Film about Nat Turner’s slave revolt..Will it be accurate?

The Birth of a Nation has been a years-long passion project for Nate Parker (perhaps best known for playing the romantic lead in Beyond the Lights), who wrote, directed and produced the film despite being told over and over again that it wouldn’t “work.” As he told the Hollywood Reporter, the not-uncommon arguments were made: it wouldn’t work internationally because of its black leads; it would be too expensive to film the violent scenes; the hero at the center—Turner—killed white landowners. Yet he persisted, and here it is, making huge waves at Sundance.



The title, of course, is every bit as political as you think it is—by calling back to D.W. Griffith’s 1915 opus, which helped reinvigorate the Ku Klux Klan for the 20th century and shape dangerous, harmful depictions of black Americans in the years that followed, it is a clever act of subversion. “I’ve reclaimed this title and re-purposed it as a tool to challenge racism and white supremacy in America,” Parker tells Filmmaker, “to inspire a riotous disposition toward any and all injustice in this country (and abroad) and to promote the kind of honest confrontation that will galvanize our society toward healing and sustained systemic change.” The film also stars Armie Hammer and Aja Naomi King.

The film is set to be released later this year. Does Hollywood want to see black people revolting against their white oppressors?  Is this something the white media wants to be promote?  Will this film wake up black people?  Will it cause riots and more racial division?  Or is this just more Hollywood racial propaganda?  I know how Hollywood operates.  Rarely do they do anything that will raise the consciousness of black people. Or do a film that will WAKE us up and see who is our real enemy. We will have to wait and see until the film is released. We shall see.

Also did you know that black media mogul, Byron Allen, offered $20 Million to buy the rights to the Nat Turner Movie “Birth of a Nation”, but Nate Parker sold the rights for $2.5 Million less ($17.5 million) to white company, Fox Searchlight?? Did Nate Parker forget that White People Executed and Lynched Nat Turner? So what You look like selling the rights to a story about Nat to a White Company??

Sources confirmed that Parker, who owned a significant stake in the movie, had a great deal of control over who emerged as the winning distributor.

Allen confirmed it: “Yes, we did make a bid for $20 million and a wide theatrical release for this outstanding film…”

At what point do we stop the “unadulterated” WHITE LOVE, and We got to start Loving and Supporting Each Other. This makes me think that at some point in this movie, Nat Turner’s story is going to be compromised. I hope not, but it seems that way, because Too many wealthy white people are applauding it and offering too much money, which is a pretty good indicator of the “white savior syndrome.”

Because I do not see how a movie about Nat Turner will cause white people to be excited..???…Well hey, I wish Nate much success…But its just more authentic and logical for a black man to distribute a film about a black hero AND REVOLUTIONARY like Nate Turner.

Nate Parker

And this is a pic of Nate Parker and his wife Sarah.  Well this explains a lot. I wonder what the great Nat Turner would think of his choice of a wife?  I think you know the answer.

47 thoughts on “Film about Nat Turner’s slave revolt..Will it be accurate?

  1. @ Kushite Prince
    I believe this movie will be water down, they do not want a movie that will get the black mind thinking period. If this movie was doing some serious damage they would have did what they done to Sam Greenlee who written the book & produce the movie “The Spook Who Sat By The Door.” Sam Greenlee was put on the FBI list for that book & movie furthermore they ban the movie from being seen in theaters. I read the book & seen the movie but I felt in love with the main character Dan Freeman because he was a black man willing to fight to liberate his people.

    • I liked The Spook Who Sat By the Door. It was a revolutionary film at the time. The FBI was scared of some type of black revolution. I have my doubts about this film though. The star of the film Nate Turner is married to a white woman. What does that tell you? There’s no doubt this film has been compromised. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. But you know how racist Hollywood operates. There will be something in this film that put Nat in a bad light. They do it all the time. A few years ago a book came saying that Malcolm X had a gay white lover!?? Isn’t that crazy?? They will stoop to anything to degrade our heroes. I don’t trust this film. They’ll put some slick sh*t in there…trust me.

