Tamara Dobson(Old School Edition)


Tamara Dobson nicknamed for her real name Tamara Janice Dobson was an African-American actress and fashion model by her profession. She had been holding an American nationality from the day she was born till she died. As long she lived, she had achieved the height of success and fame on her own. Her education background is still not mentioned in any particular biographic site and also her net worth is still missing from her readers. Not the least but her unknown family background has been the reason of her children and marriage. She died at the age of 59 due to complication from Pneumonia and Multiple Sclerosis.

Dobson was born on May 14, 1947 in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. Information about her early life is still in disguise to her readers who are searching about her in detail. As any particular information is still not yet came into the light, it has been a difficult task for those who want to summarize about her in detail. Her education background is not yet clear though. But some of the sources have concluded that she had completed her early education from same place where she was born.


Her work platform was started from being a beautician. While she was working as a beautician, she also received her degree in fashion illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art. While studying, she was discovered in 1969 and began to film commercials and modeling. After school, she moved from Maryland to New York to model and act full-time.

Turning to her personality, Dobson stood 6 feet 2 inches in tall and it was more than enough for her to be a fashion model for Vogue Magazine. Reportedly there was animosity between Dobson and Pam Grier with Dobson’s publicist writing that “Miss Dobson refuses to appear in the same book much less on the same page as Miss Grier” and “Miss Dobson also has refused to participate in the same celebrity events in which Miss Grier is involved”. Dobson’s animosty was believed to be due to her refusing to do nude scenes in films as opposed to Pam Grier.

She died on October 2, 2006 in her native Baltimore, Maryland, of complications from pneumonia and multiple sclerosis, at the age of 59. Though she appeared in a few films in Hollywood, she became best known for her title roles in the 1973 Blaxploitation film Cleopatra Jones and its 1975 sequel Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold. 

She had been counted as one of the most elegant actresses of her time. She was famous for her bold personality which she used to represent in front of media spotlight. Her graceful beauty had no measure with other actresses. She had collected huge mass of fan with help of her charming nature and acting skill. The way she used to portray herself in screen was one of the most attractive factors about her. There is no further information available about her personal life, as she was enjoying her fame even at short level, she never found willing to share her private life with media. As a result her huge mass of fans are still dwelling in various pathways to know about her in detail. She had spent only a decade in acting line but still she has been famous even at present time with great level of appreciation. As she is already dead, there is no any direct way to know about her in personal. Her fans and followers are looking forward to know about her in detail. If anyone could get information from he family member, but the option is itself closed as she never said anything about her family. Perhaps she didn’t like to let other know about her family. To date many biographic sites hasn’t included her life events in well explicable form as her profile has maximum searches with compare to other personalities. Her fans are still wondering to know more about her in detail.

15 thoughts on “Tamara Dobson(Old School Edition)

  1. She’s a beautiful sista , she dated Jim Brown back in the day. Jim Brown like his women brown to dark skinned & model type built, if he had a chance he would have holla at Whitney Houston because she fit the model.

  2. Six two? Damn she wasnt just drop dead gorgeous, she was an amazon. I didnt know that.
    Have you ever seen a woman that beautiful (naturally), that is also super tall? Its very intimidating. Its also rare.

      • lol…though I do not watch the idiot box much, I do enjoy movies occasionally from the generation of Tamara Dobson, Pam Grier, Rudy Ray Moore (Dolemite), Calvin Lockhart, Redd Foxx, etc. Many of the actresses and actors “paved” the way for other black actresses and actors.

        I DO have an older female sibling that I have always “wanted to be like physically speaking.” She is drop dead pretty, statasque and a darker hue in her skin. I recall my sister being one of the few darker-hued sistas that I know that wear the color “orange” and dam! They all wear it well. And no lie, it seems the older that they are getting, the more “polished” they all look. Moving on…

        I agree with KJ. For there are “subliminal” messages in the films of yester-year as well as today’s films.

        Thank you Tamara for truly showing us all that “BLACK is not only beautiful, but that we can act as well!”

  3. The characters she played were bittersweet. On one hand, she faced off racist swine. But on the other, they would show her fighting all these men single handedly–that was some sneaky ass propoganda with many subconscious messages.

  4. One film comes to mind, she was in japan or china fighting gangsters. While she did have black male sidekicks, they often showed her battling five or six men by herself. To me the subliminals were==1)the lack of black males to fight for her, 2)her not needing any black males, 3)black women are on a physical level with men, 4)black women have masculine tendencies and/or nondelicate……all wrapped up in a beautiful seductive package. And these types of films shortly followed the feminist movement, and single mother welfare program im sure.

    • That’s a good observation! I noticed that too! The messages were always there even if they give off the impression of black empowerment. The whole “get the white men” scenario most Blaxploitation films had at that time. The messages to cause division between us is always there. Hollywood is very slick aren’t they?

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