will tell me their intentions upfront. They really come off as common whores. And stupid black men actually fall for it. Not me though. Men have to learn to stop thinking only with their penis. You must use your brain and have common sense ans see it for what it is. At least that’s what I do. I hope brothers take my advice and leave these cave women alone. I just try to led by example.

      • This is absolutely true, the fact that white women flirt with men blacks, many of them pay black men for sex!
        These women want to escape from their routines,
        very desperate because they can not get the same sparkle with white men! Once I saw a program about dating, there was this white girl who dated a black guy!
        When they asked why you like black guys? She said, “I do not even know, why I like black men, but I like black men maybe because I want to have mixed race kids!”
        She always talked about the same thing, ” black skin sexy etc! “.
        Eventually as you said, white women have already said what they want but black men still do not get even!
        Also in this program another white girl has dated an Indian guy with dark skin, trust me she was very idiot woman, during their appointment,she had spent all her time to comment about the eyelashes of this guy, asked him if he has used mascara!
        Really when I see how a gorgeous are black women compared to white cave beast,is crazy most of these men see them as sexy! Many of these relationships are born from rotten, there is not a concrete based or rather true love!
        White women see black children and mixed children as toys!
        They behave like a kids, for centuries they have seen black women give birth and raise black children even now they want to do the same!

      • Amen! I feel you Nubian Queen! All this talk of biracial babies is annoying as hell. These white chicks want exotic babies. It’s really a sick fetish. When white girls flirt with me I don’t see it has a compliment. I do my best to keep my distance from them.I don’t even bother indulging them at all. I just keep it moving.

  8. I had a problem with Toni hooking up with Todd on “Girlfriends” for many reasons one was that he was very short. Another was that he seemed [and I know it’s just a show] like he was going out of his way and that she should be happy he stepped out of his comfort zone for her. I agree a million times about that fucker Tarantula bitch Quentin now that asswipe wants to support #blacklivesmatter?!! Fuck him and his bullshit and his bullshit argument!! I don’t agree though about all the men being ugly but yeah some of them are and why is it that a lot of black women had daggers for Pam Grier until she got older, fatter and had the white guy saving her, gee jealous much?!! I don’t know about “Sleepy Hollow” their relationship seems very X-Files to me in that they are more like friends than lovers plus they throw his white wife in her face all the time anyway. I really don’t see a romance there with them.

    • Quentin is a low life piece of garbage! I can not stand that little weasel. He is very slick with his racism. I can’t believe there are black people stupid enough to support this little punk. And Samuel L Jackson is one of his biggest supporters. As long as Quentin puts him in films…he will support his “massa”. Yeah Sleep Hollow doesn’t have them romantically linked. But the point of this postw as to show they love to pair blacks and whites as working together. Whether they are involved in a sexual relationship or not. And for the record,I hope they don’t get involved on that show. The less interracial couples the better.

  9. I just shared this article on mybook page. This subject matter is not only relevant, it is necessarily needed, because the tentacles of our genocide is varied and far reaching. While I don’t know of the sex life of most of these females, it has bdocumented that most have them have opened the legs to the cave savage. None of them have said it was due to a period of insanity. All have spoken about it proudly. Pam Grier, Sanaa Lathan, Gabriel Union and Kerry Washington have openly spoken about it. Roxy Rocker is Lenny Kravitz’s mother, and Nichelle Nichols in her biogrophy, bragged about her on going plantation, bed wench rape, with Gene Rodenbury, who created Star Trek. So in many cases it wasn’t that hard to get many of our people to lay down with dogs, on the silver screen.

    • Thanks BMS. I didn’t know you had a Facebook page. Thanks for spreading the knowledge for me. I think this counter message really needs to spread. Our minds are under constant assault by these demons in Hollywood. Black love scares the hell out of them. That’s why they do everything they can to push this crap on our people. Yes I know about a few of the black women you mentioned. Some are very proud they slept with white men. This proves my point that we are brainwashed to see race mixing as something positive. I remember Nichols talking about being with Rodenbury. It really made my stomach turn! But I see your point though. If they’re getting with white boys in real life doing it on film is not really a big deal. That’s why this mentality of loving whites and seeing them as “individuals” has got to stop.

