Clarification Needed:Genuine Conscious Brothers vs Hotep Negroes(Part 2)

The last few years I’ve been hearing this term called “Fake Hoteps”.  I’ve also heard other terms like Hotep Niggas, Ankh Negroes,Phony Conscious brothers etc.  In the above video film producer/author/pick up artist Tariq Nasheed pokes fun at the conscious community.  He goes on to say that there are black men who claim to be conscious or “woke” but really aren’t.  I can’t lie, there’s some truth to what he says.  Tariq says he didn’t make his Hidden Colors films for the conscious community. And I believe him.  Tariq has written other books on how to pick up women and get them to do what you want.  One of his books it titled The Art of Macking.  Although I wouldn’t describe Tariq has a conscious black man but he brings up valid points in this video.  He watches videos by real African scholars,collect notes then makes a film from it.  And he’s making money in the process. I’m not hating on him.  Most of the black history he had in the original Hidden Colors I already knew.  I already know 90% of everything in all his films.  So he’s not teaching me much but I think it’s good that he was able to educate some brothers and sisters.


Look at that pic above.  This is the type of memes I found while searching the internet. Yeah I’m sure many of you think he looks silly right? Don’t get me wrong now.  I do consider myself a conscious black man.  But I have a sense of humor and can laugh at myself.  I think many people think conscious people are super serious 24/7.  No that is not the case.  Conscious people like to laugh,tell jokes,have dinner with family and friends,make love and see a good movie.  We do everything that most other people do.  And I try to be open minded as best I can. But I still have my morals and belief system.   And if you’re a genuine conscious brother you will hold fast to your ideals. Now back to what Tariq was talking about. He says half of the conscious community is full of crap. I think he’s talking about the guys who have become well known in the conscious circuit.  Some of the names are guys like Brother Polight,Minister Enqi,Sara Suten Seti,Professor Griff,Red Pill and Blue Pill,King Noble,Iman Bashir..among others.  A lot of times they have lectures and debate against one another.  Some of them follow Kemetic knowledge,some are Moors or Hebrews.  And they debate each other on who has the best solution for black people.  It’s basically a knowledge battle.  And one of the ring leaders is a guy named Sa Neter. He’s known as the “Don King of Consciousness”.  It was entertaining to watch some of these debates at first but it quickly got old real fast!  They maybe cashing in by having these debates but what’s the end game?  Shouldn’t we be talking about nation building?  What about a black nation?  Rebuilding another Black Wallstreet?  Nope!  These guys are too busy verbally masturbating when we should be concentrating on solutions for our people.  They can’t even put aside their religious views and find common ground.

Umar Johnson used to hand out with these guys but he said he cut them off once he realized they weren’t about moving black people forward. I honestly can’t be mad at Umar for that. Tariq Nasheed also talked about fake hoteps who manipulate women to get them in bed.  Manipulation?? That’s kind of funny coming from a guy who writes about how to get women in bed himself.  But I digress.  He is correct that these some of these fake conscious guys do use women. They like to say they have “knowledge of self” but are really just saying that to sound deep. They may have read one or two books on Africa and watched Hidden Colors and now they think their scholars.  It’s also a way to impress women to get what they want from them.  To be honest there’s nothing new about men manipulating women to get them in bed.  Many men will say anything to achieve that goal.  And they come from all walks of life.  There are men who are cops,plumbers,garbage men,judges,athletes,lawyers..who all lie to women.  And all races of men do this as well. White men,Mexicans,Puerto Ricans,Asians etc.  So what is the big deal with fake hoteps doing it?  I think many women find it hurtful because these guys CLAIM to be conscious when they really are far from it. I think that’s where much of the anger is coming from. They’re claiming to be different then other guys but aren’t really conscious. Or they are what I call semi-conscious.


