Why Mulattoes and other Hybrids are not African


This post is written by blogger Lumumba  Afrika.  He makes a very strong argument about why the “one drop rule” is outdated.  This is a belief that is catching on as many black people realize that they are not benefitting from this belief.  A belief that was started by white people during slavery.  We have accepted their pseudoscience as though it is the gospel truth.  Is the one drip rule outdated?  Is this pseudoscience? Do you think it’s a form of colorism? The video is by YouTube/blogger Bhekizitha. Read the post and watch the video and let me know your thoughts.

It took me a year to finally accept this conclusion. I had an argument with a YouTuber concerning this issue in reference to a video he posted entitled “Just because you got black in you.” He proceeded to say that racially mixed people (i.e. people with parents from two distinctly different racial groups with one being Black/Afrikan) are not Afrikan and I predictably had an emotional argument referencing the systematic rape that occurred to Afrikans perpetrated by whites (Europeans) in the USA which resulted in the wider spectrum of skin colour seen in the Afrikan population in the US today. However, after failing to convince him and unsubscribing from his channel, I had several months to listen to interviews and read a lot of material, historical, biological, sociological, and political. I eventually reached the conclusion that indeed he is correct. Hybridized people are not Afrikan and should not be accepted as such.

Before you throw around the term “racist”, let me define the term as per my understanding, The terms “racism” and “racist” are actually misnomers. The phenomena should more accurately be termed “ethnocentric economic protectionism for the purposes of seeking, securing and wielding wealth and power”. Understandably, with this more accurate term, it is more convenient for the “racists” to use the former terminology because it deftly conceals the true nature of the phenomenon and makes confused, naive, and unsuspecting people believe that “anyone can be racist” because they treat someone of another race or more appropriately termed “geno-cultural group” (Baruti, 2006), rudely or make disparaging comments about them. Moreover, the more academically accepted terms “white supremacists” and “white supremacy” are actually not a correct terms either, although from a eurocentric point of view these terms do surreptitiously stimulate the “utamaroho” (Ani, 1994), of Europeans and people classified as white, these terms are nevertheless used to describe the phenomenon in critical race theory and other fields of study. The appropriate terms are actually either “white world domination by terror” (Kambon, 2006) or “white hegemony”. This is an ideology that holds that whites are better, smarter, and more capable producers and managers of wealth than non-white people, and specifically those categorized as black. Hence it justifies by any means necessary the total destruction of any successful model of development independent of whites or without white people leading, organizing and directing it. The logic of this racial hierarchical model proceeds downward with each racial group being more adept at this activity than the lower caste. This ideology informs the system of “white supremacy” that is presently masquerading as globalism. Therefore, it is impossible for a non-white victim (and especially Afrikans) of this system to be a racist, practice racism, be a white supremacist, white hegemonist, or participate in white ethnocentric economic protectionism or “white world domination by terror” in any way that ultimately benefits his or her existence within his or her geno-cultural group and the group as a whole entity as such.

So back to why mulattoes are not Afrikan. Firstly, I would like to posit the view that mulattoes are genome terminator entities, meaning that they can’t reproduce themselves like their respective parents can if they had have mated with one of their own geno-cultural group. A mulatto must mate with another mulatto to reproduce themselves or else their offspring reverts back towards whichever geno-cultural group they have chosen to mate with or they create another hybridised offspring should they decide to mate with another hybridised person or someone from a geno-cultural group which is not one of their parents. Hence their genome pattern cannot maintain structural integrity and they terminate. This is actually the strongest argument for why mulattoes are not Afrikan. Every other geno-cultural group on the planet knows this including the hybridised groups such as the Arabs. The Hispanic/Latinos are another matter which I will address later. I won’t discuss the Indians of South Asia (see the talk by Dr. Velu Annamalai – “Dali: The Black Untouchables of India” on YouTube) but one could reasonably compare my discussion below of the Hispanic/Latinos with that of the Indians, although it is not entirely the same. Other geno-cultural groups never accept a hybrid as one of them. This DOES NOT mean that they treat the hybrid unkindly or should do so in all cases, nor does it mean that the hybrid cannot participate in economic or educational opportunities. However, at the level of strategic power in which the lives and destiny of the geno-cultural group are at stake, hybrids have no place, no relevant voice in matters such as these as they are not part of the geno-cultural group’s GENETIC survival. This is an error that Afrikan people have made. They have assumed that because of “racist” practices of other geno-cultural groups to cast off their hybrids among us, even when they have been created but not fully accepted among the ranks of others, and furthermore the other groups made rules about why they have done so, (i.e. the one drop rule), we have felt an obligation to accept them which has resulted in a non-exclusive preachment befalling the Afrikan geno-cultural group. This failure to address who is Afrikan and who is not has left us vulnerable to infiltration, not only by hybrids, but by non-Afrikans under the false claim that they are too Afrikan because they were either born on the Afrikan continent, they have some distant ancestor who participated in or was raped into producing a hybrid, or they cling to an as yet unproven theory of the “out of Afrika hypothesis” of human origin founded with the propagation of Darwin’s THEORY of evolution. This has left Afrikan people without a codified set of standards, rules and regulations about who is an Afrikan and has exposed us to confused mulattoes seeking a constituency and other unscrupulous interlopers seeking to dominate us.