  10. Great post! I have spoken to other sistas and we have notice that when Black Women are paired with white men they are rarely if ever the wife or girlfriend; she’s either a mistress and or side chick or cheap sexual thrill. But, when Black Men are paired with white women, she’s always made wife or girlfriend. This is sending the message to ALL men that Black Women are not wife material and or not fit for a real relationship. It also puts Black Women in a vulnerable position (if she ain’t careful) to be used by brainwashed colorist black men or racist white/non-black men of color.

    This post shows that this propaganda has been going on for a long time, it just picked up greatly in the last few years.

    Toni in girlfriends ended up divorcing the white man after only a year (I believe of marriage). As for Nicole Baharie, I don’t know much about her so I did a little research. According to Wikipedia, she dated Micheal Fassbender for a short period of time in 2012.

    • You bring up a very good point. Back when The Jeffersons came on in the seventies it was kind of groundbreaking because they were a married interracial couple. And there are some soap operas that have BW/WM married couples. And the film Lakeview Terrace they were married too. But mostly the black woman plays the side chick or a whore. You’re correct in thinking this makes all men see them as not marriage material. And this elevates white women to be see as better than sistas. I always use the film Pretty Woman as an example. Julia Roberts played a hooker in that film but still found love with actor Richard Gere. There’s no way Hollywood would do that film with someone like Angela Bassett. A white woman is still seen as a person with some worth even if she’s a whore. But a black woman is seen as a low class tramp with NO redemption. This is programming the masses to always see white women as valuable no matter what her character or morals may be. This is racism at it’s best. This is why I didn’t care for the film The Equalizer. As much as I like Denzel as an actor it kind of turned me off. He went around killing all these bad guys because they beat up some Russian hooker. He had to defend the honor of the white girl. But he rarely does films where he goes on a killing spree if a black woman is harmed or killed. It’s a pattern I’ve noticed in his films and other films too. He did it in the film Man on Fire also. He actually died at the end fighting for the life of a young white girl. When have you ever seen a white actor die in a film for a black person? It’s never happened on film. Trojan Pam and I always bring this up. It all comes down to US sacrificing ourselves for THEM. This is total propaganda! I’m telling you OW13,we are in a real WAR.

    • @OW13
      I wanted to add something else. You’re right I forgot that Toni on Girlfriends did divorce him. That’s good and bad in a way. Good she left the white man…but she then became a single mother,which was not a good thing. This kind of pushes the belief that sistas can’t find real love.
      I love Nicole Beharie. She is too beautiful for words. She looks a lot like a girl I had a crush on in high school. I first saw her in the film American Violet and became a fan. She comes across very classy and down to earth. I was crushed when I found out she was with Fassbender. They met in the film Shame they did together. I believe they have a love scene in it. Which is the reason I never seen the film. I don’t think I could stomach watching But Fassbender gives me the creeps. I get bad vibes whenever I see him in a film. He played a vicious racist in 12 Years a Slave. He played the part a little too well. He was whipping the hell out of Lupita with that whip! he was horrible to watch! Then you realize he dated a black woman in real life….hmmmmmmm…. I think he may like to play slave master in the bedroom also. He looks like the type that would get off on that type of thing. I could be wrong but either way I don’t care for him.

