Flint Water Crisis: Forced gentrification?

Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D. makes the comparison with the eery similarities between the indifference being displayed by high-ranking officials in Flint to the manner in which the Katrina disaster was handled in New Orleans, and the complete displacement of blacks in Detroit. Is this water crisis environmental racism? Hmmmmm……



22 thoughts on “Flint Water Crisis: Forced gentrification?

  1. Elijah Muhammad said that he heard a white man say they could always resort to poisoning our water if they felt the need. Well, here it is. The racist beast is a cunning creature who uses lesbians as the first to gentrify black neighborhoods. How could racism be so cunningly sophisticated these days? We got to do better at diversifying our focus and stamping out that beast because as I was tripping off of how white lesbians moved me and my family out of our urban neighborhood to the outer fringes of society, the so-called powers that be was poisoning the water of my people. I’m not in Michigan, but my town has just added floridites to the water supply. So I am more than concerned. Should we start digging wells in our yards? Hmmm?

    • Yeah they try every tactic you can think of. Gentrification can come in many forms. This water crisis looks like another Hurricane Katrina to me. Watch out for those white lesbians. I’ve worked with some of them on the job. They are very cunning and deceptive. This is pure environmental racism at it’s finest!
      Oh yeah,I saw you over there on YouTube. You really get around.lol

      • Yeah, my alias over there rides with me heart and soul. She’s my great grandmother who shared her story of gentrification with my father. She remembered as a young girl in Tennessee some time during Reconstruction years, she and her mother was sitting on the porch of their home while her father was working in the front yard to witness two white men ride up to him on horseback and shoot him point blank just to drive his family away from the land and home they owned. The family had to relocate to Texas after that, and we have suffered generations of poverty ever since, looking for a job and affordable rent. Long live the spirit of Mama Tan, who didn’t trust no white people.

      • Oh my God!! That is horrible! That’s a damn shame! That’s really sad. That’s how those racists bastards still operate. Nothing has really changed. They’re still doing that type of stuff now. We have to realize the evil that we’re dealing with. God bless Mama Tan. A very smart woman.

  2. It’s difficult refraining from slapping the sh*t out of those white mfs that tell us to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps. Some conversations, I just can’t have with not only them, but some Africans from Africa as well who say the same crap. I get so emotional.

  3. This has been a long time coming, these devils are adding more and more charges to their rap sheet, their judgement will be a sweet one…. Even the water supply? god dammit… There is no end to their depravity

  4. We are witnessing chemical, biological & nuclear warfare against our people. What our brothers & sisters in Flint are going through our people back in Florida had a problem similar to this issue. Back in the day the Army Chemical Corps release swarms of yellow fever carrying mosquitoes in two primarily African American communities in Florida. Our situation is getting worse each day we live.

  5. MsSunshine I share the spirit of your ancestors, and mine as well. History speaks for itself.
    Oh and the white lesbian–omg…be-all-the-way-aware!!!! They are the most deceiptful of all. But like every white supremecist, if youre a good listener and KNOW their code, you’ll spot them immediately. We have to be very very careful about what we let go over our heads in casual conversation. They are f—ing rattlesnakes.

    • KJ – Oh how well do I know, having worked with many of them in corporate offices in San Francisco and more recently in academia. They are very deceptive indeed. But one thing that works in my favor while protecting me is taking heed to my momma’s warning to never trust white people, period. So while I can be friendly in my dealings with them, my feelers are always on alert. And I do agree with you that homosexual white racists can be the most conniving at trying to undermine someone’s progress. Rattlesnakes fo sho. I have stories (Lol)…

  6. It is no doubt environmental racism. We all know if this was an affluent or white neighborhood, this would have never happened. I mean if Mattel has one doll with lead poisoning, they recall every shipment for the last 10 years AND you get your money back. Yet people-CHILDREN- are sick and dying by using something that is a human right to have. It is saddening and disgusting.

    • So true Kelley. I was wondering what EPA administrator Gina McCarthy was doing about Flint’s water crisis. Apparently, nothing. By the looks of comments on her Facebook page, she has people up in arms about her indifference to the water pollution, and rightfully so. She’s a big liar talking about her duty is to protect Americans.

  7. Im with you. When youre fluent in racist code, its nothing short of mindblowing……it could be 75 white people, and one black person in the workplace…and that one black person will make most of them so insecure.. When I feel my anger bubbling, I remind myself of two things. 1) the ancestors endured 1,000,000X as much, and 2) unlike them (rest their souls) we actually know what its about.
    And we’re secondary. I cant imagine how brothas feel…..

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