Biracial Women are the Most Beautiful(and other myths)

This is a video from the talk show The Real.  It’s a silly gabfest with five women as the hosts.  One Asian woman,a Hispanic and a biracial woman.  As well as an overweight dark skinned woman and a black woman with a bad weave.  In this video clip they interview biracial actress Grace Gealey. Gealey stars on the hit drama Empire. I’m sure you’ve heard of the show. The show that promotes homosexuality,colorism,lesbians,murder and black degradation.  Well anyway in this clip Gealey says that she is from the Cayman Islands.  She claims that in the islands they don’t really look at color.  They pay more attention to culture. Really??  I think she’s lying or incredibly naïve.  The system of white supremacy is a global system.  I find it hard to believe that color is not an issue in the Cayman Islands. The reality is she benefits from being biracial.  It’s one the main reasons  she probably got the part on Empire.  She benefits from not being “too black” so to speak.  She has that exotic look that many producers are looking for.  And she’s not the only one who is capitalizing off of the erasure of black women. It seems every time I turn on the television there seems to be a biracial/mixed race woman staring at me. I see them in commercials,sitcoms,reality shows and dramas. They are all over social media like Facebook,Instagram and Twitter.  Many are trying to be models or break into acting.   And many are becoming famous in the process. Of course they are everywhere because the media wants us to believe they are a better version of black people.  If they have light eyes,white features,light skin and long straight hair…they are deemed worthy of being called beautiful.  Yes there are some attractive biracial women.  I went to school with some in college and I have many co-workers that are biracial.  They have always been around me. Even as a kid in grade school.  Some of them got picked on by the black girls and I never understood it.  But as I got older it makes more sense.  The black girls never felt beautiful in a white racist society.  So I guess they saw the light skinned mixed girls with light eyes and long hair and felt jealous.  And I have heard many biracial women talk about people believing they are all conceited and vain.  Of course they are not all this way.  But I can see why many biracial women would believe they are the cream of the crop.  The white controlled media helps to push this myth.

The media reinforces the belief that they are better because they are usually not dark skinned and more African looking.  This video above hits on a great point about black women stepping up and not letting biracial women steal their shine.  I totally agree with her in the video.  I have seen some pretty biracial women but they are not any prettier than black women.  And many are playing in roles as the wives and girlfriends of black men.  Many times the fact that they are biracial is never even brought up at all.  Some of you may not be aware that  they are biracial. There’s been an abundance of them lately.


In the film Creed,biracial actress Tessa Thompson played the girlfriend of Michael B. Jordan. Tessa also was in the horrible film Dear White People. That film could’ve been so much better.


Biracial actress Amber Stevens plays a girlfriend on the sitcom The Carmichael Show. In real life Amber is married to a white guy…but I digress.


Teenage actress Amandla Stenberg is biracial.  She also recently came out as bisexual. Gay agenda being pushed?? You decide.


BET is poison for black minds anyway. But they have a reality show called The Westbrooks.  It’s a reality show about a bunch of biracial Instagram “stars”. It follows them around during their daily lives. Yes…more mind pollution.


Teenage actress Yara Shahidi is half black and half Iranian.  She is on the buffoonish sitcom Blackish.

JurneeThis is a picture from the upcoming series Underground. It stars actress Jurnee Smollett Bell. She has a Jewish father and black mother. On a side note, aren’t you tired of the same old slave narrative? White Hollywood always has to remind us of our slave past.


Actress Sharon Leal is half black and half Filipino. As you can see they are not always half black/half white. Sometimes they will be part Asian or Hispanic as well. But of course she always plays just a “black” woman.


Actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw is half black/half white. She has become very popular the last few years.  She’s been on a lot of magazine covers. Some critics say she is the “new Halle Berry”.  Really??  Where is the new Cicely Tyson?  The new Angela Bassett? The new Lauryn Hill??  Hollywood isn’t looking for those type anymore. They don’t want too many dark skinned,full lipped,African textured haired women in Hollywood.  The dark skinned authentic African looking woman must be put in the back so that the mixed race/biracial woman can shine as her rightful replacement.  The biracial women are closer to white so they are looked at as a better representation of blackness.

