Clarification Needed:Real Conscious Sistas vs Fake Bohemian Women(Part 1)

This is a video by Tariq Nasheed. Tariq is a film producer/author/pick up artist.  In this video he talks about the fake Bohemian chicks.   I’ve heard this  term before.   Sometimes they are called fake conscious women,Hotep Hos and wannabe deep mystical women.  Tariq even calls them Herbal Tea chicks.  Yes he likes to be funny at times.  I guess he sees himself as a comedian.  Well he believes that most of them are freaks in bed and they all smoke weed.  He says whether they are black or white women.  Most of the white women I’ve seen who dress up like Rastafarians and wear their hair in “gold locks”  are just trying to sleep with black men.  White people look so silly trying to wear braids and locks in their hair.  But that’s another subject.  One thing I hate is broad generalizations.  Most of the sistas I meet who are Afrocentric  are not freaky whores.  I don’t think that’s an accurate description at all.  I will admit that many of them do wear their hair natural,many are vegan(not all),shop at farmers markets,into holistic health and like different oils and shea butter.  But so what?  There’s nothing wrong with wanting a healthier lifestyle  and wearing natural hair.

I love this natural hair video.  It showcases some lovely sistas.  I think this whole natural hair movement is a great thing.  I think it shows that black women don’t want to conform to European standards of beauty.  And this hair revolution has really caught on in the black conscious community.  I think we need to get rid of sick terms like “good hair”.  They are self destructive terms that instill anti-blackness.  Good hair is healthy hair. And I think we as black men should see this as a good thing that more black women are embracing their natural African-textured hair.  Most of the conscious women I’ve met have been down to earth decent sistas.  Most are not judgmental or mean spirited.  Most I’ve met have been very friendly and happy to meet a brother that has knowledge of self.  I’ve had great discussions with sistas about racism,feminism,misogyny,healthy diet,unemployment and the prison system. I don’t think we should make blanket statements about people like that.  I don’t think we should be poking fun at people gaining knowledge of self. They should be given props for putting forth the effort.


I’ve had conscious sistas tell me they admire women like Marimba Ani,Frances Cress Welsing,Sister Souljah,Harriet Tubman,Betty Shabazz and Assata Shakur.  I think it’s a beautiful thing when black women can look up to sistas who tried to uplift our people.   I don’t think brothers should feel intimidated by the achievements of black women.   It doesn’t mean they are anti-men at all.  There’s no need to say they hate men or that they’re lesbians.   I realize that there are some black feminists that do honestly hate men.  I know because I have chatted with many of them on social media. But most sistas  I meet are not that way.  Also I think many of them have just been hurt by men in the past.  And it’s really sadness that they feel and it eventually turns into anger. Black women have a right to discuss their pain and suffering.  It’s okay for a sista to have an opinion. And we as black men should be open to hearing their voice.  The pain that many black women feel comes from the fact that many feel no one cares about them.  There are many memes on the internet that make fun of them.   By ignorant black men no less. Many calling their hair ugly and nappy.  And I’ve seen memes that poke fun at dark skinned women. I will be addressing this hatred of dark skin in an upcoming post. This is really anti-blackness at it’s core.  So I don’t think it’s funny to make fun of my conscious sistas. At least they’re putting forth the effort to learn about African culture,history and the greatness that is in our bloodline.  If anything we should be saluting these black women.  Not calling them fake Bohemian chicks.  It’s the same thing when they generalize conscious brothers as “fake hoteps” That will be addressed in part two.

Natural Hair

I just want all my conscious pro-black sistas to know that I love you.  Keep reading your African history books, eating vegan,burning incense,shopping at farmers markets,wearing headwraps and listening to Lauryn Hill  and Erykah Badu music.  Keep doing your thing!  Embrace your inner beauty as well as your outer beauty.  And know that you truly are the physical manifestation of God.  I applaud my sistas trying to better themselves and showing young black girls a better past.  Many conscious sistas were on the wrong path themselves and don’t want to see the younger generation make the same mistakes.  As we all know in African culture the mother is the first teacher. It’s really shame that we make fun of those who are trying to seek higher knowledge.  That shows how deep this anti-blackness goes.  We are  a damaged people and in need of healing.  So I leave you with this great video by Queen Afua. She speaks about the need for healing.  Which we really need right now. And no she is not some fake wannabe conscious woman.  She is the REAL deal.  Peace to all my sistas.  I love you. ❤