Are there other definitions of fake Hoteps? Check out the pic above.  I found it very interesting.  People who are race conscious will have varying views.  And black men who are conscious are no different.  You can’t put all conscious black men in a box.  I personally don’t condone homosexuality or lesbianism.  Anyone who follows my blog already knows this.  I find homosexuality abnormal and I believe it’s anti-life and goes against nature.  However there are some in the conscious community who disagree.  Some feel as though it’s okay as long as they don’t push the lifestyle on others.  I don’t think gay people should be killed or harmed.  But I don’t think that lifestyle is productive for African people.  And I have a right to my beliefs??    I believe the LGBTQ community wants everyone in the known universe to accept their sexual perversion.  And if you don’t it means you’re a hater or a close minded bigot.  Or their favorite…you suffer from homophobia.  That is utterly ridiculous!  I’m not afraid of homosexuals!  I think they’re more afraid of people who have a enough courage to speak their mind.  Some of us are not brainwashed by the pro-gay,anti-black media.

Then there is the belief that many black men are misogynist.   I believe there is some truth to this.  But there are black men who are conscious and unconscious that are misogynistic.  But you can’t put that ONLY on the conscious brothers.  There are mysogynistic men in all walks of life. But what is a misogynist anyway?

Misogynist: A person who dislikes,despises or strongly prejudiced against women.

Well I for one do not hate black women.  Why would I?  I was raised by a wonderful mother and I have great aunts,grandmothers and female cousins.  I have no hatred or resentment towards women. I have a right to my opinion and I can disagree with a sista.  If I disagree with a woman does that make me a misogynist?? No it does not.  There will always be disagreements in discussions.  I believe that there needs to be mutual respect on both sides.  And we’re all adults so we can agree to disagree on a matter.  But there should be no hatred or resentment because of  a difference of viewpoints.   You can call me strong willed.  Or call me opinionated but not misogynistic. I think the real problem we are dealing with is we all have a different consciousness due to living under white supremacy.  The core issue with talk about fake hoteps and fake Bohemian chicks is this. Its a battle between Knowledge of self vs wallowing in ignorance.  Many of our people love anti-blackness. We have been taught to hate to hate ourselves after 400 years plus of captivity.  And because of that we don’t like to hear about bettering ourselves,learning your history,embracing Africa,respecting women,rejecting white standards, and raising your consciousness. Many of us don’t want to do that. We rather watch stupid sitcoms that make fun of black people. Watch television shows like Power,Scandal,Blackish and Empire that promote images of blacks as thugs,drug dealers,whores,interracial daters,cut throat murderers and buffoons.  So naturally anyone who claims to be conscious or an intelligent black man or woman is seen as an enemy. Too many of our people are don’t respect black people(anti-blackness) so they don’t take your consciousness seriously.  They believe all who claim to be conscious are just phony people who want to sound deep and smarter than everyone else.   I understand we are all a work in progress.  I’ve been on this journey of learning about our people and culture for over fifteen years.  I first read books by Chancellor Williams,Carol Barnes,John Henrik Clarke,Dr Ben,Ivan Van Sertima,Marimba Ani,Frances Cress Welsing,Llaila Afrika,Amos Wilson, Runoko Rashidi,Cheikh Anta Diop,Queen Afua,Bobby Wright and Mwalimu Baruti.  I later started collecting dvd’s by Dr Sebi,Phil Valentine,Anthony Browder,Bobby Hemmitt,Leonard Jeffries,James Smalls,Jewel Pookrum and Richard King.  If you are not a familiar with these names I suggest you look them up. Many of them have videos on YouTube.  But YouTube debuted back in 2005. I was on this journey long before then.  I was studying African culture and history long before there was even a term such as fake hotep.  But it shows me that the contempt for knowledge and higher consciousness is growing.  The racist white supremacists that control Facebook,Youtube,Yahoo and Google have done a great job pushing black self hatred and black degradation.  You know it’s bad when intelligence,consciousness,honor and black self respect is looked down upon.  We have really hit an all time low as a people.