Ebony Mag

It was part of racist practices of our enemies to create a one-drop rule. White men did it so they wouldn’t have to legally and formally acknowledge the offspring they had as a result of raping Afrikan women and mulattoes. In fact, I would submit that non-Afrikans who pursue sexual relations with Afrikan people are practicing ethnocentric economic protectionism by way of furthering the social hegemonic aspect of this system, albeit it in a vulgar, perverted, and insidiously biologically destructive way. These people know full well that at present Afrikan people are the least respected geno-cultural group on the planet, so they are seeking to fulfill a need to feel superior to someone through a sexual encounter (which is one of the most vulnerable situations, psychologically and spiritually, a victim of this assault can engage in) which is done most likely due to a sense of inferiority in the non-Afrikan’s own geno-cultural group, or the perpetrators are inherently lustful and perverted and seek to satisfy carnal sexual fetishes at the expense of the non-geno-cultural other, in this case the Afrikan.

The Afrikan geno-cultural group is under no obligation through this behaviour to “accept” mulatto offspring as part of our geno-cultural group anymore than other geno-cultures. It is due to our relative powerlessness and refusal to strictly define who is an Afrikan that has lead to this confusion. Afrikans as part of our liberation and industrial renaissance of Afrikan civilisation, must codify and institutionalise a valid definition of who is an Afrikan. I would suggest reading Chinweizu’s discussion of the “mirror test” for some insight into this matter (Chinweizu, 2006).

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Now concerning the so-called Hispanics or Latinos. The term Hispanic simply means a person who speaks Spanish. It is not a racial classification. Therefore, since Spain is in Europe, Hispanics are primarily European white people. The victims of the conquistadors, who were forced to speak the language are largely the remnants of the indigenous nations which were extant in the Americas prior to invasion from Europe. There has been massive hybridization due to the forced rape practiced by the Europeans and the voluntary rape that results from having been conquered wherein both women and men seek to relate in an intimate way with the geno-cultural group that represents power and control in the imposed society. Latino is a Spanish word that means Latin. Latin is another now defunct language that was spoken in Europe. So the two terms to refer to this group are European languages in origin which have nothing to do with the heritage culture of the preponderance of people in the Americas that these terms indicate. Latin or Latino is used because that was the language of the political theological institution (the Catholic Church) used to repress the minds and cultural rituals of the victims of the colonial enterprise in order to make a more docile population able to be exploited efficiently.  Detractors or rebels of the theological doctrine were tortured or killed, so this created a fervent adherence to the religion closely intertwined with one’s own survival which we still see presently. Today in this population, since those people who speak Spanish in the Americas are from various origins (i.e. Afrika, Europe, and indigenous American nations), it cannot be said that these people are a distinct race. In fact the archetypical “Latino” or “Hispanic” is actually a hybridised person who is conditioned in a false consciousness to identify with the colonial culture that was cultivated by European settler-conquerors. Within this group there are still enclaves that have retained their indigenous language and cultural practices, but for racist reasons they are labeled as “Latino/Hispanic” to again stimulate the utamaroho of the European descendants and immigrants that are interspersed in this population, so that they feel a sense of comfort knowing that the language still reflects their own worldview and identity. The majority of the hybrids in this population are victims, and some have reproduced to the degree that they can be considered a distinct geno-cultural group or race, but they have not as yet organized themselves in such a manner mainly because they are still prisoners of the European colonial social construct. Additionally, given the imperial reliance on their economic activity as a source for raw materials, cheap labor, and consumption markets, they are victimized economically and therefore cannot undertake the necessary steps to develop themselves in this way. Moreover, they still have confused Afrikans (who are decedents of enslaved Afrikans and are still repressed by both the hybrids, and Europeans) suffering from a false consciousness within their midst, as well as Europeans that are desperately trying to maintain their colonial relationship and keep enact their white hegemonist system of exploitation. Therefore, the people known as “Hispanic/Latinos” contain people on the spectrum of hybridised individuals, culturally mis-oriented Afrikans, indigenous nationals, and criminal Europeans attempting to persist in the maintenance of the monstrosity they have created.

Saudi National Guard Recruitment and Training Operations

On the other hand the Arabs have been able to organize themselves into a geno-cultural group. This was largely done 1400 years ago through the development of their own political theological institution known as Islam which is simply Arab Christianity (Popp, 2010). Even though there are hybrids contained in the Arab population, they are either historical hybrids produced in antiquity when these white groups invaded Kemet (Egypt) and created offspring with Afrikan women, or they are offspring of the degenerate Arabs that have kidnapped Afrikan women in the present era and used them for their perverted pleasure as sex slaves. The hybrids they create are used to oppress Afrikans in Afrika and promote the expansion of Arab nationalism (i.e. Islam), even though these hybrids are repressed and discriminated as not really being Arabs themselves. It is a psychological phenomenon that is a result of both hybridization and power relationships being enforced by the Arabs on their Black Afrikan victims which compels the hybrids’ fealty to the white Arab dominators. The hybrids see the true Afrikans as powerless so even though they are mistreated by their fathers’ geno-cultural group, they feel the power that is available and the superior social and economic position they have as Arab identified hybrids, gives them the motivation to mistreat the Afrikans in a brutal way for their fathers’ people. So since these two groups, the Arabs and Hispanic/Latinos, are organised for white power and whites have used sexual predatory practices to attack their victims and consolidate their control, it does not mean that the hybrids are white, nor does it mean that their non-white status is a basis of solidarity with Afrikans. This is a MAJOR historical point that Afrikans have missed, refuse to accept, or have been deliberately mis-educated from knowing. The multiplicity of these factors has brought about the MASSIVE confusion about this matter. The subject is so sensitive that to even broach the topic with many Afrikans will result in emotional outbursts and vicious name-calling instead of calm deliberation and effective implementation of the proper provisions that would protect Afrikans from being used as the world’s sexual toilet and dumping ground.