    • What’s up Eshe? How you been sis? I haven’t chatted with you in awhile. Yeah I have my doubts too. The pics of the film look pretty powerful but that can be misleading. I think the film has definitely been compromised. I find it odd that Nate Parker would pass on selling the rights to a black man,Byron Allen. But then go sell to a white company…for less money??? That makes NO sense. Plus his wife is white so that’s a wrap for me!

  2. I usually reserve healthy skepticism when certain projects earn unanimous White praise. Reportedly, the actual rebellion takes place during the final 30 minutes of the film. I believe that this might have been enough to placate White studio executives and moviegoers alike, given its divergence in tonal structure from earlier films such as Django.
    Moreover, Fox Searchlight (Distributor of 12 Years a Slave) purchased the rights to this film. That fact should be noted due to Fox’s handling of the 12 Years film. There, they attempted to create a cultural conversation about the interpretation of that story within a modern American context. That is most likely the goal of Fox studios, to forward the conversation about the legacy of Nat Turner along with the legacy of African Americans.
    On the surface that might sound great, but as previously with 12 years the mainstream media engaged in vapid discussions that hovered around a great deal of platitudes concerning slavery and the role Whites collectively played in it.
    This may very well be a great film, but I can see the White media attempting to suppress any corresponding analysis that seriously looks at how racism/colonialism has dictated (past and present) the inner workings of society.

    • Bingo! You said it Kasai! They will definitely use this to control the narrative. It will not looked at as how racism affects black will be seen as something from the past. And also how we can learn how racism is wrong….while they still practice it of They will turn this around for their benefit. That’s what they always do. But you’re correct,that if they are praising it…then it can’t be all that positive for us. They’re very slick in their tactics but I’m on to them. I’ve been watching films for a over twenty years. I’m very hip to the subliminal messages they put in films. Keep your third eye open at all times.

  3. knowing Hollywhite, I can’t help but think that they would somehow mangle this whole story to try to give the white man the shine in this movie. I’m probably just being paranoid, but any black movie that receives praise from white audiences is very suspect to me

  4. Appeasing white guilt is automatic but how in-depth will they go into the black-on-black treachery is more important to me. Considering that Nat Turner’s liberation movement was undermined by his own kind, it’s the black guilt and the mindset of the black traitor and his relationship with whites that the sinister Hollywood executives are likely more concerned with (in a White Supremacy context). Will the story evoke a critical enough introspection into the psyche of the sell-out type of negro audience which will make him/her want to change their ways? That’s what I’ll be looking for.

    • You might be right Sunshine. Turner was betrayed by a sellout Uncle Tom. Just like we have coons selling us out today,they were in the past as well. I definitely could see Hollyweird highlighting the uncle tom betrayal. That way they can say “See your own kind did you in. It’s not us evil white folks. You should hate your own people”. Damn demons!

  5. KP, your questions raise the question as to why we cannot create our own Black cinema? Black entertainers are calling for a boycott of the Academy Awards. That ain’t no boycott! A boycott is having your own. I don’t ever have to go into a movie theater again, especially considering how some deranged people have shot up the joints. We could have black cinema in our own backyards with a movie projection on the side of a building. Black cinema could go straight to Netflix or DVD like Nollywood. We can control our story from script writing to distribution. It’s time to think outside of the white man’s box.

    • I totally agree. I’ve said this many times on this blog. We need our own studios and production companies. Many brothers and sisters are doing small independent films. I’ve bought some of their dvd’s myself. We have to support these films that showcase our stories from our perspective. They may not get a major release but it’s still important to support our own. We don’t need the Oscars,Emmys or Golden Globe awards. That’s their show and they can nominate whomever they want. we are just guest in their house when we attend these award shows. Just do it ourselves1 We don’t need white validation anymore…we never did.

  6. Wow. Sarah tho.. really? I know there are exceptions but I can’t trust a Black man with a white woman on his arm, especially a famous Black man.

    And why pass up a deal from a respectable Black man? Especially on a film like this. First and only red flag I need. I think I’m gonna skip on this like I did Straight Outta Compton and how I plan on doing that OJ thing and anything else that seems to be perpetuating their bad Black man agenda.

