Bill Cosby: What’s real and what’s not

This is a good video by Dr Rick Wallace. He gives a great breakdown of the Bill Cosby rape allegations. He makes some very solid points about the allegations that many people might not think about. He also speaks on rape and incest in the black community.


The ongoing saga surrounding Bill Cosby has created some interesting dialogue across America and the world; however, I will argue that the discussions and debates that should be sparked by this story are, for the most part, going unaddressed. While I believe that we need to discuss the veracity of the accusations that have been launched against Bill Cosby, and with the latest bit of information that has been released, there is definitely a dark shadow hovering over him; however, I believe a significant portion of the energy directed at this story will be better served engaging the enigmatic issues that are at the core of the story — rape, incest and molestation in the black community.

It is extremely difficult to decipher the statistics that are presented on these issues due to specific biases; however, on any level, we are dealing with an epidemic, and it is causing devastating effects. Based on academic studies and experiential observation, I would argue that no group of females on the face of the earth has been the more victimized when it comes to incest, molestation and family rape than the black woman. This is not to marginalize the struggles of any other group, but those who know me understand that my focus is always on improving the condition of my people, before engaging the needs and struggles of any other group.


Until we seriously engage the questions and challenges that are presented through the perpetuation of this type of behavior and the neglect in properly engaging these issues, we will continue to struggle as a collective group. Ignoring incest, rape and molestation, or marginalizing it does not eliminate or mitigate its nefarious impact on our culture. The massive gulf that exists between the black man and the black woman is, at least partially, the result of these unaddressed issues. Every time that a black female experiences this type of psychological, physical and emotional trauma, and it goes unaddressed, she becomes fractured and dysfunctional. She may be able to overcompensate in certain areas to develop an appearance of having it all together; however, a closer anatomization of her mental and emotional state will reveal that she has become her own worst enemy, and you will probably find a trail of failed relationships that have manifested the horrific results of what she once believed she had left behind her.

There are black women who are struggling to maintain any semblance of a normal life, especially when it comes to maintaining a romantic relationship with a man. Her issues not only impact her ability to engage a serious and committed relationship in a healthy manner, but it also impacts her ability to effectively parent her children, which she will almost certainly have. To exacerbate the matter, one or more of her children may be the progeny of her abuser.


This black woman will struggle to trust men, making any type of healthy relationship with a man virtually impossible. When the psychological and emotional dynamics associated with child molestation and incest are considered, it is no wonder why so many of our women are fighting just to stay afloat. First of all there is the element of introducing and child to sexual activity long before they are mature enough to handle the repercussions that are associated with it. There is a general consensus that having sex too early in life presents multitudinous dangers. Although there is a difference in opinion as far as what age constitutes too early, most would agree that the age at which most molestation within the family environment, incest, begins, is far too young for a child to appropriately process what is taking place. This is the first phase of trauma and devastation, but it is not the only thing that they will have to deal with. Another dynamic, which may be even more injurious than the damage caused by the early introduction to sexual activity, is the fact that the assault is being perpetrated by someone that the victim loves and trusts. In fact, the perpetrator is often the very one that should be protecting the child from such dangers. This betrayal of trust is highly pernicious and its destructive impact can literally damage a person for life.

It is also important to understand that this type of trauma is not exclusive to black women. Young black boys are assaulted at an alarming rate, primarily by men — putting to bed a common myth that pedophilia is a white issue. The postulation that black men are not pedophiles is due to the fact that this type of behavior is often covered up in the family, and the perpetrator is often protected from prosecution, further placing children in the family at risk. Almost all of us have the uncle or cousin, or maybe father or brother that everyone in the family keeps their kids from. There is a reason for that.

What is even more alarming is abused people who do not get treatment are likely to abuse others. While females will generally manifest their issues through verbal and physical abuse toward their children, young males are more likely to offend in the very same way that they were violated. The perversion of such a natural act can cause immeasurable damage.

While this entire issue with Bill Cosby has brought out the ugly side of many people, I see it as an opportunity to properly engage these issues in an in-depth manner. Not only do we need to discuss these issues through open dialogue, but we need to develop a strategy to attack the issues in a manner that will produce efficacious results. We can’t simply sit around and talk about it, and finger pointing will get us nowhere. We need to create programs for victims of child molestation and incest within the black community. We must also be willing to provide the help that is needed by those who perpetrate these crimes — keeping in mind that they were once victims themselves.