42 thoughts on “Clarification Needed:Real Conscious Sistas vs Fake Bohemian Women(Part 1)

  1. Great post! We really do need to do a better job at supporting each other if we are to survive as a definable and distinct group of people. That is essential and an obvious fact. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing always promoted treating each other as Afrikan people more kindly and having common courtesy with each other. I appreciate that aspect of her work. We should uphold this as a principle for all Afrikans, except imbuka (traitors).

    With that said, Tariq Nasheed is a phony poseur. Furthermore, he is married to a non-Afrikan woman anyway, so he obviously has no respect for Afrikan women himself. Even though Hidden Colors was a success for him, it had a lot of mis-information in it, and now we see his true intentions. He wants to destroy the Afrikan-centered cultural movement and characterize it as a bogus fad by using degenerate memes and catch phrases like “hotep hos” and by highlighting contradictory behavior by an insignificant minority of people in the movement. I never trusted him. He always seemed like a snake-oil salesman to me.

    • @ Lumumba Afrika
      Tariq Nasheed’s wife is half white & black as you stated a non-Afrikan woman. This clown always calling black women who date or married interracial bedwrenches but black men who do it exploring their options. Tariq Nasheed stated in one video that the black community have always welcome homosexuals especially during the disco era. I listen to one show an a caller mention about the homosexual problems we have in the community, Tariq Nasheed respond back an stated that homosexuality is least of our problems. I side eye him even more especially the books he have written “The Art of Mackin” and etc.

      • Agreed. Tariq Nasheed is an opportunist, plain and simple. Moreoverr, he “talks” black and sleeps white. Another one that should be thinned from the herd. He is just another “brother” that causes division and confusion in the black community. I have nothing for him.

    • I get the same feeling about Tariq. He is just using African culture and history to get paid. He comes off as a sneaky little bastard. He even admitted that he doesn’t make his documentaries for the conscious community. I know people who say they learned some things for his films. But I’ve read a lot of books in my lifetime. Hidden Colors had stuff in it that I’d already heard before. It was not new information for me. But he does give off a snake oil salesman vibe. I think it’s just a new hustle for him. He is not a conscious black man at all. I hope people are getting hip to his game.

      • I agree. I have never listened to this pseudo-black man’s presentations, videos, etc.

        My “gut” just told that he is “les intelligent” and is insecure about black men and women that ARE in the know. One that definitely should be thinned from the herd.

      • He’s always been a hustler. He became well known years ago with his books about how to get women. Then he did a little research on some black conscious authors and started doing some conscious films. But he’s not really pro-black or pan African. He is a fake pseudo-conscious black man. He always acts a little gay to me. It’s all just an act to get paid.

  2. The message in this post is very informative & uplifting. I’m glad our sista’s are going natural & the natural hair movement is still growing strong. I went natural 10 years ago. I was struggling trying to find out what to do with my process hair, especially since I exercise 5 days a week. What really inspire me to go natural was when I seen a social media site of our sista’s posting pictures & blogs of their natural hair journey. I seen so many sista’s with different afro textures of hair, it had me wondering how do my natural hair look like. By having the confidence in myself to go natural & be free from relaxers, and seeing many of my sista’s have the confidence to go natural gave me a push as well.

    I really did love the era of when Lauryn Hill dropped her album “The Mis-Education of Lauryn Hill. She came out an represented for the dark skinned sista’s especially wearing her natural hair in locks. What was even more great during that era was black men hype a natural hair dark skin sista up that looked like them.

    Tariq Nasheed talks down on black women period especially dark skin sista’s. Furthermore, he have said many negative comments about the black conscious community especially when they were the ones promoting his movie “Hidden Colors.” Tariq Nasheed is a con-artist.

