Super Bowl Edition: Why are they hating on Cam Newton?

There is a lot of controversy swirling around Cam Newton and the manner in which he celebrates on the field, while playing a sport that serves as entertainment — it is important to keep all of this in perspective.

The thing that we must be aware of here is the fact that this is not about Cam Newton, this is about the fact that a black man has the audacity to celebrate his superiority in a position that has been historically dominated by white men. The quarterback position is presented as the most cerebral position in the game, and it has often been implied, and event verbally stated that white men are more suitable for the position, which is a subtle suggestion that white are more intellectual capable than blacks. Cam Newton is simply iconoclastically annihilating all of the subliminal suggestions of white superiority fueled by erroneous and fallible assertions surrounding the quarterback position. He is the diametric and antithetical expression that completely counters the argument of white superiority, at every level.

He represents the twilight of white-male domination at the quarterback position. As one of the panelists for Roland Martin points out, we have to remember that there was a time in which blacks in the south were not even allowed to laugh out loud. Remember, they could not stand Muhammad Ali, and Cam has that same confidence, and he is just that dominant at that position. There has never been anything like him in the history of the league at that position. In his first five years, he pretty much smashed every record there is for the start of a career, and any five-year span.

Confident black men make white people nervous. No matter how much they claim that they don’t have a racist mindset, their behavior when they encounter anything that challenges the idea of white superiority reveals their true nature.

This is what happens when a race of people rapes the creativity and culture of another and builds their entire identity off of a lie. The fragile foundation on which they rest their self-image will inevitably come crashing down. The greatest fears of the white elite are slowly becoming reality. Lastly, Cam is the perfect representation of the fact that their own human biology experiments during slavery — where they literally bred humans to create a stronger species in order to get more work out of them — is coming back to bite them in the butt.

He is going to be villainized no matter what he does, because of what he represents. He makes a significant number of white people uncomfortable, because he represents the writing on the wall. ~ Dr. Rick Wallace

73 thoughts on “Super Bowl Edition: Why are they hating on Cam Newton?

  1. White folks are pissed off that the NFL allow another black quarterback to go too the superbowl. Furthermore being a black quarterback in the NFL, is a lot of pressure on the player because they feel the black male isn’t intelligent enough to control the game as a quarterback. When white ex-nfl football quarterback Troy Aikman was sports casting on certain plays in the game, he always blame the black players for not doing good but give white players a pass. The reason why white quarterbacks do better is because they have the best black players playing the right position to back him up as the black quarterback doesn’t.

    Also pay attention to some of the nicknames the black male players have Marshawn Lynch aka Beast Mode, Brandon Marshall aka The Beast, Jevon Kearse aka The Freak, Jack Tatum aka The Assassin, Greg Haywood aka Ironman, Christian Okoye aka The Nigerian Nightmare, Calvin Johnson aka Megatron and several others most of these nicknames describe them as supernatural brutes.

    • I tell you a beautiful black sista white people are ready to see fail which is Serena Williams. White folks been giving her hell every since she enter the game of tennis furthermore she’s the most disrespected play in the game. The Williams sisters has change the game of tennis and one of the most popular players internationally for the game. If Arthur Ash was alive he would have been proud seeing the two sister keep as in tennis.

      • The media has hated on The Williams sisters since day one! They are just mad because they dominate over all the white girls they like to hype up. Serena is still a living legend though. There’s nothing they can do about

      • And, in addition to the racial bru ha ha’ing about her, Serena is always calm in the midst and lets racists know that “she gives LESS than a dam” what they think. Good for her!

        And quiet as it’s kept, when our folks find a warm to warm up the ice in Hockey, we are going to take that too! roflmbo!

      • Yeah I hear ya! That’s why they try to keep us out of sports like tennis,golf,race car driving and hockey. They know once we get in we take everything You are so right about that.

    • I really think the past few years have proven you wrong. The NFL is about winning, Cam, Russell, and the rest have demolished that old stereotype! Thank God. They sell the most tickets and jerseys in the NFL too. That is awesome progress I believe.

      • It’s a very slow progression. But then gain do the powers that be really want racial equality? I think not. There is always the illusion of inclusion. I’m very hip to the mind games that the racist elite like to play. Most of the owners are white and the players are black. The players are well paid slaves. You have to look deeper to see what’s really going on. You have to look beneath the surface.