  11. Here is a small list of black & biracial women that dated or married non black men that I know of but there are many more. These women are entertainers, authors, & actvist from back & the day till now. All these black & biracial women are beautiful but damn non black men took the cream of the crop. This is real sad that we have this many black men & women in Hollywood getting their swirl on with other races. Furthermore I bet the majority of black Hollywood has been with a non black men or women.
    Diana Ross
    Mary Wilson
    Cindy Birdsong
    Jada Pickett Smith (she prefer swinging with non black women)
    Lil Kim
    Serena Williams
    Venus Williams
    Rosie Perez
    Zoe Saldana
    Suzanne de Passe
    Vanity (Denise Matthews)
    Eartha Kitt
    Denise Nichols
    Irene Cara
    Donna Summers
    Alice Walker
    Angela Davis
    Elaine Brown
    The Staple Singers (Mavis Staple)
    Lisa Bonet
    Garcelle Beauvais
    Victoria Rowell
    Dorothy Dandridge
    Tina Turner
    Peaches & Herb (Peaches aka Linda Greene)
    The Pointer Sisters (Ruth Pointer)
    Denice Williams
    Minnie Riperton
    The Three Degrees (Sheila Ferguson dated Prince Charles)
    Maya Angelou
    Nina Simone
    Diahann Carroll
    Stacy Dash
    Lena Horne
    Janet jackson
    Latoya Jackson
    Sanaa Lathan

    • Wow! That’s a pretty long list! And you’re right that’s some very famous women. I guess when you see it all lined up like this it really drives the point home. But to be honest,I think many black celebs are just around more white people as their rise to fame. So they begin to see them as desirable mates. But regardless of being around more whites you can’t forget where you come from. I think it’s best to still keep a social distance from other races and stay true to your roots. History has shown us that mixing with whites has not helped us in the long run. There is NO benefit for us. It’s best to marry a black person and make black babies. That should be our ultimate goal. All the “we are the world” crap is for the birds! We have to wake up to this interracial fantasy they keep throwing in our faces.

  12. I think there is also another underlying reason to pairing black women with white men. While the media continues to bombard black women with black men with any other woman other than a black woman, they secretly desire black women for themselves. I remember there was a brother who use to frequent truthangel07 blog named Tyrone( haven’t seen him around much, have you?) who said that white men (and other non-black men backing them) want to push white women/non-black women off on Black Men so that they can have access to black women. This is a very interesting point and I think he’s right. I remember a black woman said in a discussion on some other blog that she overheard some Latino men saying, “If Black Men don’t want them, that means more for me/us.” Too many black men have their penis so far up these non-black women’s p888sys that they don’t even see the game that’s being played; however these same men get mad at black women with white/non-black men. Just sayin.

    However, unfortunately I believe when many blacks (if that ever happens) understand the IR game, it’ll be too late. Loving our enemies is far more important than preserving black DNA, history, and culture.

    • Yeah that’s true Tired Sista. Tyrone used post on my blog all the time years ago. He pops up every now and then. He always makes great points. Also Trojan Pam has said the same thing. They push the interracial dating on black men pretty hard. And you have these silly black men that fall for it. I work with guys that date ABB(Anything but Black). This leaves many black women looking for love. And these white and Asian men know they are ripe for the talking! It makes me sick! I’ve seen really good looking black women with white guys. I can’t stand it! It looks so awkward to me. They don’t belong together. These dumb black men think anything non-black is gold and turn their backs on sistas. I have white women flirt with me at my job all the time. I always brush them off. They offer sex on a platter. But I realize they’re whores and just want a cheap black sexual thrill! Who knows what diseases they may have. I’ll stick with black women. And I try to advise brothers to do the same. We can’t keep falling for the tricks of our enemy.

      • Yes! These non-black men are just waiting for sistas to give them the go. Unfortunately, I think that black women’s interracial marriage rate will continue to increase. I have heard some bloggers mention that there is a study that says BW/WM IRs is the fastest growing IRs in the U.S. A lotta of people don’t know that this is happening. A lotta of sistas are getting too tired of the public rejection and humiliation from too many BM.

        Lol, yes I’m sure a lotta of brothas can’t stand to see a beautiful sista with an ugly white man. Even the ones in IRs, which is hypocritical to say the least. You would think that since we hate to see each other in IRs , many of us would stop and think about repairing the relationship between BM/BW, but that just haven’t seemed to click for a lot of us cause we’re too busy wallowing in anti-blackness.

        I’m sorry you have to deal with such sexually loose white women on the job, it must be so hard. Since you live in Cali (the land of IR) I have to say those white women feel entitled cause they see so many black men with non-black women. But, that happens to Black Men everywhere cause I have had black men tell me they have had white women aggressively persue them on and off the job. These witches have no morals. Stay strong brotha!