  7. How you can sleep in the same bed with the same people that hates and don’t not respect your people?
    How you can live your life all your days with the same being that has enslaved your ancestors, lied, stolen and changed your culture?
    Really slave is gone? What do you think now everybody whites and blacks are sisters and brothers? Tomorrow white people will not remember me who I am?
    Is funny for these fools there is not racism when they are in interracial!
    The idea of sleeping in the same bed with these demons, really I feel like a traitor! Really how do these blacks can be so happy with these monsters!
    This is a shame!

  8. As you may already know, Nat Turner’s story has already been compromised/sold out by Louis Henry Gates, Jr. I remember around 2000-2001, he caused controversy and anger in the Black Scholar Community when he and some Eurocentric “scholar” were lying on Nat Turner’s Legacy saying he planned and carried the slave revolt because he (Nat) wanted a White Woman. *eye roll and smfh* I heard the Black Scholar Community dragged his ass. It was then that I was through with Gates. A few years later, I find out that he is (or was) married to a white woman. When he got arrested for breaking in his own house, whites called him “racist” and he responded by saying that “I don’t hate white people, I have them in my family.” So while he went around fooling Black People that he was some Afrocentric scholar, he was kissing white ass at the same time….hypocrite!

    Given the information you provided in this article and the info I provided above, it’s a big YES, this movie will not be accurate. In addition, given the lie Gates and the white scholar spread about Nat Turner planning and carrying out a slave revolt cause he was “white woman crazy” don’t be surprised if they have Nat lusting after white women. We know that the IR propaganda, especially (BM/WW pairings) are at an all time high right now

    • I can’t stand Gates! He is such an Uncle Tom! I don’t see how any black person can still listen to that fool. He’s not even a true scholar in my eyes. I can’t take him seriously. Yes I heard about the lies of Turner lusting after a white whore. There was also a book by a white man that claimes Turner was a homosexual. Can you believe this foolishness? They did the same thing with Malcolm a few years ago. Trying to say Malcolm had a white man as a lover. This is what they do to our heroes. They assassinate their character after they pass away. Just spreading filthy lies on black men who stood up for their people and weren’t afraid of them. They can’t stand that so they try to discredit them. This film will no doubt be compromised. If he’s not chasing a white woman it will be something else. I heard in the film it shows his close relationship with his white master. Of course you know they always have to show the “good white person” in all their slave films. They have to show they’re not all bad and to also appease the white filmgoers. It makes me sick seeing this propaganda. But I definitely agree with your points. My golden rule: If white critics are praising a black film…that’s usually NOT a good sign.

  9. It will probably be another nightmare like “Django Unchained” and “12 Years a Slave” felt like it would take 12 years to sit through. There was supposed to be a movie about abolitionist and a personal hero John Brown starring Josh Brolin but that is being delayed hmmmmm….. wonder why.

    • Yeah I remember hearing about that John Brown film. I wonder what the hold up is about. You would think Hollywood couldn’t wait to do a film about a white man that was loved by slaves for killing whites. I’m sure they’ll put their own spin on it. As they always do. But I definitely think this Nat Turner film has been compromised.

  10. @ Kushite Prince:

    This is a very good post! Thank you! And I’m enjoying the comments!

    Here is a two-part video by Black Truth Forever, otherwise known as Jason Black. I like his commentaries (most of the time) because he is articulate and quick-witted, and he tells it like it is. He talks about the all-White Oscars, and repeats what others have said here — that Blacks need to start our own studios and tell our stories our way.

    Warning — these videos contain some profanity. Enjoy! 😀

  11. Should we even bother the Sundance Festival and all the white media is giving this all kinds of praise which to me is a sign that this is some white washed drivel and we probably shouldn’t bother. I feel Nate Parker is just pandering to the white folks.

  12. “…did you know that black media mogul, Byron Allen, offered $20 Million to buy the rights to the Nat Turner Movie “Birth of a Nation”, but Nate Parker sold the rights for $2.5 Million less ($17.5 million) to white company, Fox Searchlight??”

    What the shit?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I was considering watching it, but not anymore.

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