Lastly, and this is a radical position, I don’t think that Afrikans and Europeans, or for that matter other geno-cultural groups, are the same “species”. Now before you levy a charge of “Eugenics”, I am arguing that the criteria and hence the definition of “THE human species” is incorrect and specifically culturally derived from European culturally structured thought (Ani, 1994) to serve political purposes and a quest for power. One of the main criterion for Europeans arguing that now (after several previous theories about the sub-human status of Afrikans and other races) humans are one species and there is “no such thing as race” is that different geno-cultural groups or these “non-existent races” can breed with one another, hence if two biological entities can procreate together it supports the likelihood that they are part of the same species, whereas if two biological entities cannot breed, for example a cat and a bird, then they are two different species. This notion is absolutely absurd. I think far too much emphasis has been placed on the breeding criterion and fact that whites and blacks for instance can have hybrid children and therefore, there is no difference other than skin colour between us and subsequently, we should then “not see colour” and accept all as human. This directive notwithstanding, in the Afrikan worldview and traditional Afrikan societies, Afrikans never posited the idea that people were “born human”. Human beings had to be developed through education and socialisation, and upon successful completion of this process, then the status of human was imparted upon an individual within the Afrikan socio-cultural context. (Baruti, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2009) It was not simply bestowed because one was born of a homo sapiens male and female. This is a distinct difference that exposes the cultural nature of Europeans’ scientific classification and purposes. Basically, I am arguing that Afrikans, Europeans, Asians, Amerindians, and other hybridised people constitute different species of the human “family”. The word “family” in this sense is of a biological grouping, not the emotionally laden image of mom and hugs from your grandmother that the colloquial use of the term “family” generates. I am not arguing for some “shiny happy people” view of humans on earth or that we should all start holding hands and be blind to the different interests of these geno-cultural groups and their different destinies. It is quite obvious that the Amerindian nation of North America had a decidedly different destiny than say the “Sinic” East Asians, so I purport that this fact is still present today, although hidden under universalist and globalist rhetoric. The main point is that if two species or types of humans from two separate and distant geno-cultural groups procreate, it stands to logic that the offspring is neither one or the other geno-cultural group, and thereby constitutes a new geno-cultural entity that must proceed to either develop a cohesive group with other hybrids, or must “disappear” back into one or the other parent’s geno-cultural group. Azania and its “coloured” population is a stark example of this phenomenon, as are the Arabs and Hispanic/Latinos, although to a lesser degree, that I mentioned before. Nevertheless, I will not take time now to argue whether or not the Afrikan parentage of humanity is valid, but suffice it to say that the present definitive difference in geno-cultures will remain until one or more are exterminated by another (which I am not advocating, but is nonetheless a possibility). So, under these conditions, for Afrikans to help promote and accelerate this process by claiming that all hybrids with one Afrikan parent are Afrikan and are not either a separate geno-cultural group, or are not Afrikan and are part of the other parent’s geno-cultural group, (because hopefully at some point we will have the consciousness and power of definition to codify and implement this idea into reality) is a recipe for extinction and assisted genocide.

Article written by Lumumba Afrika

57 thoughts on “Why Mulattoes and other Hybrids are not African

  1. Your arguments follow a solid logic, which will serve your more controversial/less popular views well. The only question I have is this: if bi-racial people are neither one geno-cultural group or another, isn’t seeking to maintain and promote their appearance and identity their right, and even duty? Isn’t that what both of the groups they come from demand of them? If your logic is extended to its furthest conclusion, then Blue Vein societies, Team Light Skin, etc. should be encouraged. That way, they don’t ‘taint’ the genes and culture of their parent groups. Outcasts banded together will fight for their place in the world like any other group, until they become an established group, and they will compete with established groups, both African and West Asian. For example, in the case of the Arabs, they have enslaved as many pale-skinned people as they have dark-skinned, and today, while they are racist towards Africans, they are (seen as) treacherous and exploitative by West Asians. But back to my question, though, isn’t this what Africans and West Asians WANT from them? To stick to their own? It seems that you are endorsing the Team Light Skin/”I’m not African” mentality indirectly and/or unintentionally, whereas when presented with it directly you would probably condemn it.

    • Thank you for your reply. I am glad you responded with a thoughtful comment.

      You asked, “if bi-racial people are neither one geno-cultural group or another, isn’t seeking to maintain and promote their appearance and identity their right, and even duty?” My answer is, Yes! However, it is not OUR duty (the duty of Afrikans) to do so, nor should they be perpetrating a fraud by claiming that they are Afrikan (Black). If they want to promote their appearance and identity, they should state the reality that they are not Afrikan (Black) but mixed people. Since I am an Afrikan Centered Biological Nationalist, I don’t take up the responsibility of other geno-cultural groups to secure and establish a power base for themselves, I am only concerned with the survival of AUTHENTIC Afrikan people.

      Your follow-up question was, “Isn’t that what both of the groups they come from demand of them?” My answer is an emphatic, NO! Whites and other non-Afrikan groups, but especially Europeans demand that their hybrid children identify as Afrikan and not as a member of the other parent’s geno-cultural group. This is inherently racist because whites (and other non-Afrikans) do so to maintain the purity of their own geno-cultural group to the detriment and pollution of the Afrikan geno-cultural group. Whether or not mulattoes can build a coherent geno-cultural is the problem of their white and negro parentage, and since their white parentage presently have more power, the responsibility primarily falls to them.