While the Bill Cosby Saga may be intriguing to some, and an opportunity to strike out for others, we should be focused on the bigger issue here — lifting, protecting and healing our women and young men who are the victims of these merciless crimes. ~ Dr. Rick Wallace

29 thoughts on “Bill Cosby: What’s real and what’s not

  1. A very insightful and powerful post, KP. Tubularsock thanks you. It always seems that these types of events are so often placed in the “good-guy, bad-guy” context rather than really getting to the core issues. Wallace is right on point.

    • Yes Wallace made some very solid points. He made some strong points.The issue is more complicated than people realize. And Cosby is not unique in being accused of this. This goes on in Hollyweird quite a bit. And the powers that be have done a lot worse than what Cosby is accused of. The rabbit hole is much deeper than people want to admit.

      • Thank you for sharing this information. I also appreciate your perspective on this especially since I call it Hollyweird as well. This is definitely a cover-up for even more serious issues that go on in Hollyweird and the immediate families of all involved. there was a great video on YouTube some time ago about a black man who had prominence and the impact of his infidelity on his wife. It was so sad to see. Which brings me to Camille and her children.
        It is a well known fact that Cosby was unfaithful to his wife. Whether or not he was a rapist remains to be seen but there’s no question that his infidelity and absence from the home had a systemic effect on his wife and children. The pathology of holding on, keeping secrets, absent parents from the home, etc., leads to deviant behavior that manifest as drug and alcohol abuse, promiscuity and various other abnormalities mentally emotional and spiritually.
        Cosby’s home life was quite trouble and the impact of having his son murdered also raises eyebrows in the community of those who know about Hollyweird and its sacrificial lambs.
        So much of this is surface fluff and distraction, particularly if we are not going to look at the deeper issues. For example, how did the fact that Cosby’s father was an abusive spouse and alcoholic along with being absent from the home affected how Cosby related with others and his own family members?
        There was also another video on YouTube where Erinn Cosby discussed being approached inappropriately by Mike Tyson (
        All in all the culture of personality that pervades the Hollyweird scene, along with the culture of secrecy is a cesspool for many wounded souls, who leaving their homes seek fame, fortune, love and success in one of the most debased markets on this planet. The attraction is multifaceted as many of these wounded folks have used the performing arts to help them through it, MJ for example. But as so eloquently put in this article.. these wounded individuals most likely came from households where this behavior was routine, secreted, abhorred openly, and/or ignored. All too often the “victim” is not believed, or intimidated into silence.
        We know that young boys and young girls are being harmed in this fashion, but my question is, who is doing this to these children? If the majority of these cases are perpetrated by males, and the onus is that the male must have been sexually molested as a child, who did that to him? Was it another man, was it another female, was it both?
        These are the many questions, observations and analysis that needs to be done over all.
        Hollyweird will never take responsibility for its actions. We must make sure that we tell our children the dangers that may befall them there. In addition, we must create other avenues for the creative expression of our children, particularly those who have been abused so that they can express themselves creatively, in a free and safe environment.
        This is a very deep rabbit hole that contains child molestation, pedophilia, incest, bestiality, sexual exploitation, financial exploitation, creative exploitation and so much much more. And it happens all across the entertainment spectrum (sports & politics included). To quote Eddie Griffin “Black Stars don’t leave this Business clean.”

      • I agree with you. I’m not sure many people know much about Cosby’s personal life. I do remember the incident with his daughter Erinn saying Mike Tyson approached her. It’s funny you bring that up because I hadn’t thought about that in years. I also remember when his son wa skilled some things didn’t add up about that case. He was shot and killed on the side of the road. They say he was robbed but he still had on an expensive watch and his wallet had a bunch of money still in it. Hmmmmmm…makes you wonder. But I agree with everything you said.
        “This is a very deep rabbit hole that contains child molestation, pedophilia, incest, bestiality, sexual exploitation, financial exploitation, creative exploitation and so much much more. And it happens all across the entertainment spectrum (sports & politics included). To quote Eddie Griffin “Black Stars don’t leave this Business clean.” You summed it up very well!