I’ll end this post in the best way possible.  This is a great video by one of the most brilliant minds I have ever come across. Amos Wilson was an author,Pan African thinker and psychologist.  There’s a reason most black people have never heard of him.  It’s because he had real solutions fro building black economy and a black nation.  He taught about black dignity and self respect.  So you can see why he’s pretty unknown in the mainstream media.  The give us these silly negroes like Cornel West,Al Sharpton,Jesse Jackson and Michael Eric Dyson.  They are just paid to mislead black people.  But Amos spoke the truth to his people.  Even if we didn’t want to hear it.  In this video he explains the power of consciousness.  And how a persons consciousness shapes the world around them.  And the consciousness of black people is seriously warped.  And if we want to move forward as a people this has to change.  I believe time is slowly running out for our people.  There will come a time when all the labels(Pro-black,feminist,conscious,man hater,educated,ignorant,woman basher) probably wont matter anymore.  The question is  will we wake up in time? Or will many of us become “conscious” when it’s too late? Peace my brothers and sistas.  And oh yeah…..Hotep!


37 thoughts on “Clarification Needed:Genuine Conscious Brothers vs Hotep Negroes(Part 2)

  1. You made great valid points. I use to watch Sara Suten Seti videos back then but after a while his cursing & loud talking got annoying. Sometimes I find it very hard to take him serious or laugh. I have watch the other conscious people videos you mention in they got tired out too. It was a video of a lecture I seen Sara Suten Seti do he came out an stated he sold drugs to get too Egypt. He did this after he became conscious. But seat back & watch the show because Tariq Nasheed downfall is coming.

    • Yeah I know what you mean. I went to a lecture back in 2009 and met Seti. He shook my hand and we chatted a bit. I used to listen to him awhile back too. Even though he does speak the truth about the white man his rhetoric gets a bit tiring. He just yells and screams but offers no solutions. Yeah I know about him selling drugs to pay for a trip to Kemet. That was a bad move and he suffered backlash for admitting that. The conscious community really went hard at him. But you’re right Tariq’s time is coming also. Tariq is just an opportunist.

  2. @ Kushite Prince
    Can you do a post about black sororities & fraternities especially when their not putting in much effort in building the communities.

  3. Ok Kushite you say we shouldn’t generalize black women but aren’t you generalizing black men to some extent? And there are MANY times black women especially the house Negro mammies like Robin Roberts, Hoprah Whitefrey, and snapdragon Wendy Williams will happily throw black men under the bus. Both sides have some real phony ass Negroes posing as knowing knowledge when they don’t even know how to change a tire

    • I don’t think you read this post at all. I think you just read the title and made a comment. If you ha actually read the entire post you would know I was talking about black people who claim to be pro-black or Afrocentric. The ones who claim they have real knowledge for our people but really are phonies dressed in African garb. Robin Roberts(lesbian),Oprah(closet lesbian) and Wendy Williams(transgender) are not pro-black at all. They are not Afrocentric or part of the black conscious community. They are all sellouts and ass kissers to white supremacy. They have nothing to do with the post I wrote. That’s an entirely different discussion you’re bringing up.

  4. This was a very good post (part I & II) . I see most of these “conscious” guys as opportunists. Especially Tariq. I respect him for putting out the HC series in the sense that it exposes “unconscious” people to scholars who for the most part, are worth listening to, and they can also function as a springboard to “master teachers” such as John H. Clarke, Chancellor Williams, Dr. Ben, Tony Martin, Bobby E. Wright and last but definitely not least, the great Amos N. Wilson.

    I tend to gravitate to those who are more pragmatic when it pertains to African liberation, that’s why Williams, Clarke, Wright & Wilson are some of my favorite teachers.

    I feel that the debaters in the so-called “conscious” community are more about stroking each others ego more than uplifting us as a people. So much talk, but yet none have been able to teach “us” how to set up a business and get this “shit” going.

    Keep up the good work bro KP!

  5. No one’s above criticism, and I know some folks regard HOK and amen ra squad as “not moving forward” and kinda going in circles with their endless debating, but the main thing thats great about them is, young dudes from their community gravitate torward them and they make it appealing and hip and fun to have knowledge of self. And thats a big thing, imo.
    All of the different names that were brought up, I like them all and take something different from each person or group b/c they all bring something different to the table. I’ll be attending my third Dr. Umar lecture soon.
    As for Tariq, he just hates cliches. But I agree with the author here, its a case of few of us representing the whole group, which ALWAYS happens with black people. He doesnt want to be labeled as conscious because there are clowns who call themself conscious. So what; no one owns the term, you/me/we make it what it is.