      Furthermore, you said, “then Blue Vein societies, Team Light Skin, etc. should be encouraged. That way, they don’t ‘taint’ the genes and culture of their parent groups”. These groups you mentioned are organized for power over authentic Afrikans, so they are enemies of Afrikan people. In addition, they only claim “Blackness” when their white family members aggress upon them or deny them some social status or material benefit. Predominately, they market themselves as being more adept managers at oppressing Afrikan people than their white cousins as a career goal.

      Next you said, “Outcasts banded together will fight for their place in the world like any other group, until they become an established group, and they will compete with established groups, both African and West Asian.” My answer is, SO WHAT! Dr. Amos Wilson correctly pointed out that Afrikans must prepare to fight against ANY group who opposes our interests or threatens our survival.

      Your statement in which you claimed that, “For example, in the case of the Arabs, they have enslaved as many pale-skinned people as they have dark-skinned, and today, while they are racist towards Africans, they are (seen as) treacherous and exploitative by West Asians.” You need to show documentation for this statement. It is a fact that to this very day Afrikans are still being enslaved by Arabs in Mauritania, Arabia, Western Sahara, Sudan, kwk. What pale-skinned people are being actively sought for enslavement now by the Arabs?

      To reply to your final statement, “isn’t this what Africans and West Asians WANT from them? To stick to their own? It seems that you are endorsing the Team Light Skin/”I’m not African” mentality indirectly and/or unintentionally, whereas when presented with it directly you would probably condemn it.”

      I don’t completely understand this statement, so if you could respond with more clarification, I would appreciate it. But to give an initial response, I would say that it seems that you have not considered the sociopolitical ramifications of this issue, especially in the current social and geopolitical context. West Asians use their hybrid offspring politically to oppress Afrikans and Afrikans typically accept hybrids AS AFRIKAN for emotional reasons which have nothing to do with logic or the political forces arrayed against Afrikans. You said that I am “endorsing the Team Light Skin/”I’m not African” mentality indirectly and/or unintentionally” I don’t see where in my article I did this and so this is an unfounded assumption on your part. I am endorsing Afrikan Centered Biological Nationalism to promote a project for authentic Afrikans to build a sub-continental “Black Power” nation-state in Afrika with economic outposts in the Afrikan diaspora which can positively impact the sociopolitical-economic realities and destinies of Afrikan people. The hybrids can develop whatever system they think will solve their existential problems. Whether it’s to continue selling themselves to Europeans as an international buffer class for the oppression of Afrikans, or to establish an internationally recognized identity of their own, I don’t care. I am primarily concerned with achieving and maintaining authentic Afrikan power.

      • Thanks for clarifying what the original article did and did NOT imply. The inferences I drew were not accusations or refutations of your article, but simply a quest for clarification.

        As for Arab enslavement of pale-skinned people, I think you will enjoy as well as benefit from this article:

        And there are more on the subject here:

        In the modern age, there are probably as many pale-skinned people being enslaved in West Asia and elsewhere as there are Africans, by that I am referring to human trafficking and sex slavery. But the greatest number of slaves, apparently, are in India of all places:

        What I meant by that last statement is something you’ve already clarified here, but I’ll explain it anyway. I was trying to say that on one hand you’ve led the reader to expect or at least anticipate that bi-racials will promote their phenotype and identity (Team Light Skin, Good Hair, etc.) in this article, whereas said behavior would most likely be condemned in other of your writings. Like I said, you already answered that, and of course it it more nuanced than you say. I have always maintained that the one-drop rule, and even the use of black and white are absurdities*, but you added a much needed econo-political (is that a real word?) to my understanding. Thanks. Peace.


  2. Asante sana Kushite Prince for re-blogging this post!

    I think this topic needs serious discussion going forward in the 21st century, especially given the sociopolitical situation Afrikans face now. People often forget the it took essentially 60 years to exterminate the “Native Americans”, starting in earnest in the 1830s and ending in 1890 with the Wounded Knee massacre. I don’t think most people realize that with the forces aligned against Afrikans now, the similar result could occur to us in the same time frame. This can be done partly with our help through assisted genocide, and partly with outside aggression.

    • No problem Lumumba. This is a very touchy subject for many people. I don’t expect to get many “likes” for this post. But the one drop issue can no longer be ignored There are too many biracial traitors among us. Many of them use the fact that they are mixed to their advantage. And only claim their blackness when convenient. It’s so wring what these devils did to the Native Americans. It was a bloody genocide! The Natives fought them as best they could. Now they make films where the cowboys are the heroes and the Natives are the bad guys. Is that not insane? This is how these racists operate. And we need to learn from what happen to them so we don’t make the same mistake. This is another reason we shouldn’t be marrying or having sex with these other races. It just causes more confusion in the end. And the mixed babies don’t know where they belong. America is turning into another Brazil it seems. We have to stop this madness and wake our people up. This was one of your best posts. I hope people don’t get scared and run away.lol It has to be addressed. It needs to be discussed. But I know many will shy away from it. A lot of black people are so mentally brainwashed by the one drop rule. They can’t accept that it’s just European pseudoscience. At least that’s what it seems like to me.