  2. The issue of sexual molestation in the black community is indeed a very sensitive topic that many do not wish to address mainly because it hits a little too close to home for comfort. I myself am no stranger to this type of issue. Infact, this particular young man who happens to be a close friend of mine, in a recent discussion revealed that when he was a child an older male cousin more than ten years his senior molested him and not long after he was introduced to heterosexual pornography and also some older female cousins used to pressure him into involving in sexual acts with them. Now as an adult he struggles with his own sexual identity. He’s single by the way, never dated, never been in a relationship but none the less he struggles with conflicting thoughts about sexuality. For instance there are periods when he feels attracted to other men and would conjure up scenarios in his mind where he would be engaging in sexual acts with men and then there are other periods when he would feel attracted to women and would do likewise. And this issue is not only unique to him but to a lot of young black men and even older ones, especially those who in real life act out these fantasies and end up leading destructive lifestyles. Just goes to show just how devastating the effects of molestation can be on someone in the long run

    • My Good Kin Chrystal Emma..Thank You For Sharing, Which Has Compelled Me To Share A ” Mirror” Story As Well. A Very Good Friend Of Mine Recently Divulged To Me, That He Had Been Molested By An Older Relative–A Cousin Eye Believe. And That When He Was 9 Years Old Visiting Family In The South, 2 Or 3 Of His Older Male Cousins Took Him In A Room, Pulled His Pants Down And Attempted To Force Him To Have Intercourse With An Older Female Cousin, Who They Of Course Had Pinned Down. All The While Punching Him In His Stomach And Ribs Saying ” We’re Gonna Make You A Man”…You Are Getting The Much Edited Version Of The Tale, But He Has Grown Up & Gone On To Experience Romantic Relations With Women & Men, And Is Now Exlusively Homosexual. Even At 52 Years Of Age, He Shared This With Tears And Is Still Quite Affected By This “Induction Into Sexuality”. What Eye Am Zeroing In On Is The Fact Of The Many Untold Stories Out There So Similar To What We’ve Shared, Involving Our Brothers As Well, And The Dysfunctional Pathological Behaviours Inherited By This “Induction”…We Have A Great Work Cut Out For Us!

  3. Thank You Kin Kushite For This Powerful Post…As Eye Pointed Up Earlier In A Previous Discussion With You..There Are Quite A Few Issues To Address & Heal, When It Comes To This Imbalanced “Hydra Headed” Movement Of Sex On This Planet! This Post Of Course Dealing With One Of Those Heads….If Your Not Already Aware, There Is A Sister By The Name Of Kathleen Griffin-Grinan Who Is An Activist In Houston Texas. She Founded A Program Called “Been There Done That”, And It Supports Former Prostitutes And Victims Of Sex Trafficking (She Herself Having Experienced That Life) Helping Them Work Through Their Trauma And Begin Living A Life Away From The Sex Trade. Not To Step Outside The Scope Of Your Post, But As You Can Imagine Many If Not All Of These Women Have Experienced Molestation. It Is Good To See That These Issues Eating Away At The Integrity Of Our Humanity Is Being Addressed…

    • Thanks for the comment. I will have to look up Kathleen. Thanks for the heads up. I agree that issues such as sex abuse,molestion,rape and the sex trade must be addressed. We have to tackle these issues head on. I’m with you on that.

  4. I questioned this from the beginning; why now? NOT ONE spoke out until 2014?! It just didn’t sound right. And then when I found out the positive moves Bill was trying to make with a Black network. And how this had happened to him before and it got me thinking it was a set up. Then I felt horrible because I’m thinking maybe he did do it and those poor women didn’t know what was going on. It is still messy and confusing to me.

    Thank you for sharing this. Definitely some great points made by Dr Rick.

    • I felt the same way when the case first came out. The timing on it was very suspect. There is definitely something fishy going on here. Although I don’t think he’s totally innocent. I feel he should be pay the price if he did what they say. It’s just I don’t see much proof. Just all these women keep coming out and we are supposed to assume that it’s all true. Some have already been revealed as liars. I also find it hard to believe a black man could get away with raping mostly white women back in the 60’s and 70’s and not be penalized for it. Even if the black man is a celebrity it’s hard to believe. There’s just a lot questions about these accusation.

      • Right! No way would he get away with harming so many white women, regardless of status. Too many questions for me to believe it all to be true.