  13. Yup, yup, and yup. This is why I very rarely turn on the idiot box, I mean television. It has one purpose only, and that is to brainwash.
    And in real life, all over the world, I see beautiful sistahs with ugly ass white men ALL….THE….TIME. Its pure insanity.
    Im not lured in by white supremecists giving sistas lead roles, Ive never ever watched Scandal, sleepy hollow, Gotham, or Meagans show.
    Also, the media absolutely loves to highlight black atheletes who date or marry white, giving the illusion that its much bigger/common than it actually is. Then when you spot a bm/ww couple, youve been pre-programmed already to think that “most” black men want white women, and its not true. I fell into that line of thinking, but shook myself out of it.
    Cree did an excellent podcast on white peoples extreme discomfort around black couples, and the lengths they go through to insinuate themselves in between the couple,or disrupt the revelry (sp?) between us. Especially if you are young, attractive, and loving and/or tender toward one another. Kushite you probably remember that episode. That blew my mind, and afterwards I became hyper-aware of it. Oh…my….god!!! I know that all of us–especially black females, because the direction of the hostility is usually tilted toward us–can give hundreds of anecdotes regarding this. Even if the interaction isnt romantic in nature; i dont want to go on a super long rant but Im one of few blacks in an all white workplace. Whenever this one black male walks up to me for a friendly innocent exchange, they cannot stand it. The hostility in the room is immediate, and the code and/or statements used in the moments following are very calculated to send a barely veiled message designed to separate and isolate.
    Of course this has been going on since forever. But as someone who’s relatively recently “woke” it just blows my mind… inherent it is, its as natural to them as sexual intercourse.

    • I know KJ. The idiot box has kicked it into hyper drive! The IR propaganda is getting utter ridiculous! Yeah I remember that show by Cree. She had some great shows. I loved calling in all the time. I heard she stopped blogging. I hope she reconsiders. We really need her voice out here in this struggle. But she told me she’s working on a book,so that’s good to hear.
      I can relate to the work place experience. I work in an integrated work place and I’ve had white women interrupt me when I’m talking to a black They always want to be the center of attention. They come up to me and try to give me hugs. I had a white woman walk by and tickle my waist last year. I was kind of surprised! They are so flirtatious and sexually aggressive. They think ALL black men want them. I let it be known to not touch me and I’m not interested at all. Most of the time they get really offeneded. But they are really intimidated by the beauty and style of black women. I once told a white woman that I don’t date white women. She said to me.”But why? What’s wrong with us? Do you know what you’re missing?” They are SO full of themselves!lol

  14. And yeah, aint no way a woman like gabby union would ever pay attention to an ugly short dude like gerry ferrara, that casting was so ridiculous. If you really paid close attention, she seemed disgusted by him.
    I hated Eddy Cibrians casting in the best man movie, but I took some pleasure in it because he’s considered a heart throb and lowkey I know it made alot of white people uncomfortable…..unlike the typical pairings of gorgeous black women with ugly white men, as you accurately pointed out, those images keep whites in their comfort zones.

    • Yeah I agree with you. Gabby wouldn’t even look twice at that dude in real life! Gabby is a perfect 10. That funny looking dude is no where near her level. Yeah I know some white girls that like Eddie Cibrian. They probably didn’t like Nia with him. But I have to be real, a lot brothers don’t like seeing Sanaa Lathan,Gabby and Meagan Good with white boys. The white guys always get the cream of the crop of black women. But black men…not so much? I had a brother ask me why we never see white women like Megan Fox,Angelina Jolie,Charlize Theron or Scarlett Johansson with black men in films. He claims that white men who like those women wouldn’t like it very much. I thought about awhile. He kind of has a point. I think white boys would feel uncomfortable seeing what they consider the “cream of the crop” in bed with a black man.

    • You know what? I never saw that film. I saw the trailer years ago and it looked really weird. It looked very disturbing to me. Also I couldn’t bear to see a beautiful sista like Gabrielle Union kissing on that ugly white dude. I had to pass.

