Black Homosexual sellouts attack the legacy of Frances Cress Welsing

The elder Frances Cress Welsing just passed away yesterday.  It’s a huge blow to the black conscious community. She dedicated her life to trying to wake up black people to the evils of white supremacy. She will be greatly missed by those of us who love truth,justice and black liberation.  Her work will live on….as well as her spirit.   But the devils have already come out to attack her legacy. The homosexual assault continues against our people.  Reporter Marc Lamont Hill(closet homosexual) has attacked her great legacy.  It shows you how low these black sellouts will go to please their white masters. Check out this video if you can stomach it.  This is highly disrespectful!


This is also another great video that exposes the low life bastards throwing stones at Dr Welsing.  These black people are the lowest of the low!

64 thoughts on “Black Homosexual sellouts attack the legacy of Frances Cress Welsing

  1. I just came across his comments on Facebook before he deleted the post lol. He’s just ranting. Knowledge doesn’t appeal to everyone. She spoke at a frequency that did not resonate with many.

    • Not surprised by Hill. It’s obvious he’s a damn coward. I always had my suspicions about him. I always thought he was a sellout ass kisser! Now I know he is! How dare he speak against this great woman after she just passed. Just a traitorous negro! A low life homosexual! I’ve decided in 2016 I’m pulling NO punches. I’m calling out all those that insult our great elders and sellout our people. He’s just one of many. But we can’t let this type of behavior go unchallenged.

  2. First, I ask that the most high bless and receive our sister for her much-needed rest.

    A read an article today on called, “Diagnosing the New Negro” A friend sent it to me and I’m really glad he did because I had given up on Ebony. Anyway, reading that article with Don Lemon’s face pasted to it made me realize that Black people are at war with the entire world. At home and abroad they come at us. They label us “ankh niggers” which is so disrespectful on several levels. And the enemies that attack us aren’t white – they look just like us. They have these little slick ways of saying things that make it plain which team they are playing for. But to come right out and talk shit about Dr. Welsing whose body has not even reached room temperature is blasphemist at best. Then to do it publicly let’s the massive know you had no respect for her when she was alive trying to save your trifling ass. But, I’ll not stoop today because my heart remains broken. Tomorrow, however, I’ll let the tongue lashing commence.

    • Thanks for the link HLJ. I feel your pain brother. This is a huge loss. We have to be stronger more than ever. They want to destroy the image of all our heroes and sheroes. It’s sad because we have black devils willing to help them. And they will be called out. Thanks for that link. I’ll check it out. Stay strong and keep your head up.

  3. My our sister Dr. Frances Cress Welsing rest in peace. I would click on the video but I try my best avoiding self hating coons like Marc Lamont Hill.

  4. Some people are just lost. It’s either they lace their ramblings with profanities to cover up just how full of air they are like Walter Lee Hampton II, I saw his post earlier. Or they just talk big grammar like Jeffrey in the beginning. Seriously what in the name is “non-traditional Blackness”… “tyrannous voices of Black radical ridiculousness”… what rubbish, a man is just there practicing English. Literary practicing English.

    As for Marc… I can’t even. Then again I don’t blame any of them, this how people who are against themselves talk and no matter how lost someone is, there will always people to follow them.

    • You’re right Eshe. Some people are just low life traitors. Marc will get what’s coming to him. He dissed the Queen Mother?? That’s unforgivable in my opinion. he and his ilk are pathetic and a disgrace to the ancestors! These black homosexuals are vicious! And they hate anyone who doesn’t agree with their abnormal so-called lifestyle. Those fools will be dealt with!!

      • Yes they will fail. The righteous will prevail in the end. Any black person who sides with our open enemy is an enemy to all black people. And they will be treated as such. As a matter of fact,they are worse in my opinion.

      • I feel like that’s what many us need to realise. It’s not every brotha that’s a brotha. And them type of people must be recognised and treated as such. It sounds really harsh but it’s necessary.

      • Prince, I would consider their opinions “persona non grata.” They don’t even know WHO they are or what they should be representing. Weak and definitely not a threat to the white power structure. “They should be thinned from the herd.”

  5. Professor Black Truth gave a great response to these confused sociopaths. IMHO, Dr. Welsing did a lot to contribute to our understanding of whites’ psychology. It is up to us the continue to promote a proper understanding of our enemies through an Afrikan-centered ideology.

    • Thanks a lot Lumumba. I agree with you. We have to give Welsing her props for standing against these white racists. She was brave enough to show her face and speak truth to power. It’s easy for others to criticize her from the background.She helped raise the consciousness of many black people. She has earned our respect. But at least she had the courage to speak her mind and not back down. Thanks for that video! He nailed it on all points! Thanks a lot brother!

  6. I for one am not a fan or Mrs. Welsing. I felt she did a great deal of misinformation with this genitif fear non sense which promotes race mixing and one drop rule. I would have kept my mouth shut. I feel Welsing and Fuller Jr are misinformation agents personally. Never the less, sometimes its best not to speak. Most Africans dont even know her and thats how it should be.