    • I have all his books! Wilson was a genius! After reading his books you’ll never see the world the same again. I would start with his masterpiece Blueprint for Black Power. Amazing book!

  6. I agree that a man simply disagreeing with a woman is not misogyny, but misogynoir (anti-black misogyny) is not a behavior that’s limited to Black Men. On my blog fighting misogynoir I post many articles in which Black Feminist/Womaninst and other Black Women and girls speak on misogynoir no matter who the perpetrator is. People of all races and both genders are misogynoiristic against Black Women and Girls. Yes, sadly and unfortunately, too many Black Men and boys are misogynioristic. Many Black Women and Girls are also misogynoiristic towards other Black Women and Girls (a.k.a. Wendy Williams). When Black Women and Girls hate each other it’s internalized misogynoir and I don’t know which is sadder, the former or the latter. I conclude that both are equally sad. Misogynoir is harming and destroying Black Women, Girls, and the Black Community more than Black People care to acknowledge or admit.

    Black Women are butt hurt when a Black Man claim to be conscious, but his actions doesn’t show it. For example, a Black Man claiming to be pro-black, but all the women he dates or marry are white/light/bi-racial or has misogynoiristic views. I also want to make it clear that some black women are fake hotepettes, lol. I realize this socializing on tumblr and twitter. Fake hotepettes every gotdamn where! The term fake hotep just doesn’t apply to men. A lotta of Black Women claim to be conscious, but are full of internalized misogynoir. Trust, a lotta of us aware Black Women are calling their asses out too. Believe that. They only support and uplift Black Men and boys, but can’t support and uplift a fellow Black Woman or Girl. I’m not here for any black person, man nor woman whose pro-blackness is gender specific. If you’re pro-black you gotta be pro-black everybody.

    As for the Black gays, lesbians, and trans people while we don’t have to agree with their lifestyle, their black too and are not exempt from the tyranny of white supremacy and anti-blackness. Their lives and blackness are valuable. I agree with the meme above that if we claim to be pro-black then we can’t throw them under the bus.

    • I remember years ago when YouTube came their were black women with videos about black culture,natural hair and into African spirituality. Then I would see them with their white boyfriends/ Those are not really conscious women in my opinion. We got sistas here in California claiming to be conscious dating white boys. Isn’t that fake too?
      Also you and I disagree on the gay issue obviously. I see transgenders and homosexuality as anti-life and anti-nature. Whether they are black white or Asian. The race doesn’t matter to me. This is an issue I fundamentally disagree it. I can’t budge on that one. Much the same way biracials/mixed people are not really black but they face discrimination as well. Just because they face some discrimination by whites doesn’t mean they are truly black right? It doesn’t mean we have to accept them as black. That’s same way I look at gay people. I don’t hate them or wish death upon them but I don’t think gay blacks(Black Lives Matter) should be at the forefront of black issues. Just like biracial people should not be at the forefront and speaking on the struggle of blacks.
      Also I want to ask you a question. I do not want to assume. But are fake hoteps only people who hate black women? They are videos all over YouTube of black women bashing black men. They say black men are losers,dead beat dads all interracial daters etc. What term do we use for these women? This is what is getting many black men upset? I don’t mention it on my blog much but I’ve seen the videos. Why is only the hatred of black women wrong…but hatred of black men okay? Guys like Tommy spew nothing but hatred for black women and he seems full of anti-blackness. I’ve called him out on it many times. But sometime the sistas will hammer him but not say anything about the black men bashers. And what do you think of the term “simps”? Black men who suck up to black women but don’t call them out when they do wrong? I’ve been accused of this
      I don’t mind us disagreeing on the gay issue. As long as we agree on at least 80-85% of the issues affecting our people. I’m not sure if it’s a deal breaker or not. I have to think about it. As long as our fundamental beliefs are in place I think we’ll be alright.

      • I remember years ago when YouTube came their were black women with videos about black culture,natural hair and into African spirituality. Then I would see them with their white boyfriends/husbands. lol Those are not really conscious women in my opinion. We got sistas here in California claiming to be conscious dating white boys. Isn’t that fake too?