  15. man the psychological bombardment is deep. the sad truth is that the dysfunction between Black men & Black women makes it easier for this propaganda to take root. as you know i build on it here
    now look at this media trend. you have the white man dating & mating with who ever he wants but you dont see the same with Black male white female relationships being displayed in the media this prolifically. ….its still the white man protecting his white maiden while he still desicrates our queens

    • No doubt! The psychological warfare is real! That’s why I’m always tackling these issues. I want my people to realize what’s going on. Hollywood is NOT our friend. Most of their films will not uplift or promote positive images of black people. They want us to fight each other and see your brother as your enemy. When we know who the real ENEMY is. Thanks for the comment. Drop by anytime. Much respect HughCipher.

  16. You are my hero!!!! I have been saying this forever! Googled the term to see if there were any likeminded souls…

    Again you are my hero!

  17. Please keep me in the loop with regards anything you write… so excited to have found a similar mind! I have always watched shows in TV pushing this ” white man black woman ” nonsense and it irritates me that no one of colour ( high profile) discusses it.

    Keep up the good work

  18. Pingback: Black Queen Movement

  19. The blatant pro BW/WM IRR racist propaganda is part of a *huge* new effort across media (it wasn’t as strong before) to promote genocide, dehumanization, and ensure money successful black women make goes back into white hands. It reminds me of black soccer players in Europe. Team managers and owners try to ensure they marry white women, so their millions go back to whites. This propaganda is also a response to strong pro-black action on social media.

    This propaganda shows just how sick whites are, and it’s moving outside of media, with random people trying to force this disgusting stuff on people. They’re convinced against all reality and logic that we want to be with ugly degenerates.

    Their skin looks like a burn victim. They have no lips. Their eyes look crossed and/or sunken. Light eyes make a person look crazy. Their bodies are fat, boxy, or weird (long ass torso). Their hair is stringy, ratty, and thin as hell. Their intelligence on average is best described as high-functioning retardation. They only have anything because of theft, murder, slavery, and racism.

    More of us need to say this. They’re dumb, so repeating things is necessary.

  20. I completely agree with you about the agenda at play here. That bullshit is why I stopped watching Daredevil and why I will never watch Scandal. But as a single black woman who feels completely hated and scorned by the black man, my ideal partner, what choice do I have but to date whoever will date me (ie, the white man)? At this point, the only alternative to interracial dating I see is to be alone and watch all the black men pass me over to choose white or Latino partners while I grow old alone.

  21. You know,…..
    1. The mainstream media is garbage .
    2. Not all caucasions are of the white devil variety [ not that anyone he as said this]
    I am a young man in my early 30’s and I find black women to be some of the most beautiful woman alive . As an individual who has never comprehended these lines that have been drawn in the sand , never saw other as a color, gender , and so on I get so angry that this is the rule rather than the exception.
    A hero of mine since I was but a young lad, The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King J.r. Has said most famously of his dream of “one day seeing his children judged not by the color of their skin but, by the content of their character”. I uphold this , from as far back as I can recalll to present . It’s an everyday approach for me. There’s no work at it or working on it. It just is, as natural as breathing . I consider everyone who’s character I respect, who is just another human as I am, all trying to live our lives day to , just tying to make it.
    Labels need to go the way of the dinosaur friends: EXTINCT , or this divide shall never cease .
    I came here because I would like to meet a beautiful woman, who happens to have a darker shade of skin but more important : a lady I can admire, respect and share my love with.
    Our history here in America is shameful,band appalling. It breaks my heart when I’ve read of the accounts of former slaves interview in the ’30’s during the writers project . It continued to break my heart that as far as we as humans have come yet how little change has actually been achieved .
    I just wish we could be there for one another, in celebratory times as well as when the rights of another or others have been violated. I would. If I saw another person despite Any differences , I’d be at your side fighting with you , not against.
    As a race, your absolutely entitled to your bitterness and wariness. A most horrible atrocities have come upon those of color for over 400 years, but o still have hope we can work together to make the changes that will finally end this nonsense once and for all and TRULY unite us as one people. We’re all different in our individualism yet the same in that whet human above all else.
    Much love to all, brother AND sister
    Scott Rebels ( Instagram )

    • You find black women attractive?? That’s cool,so do I. Thanks for the comment however I don’t think this blog is for you. Those are very nice words but this is not a dating blog. This is not the place to come to if you’re looking for a “chocolate fantasy”. I do NOT promote interracial sex on my blog. It just causes confusion for black people. All these mixed babies has not helped stop our oppression under these racist Jews/whites. So you may want to promote that “colorblind love” stuff somewhere else. Thanks for the comment.