      • I also think the media likes to play off of the racial dynamics. The last four years has been a white QB vs a black QB. Remember when Tom Brady(Patriots) beat the Seahawks at the Super Bowl? I still think there will be a Broncos upset. Even though the Panthers are a six point favorite. We’ll see who’s right.

    • That’s true we are always seen as some type of animal. The white quarterback is always seen as more intelligent than a black QB. Those stereotypes are alive and well. The examples you provided prove my case.

      • Kushite, now you know this is where you and I disagree. Athletes are NOT slaves!! What makes them slaves?

        I still don’t understand why people say that. Are they are high paid employees?– yes, are they slaves? No.

        If that’s the case then all employees are slaves.

      • If you want to get technical, we are all debt slaves to a degree. Kind of like worker ants in a colony. But I don’t want to get too deep on people. Since that’s not what the post is about anyway. We’ve already discussed this and I don’t feel like going over it again. We can agree to disagree and keep it moving.

    • Not everyone hates Cam. But there is a clear double standard with black QB’s. I know white guys at my job that can’t stand Cam. They say he’s too cocky and a show off. Black men who have truly gifted athletes always have to play down their gifts. We always have to be seem as humble and just happy to be “allowed” to play the game. But thanks for the link. Cam definitely has his supporters. But something tells me the Broncos will still pull out a win. I think the media wants to see Peyton Manning get one more championship before he retires. We’ll see if I’m right.

      • I am honored to be participating in your site. Change the world man, I am doing what I can day by day. My kids love your blog! Thanks for your persistence and God bless

  2. Athletes have often led the way to good social change. As a Seahawks fan I must disagree with you though. I believe Russell Wilson has the best start of any five year quarterback. Cam is awesome though!

  3. Their hatred runs deep. In every facet of our existence.

    Clearly it goes beyond their greed because you know a lot of white men are making money off Cam’s skills. But, as usual, money’s not enough.

  4. White folks on the whole can’t bear to see us succeed at anything. Our confidence and intelligence is an offense to them because they know they can’t compete with us on an even playing field

    • I think you’ve misjudged “white folks on the whole”. Most people don’t care at all about the color, but the few at the top that control everything is a different story. Be nice to fix that but how?

    • Cheaters never prosper right? You know how they operate. Check out this article by Chris Murray. It’s about black quarterbacks. I think he did a great job on this article. He makes some real valid points!

      In the days leading up to the combines, Newton told Sports Illustrated NFL writer Peter King that he wanted to be an “icon and an entertainer.” And of course, he was criticized for having a bad attitude. Really? Self-confidence and some swagger constitute a bad attitude? Wouldn’t you want to have that kind of supreme confidence when the game is on the line?

      In Philadelphia, fans and media pundits criticized Donovan McNabb mercilessly for not having that “swag.”

      “We know Cam Newton is a first-round player and already they’re saying he has a bad attitude,” said Lloyd Vance, author of the book, Third and a Mile, which chronicles the history of the black quarterback. “When he said he wants to be an entertainer and icon, they really blew that out of proportion. He’s a young man. He wants to come into the NFL, he wants to be a star and he wants to shine. He’s a Heisman Trophy winner. He has excelled on every level — he’s won at junior, he won in high school and he won the national championship last year, so why not come in here with some swagger.”

      Vance said another example of bias towards black quarterbacks coming into the NFL is that they are often told to convert to a new position because of their athleticism.

      According to a study that Vance conducted in 2008, he said that 33 black quarterbacks that were drafted dating from the 1930s to 2008 were converted to other positions. It amounts to about a third of the African-American signal callers drafted. Vance also found that of the 617 white quarterbacks drafted during the same time period only 10 were asked to change positions.

      Vance said he saw current Minnesota Vikings quarterback Joe Webb playing wide receiver at the Senior Bowl instead of quarterback like he did during his collegiate at Alabama-Birmingham.

      “Joe Webb was at the Senior Bowl with (now Broncos quarterback) Tim Tebow, ” Vance said. “Everybody kept saying you gotta give Tim Tebow his shot, but nobody was saying that about Joe Webb. At first, [the Vikings] were going to blindly convert him into a wide receiver because they had that ‘we have to get him on the field mentality because he’s a great athlete. Why not let him develop into the quarterback he’s going to be?”