"Eclipsed" Opening Night

Over the last couple of years more African looking women have been getting more press.  Most recently actresses like Lupita Nyongo and Danai Gurira(pictured above),Gabrielle Union,Viola Davis and Tika Sumpter have gotten more roles on television and film.  But there is still a large abundance of biracial/mixed women all over the media.  They are still usually the women seen as desirable in films.  And mostly play the wives and girlfriends to black men.  I think Hollywood is very afraid the dark skinned African looking woman.  They are doing their best to suppress her beauty.  They feel a woman  who actually looks like an authentic African is a threat to the European ideal beauty standard. This is what the racist white media really fear.  They want to see someone who is lighter skinned,light colored eyes and looks like they might have one white parent. This is why you see more women who look like Alicia Keys than Luptia Nyongo.  But the reality is we need more Lupita’s. I want black women to embrace their beauty.  And ignore the lies of the media.  You are beautiful without having to be watered down.  And you don’t need a weave or be mixed.  You are beautiful without any European additives. You are the Original Mother of the planet. You are the TRUE standard of beauty!  Do not let anyone tell you different.



32 thoughts on “Biracial Women are the Most Beautiful(and other myths)

  1. Great post Prince!

    I did not know any of these people but then, I don’t own a TV! See, I think that I am one of the lucky ones because of the fact that I refuse to let some racist shits define beauty for me.

    When that Black man sold BET to the ‘whites’, I knew what was coming. That Black woman, Zoe Saldana, who plays in Star Trek movies and Avatar recently had twins by a white man and he looks like something that would be found underneath my shoe. Every time I go to my cousin’s house, there is a commercial paring a light-skinned Black woman with some white man. So even the commercials are geared towards this ‘bi-racial and Black women date a white man’ thing! The shit is not even subtle. It is all up in our face!

    Again, excellent post!

    Oh, btw, I have never worn a weave. Unbeweavable, ain’t it? LOL!

    • I hear you Shelby. It’s like an epidemic. The interracial push is non stop! I have a two part post coming up about why the media does this.
      You don’t need a weave. You like just fine the way you are. 🙂

  2. The same dynamic plays out here in the Caribbean also but on a much smaller scale but none the less it plays out, especially in like Jamaica and Guyana, those countries are more racially diverse and even here in Antigua. I remember back in Guyana, as a child in primary school, the East Indian children used to be (and still do) highly favoured by the teachers, especially when they have a high complexion. And don’t talk about those of Portuguese descent whether mixed or pure bred, (we have a slang for them, Puttagee) but the downside to those women, when they bear children, that’s it, their beauty is gone…..

    • Yes I’ve heard about the light skin/dark skin dynamic in the Caribbean. The system of white supremacy is global. That’s why I don’t believe actress Grace Gealey in that video I posted. The Cayman Islands aren’t any different. Clor matters everywhere in the world. I’m ot saying that culture doesn’t matter also. But color trumps all of that in world based on color stratification. We have to be real about this. And biracial beauty being pushed is a big part of it. That’s the point of this post.

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only person who found that movie “Dear White People” problematic to say the least. They had a real chance and they blew it! Especially that scene with the boy from “Everybody hates Chris” what the fuck! Instead of beating that white guy’s ass he KISSES HIM what a damn joke! Gee emasculate much Hollywhite?!!

    • Dear White People stunk!! A horrible film! It promoted interracial sex and homosexuality. I could barely watch that filth!!! One of the worst films I’ve seen in recent years. Not even worth a rental!

      • @ Kushite Prince

        The movie “Dear White People” was a complete mess. You have a biracial female being problack but having relations with a white man, a gay black man, then you had the beautiful dark skinned sister Teyonnah Parrish walking around with a weave, stuck up, and like a black man who had no interest in her.

      • You said it all! This biracial girl was supposed to be pro-black yet sleeping with a white boy?! WTF?? That was a slap in the face to Afrocentric pro-black people. And the gay black man I knew would be in the film,since the black director I believe is gay. Hollywood makes it a point to push interracial sex and homosexuality any chance they get. I’m really sick of it!

  4. I’m glad you brought this topic up. One thing we as black people need to stop pushing this agenda that being light skinned or biracial with good hair, is better then being fully black with beautiful afro texture hair. Colorism has been one cause of the divide between our people. I have came across light skinned or biracial women that think they are superior to black women in the beauty department especially being chosen by black men.

    Furthermore in the media or even in our own communities is that light skinned or biracial women are constantly put on a pedestal. Also they are constantly being told they are beautiful compare to a dark skinned black woman. The image of dark skinned women have been so degraded & devalue in society that sometimes it is hard to keep your head up & take pride in yourself.

    I have seen colorism in my own family. I have a biracial cousin who was attending a historical black college, her grandmother which is my aunt constantly always said & thought her granddaughter could have had a football player or something better at the college she attend. I told my aunt just because she’s biracial doesn’t mean she can have any man she wants. You have to keep in mind that she’s competing with beautiful dark skinned women as well and not all black men are caught up in a woman’s color.