        Honestly, I wasn’t aware of this phenomena until a follower of one of my tumblr bloggers mentioned it the other day. Usually when I see black people talking black and sleeping white, it’s usually a man. Now these sistas who talk black and sleep white are hypocritical and fake too. As I stated above, many Black Women are not innocent when it comes to fake hotep behavior. In addition, I find it very odd, interesting, and disappointing that you have all these “conscious” black people out here, yet they can’t find each other to date and marry.

        But are fake hoteps only people who hate black women?

        No. Many of them are anti-black in general, but I (and many others) notice that much of their anti-blackness is aimed mostly toward Black women. It just seems that every time they want bash black people, much of it is aimed at Black Women for some reason.

        They are videos all over YouTube of black women bashing black men. They say black men are losers,dead beat dads all interracial daters etc. What term do we use for these women?

        Anti-black black women because many of these women don’t claim to be pro-black. A fake hotep is a black person who claims to be pro-black, but his or her actions are anti-black (i.e., talk pro-blackness black but bash black people). These type of black women bash black women too. I’ve heard them talk about black women need to be more “feminine” to attract non-black men. smh. So these women really are neither pro-black man nor pro-black woman.

        This is what is getting many black men upset? I don’t mention it on my blog much but I’ve seen the videos. Why is only the hatred of black women wrong…but hatred of black men okay?

        When Black Women talk about misogynoir, that’s not saying that anti-black man hatred is not wrong, it is. I notice that many Black people tend to drag anyone who trashes black men (as they should) before dragging someone for trashing black women. More Black Women are now speaking out about misogynoir because it is a serious problem that is vastly ignored and its getting worse. Many Black people tend to think sexism/misogyny is only white people’s problem (a problem they passed on to us) and that Black Men have it “harder” than Black Women instead of focusing on the fact that both black men and women have to endure equally.

        And what do you think of the term “simps”? Black men who suck up to black women but don’t call them out when they do wrong? I’ve been accused of this myself. lol

        I was under the impression that the term “simps” means any Black Man that protect and defend Black Women. It looks like many people have different meanings for this term. *shrugs* If the correct meaning for “simp” is the definition I’ve come across above then I want you to stay that way, lol.

        These are just some observations.

        I don’t mind us disagreeing on the gay issue. As long as we agree on at least 80-85% of the issues affecting our people. I’m not sure if it’s a deal breaker or not. I have to think about it. As long as our fundamental beliefs are in place I think we’ll be alright.

        From what I see, you and I don’t disagree that much on the gay issue except for the part about them being apart of and or participating in social justice movements. I don’t agree with homosexuality/lesbianism and don’t promote it on my blog. I understand and agree with your beliefs on homosexuality. All I was saying that if All Black Lives Matter, when a black gay and or lesbian or trans is harmed or killed because they are black, shouldn’t we seek justice for them as well?

      • Thanks for answering my questions. I see what you mean about gays. I don’t really see you promoting it on your blog,which is good.
        I guess I’m an Afrocentric pro-black I really don’t like the black woman bashing. If you notie on my blog I don’t promote it. But much of the bashing comes from being upset and angry about our position. Many black men get upset and don’t want to deal with this white man so….they take it out on sistas. Many sistas can’t find a good man and see brotehrs dating other races……and become black men haters. We are really f*cked UP in our heads! I think black people seriously need therapy OW13. We are really in pain. We really need to get on the same page and stop taking out on each other. The only ally black men have is black women. I keep telling brothers that all the time. Go to other races for love is a DEAD END. It just creates mixed babies and more confusion. I have a two-part series coming up about interracial couples. It’s about how and why Hollywood pushes it so much. I have a few more posts I’m doing then I’m going to take a little hiatus. I wonder if anyone will miss

  7. How ironic that Tariq Nasheed is calling out fake hoteps. He’s lauded in Black Feminist/Womanist online spaces as the prince of fake hoteps and anti-black misogyny, lol. Right next to his Uncle Tommy. smh

  8. Tariq defended himself by saying crispy=ashy. But we all know what crispy really means…..I was disappointed in him for that.

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