      I get the feeling that when it’s Terrell Pryor‘s turn to declare himself eligible for next year’s draft you’re going to hear the same old song once more. As we move closer to this year’s draft, you’re going to hear pundits do everything they can devalue the talent of Newton or Virginia Tech’s Tyrod Taylor by questioning their mental prowess, their leadership or their character.

      Like in every other aspect of black life in America, African-American quarterbacks have to realize that when they come into the NFL the scrutiny on them is far more intensified than it is on their white counterparts because there’s still a belief among scouts, the media and some coaches that they don’t have mental capacity or the work ethic to succeed in the NFL.

      The bottom line is that African-American quarterbacks are always on double-secret probation in the NFL. There is no margin for error for on or off the field screw-ups. Even acts of self-confidence and youthful exuberance like Newton wanting to be some sort of iconic figure are frowned upon because its seen as arrogant when comes out of the mouth of a young black quarterback.

      When Newton, Taylor and eventually Pryor come into the league, they better know that playbook better than the offensive coordinator or their quarterback coach. They better be the first to arrive and the last to leave their team’s practice facility.

      It goes back to that time-honored adage you often hear in many African-American homes: you have to twice as good as your white counterparts. It’s no different in pro football.

      • KP if Johnny Football is white and troubled they’ll cut him. There doesn’t seem to be a problem here. I really don’t see the double standard today. There is a new guard that has chosen excellence. And that includes Cam, Tyrod, Russell, the Vikings QB, and Winston. They are putting the best players on the field

      • Johnny has been accused of hanging out with the “wrong crowd”. Keep in mind he has black friends and he likes to hang out at clubs drinking and socializing with women. Although he has a lot of growing up to do,it’ll be interesting to see if he’s cut from the team. The reality is that experience shapes a person’s persepctive in many ways. Those that don’t deal with discrimination or racism usually say race is not an issue. There’s a reason for that. Much the same way men say that sexism isn’t a real problem. It’s because if you’re a man you don’t deal with it. It doesn’t affect you the same way. Blacks and whites will always see the world differently. Yes those are great QB’s and they should get resepct. They’ve earned it. But there are still more white QB”s than blacks in the NFL. We have to be honest about that reality and why that’s the case. But I already know the answer to that question.

  5. Dr. Wallace made great points. It’s also worth noting that the hostility toward Cam Newton really surfaced during his time at Auburn around 2010. That was when Newton’s father allegedly requested money from MSU’s boosters in return for his son’s playing service. During that time, the sports media depicting him as a scourge and root of misfortune around Auburn facing possible sanctions. Auburn was cleared of the charges, but that incident has been one source of contention with Cam Newton.

    Allen Iverson stated that as an athlete (presumably Black athlete), you are always under a microscope. White owned and operated institutions like the NFL will only allow so much latitude and dispense harsh regulations against any perceived (no matter how trivial) slight. Consequently, I believe this is why the Panthers owner urged Cam Newton to maintain a “clean” physical appearance on his way into the league.

    • You’re right. I forgot about the Auburn incident. You’re also right about what Allen Iverson stated. Iverson knows very well how bad he was treated in the NBA. He said at some games fans in the stands called him n*gger and monkey many times. No one knows what the black athlete truly goes through to get all that money and fame. The price for fame is very high. MOst of us can’t relate to it though.

    • Very well said. As we all know the deck is stacked against you if you’re black. Whether in corporate America or in the sports world. But black QB’s are always judged harder. The same way they did Michael Vick and those dog fighting charges. His family members were involved in dog fighting…not him. But he was guilty by association. If that was Tom Brady,Aaron Rogers or Peyton Manning they would never go to jail. Look at deflate-gate with Tom Brady and the Patriots. We all know the Patriots are cheaters but Brady wasn’t convicted of anything. No surprise to me! It’s a double standard in a racist white society. Anyone who denies that is just blind or dumb.

      • KP I don’t know if you are going to do a post about all the hate Beyoncé got because of her halftime show. Funny but when white people at the Oscars speak out about issues nobody says a damn thing and now that bitch Adolf Guiliani is saying she is disrespecting cops. That asswipe needs to seriously go fuck himself! The only reason people called him “America’s mayor” is because of 9/11 and that prick has been milking it ever since.

      • I (may) stand corrected King Kush. That’s what I mostly saw him w/in the beginning also but after doing a lil’ research he may have dabbed on them winter rabbits & brought it home to a sista.