    • You pretty much covered it. This was the point I was trying to make. Biracial people do have an advantage that many of them wont admit to. But I know many women like your aunt. They are very delusional. And colorism is very real. We have to deal with it and not run from the issue. Thanks for the comment.

  5. I also forgot to mention is that Hollywood promotes biracial women but dark skinned black women still are more popular & talented then they. Light skinned privileges will help them get in the door but if they don’t have anything to back it up they are out the door. Prime example Lauren London whose an attractive biracial woman had black men going crazy for her even though she has no good acting talent but make a good average model. You would have thought that with her appearance she would have use that to venture off to become a mainstream star but no. Then you have the beautiful & talented dark skin sister Teyonnah Parish whose popularity is growing. At the end of the day Lauren London had light skinned privileges to get her through the door but it didn’t get far.

  6. Well said. White dominated media is certainly responsible for devaluing and supplanting authentic Black women. However, I think collectively we complicate matters by not having and/or enforcing a comprehensive definition on who exactly is African/Black. I know many of our people subscribe to the one drop rule or some variation of that concept, so that means we will always draw biological parallels between someone like Halle Berry and Viola Davis. Operating on physical parity/equivalency doesn’t uphold Black beauty standards.

    As you stated, Whites are more comfortable with a mixed person representing the Black archetype. As a result, they politicize the visual medium by having biracial women (and sometimes men) mediate that world. Many Black writers and intellectuals point out this imbalace in media representation, but fail at analyzing why we collectively continue to possess theories that depend on the acknowledgement of a White system.

    • That’s true Kasai. The physical beauty standard definitely leans towards whiteness. This whole biracial agenda has gotten out of hand. The one drop rule concept has done more damage in the long run. It’s a touchy subject most want to ignore. But it must be addressed. I will be doing more posts on this topic. We can’t ignore it anymore. To me it seems to be used as a tool by whites against black people. And you’re correct about the imbalance in media representation. They are definitely doing this on purpose. That should be obvious to everyone.

      • The late great historian Dr. John Henrik Clark said it best “the role of the bastard as a factor in history.” The biracial’s have no loyalty especially toward their “BLACK AFRICAN FAMILY” they will run to whoever race that is more dominant at their time of conveniences. I have biracial cousins, I have witness with them on how they like to jump the fence. Their black family members only benefit them when they need us. I can’t wait till the day this one drop rule get put to rest and our people call it like we see it you are biracial not black.

      • Yeah I love that video. JHC never was one to bite his tongue. He was one of our greatest scholars. The whole one drop rule I believe is outdated. I know it’s hard fact for many black people to accept. But I seriously think it’s time to rethink the one drop rule belief. Even though I do respect many of our elders who subscribe to that belief. I have a another post coming up about mixed raced people. I think you’ll find it very interesting. Some people may get offended. But that’s the price we have to pay when dealing with hard subjects. Stay tuned.

  7. Great Post like usual.

    The myth of biracial superiority should be exposed. Black is beautiful. Mainstream society has glamorized colorism, light privilege, white racism, and other evils for a long time. Tons of Black folks are sick and tired of this. There are many dark skinned black women with great talent like Carmelita Jeter, Lauryn Hill, Dr. Nancy Glenn, and other Sisters who represent beauty, intellectual power, and other gifts. It is still taboo for Hollywood and commercial to promote Black Love without apology. There is no liberation at all without the promotion of healthy black relationships and the support of Black Love.

  8. Great post! This is much needed conversation. This phenomena of marketing white/light/biracial women as the superior beauty standard is mostly targeted to tear down the self-esteem of Black Women and sadly it seems to be working on the psyche of too many sistas, young and old. What hurts a lot of Black Women more than anything is that a lot of Black Men keep fallin’ for the hype. I’m getting ready to do a post on fighting misogynoir kinda centered around this subject, dealing with the current collective state of Black relationships, interracial relationships i mean tragic arrangements, and the degradation and defamation of the black woman’s image. Stay posted!

    • Thanks OW13. The biracial worship is getting out of hand. The pro-mixed and anti-dark skin agendas are intertwined. That’s why I had to cover both subjects. We face to face these issues head on. I look forward to your post. I’m sure it’ll be very interesting.

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  10. I am really thankful that someone has finally posted about this racial atrocity. I also cannot stand it when I see beautiful black women wearing these weaves. It really only feeds into the steryotype about black women by which Holywood constantly broadcasts everywhere. BLACK is nothing less than extremely beautiful.

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