Nappy Hair is…Hair of The Gods!


Epidemically around the world, hundreds of millions of Nappy People are afflicted with full-blown AANS, ­”Acquired Anti-Nappy Syndrome.” While no nappy person is born with it, they acquire it from their parents and family. AANS victims assault their hair with scorching metal combs and grease, frying each nappy strand until it is straight, to imitate the straight limp hair and hairstyles of Caucasians. In the process, some burn their hair and scalps. Others assault their hair with “chemical relaxers” (sodium or calcium hydroxide) which are so dangerous and poisonous that it burns the scalp shortly after applied, causing blisters and even permanent scalp and hair damage if left on too long or used too often. Additionally, chemicals from these relaxers are absorbed into the bloodstream; they are carcinogenic and can even cause birth defects. And since nappy hair keeps growing out as nappy as ever, the assault must be periodically repeated to maintain artificial straightness. Thus the hair is repeatedly damaged, forced to be what it is not, forced with “lye,” to lie by lying straight. The scalps attached are likewise repeatedly damaged, by exposure to, and absorption of applied poisons.

But the worse damage appears to go unnoticed or even unacknowledged since this has become accepted “normal” behavior; this is the damage to the psyches which own the scalps. This psychological damage is “Acquired Anti-Nappy Syndrome,” a form of self-rejection and self-hatred. The outward manifestation of this inner dis-ease is the War on Nappy Hair. AANS perpetuates and holds this war in place. The War on Nappy Hair was taken to such extremes, that in some Caribbean islands during the 1980s, not only was it illegal for Blacks to have locked hair, but if they dared display it in public, they could be arrested or even shot and killed on sight by the police! ­who were Black themselves! And nappy foreigners sporting dredlocks, attempting to visit these areas, were detained at airports and not permitted to stay in the country unless they wore wigs or hats to hide their locks.

AANS is rampant among the Nappy
only in Euro-centered, Euro-imitative societies

This means practically the whole world. Thus around the world, Nappy People have been successfully conditioned by their European colonizers to reject or scorn everything that makes them unique as Afrikan people; their sable skin of varying beautiful hues, full sensuous lips, broad noses, Afrikan culture, Afrikan names, and their divine nappy hair -spiraling hair expressing the divine Spiral Principle of Creation. The dictionary (like everything in these societies) promotes AANS by demeaning key words which commonly relate to Afrikan people. Example: “kinky,” like the word “black,” is associated with undesirable characteristics. By the same token, key words commonly relating to white people are elevated, thus “straight,” like the word “white,” is associated with desirable characteristics. Reflecting this attitude, the literature in the boxes of “chemical hair relaxers” refer to straighter hair as “fine,” and nappiest hair as “coarse.”


While it is mainly women that show the visible evidence of AANS, nappy men are just as afflicted; their compliments and attention seem to favor women wearing straightened hair; or perhaps they have little choice since AANS-afflicted women are everywhere. They are the overwhelming majority. AANS is also evident with Nappy Men today, though not as rampant as it was from the early 1900s to the 1970s.

It’s hard work to keep all that nappy hair straight. It’s time consuming as well, wasting countless hours that can be productively used in nurturing self-knowledge and self-respect. For who will respect you if you don’t respect yourself? If 90% of whites were always perming up their straight hair to imitate kinky hair, this would clearly broadcast the statement that they don’t like themselves (self-hatred); and are rejecting part of themselves. Furthermore, keeping nappy hair straight is COSTLY. In America alone, Black people annually spend billions, that’s right ­billions of dollars on Black hair care at a time when Black colleges, businesses and organizations are facing financial ruin.1 This stands as a shameful witness to the success of the campaign to turn Afrikans against their own natural traits and thus against themselves.


Furthermore, AANS damaged hair is probably destroyed in its ability to transmit energy or be antennae. Instead of tuning into higher vibrations, such enslaved, maligned hair probably tunes into lower energies or likely, no energy at all, since it is cooked, hence dead.


The good news is that there is increasing evidence
that many among the Nappy are healing from

they are accepting and loving their natural spiral-hair, particularly as they awaken to knowledge of their true history, true culture, and true selves, ­and reject the false, anti-Afrikan history taught to them in anti-Afrikan school systems established by anti-Afrikan people. Fortunately, AANS and its outward symptoms are not permanent. As fresh new virgin hair grow out of those poisoned scalps, so can AANS exit forever.

Dredlocks were formerly abhorred by Nappy Americans.