        Kush, after this year, you are going to see more brothers than in recent nfl history @QB. 4 outta your top 5 QB’s in college are brothers.

        Next year Cam and the QB from Clemson gon’ battle.

      • You’re talking about Deshaun Watson. Yeah he’s a really gifted athlete. Seeing him go up against Cam would be a sight to see. Two black QB’s have never faced each other in a Super Bowl. That would truly be history if that happened. But you’re right,there are more black QB’s on the way.

  6. Congrats to Cam on his MVP season!
    While, he like other Black American athletes, is just blessed with his athleticism, he is also a great QB. He has passed very well.

  7. At this point, the notion of a Black Quarterback lacking intelligence has been loosing ground. This is why the savages, as usual, move the goal post, which is a requirement under white pathology, whenever, we figure them out. Today its less the intelligence factor and more the “character” factor. It’s easier to prove we lack character, based on our cultural expressions and differences, than in beating that dead horse around intelligence. This is why I was disappointed that Jim Brown of all people, would go to bat for Johnny Manzel. This Neanderthal bum, has broken more rules and showing more “character flaws” than the last 10 black players, who did something stupid. Yet he kept getting a do over, again and again. I confess I followed Tony Dungee from Tampa to Indianapolis and because of association, became a fan of Payton Manning. But even though I now follow the Colts, best know that WHEN the Panthers win, I am going to be as pleased as a Chinese chef in a dog pound.

    • You make a very good point BMS. They love to keep beating that dead horse. It’s getting very old. The old stereotype of the black man lacking the intelligence to be QB should be dead by now. I feel what you’re saying about Jim Brown. Jim should know better than that. But I think he has a soft spot for Johnny because he plays for Cleveland. Had Johnny played for another team Jim might not have defended him so quickly. It was a cool moment back in 2007 when Dungy went up against Lovie Smith at the Super Bowl. We had never seen two black coaches face off. I know a lot of people are pulling for Cam. I know many people that want to see Manning get one more Super Bowl ring before he retires. A lot of people want to see Manning ride off in the sunset like in this old But I knw Cam and the (Black)Panthers are going to do their best to stop that from happening. I also know the media loves to play off of the racial dynamic as well. It’s being seen as the young,brash,cocky black QB vs the old wise, but intelligent white QB. Kind of like brawn vs intelligence. People read a lot into these games. The public acts like they have a vested interest in these games. And the media feeds into it. We’ll see who comes out on top this Sunday. Should be a good game.

      • They never talk about Peyton storming off the field when HE lost the Superbowl. He refused to shake Drew Brees’ hand and was being a petulant brat. Plus Michael and Jemele from “His and Hers” are some of the whiniest, pettiest, most obnoxious, self-righteous, pious little coons on Earth!! They have the nerve to say they never threw shade on Cam when they do it all the time especially today after he lost and please Michael can’t lecture anyone how to act.

      • Yeah I still remember when Peyton was acting like a little cry baby. But of course he’s excused because he’s their favorite white boy. Other than Tom Brady of course. The double standard never ends. Black players have to always remain humble and can’t be proud. Pride and self respect offends the white fans. The negroes have to always know their place.

  8. I was wrong. You were right. When he did not go after his fumble and manning was walking around looking awfully embarrassed and sheepish with a 14 point lead and 2 minutes to go. My wife and I knew at that moment you were right. Wow! What a fucking shame. How the hell did they get him to do it? He’s never been that clumsy or inept his entire life!

    • I told you so. I even bet a few guys $200 each. I made a nice amount of change on Sunday. You never bet with your heart…you bet with your mind. I knew they would give to Manning so close to his retirement. Call it a hunch I guess

  9. Color me NOT shocked about all the racist hate Cam gets. Steelers quarterback Rothelisberger was twice accused of being a rapist but he’s still a ‘good guy’ I have never seen one person protesting his #7 jersey yet plenty of people continue to whine about #7 Michael Vick. Johnny Manziel’s ex-girlfriend recently came out and said he was abusive and hurt her ear from hitting her so hard. Not ONE person in the media is speaking out about that or thug Bill Romanowski calling him ‘boy’ but he’s not racist oh no. Now the bitches are complaining because of how he acted at the press conference well damn does the FBI know?!! Please it’s not his damn job to make theirs easier so if they couldn’t make their stupid little deadline because of what he did then that is their problem not his. Some of those whiny a-holes need to find a hobby and piss off

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