    • Tariq is a phony. He talks real slick about conscious brothers and sisters but then profits from the information. He talks out of both sides of his mouth. I think the natural hair movement is a good thing also. I think it’s great more black women are embracing it. I miss the Lauryn Hill era also. The mid 90’s were a better era of hip hop in my opinion. Nowadays the rap music on the radio is pure garbage! I can hardly listen to it at all.

  3. Thank you KP and all other conscious brothers who have the presence of mind to support sisters on our journey of accepting ourselves as God created us. The moral support from our men is necessary as we struggle to uplift our Black nation while raising your children. Tariq Nasheed, just like Tommy Sotomayor, has made an absolute spectacle of himself for this public disgracing of the Afrikan woman who has psychologically struggled with her own identity while coming to terms with accepting our God-given natural beauty in a Eurocentric society. Shame on Tariq Nasheed for not acting to encourage his sister. What went through his mind before he decided to perform such a derogatory rant against His woman? Did he at least once think that it would in any way be encouraging or uplifting? Why openly reject a sister for trying to accept her own and be herself? And why It seems that black folks like Tariq are the only group of people who feel comfortable in publicly criticizing their own people? And to stereotype the natural black women the way he just did is inappropriate behavior that must come from a place of his own self-hatred. It reminds me of a tweet I saw that says: “If you are a Black man who has something negative to say about Black women; write it down, go home, and give it to your mom.”

    • Thank you Sunshine. I’m glad you liked the post. Tariq is just a wannabe pimp using conscious information to fatten his pockets. He should be trying to encourage and uplift his sistas. But it’s good because he’s exposing himself for the phony he is. Sometimes he makes good points about relationships between men and women. But overall he comes off as trying to be slick and dishonest.

    • Yeah that’s what I think too. He saw that the consciousness of black people was rising so he took advantage of it. he just wants to get paid. he’s not truly conscious or cares about the well being of black people.

  4. if you even been to canada or california you will see these mulatto women who are into smoking weed and some form of “spirituality”. kinda like a zaza ali. Tariq lives in california. Hidden Colors i didnt watch because its misinformation and its from the same intellectual vein as the naacp/urban league using authentic blacks to gain privileges for a selected multiracial group of people. Blacks are the cannon fodder. Hidden Colors a ton of anti African misinformation mostly about Europe and Asian.

    • Yeah I know what you mean. I thought he might be talking about the Lisa Bonet Tariq knew what he was doing with the Hidden Colors films. He did his research and went and got scholars he knew people already respected. So he got Umar Johnson,Dr Welsing and Shahrazad Ali to appear in the film. He just used their interviews and sound bites and made a film. He even raised over $60,000 on Gofundme for Hidden Colors 4. As long as people keep giving him money…he’ll keep the films coming.

  5. Great post. I definitely agree that Tariq was using broad generalizations in the video. He used the term “Bohemian” to describe Black women, amongst other exaggerated language and it appeared (on a subtle level) that he was attempting to tangentially connect the embrace African culture to defectiveness or inadequacy. A previous commenter alluded to his affinity for biracial women, which I suspect contributes to why he shows disdain for anything African.

    Tariq has serious credibility issues and I noticed his interactions with his callers, which appears very market-driven. In the same vein of the self-help industry he focuses on the perception of real change, like a placebo effect. He addresses these callers problems, which on the surface seem like “real” problems but often the root of their problem is much deeper and self help is usually innefectual at dealing with these anxieties. His “macking” angle is trivial and he focuses on too much unscientific nonsense like Neuro-Linguistic Programming, affirmation and Law of Attraction. All of which are not empirically based and do not rectify core issues, they just lead to more avoidance.

    • Thanks Kasai. I do see your point. He likes to pretend like he’s down for the people as if he’s pro-black. But he’s pro-black when it’s convenient for him. And his macking angle is getting very tired. He doesn’t know if he wants to be conscious, be a pimp, a mack or self help guru. Sometimes I think he wants to be the ghetto version of Tony

      • reminds me of certain commentators who masquerade as pro black intellectuals and their commentaries are replete with defeatist and divisive rhetoric and ideologies while slinging shit at the pro-blacks at the same time… real sly foxes I tell ya

  6. I get what you’re saying, however there ARE some black women that just annoy the piss out of me with their fake hippie, new wave, progressive white ass kissing bullshit. I think you know th ones I’m talking about. So let’s not pretend that those women don’t exist but yeah he shouldn’t generalize.