      • The Media gave us Bill Cosby, a relatively unknown comedian who reached meteoric stardom. They made Bill Cosby and gave him certain privileges that they would not give to any other Black man during the 60’s & 70’s and like Fred Sanford would tell us, if the white man is doing it than it must be right. Remember how he wouldn’t go to a black dentist? Well, during that time we too were struggling if we could trust a Black professional “anything” over a white one.
        Once Cosby was sanctioned by “white America” then Black America felt it was safe to throw their support behind him.
        What we miss out on is that it is a selection process. They chose Bill Cosby and the Media took it from there. They gave him position and status in their circles, rubbing elbows (and whatever else) with “their women” and basically making him part of the in crowd. Couple that with the fact that he was a “clean comic” on stage, which was another part of the selection deal. He was a favorite of not only blacks but he WAS ACCEPTED BY WHITES! This little caveat is missed in the debate. It has a lot to do with we as a people and how we, especially during those times, aligned ourselves with those “Black Folks” that white folks approved of.
        Now as before, there is a different atmosphere around our feelings about successful Black Folks, we don’t need the sanction of the “White Man” as much as we did in the past, but how trusting are we of a successful Black professional, unless the White man says so. This is just another nuance of this whole situation and its impact on the Black community. When we go to the root, the actual history of this man and how he became a superstar, we can clearly see that it was part of an agenda. Was it a divide and conquer strategy, as we know there were other comedians, more like Black Market comedians who were NOT embraced by white audiences.
        The question remains, what price did he have to pay to be the Hollyweird’s Manchurian Candidate?
        Cosby took the bait, he agreed and that meant he had to do whatever they said. I am almost certain he was guaranteed millions and a pristine image in the public eye. News outlets and tabloids would not be allowed to defame him in anyway or suffer the consequences. They protected him from the peering eyes of the public and maintained, sustained and protected the illusion they created call Bill Cosby, the clean comic, who appeals to all audiences world wide.
        His attempts to cover his tracks through philanthropic donations and support to the Black Colleges etc., was most definitely done by his wife, Camille, his business manager. She was behind every single act of charity. Was that her effort to conceal his backdoor deals and prop up his reputation keeping him squeaky clean in the eyes of the masses, but behind closed doors, anyone who knew him personally knew a very different guy. This is true.
        Cosby’s head is on the chopping block. He is no longer needed. His chip of protection has been removed. He has been thrown back into the pool of Black American opinion, that is, much to his dismay, an opinion that is shaped and manipulated by the powers that be. Cosby became a house nigger, to coin a phrase, but once he completed his chores he was thrown back into the field with the rest of us along with all the shuckin’ and jivin’ he did to keep his house nigger status.
        A person who does not learn the lesson from his past history is bound to repeat the mistakes in his future. We must become more discerning as a people. We must support our own whether or not they get the stamp of approval from the “Wizard of OZ”. We must prop up those genuine folks who are in all sincerity attempting to improve our station in life on this planet. We must rally around the sincere folks who are making changes that will benefit our youth and generations to come. We must stop looking at our people through the Willie Lynch lens and work with those who have shown their honest nature and achievements. We have so many others scientist, inventors, statesmen, philosophers, educators and performing artists who are deeply dedicated to the emancipation of our people and are not simply perpetrating a fraud hand crafted by the Elite Media Moguls.
        Once we get there it will be very difficult for anyone to sully the image of these dedicated men and women.
        Again, I say, the Media gave us “Cosby” and the “Media” has taken him away. We need to think about how duped we have been and continue to be by Mass Media and develop discernment, particularly when it appears that a White Supremacist culture has seemingly stepped beyond their racist inclinations in support of a person of color. In the final analysis, if we can identify this issue as racially motivated, we cannot in all honesty, see any of his meteoric success that has proceeded this current attack on Bill Cosby as any more than a part of a racially motivated agenda of power and control.

  5. Brother Rick Wallace made excellence points in the video. We do need counseling & spiritual centers for victims that has suffer from incest, molestation, & rape in the community. We also must carry out rules & regulations for criminals who do these crimes on their victims. I strongly believe in a public lynching for anyone who do these crimes in our community you must be castrated. The reason why these perverts keep doing these crimes because we as a people allow it to go on.

    I think its more to this Billy Crosby case then what we think I strongly believe someone higher up is after his money or wanted something from him that he refuse to give them. I find it more hard to believe that these white women were being rape by a famous black man especially during the 1960’s & 70’s when black men were still being lynch for raping white women.