The term itself is derived from “dread,” for locked hair was considered “dreadful” ! British soldiers coined the term “dreadlocks” during Jamaica’s colonial period, from the soldiers’ attempts to oppress the Afrikan Maroons who revolted against slavery. Now, not only is locked hair accepted, it’s even fashionable. In fact, people desiring instant long locks can now buy pre-made locks of any length or thickness, made from human hair. Thus a day is surely comin’ when Blacks stop regarding nappy hair as “bad hair,” and straighter hair as “good hair.” They will have completely thrown off the negative racist conditioning causing them to imitate their colonizers at the expense of their self respect. As a result, Acquired Anti-Nappy Syndrome will be healed. Manufacturers of hot combs and relaxers will go out of business. And Nappy People will end the War on their Nappy Hair. Once more they will esteem their precious Nappy Hair as the ancients did, ­as the spiraling “Hair of the Gods.

Article by Dr Suzar

28 thoughts on “Nappy Hair is…Hair of The Gods!

  1. After frying my damaged hair for 20 years, I woke up one day in the late 90s after reading the library book, “Good Hair: For Colored Girls Who’ve Considered Weaves When Chemicals Became Too Ruff” by Lonnice Brittenum Bonner. The author educated me like no other about helix hair and how to take care of it in its natural state. She should be considered a black psychologist for that book. My most liberated feeling I have yet to experience is being able to wash my natural hair and go about my day without transforming it to mimic other women who look nothing like me. Finally, the brothers are coming around to recognize. Yes indeed.

      • Absolutely! As so many of us don’t read (smh), a film depicting the book would certainly reach more of us and drive the natural hair movement which would likely put them Koreans out of business in our neighborhoods.

      • Yeah we have to stop making these Koreans rich. Many of them are very racist towards our people anyway. They just want our money. The same with these Jews,Italians,Indians etc.

      • When are we going to acknowledge and put a stop to contributing to our completely imbalanced economic relationship we have with other races? The other races come into our neighborhoods and make a living off of our patronage. But, how do they help our economic growth? They don’t. Reciprocity seems to be a lost virtue that must be required in our dealings with each other and everyone else. We’ll never win without it. Teach the children and some of these grown folks about the importance of maintaining healthy relationships with reciprocal action.

      • That’s true Sunshine. We have to work together and support black businesses. Group economics is a must if we want to grow our wealth and leave something for next generations. This is what other races do and we have to do the same. Every group looks out for it’s own.

  2. I never knew that about the Caribbean. That’s crazy! And now, like everyhitng else Black, locs are a popular trend. It really is sick how people turn against their own roots yet people PAY to force their hair imitate it.

    Lastly, I will say I returned natural almost eight years ago and have never had the desire to straighten it [yet], but I do like having the option. We are such a versatile people that we can do it all and still kill it.
    Awesome piece and lovely photos to match!

  3. I’m happy being BLACK with NAPPY HAIR.
    Keep in mind Europeans did a lot of damage to the black mind. These white devils even made figurines & other degrading art about our people in which they broadcast it to the world.

    I get real happy seeing more of our sisters go natural because we are accepting our on beauty standards.

  4. absolutely wonderful and yes you are right about the Caribbean.. It was really that crazy back in the 80s… by the way that first picture, she makes me think about a phoenix, like I could imagine her hair bursting into flames and her turning into a majestic bird of fire lol

  5. Great post! I re-blogged this same post from Suzar last year. It’s somewhere in my archives. I’ve been natural for three years now. I would’ve never gotten a relaxer in the first place if it weren’t for peer pressure. I was bullied in school for my natural hair. I was told “you need to do somethin’ with that hair” your hair is peasy” and “why don’t you get a relaxer. How ironic that the same women who told me this are now natural, lol. smh themselves.

    • They’re natural now?? That It seems everything comes full circle right? I love Dr Suzar! She is a true genius. I have learned so much from her. She really opened my eyes when I read her books. I have six of her books. Do you have any? My favorite is Blacked Out through Whitewash. I paid $45 for it and I don’t like to spend too much for a book. But it was worth it. That sista is very under rated. She has so much knowledge and should be more well known.

      • They’re natural now?? That It seems everything comes full circle right?

        It sure does. 19 years ago (I was in 10th grade at the time) I would have never thought that we would be having this natural hair revolution given how I was bullied by my brainwashed black peers (and the collective self-hatred for natural hair) and would have never thought that some of them would be rockin’ natural hair now.

        No I don’t have any of Dr. Suzar’s books. I’ve checked out her site and have read book exerpts and she is Deeeep. I need to order some of her books; I think some of them are under $10. I don’t care I will spend $45 on a book if it has great information, lol. I haven’t read blacked out through whitewash but I have read the exerpts it’s good. I haven’t ordered any book in a while. I need to start back, lol.

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  7. The hair on all three women in the pictures was really nice. The second is my favorite. I love it when our women wear their natural hairstyles.

      • @Kushite Prince
        I forgot to mention in this post, I really appreciate you as a black man showing respect to sisters who wear their natural hair. When black men do this it makes me feel good because they are representing the true natural beauty of black women. Too many of our sisters are running around with Asian hair & contour aka drag queen makeup thinking this is the image black men love to see.

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