    • Yes I know some of them do exist. I addressed that already. But it should not be a license to put down all black women who are growing in their consciousness. That was the point of the post. I get tired of the negative attitudes and defeatist mentality. It gets old. When do we start growing as a people? When do we stop believing in the worst about one another?

  7. It’s not just Tariq Nasheed… I’ve noticed lately that there are certain verbal and outspoken brothers seem bizarrely fixated on accentuating the imperfections of black women through broad generalizations and cleverly veiled histrionics and even go as far as to promote interracial dating and marriage while slyly feigning a visage of consciousness and then these crafty foxes move to throw shade at actual conscious individuals who try to uplift their sisters…. We need to be on our guard against people like that

  8. I never cared for Tariq Nasheed. Why would any Black person who is truly conscious listen to a “concious” black man who give macking “advice.” I knew something was wrong with his “pro-blackness” then, lol. Not to mention, he’ s a anti-black misogynist. I’m glad I found this out, so that I won’t be making him richer by purchasing “Hidden Colors.” It doesn’t matter if he’s sharing knowledge, he’s still a self-hating, anti-black misogynist Negro.

  9. KP, I keep telling you we must be on the same wavelength. I just found out about Brother Sankara a few months ago when I was reading an African magazine. The brother’s conviction and the matching soulfulness in his eyes captures me, which moved me to post his story up on my FB page. Then, here you go (lol).

    • Really? Wow! You and I really are in sync!lol That’s good. We must really be on the same vibe at the moment. Sometimes people have the same mindset and really vibe together. That’s always a positive thing.

  10. “The pain that many black women feel comes from the fact that many feel no one cares about them.”
    This is really really true. Even if you tell yourself its not true, its a very insidious pervasive feeling thats hard to shake. I think its a combination of all the messages we receive from the world, and black kids in-general have to learn how to handle themselves at a very early age. We’re not very protected. But it is what it is, we’re targets for a reason; I wouldnt trade melanin for anything in the world.

    Just yesterday, there was a radio ad for a comedy show with mike epps and some other brothas. The whole 1-2 minutes, all they did was make fun of black women. Thats how they sell tickets. The event is held at a sports arena too, smh. I was angry, but we’ve been the butt of jokes for awhile now.

    One thing I noticed about tariq is he kept his wife (?) hidden for the LONGEST time. He would refer to her as “my lady” and never ever show her. He loved to physically tear apart black women, so he didnt dare show his significant other.
    But after that beef with griff, suddenly he was so in love with his “wife”, now her photos are splattered all over his IG, and he now wears a wedding band that he postures for everyone to see. He now goes overboard with the image of family man. But whatever, he found some young woman who will put up with him, so its her problem.

    Much appreciate this brotha ✊🏾🙏🏾🌞 This is true soul food…

    • Thanks sis. I’m glad you liked the post. I just tried to be honest about how I felt. I think it’s wrong how some of these black men make fun of sistas. They don’t realize how stupid they look. They look like morons! Mike Epps is a loud mouth fool. And Kevin Hart is a self hating coon with a short man complex. I tuned those guys out a long time ago. They don’t care about their people…only the money. Tariq had many people fooled. He gave a lot of black people some knowledge with his Hidden Colors films. But it was all a farce. He’s not some deep conscious spiritual brother. He just did those films because he saw a growing interest in the black community. Many of our people are hungry to know thier real history and culture. And he just jumped on the bandwagon. He is NO Marcus Garvey or Malcolm X. He’s just a pick up artist who pretends to be conscious as a hobby. His whole act is very tiring.

  11. is developed to serve as a social and dating network, exclusively catering to culturally and socially conscious black people! I created this site to help my people find conscious compatible dates and spouses, so that they may become fruitful and many. I wanted to create an environment online for my people to rejoice and relax in their own skins and among-st like minded folks. Ase

    • Thanks for the link Raymond. I had a friend tell me about this site about a month ago. I haven’t checked it out yet. But if it’s a way for brothers and sistas of like mind to hook up…that’s a good thing! Thanks,I appreciate that.

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