    • Funny how Zoe is also considered a ‘Latina’ the same way Asians were slobbering over Tiger Woods like he was Yao Ming yet when white folks expressed phony disgust with Tiger Asians ran away like rats on a sinking ship. Zoe better be careful how she straddles that fence

  3. @ Kushite Prince
    You made some very interesting point in this post. I have question concerning statements Nubian Times be stating in several of his videos. He states a real Africans have kinky or coily copper hair, strong African features, they have either brown to dark skin and there’s no such thing as a light skinned African. I would like to ask him, if two full black parents have a child that comes out having wavy or curly hair (negroe people term good hair) would they still be consider a black African.

    • What many people fail to realize (especially color-struck negroes with a white skin fetish) is that the mulatto offspring of these trysts are usually psychologically and socially confused, but because they are immersed in an insane culture (yurugu hegemony) it doesn’t readily appear that they have severe identity issues. Their confusion benefits whites who can sex / marry a ready made sexual toilet with little to no allegiance to her oppressed relative’s side (Afrikans) and possessing an overflowing adoration and devotion to her oppressor relatives (yurugu). This is often expressed by a desire to be fully white or a pathological need to oppress Afrkans in the hopes of receiving accolades from their inbred mutant albino (IMA) clan members.

      Furthermore, this video shows a good example of why the “black gene is dominant” canard is total BS! If the children of this mulatto and her white husband can “pass for white”, it stands to reason that they ARE INDEED WHITE, so the impact of “the black gene” is minimal at best, especially without the dual union of the Afrikan man and Afrikan woman. It is the union between the natural pairing of male and female Afrikans that makes for powerful offspring, not this sick fascination with donating one’s genes to degenerate races and strutting around as if you are a genetically powerful indiviDUAL.

      • “Their confusion benefits whites who can sex / marry a ready made sexual toilet with little to no allegiance to her oppressed relative’s side (Afrikans) and possessing an overflowing adoration and devotion to her oppressor relatives (yurugu). This is often expressed by a desire to be fully white or a pathological need to oppress Afrikans in the hopes of receiving accolades from their inbred mutant albino (IMA) clan members”
        You described sage Steele perfectly! This is her and Stacey Dash as well as others. Many of these biracial people are very confused and don’t benefit black people in the long run. Having sex with whites is something I don’t condone. It breeds nothing but confusion. This is why Yurugu promotes it so damn much in the media. This is why we see so much interracial couples in films,sitcoms and dramas. There is a conscious effort to keep the black man and woman from showing love to one another. I hardly ever see black love on the screen. This is to keep the gender war going on and cause more division between us. I’m working on a post regarding this issue.

    • I can not stand Sage Steele! She is the typical self-hating mixed woman I’m talking about. Her kind is the worse. I disagree with Harvey though. I don’t consider black at all. She is just another mixed breed coon like Stacey Dash. Sage is so busy screwing her white husband at night she forgot about her black half.lol But I think many of these mixed women want to breed out their blackness. Have you seen her kids?? They look white as snow! Are they supposed to be considered black too?? Hel NO!!! She and Stacey Dash are cut from the same cloth. It’s time to start calling out these sellout self-hating mulatto chicks!

      • “It’s time to start calling out these sellout self-hating mulatto chicks!”
        Let the film keep rolling because that day is coming real soon. Black men have allow these mulatto women too get passes when cooning but will call out a dark skinned sister quick. I tell you another fence jumper Alicia Keys she plays the all pro-black down for my people role but next screaming the world needs to come together in peace. I have never heard her call out colorism either because she benefits from it.

      • Alicia keys is another one that flipped the script. When she first came out she said she admired the Black Panthers. And that she thought Tupac Shakur could’ve been a great revolutionary had he lived longer. But after a few years she stopped speaking out on black issues. Now you see her on the show Empire kissing the homosexual son on that show. She’s down with the anti-blackness and pro-gay agenda. She sold out a long time ago.

      • P.S. Alicia Keys love showing a strong dark skin black men in her video but married a man that is light skinned. I heard she has a certain preference color when it comes down to dating black men. Also the women that she has been link to of having lesbian relationships with are either biracial or non black women.

      • I will give her credit. She is a talented song writer. But even when she first came on the scene…I always that she was a closet lesbian. Maybe it’s that tomboy vibe she gives off. Although I know not all tomboys are gay.

  4. I had no idea Sage Steele had a White mother.

    That was a well written article from Lumumba Afrika. It’s important how the article touched on the issue of power and how power is often amassed amongst exact, definitive and/or precise groupings of a population. The vast majority of other ethnic groups have a clear definition of who belongs as well as who doesn’t and they converge with those among them who share similiar traits or characteristics.

    The “One Drop Rule” or “Black gene is dominant” proposals have been nonconcrete attempts at constructing a universal identity or citizenry. But citizenship has always been a broad bond that connects a people. It doesn’t factor in the issues of class or color stratification, which is often the result of competing physical characteristics within the proposed group.

    Collectively, we haven’t confronted how accepting biracial and other prominently mixed ancestral groups as Black has failed in attaining power, maintaining culture or upholding African beauty aesthetics. In fact, it has done the complete opposite. The Dominican Republic, Sudan and Mauritania are some of the most material or extreme examples of this dynamic, where you have either outright aggression from the multi racial class or through indirect governance using mixed race people as an intermediate buffer.

    • Thank you Kasai. That’s why I thought this post was important. But I agree that most biracials are used as an intermediate buffer. But what have we gained in the process? How has it moved us forward as a people? Like you said,it’s done the complete opposite.