    • P.S.
      Eddie Griffin & Rick Wallace were right a black man or famous black person at the top of their careers will never leave without a scandal. Some of these individuals had drug addictions which left a negative impact on their careers.
      These are some examples of famous black celebrities:
      Michael Jackson
      Janet Jackson
      Whitney Houston
      Ike Turner
      Marion Barry
      Barry Bonds
      O.J Simpson
      Diana Ross
      Marion Jones
      Sammy Davis Jr.
      Nina Simone
      Natalie Cole
      Mike Tyson
      Sam Cooke

      • And let me add Richard Pryor to the list.
        the irony of this is that Hollyweird’s victims come in all shades. It’s Hollyweird’s way of doing business. You either do what you are told or you will go down, it’s that simple. They set you up (access to drugs, alcohol, luxuries, money, etc.) and then set you up (hidden cameras, spies, blackmail). There are handlers and Monarch Programming that goes on full speed. Let me mention Amy Winehouse, Robin Williams, Marylin Monroe, Tupac, Britney Spears and many, many others.
        If you study what the purpose of the “media” is for, then you can see how it is designed to control the masses. Look up what they did to “Rap” and “HipHop”. Look at what Walt Disney did/does. How about Nick Jr. I could go on and on, but there are enough YouTube videos where you will find Hollyweird whistleblowers telling their stories. Here’s one that you may like to see.. if you haven’t seen it already..

      • Yes I’ve seen that video before. It’s very eye opening, I’ve seen similar videos on Youtube. Disney and Nick Jr are destroying the minds of the youth. I’ve been doing research on television,films and MK ultra for over fifteen years. Monarch programming is a mind-control technique comprising elements of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). It utilizes a combination of psychology, neuroscience and occult rituals to create within the slaves an alter persona that can be triggered and programmed by the handlers. Monarch slaves are used by several organizations connected with the world elite in fields such as the military, sex slavery and the entertainment industry.
        Throughout the course of history, several accounts have been recorded describing rituals and practices resembling mind control. One of the earliest writings giving reference to the use of occultism to manipulate the mind can be found in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. It is a compilation of rituals, heavily studied by today’s secret societies, which describes methods of torture and intimidation (to create trauma), the use of potions (drugs) and the casting of spells (hypnotism), ultimately resulting in the total enslavement of the initiate. Other events ascribed to black magic, sorcery and demon possession (where the victim is animated by an outside force) are also ancestors of Monarch programming. There’s a lot of good information if you know where to look. Many people are very naïve and don’t really know how Hollyweird operates. You said”
        “You either do what you are told or you will go down, it’s that simple.” That is very true. I’m not sure how many people really know this fact. Most think it’s all just glitter and gold. Not true. That’s how they lure you in.

    • I thought the same thing too. How could he rape all those white women back then?? I just can’t see the white justice system allowing that. That part just never made sense to me. It still doesn’t. I also think he pissed off some of the elite white/Jews that rune Hollywood. Just a feeling I get. I’ve seen this pattern over and over again.

  6. I don’t care what all these talking heads say- there is NOWHERE in this land of white supremacy where a black man can rape white women-repeatedly- without reprisal. Nowhere. Black people please don’t let these white snakes deceive you into believing something you already know to false.

    • Truth spoken here!! And notice how the DA was working over time to beat the statute of limitations? first they wanted money then when too many people called them gold diggers and whores out for a payday white folks were desperate to make it a CRIMINAL case. I completely agree that a black man could get away with so many rapes of white women especially when their BOSS aka Hugh Hefner is a far more powerful and wealthy man than Cosby. The first accuser claimed this happened when he was a NOBODY so you mean to tell me this young white woman that just got raped by a barely famous up and coming black man was just soooooo terrified of his non-existent celebrity status? riiiiiight!

  7. I’ve seen through this crushed peanut paste on white bread masquerade a long time ago. Unfortunately, many of us are still falling for it. I’m not gonna swear up and down that Cosby is innocent of all charges but in hindsight I believe he could have had sexual liaisons with some if not all of these women. But for them (and I have said this time and again) to come out now after practically half a century, and these are mostly white women, is very suspect. I believed Bill Cosby pissed off some powerful white devil and now he’s getting spit-roasted. I guess he got a little to uppity… When you make a deal with the devil, he always comes to collect…. deuces

  8. I respectfully disagree. No, what happens to our women is a very, very serious problem, but they are definitely not the worst victims in any of the categories you named among any ethnic groups. Not that that excuses the perpetrators against our women in the slightest.

    “Black men are not pedophiles…is a postulation”. No, only a very few black men commit this heinous act. The vast majority of us are not involved in that. Also, the media definitely covers those who do(not just news, but movies like For Colored Girls, etc).

    I do not know why the doctor has to include this subject on his video on Bill Cosby. I believe he is trying to stop the problem and has done what he thinks is right to help the victims but Cosby and this problem are not related. This problem has to be stopped, but it makes no sense to mention it alongside Cosby.

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