  22. On the show, “Sleepy Hollow,” the gorgeous chocolate Lance Gross is the love interest of Nicole Beharie, and he also plays a lead role as FBI lead…so you were mistaken on that part. If you watch the show, Nicole has more intimate feelings and affections for Lance and not for her partner Tom Mison

    Black women outnumber Black men by 2 million in this country. So who can blame them for going aftet the dominant male? I mean, there are 70% of Black women single, and that isn’t only because of the white man. There are larger issues at work in the Black community. Look at the Black churches…full of single Black women! I think the bad plant needs to be yanked out at the root…cutting off a leaf or two hoping for change or renewal in the form of continuously blaming white men is not the answer. It’s time to stop blaming and start fixing our own issues. No one will do it for us.

    • Fixing “our” issues?? So you’re telling me you’re black. Judging by your comments I highly doubt it. A lot trolls come to my blog pretending to be something they are not. You sound like one of them. Run along now.

      • Hell yes I’m Black. I don’t troll, but judging from your vitriol I will not be back to your blog. I’m looking at this subject from not only a spiritual perspective, but a social one, which is why I said Black people need to stop pointing he finger and fix their own issues. The white man cant make Black men marry Black women, yet 70% are single. So whose fault is that? Yes, there is the prison industrial complex…and mass incarceration.

        However, no matter WHAT is shown on TV and in movies, a person cannot be forced to do anything that is noy already in their mind or psyche to do, or kept from doing what they are driven to do. Therefore, no matter how many white men we see with Black women in roles, this cannot be used as the excuse for the declining marriage rates amongst the Black community, nor for the high ass divorce rate for Black married couples. 70% divorce before the 10-year mark. That is nothing to do with the white man…it is a social issue at work with a tandem of other problems with the community as a whole.

    • I’ve never seen you on my blog. And I get many racist trolls coming here. I get white trolls pretending to be black all the time. Many are also on Twitter and YouTube. Some have even been exposed. If you truly are black…okay that’s fine. But the issue is bigger than just Sleepy Hollow. My post shows that they are forcing it on black people. Anyone with eyes can see that. I promote black power,black unity and black love on this blog. It’s not for everyone. So if that’s not your cup of tea then so be it. But that’s how we roll over here. No gay,lesbian,transgender or interracial nonsense over here.

  23. You’re part of the problem. Militant asshole who spews all this shit but in actuality, probably has a white woman behind closed doors. It’s very popular, you know. The main ones talking shit about Black women dating men of other persuasions want another persuasion or have another themselves, yet keep Black women in bondage. Lots of Hebrew and Pan-African groups of BLACK MEN do this…yet they are the main ones treating Black women like shit and then get mad when she has had enough. SMH. Your mind is in bondage if you think that the Creator only loves Black people. Sad.

    • I would assume the Creator loves all people. But I will not keep quiet when my people are being mistreated. You are the one in mental bondage. My mind is totally FREE. I have never dated a white women in my entire life. You got the wrong one fool. You try to generalize all men that are pro-black. I see the game you’re playing here white boy. You are lucky I’m even allowing your comments to be seen. But I don’t have time for games you jackass. I don’t give a damn if you’re a self hating black woman or a white boy troll. You are not on my level. I don’t debate inferior people. This is my last comment to you. All your other comments will be blocked. So no need to respond to this. Bye Bye clown!

      • I’m not a white boy. I would even send you a photo to prove I’m not. I do not generalize all pro-Black men. But the majority are doing some dirty shit and getting pay outs from white men to carry on their duties.