  5. Very thought provoking article. Whilst reading through it I couldn’t help but think just how pervasive an issue like this is especially within the Hebrew Israelite Community. A lot of these so called camps try to convince us that these Hispanics (pale, Caucasoid-looking hybrids) and native Americans are our people , but the thing is, both of those groups hate black people with a passion, just as much as the white man does. Not only that but it’s a known fact that many Hispanics actually take offense to being lumped in with black people on that level. Another thing, a lot of these Israelite Elders and deacons who push this strange doctrine speak very degradingly about the black woman but the Hispanic woman gets a complete pass…

    • Yeah I’ve had a few debates with Hebrews. Some of them are cool brothers but there are others that make real outlandish comments. They always talk about the 12 tribes of Israel and who’s their brother and who is not. What confuses me is that many of them hate Africans and say that they are not our people. Or they stereotype Africans as cannibals and uncivilized BUT they say that Mexicans and Puerto Ricans are their brothers??? WTF?!! That makes NO sense to me! I feel where you’re coming from. That’s why I can’t talk to may of these guys. They just have to many warped views for me. I’m race first and then religion,occupation etc…comes after.

    • Thanks Kelley. I’m glad to hear that. I do my best. I knew this post wouldn’t be very popular. It’s gotten only four “likes”. But I don’t do these posts to be controversial. I do posts that I think are important to our people. I think it’s important to tackle subjects that many times we want to shy away from. But we must have dialogue if we want clarity on issues. And time you discuss,racism,colorism,sexism,color strafication or any type of unfair treatment…….many people will run from it. We have to stop running. Thanks for the comment.

      • Thank YOU. Although I disagree with some of it at this point in my life, I can see why many people have come to this conclusion. There are people that might not consider my mother to be African because she looks mixed or even Mexican. But she’s one of the blackest people I know lol and doesn’t take well to being considered anything other than Black. And her parents didn’t look mixed at all, but you know how genetics can skip.

        But I agree with you. Certain things need to be discussed and it might not always be fun or comfortable. But good things often come when you step out of the comfort zone. Sincere thanks 😉

      • I can understand where you’re coming from. Many of have light skinned relatives or biracial relatives. I have light skin,brown skin and dark skin relatives in my family. I have cousins who married Mexican women and white women. So now I have a bunch of little cousins that hardly look black at all. I even have an uncle that looks like actor Terrance Howard. There are many blacks who are mixed with Native American and white dna no fault of their own. But they identify with black people. Then you have biracial people who like to play both sides of the fence. They are black when it’s benefits them. But there are black people like Malcolm X who didn’t waffle like that. Malcolm was a light skinned brother with freckles and reddish hair. He didn’t look like the African people from time immemorial. But Malcolm truly loved his people and he had an African heart and African soul. He was willing to die for his people. That’s why people love him so much. He kept it real 100% with his people. That’s the type mentality you must have if you’re down fro black people. But saying he didn’t look like most Africans is not a diss on Malcolm. It doesn’t take away what he tried to do fro his people. It’s just stating a fact. This is what is uncomfortable about this post. The writer(Lumumba) isn’t trying to offend anyone at all. He’s just looking at it from a biological and political standpoint. And he makes some very strong points that are hard to disagree with. It was hard for me to come to this conclusion myself..even with some biracial relatives. But that’s what the truth does to you. Plus it’s a very emotional topic for many of us. But the facts are facts. But I do see why it’s difficult for many of us. But thank you for the comment. And thank you for being very honest.

      • Malcolm is a perfect example. I’ve also met some Black people that I didn’t even know had a non-Black parent! But I totally get coming at this subject from a biological + political standpoint. In that aspect, it makes a lot of sense.

  6. Great post! I stopped subscribing to the one-drop rule cause I started seeing how a lot of Black Folks eagerly want to claim anybody as black. Hell, it was disturbing how a lot of Black People now want to claim whites as part of us a.k.a Rachel Dolezal. I believe it is another way self-hating Black Folks are in search of white/non-black poc validation. Unfortunately, this one-drop rule is deeply entrenched cause a lot of us can’t let it go. What’s next, white women will be declared black if they have one-drop of black blood and blacker than actual black women. It’s getting worse out here. *sigh*

    • Yeah it’s getting ridiculous out here. This desperate need to claim non-blacks as black comes from deep self loathing(anti-blackness). I couldn’t believe there were black people actually defending Rachel Dolezal. I had a black woman I work with that defended Dolezal. I put her in place quick! I told her NO way in hell! We hate ourselves so much we will accept anyone that wants to be “down” with us. This is why entertainers like Eminem,Iggy Izalea,Teena Marie and others are so quickly accepted. This ties into my post about biracial women as well. We look at them and say “They are so beautiful and attractive. And they are part black so that means we are beautiful too!” How pathetic is that? The media only sees them as beautiful because they have one white parent. That’s why this post isn’t getting many “likes” from my followers. People who usually comment are nowhere to be found. Many are just scared to address the issue. Many will not comment on the “Dark skin women” post or the “Biracial Women” post either. What are we so scared of? Don’t we want to be liberated? If so,then we MUST address these subjects even if it makes us uncomfortable. How will we move forward if we are so scared? I think many of us don’t really want to be free. We just like talking about it all the time. But issues of racism,colorism,sexism and mistreatment scares people away. It’s time to MAN UP! And call out the self haters and the supporters of white supremacy. Whether it’s a man or woman. The time is now. Okay I’m done ranting.lol

      • “We hate ourselves so much we will accept anyone that wants to be “down” with us. This is why entertainers like Eminem,Iggy Izalea,Teena Marie and others are so quickly accepted. This ties into my post about biracial women as well. We look at them and say “They are so beautiful and attractive. And they are part black so that means we are beautiful too!” How pathetic is that? The media only sees them as beautiful because they have one white parent.”

        Great statement! Kwame Toure spoke about this tendency to want to be in coalitions with people without first defining our interests as Afrikans and being allied from a powerful position. It’s the best indication of the fact that some people don’t want power as Afrikans and many of us actually like their oppression. (Kwame Toure’s comments start at the 20:00 mark and continue for 5 or 6 minutes)

      • I agree with everything you said 100%.

        A lot of Black Women notice that Black people seem to accept white women before white men because notice how Black People look at racism white supremacy through a patriarchal lens (white men are the only perpetrators or the most racist). That’s why white women keep getting a pass on their racism from a lot of silly Negros, men and women alike. When Macklemore won that Grammy the other year their was such an uproar but I bet the same people in an uproar supported Racheal in her appropriation (she took it to a whole other level). The Black Community DOES NOT value Black Womanhood like they do Black Manhood. That’s why every time a white/non-black woman appropriates Black Woman hood it’s seems widely accepted by both black and white non-black poc alike. A lot of the Black Community seems to want to erase and replace Black Womenhood with the Racheal Dolozals of the world as their “new and improved” Black Woman. A lotta of Black Women was so hurt by the BC’s support of her.

        When Eminem came on the scene I remember there was a firestorm of controversy (same with Macklemore) surrounding him and a lot of people was angry at him for appropriating black manhood and culture (as they should have been). You’re not gonna appropriate black manhood and get away with it because Black People value Black Manhood.

      • @TheOriginalBlackWoman…I respectfully disagree. Before Rachel, Dolezal, we had Mr. Clinton being declared the First Black President by a famous black woman. Not many people spoke up against that even though there is a lot incorrect in that statement. Many blacks called him that before Obama came to office.

        The Black Community probably has more to do for both genders, and there is no good indication that it treats women worse than men. However, more needs to be done for both.

        I completely disagree with Rachel Dolezal being black, however, the main reason most of those men accepted her did so was for the work she did with the NAACP, which they thought helped black men. However, any one of us men who thought she was black was wrong. She is obviously white.

        Most black men did not understand why she wanted to be black. Some were amused. Only a few supported her. They were wrong to believe she is a black person. However, Rachel Dolezal is not the first example of a white person being claimed as black by some of us and it has happened with other famous people. Most of us black men are in relationships with black women today.

  7. To continue from my last post I wouldn’t be surprised because we are in the midst of Black Womanhood being erased.

  8. @ Everybody:

    Here is a REALLY interesting video about Stacey Dash!

    This video is a little more than an hour long and contains ABUNDANT profanity.

  9. What you say is right, but you don’t forget that the real Arab man is black!
    As the true Jews are blacks and the Arabians are blacks!
    The early Arabs were blacks, today they still exist! The countries of North Africa and the Middle East and neighboring countries were blacks countries!
    The Arabs have practiced slavery in these countries, they have enslaved other blacks who belonged to other countries but at the same time they also enslaved the white people from Europe.
    Arabs roam in Europe in search of conquests, booty, for slaves but most European women slaves!
    We all know that white skin was created as the mutation it was born by the black skin mother, but you said that these men have kidnapped the African women then have raped them, but blacks Arabs have done the same thing with white European women!
    They took them as slaves, and brought in North Africa and other Arab countries, they have used them as bargaining chips as slaves, I hate to tell you but at that time black Arab merchants liked the white skin of these women because maybe they were different!
    The first sultans have took slaves the white women comcubine and so on! Now tell me why these Arab countries the population is white today?
    We all know that these people have changed the story and lied, saying for example that the sultans have took the black women from East Africa as comcubine because they have considered them very beautiful or other black women as slaves!
    The truth that before they have done it with white women, but then the roles were reversed!
    One thing is certain these black men Arabs have contributed to the whitening of the population!
    Today these white Arabs are fruits of conquest, slavery,but these Arabs despise and hate people of black skin like their European counterparts!
    Do not you ever wonder this will not be the real reason why the whites hate us? For even the ancient black Arab men, they have contributed to their slavery?

    • You said, “but blacks Arabs have done the same thing with white European women!” This sounds like you are using the logical fallacy tactic of moral equivocation to me. Moral equivocation is when one person charges that Party A did something to Party B and the response is that Party B did something to Party A before Party B was victimized. Therefore, everyone is at fault and no one is to blame. This is untrue. Besides, whether or not the real Arabs were Black is inconsequential, that moniker was taken from them and they have no ability to reclaim it. That is the whole point of my article. That Mulattoes and hybrids are trying to replace authentic Afrikans. Furthermore, if you are speaking of the Moors who did take sexual liberty with white women, that is true, but they paid the ultimate price by breeding themselves out of existence. The general Afrikan population did not benefit from this activity UNLIKE the way the general white population (including modern day Arabs) have and continue to benefit from white hegemony and the legacy of slavery and colonialism.
      Your last questions were, “Do not you ever wonder this will not be the real reason why the whites hate us? For even the ancient black Arab men, they have contributed to their slavery?”