        You can keep thinking I’m a white boy if you want. Just goes to show that you are enslaved because you can’t recognize a free-speaking Black woman by her fierce spirit when you see one. I recognize the spirits of people by the way they speak and talk. And the oppression of Black women is a main tactic of many pro-Black men, not all.

        I never said all, I said many. And you are a fool if you think that these organizations who get 501(c)3 tax-exempt status aren’t working for the white man. No wonder so many Black women lay despondent and asleep in these Black churches!

        Good luck on your blog. You can look up my profile on G+ under the name, The Masked Queen and see I’m not a troll nor am I white or biracial. Nothing but pro-unity and Black love on my profile. I found your post interesting, which is why I commented…but I don’t do attacks when you know nothing about me.

        Who cares if YT has a bunch of propaganda. That is nothing to do with me. I don’t post videos to YT. Good day to you.

        Since you hate white people so much, I hope it’s a Black man owning your property, paying your money for work, etc, and taking care of all your needs. This is why is said it is ridiculous to villainize people sheerly because they aren’t Black. Do not think for one second that the Creator cannot use white people to help Black people to get what they need.

    • You attack, but you do not refute. The truth is that white men control mainline media and white men lust for black women. There is a clue in the hue of “black people” should you care to look. This is demonstrated in their campaign to assign so many sexy black women to a white “lover” in so many portrayals. There is another truth in mainline media: white men resist at (nearly) all costs portraying a strong black and decent man in a loving relationship with a black woman of like character. They also exhibit a near pathological loathing of anything approaching any parity of black male/white female and white male/black female interracial sexuality.

  24. @ Everybody:

    Here’s a good video on this topic:

    Warning — this video contains a lot of profanity. Enjoy! 😀

    • @Sister Courtney and @Brother Kushiteprince

      I found this out recently. I did some research. I found out that the white man Richard Loving was dating the Sister Mildred when she was 11 and when he was 17. So, when he was 19, she was only 13. That is straight up pedophilia and it’s sick. You can google this information. That will not be mentioned in that upcoming film. As for IR, more BM marry outside of their race than BW. BM with WW have a higher divorce rate than BW with WM. In the final analysis, the enemy aren’t black men or black women. The real enemy are the white supremacists who caused evil problems in the first place. As for me, the only person who I will ever date or marry is a black woman period.

      Courtney, I will listen to the video and thank you for showing it. God Bless You Sister. 🙂

      • @ Brother Timothy:

        Thank you for that info about the Lovings. I was shocked to learn about this, but to tell you the,truth, I’m not really surprised. That is pedophilia and it us sick. I agree that it won’t be included in the movie. This is like that racist slave owner Thomas Jefferson and Sally ahemings. She was a teenager and he was a middle-aged man. He was a f*cling pedophile! Yuck!

        Again, thank you for the info, you are welcome, and bless you, too, Brother. 😦

      • What?? Are you serious? I never heard that before. But can’t say I’m surprised. yes I saw the trailer for the Loving film a few days ago. And you can bet this wont be mentioned in the film. That is really sick! Thanks for letting me know about that.

  25. As a mixed black woman married to white man with 4 mixed children that look like their dad. Majority of you women are pathetic. Its 2016 and black men don’t even want black women. They prefer light skin or white women. If you’re lucky you’ll get a white man. You all sound like racist ass holes. Black men left you so follow suit and date outside your race. 42% of dark skin black women never marry. So get a clue ladies.

    • Mixed black woman??? What does that mean? You are either black or you are not. The only thing sad and pathetic on this page is YOU. You are a low life piece of trash. The black women that come to by blog are proud and intelligent sistas. Not all of us have given up on black love and black unity. Don’t get mad because we are not all sellouts. Just go along with your business. Keep sucking on that little pink cock and make some bastard biracial babies. This blog is not for you. Kick rocks!!

    • You need to see a shrink.. You obviously hate yourself… People like you make me want to gag.. All the racist shit we have to put up with and growing.. Get a life and get real

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