      Question 1: I don’t care what their real reason is. If someone is robbing and exploiting me, I want them to stop immediately. I don’t want to waste time trying to find out what their “real reason” is.

      Question 2: (This wasn’t formulated exactly as a question, but I will try to give a response) People don’t contribute to their slavery. Slavery starts through the use of physical force as power. It is maintained next through coercion, then psychic violence, and finally through manipulation or introjecting a false consciousness in the enslaved victims. This final stage is what many Afrikans are in now, otherwise known as mentacide. Conditions may be amenable to a crime occurring, but the criminal makes the decision to commit the crime. In other words, the female wearing a mini skirt and a halter top isn’t at fault for someone deciding to physically rape her.

      • I have been in Tunisia so long ago I saw the local population how look they were! Tunisians as the population of North Africa are white now, but if you go into the hinterland that Sarah desert the scenery of the skin color of the population totally changes!
        I do not know if you know the Touareg them are a nomadic people who live in the desert and Sarah, they have dark skin!
        As you well know Europeans at the time of the Crusades called people with black skin Moors!
        You say that the Arabs were not blacks, then why Europeans at the time of the Crusades called people with dark skin the Moors?
        The Moors were Arabs, and blacks!
        Arabs roamed Europe in search of booty and women!
        The fact that these black Arab men have contributed to the whitening of the population for the simple fact that they took Albino women! During Holy war many European men were captured and enslaved, some were assimilated in the Muslim armies files!
        Yes, white people were also part of the slave trade not only the blacks! If you do not believe the law these articles!
        The Moors were Muslims and were also blacks, me too I do not care what the real reason, why white people hate black people! Mine was a simple hypothesis! Since these Albini people were just good to lie and hide the real history!
        One thing is certain, their hate is old!

      • Thanks for your reply Nubian Queen. I am glad this subject is of interest to you. To give you my humble rebuttal, I am familiar with the Tuaregs’ origin as well as the fact that Afrikan people were the original inhabitants of North Afrika and Western Asia including the Arabian peninsula. I have no fundamental argument with that. What I am arguing is how you perceive the implications of these facts in our current era. I am well aware of the crusades in which Europeans sold other Europeans (including children) into slavery. I am aware of the negroes and Mohammedans who were essentially roaming gangs of marauders (as well as nation builders) in the Mediterranean sea and the Iberian peninsula. I know that a significant amount of miscegenation occurred. I am not arguing those points. But, I find it problematic and unhelpful to claim that global Afrikans are to blame for the feelings of whites toward us because of a few lascivious negroes who partnered with (and were ultimately betrayed by) their white-skinned Mohammedan partners. That is illogical. In the present era, Afrikans who want to remain a recognisable and distinct population group going forward into this century, MUST base our activity on who is ACTUALLY BLACK (Afrikan)!!! Then, we must start to organise as Afrikans to TAKE OVER STRATEGIC SECTORS OF THE ECONOMY. These include, software engineering, mining technology, energy (i.e. solar power), agriculture and retail sales, education, transportation/shipping, communications/media, medical technology, law, robotics, building and construction technology, engineering, chemical engineering, banking and financial services, kwk. By specifically sending our children to school to master these skills, and then gaining control of these industries by creating our own collectively-owned enterprises, this will give us the power to rewrite history within our own educational institutions in accordance with our own interests. Wasting time trying to tease out historical nuances without an industrial-strength, political-economic power base is a dead end. Trying to find out where in history other groups were mistreated (even by some negroes) will not help Afrikan people in the hyper-competitive environment of the 21st. The 21st century is about group power based on national identity. The group must be defined and identifiable. And the group must have significant power instituted through multi-national corporations which fund educational and socio-cultural programs to train its leadership and workers. Without this comprehensive plan put into action, there will be a mixed race person on the “cog-net” (the future internet using only mental thoughts to communicate) talking about how the Afrikans used to be Black, and are not the white and multi racial people who are living there on the continent at that point in the future.

      • I think you are wrong about white people hating all black people. Actually I know you are wrong. You give way too much credit to Europeans and whites in general. If everyone took responsibility for their own lives and happiness the world would be a much better place. I came from a single parent household in a financially disenfranchised family. My siblings and I didn’t have a chance if you look back on our childhood. We made or own strives and progress. We made sure we got ahead as much as we could. My child will hopefully continue the work to move higher than my generation. That’s called motivation for life. I am sick of the blame game. Enough already!!!

  10. @Sam you sound like another whiny apologist asshole!! and please spare me that Pollyanna if we all just sang “we are the world” together everything would be fine tralalala fucking la! It don’t work that way especially when you have so fucking many police GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER while white people still piss and moan about OJ. Then make famous black men pariahs while acting like you are perfect and your shit don’t stink.

    • Whiney? I guess the same could be said for all the people blaming their circumstances solely on racism. I simply state that I did what was necessary to handle my business regardless of outside forces. There’s no pollyanna shit going on here. So save that shit for a less intellectual being.

      • Okay Sam I approved your comment so my people can see there are still many ignorant people out there. But that will be your last comment. I suspect you’re some stupid white boy the way you’re talking about racism. You act as if racism is thing of the past. You don’t live in reality. So there is nothing to be learned from ignorance. You sound like your IQ is two points above plant life. Get the f*ck out of here with that bullcrap!!

      • I was responding to another person who attacked my comment. So if you don’t want people’s opinions that’s ok. But with such a narrow view of the world will only our race will suffer. Have a nice day.

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