    • Yes I know. You’re a hard liner. I personally don’t have to agree 100% with everything a scholar says. I can disagree with some aspects and still respect them for the work they put in. My personal beliefs lean more towards Bobby Wright,Amos Wilson and Khalid Muhammad. Besides I don’t think there’;s a person on earth we agree with 100% of the time. That’s very rare. I don’t ever remember her saying she agree with race mixing. She promoted black love and black relationships. Agent?? Yes I’ve heard this before. But people say that about many people. I’ve heard people say they think Umar Johnson,Irritated Genie,Tariq Nasheed,King Noble and Phil Valentine were all agents. I don’t think she was but you have to trust your own judgment. I think she put in the work and faced these racists face to face…she deserves our respect. I agree with brother Lumumba Afrika. She taught us a lot about white psychology. Back when many weren’t speaking on it. If you disagree so be it. We all have our own heroes and sheroes. Peace.

      • Irritate Genie was an Department of Homeland Security Agent. Do I think hes an agent now… No. But yes, I just though FCW had a soft side for Europeans. She humanized them too much. But she was not anti African nor said anything that I hated her. I hate Marc Lamont Hill, this faggot will NEVER get a reprieve from me on this disgusting non sense. I said nothing when this woman died. She deserved at least quiet. This faggot went totally out of bounds

      • That’s true. Marc hit an all time low with this one. Then he tried to be slick and delete the comment. It was too late! We know where he stands. And I got my eye on Yvette Carnell as well. She is a friend of Boyce Watkins. She said some slick stuff about Welsing too. We have to keep our eye on these sellouts. They like to talk like they’re for the upliftment of black people. But they have ulterior motives.

  7. Our beloved Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, through your work, you embody the principles of Ma’at as you have dedicated yourself to truth, justice, and righteousness for the oppressed Afrikan people. You spoke your truth and you always did so with respect and honor. Your heart is being weighed on the other side, and may it be as light as a feather; and for that, your soul will receive heavenly reward. To me, you have answered the “Why” for our oppression in a system of racism and white supremacy. Because of the light you brought forth, some of us are bound to further your work in finding the answers to the “What” we can do about it despite all distractions. You are honored. May your work, in all of it’s truth continue to give rise to our consciousness. Asé.

    • I’ve always had my suspicions about him. He’s one of those Ivy League high brow negroes. He reminds me of a gay guy I used to work with. They kind of have the same mannerisms.

      • I was just asking because I get the same vibe from him too. Like you said, my experience has shown me that many of the “high-brow,” ivy league, highly educated male negroes are indeed homosexual for some reason. I think I remember him saying he has a daughter though.

        Anyway, I didn’t look at the video but I”m disappointed in MLH. I used to really think he was the real deal. But as you and I know, the only way black folk will get national platforms (e.g., HuffPo, MSNBC, etc.) is if they become the voice of hite supremacy. So while I’m not shocked, I am disappointed in MLH.

      • Yes I know what you mean. A lot of people thought Marc was really for his people. But I think this is a good thing. It’s better to found out now rather then later. But he isn’t alone. There are a lot of negro talking heads on CNN,FOX,MSNBC etc. They are more than happy to do the bidding of their white masters. Many are in the Boule and must do what their masters tell them. None of them are for black liberation or justice. They are put in place to mislead the black masses. The deception is their greatest tool. It’s up to us to fight them at every turn.

  8. I’m not shocked that all the coons and sellouts are out on the attack. I heard Mark Lamont Hill speak before on various shows, but did not hear him speak ill about black people until now. I’m not shocked though cause remember what Trojan Pam said about these black celebrities and tv personalities: “Every time their given a mike their speaking ill about other black people. ” This is the case here. I haven’t listened to the video above and don’t plan on it cause I will not hear anyone speak ill of our great Queen Mother Dr. Welsing. If you didn’t agree with her fine, but keep your mouth shut if you don’t have nothing nice to say. Btw, wouldn’t you know Uncle Tommy Sotomyor would have somethin ill to say. I would think if he had some respect for at least a few black women, Dr. Welsing would be one, but damn that nigga is a BW hater to the core. Damn, I wish that nigga would dissappear he ain’t worth a shit.

    R.I.P. Dr. Welsing

    • Hello stranger. Welcome to my
      Yes she will be greatly missed. I saw that comment by Tommy a few months ago. It was a real low blow. Even for a low life like him. It’s apparent the gay mafia is in full effect for 2016. I was attacked by a lot of people when I exposed that the Black Lives Matter founders were lesbians. I tried to warn people that this gay agenda is for REAL. And the BLM movement is funded by white racists. But too many black people are stuck on stupid. They don’t want to hear the truth. Now that Welsing is being attacked by them..maybe some of them will wake up. They dissed the Queen Mother???? This means WAR!! I will not stand for this crap! If this doesn’t get you upset then nothing will. Know what I mean? I’m tired of the coons,Uncle Toms,Aunt Jemimas,self hating negroes,interracial daters,homos.lesbians and transgender fools! I’m not holding back this year. For 2016 I’m taking out all enemies of black liberation.I don’t care who I offend in the process. I’m taking no prisoners!

      • Spoken like a real man defending his queen’s honor. Brother, I feel your passion. It reminds me of the passion in Dr. Welsing’s response to Russell Simmons about his parody of Harriett Tubman, our most revered liberator. Her lashing on him was so harsh and yet so dignified, he had no other option but to check himself and apologize for his tomfoolery. I hope you can get the same reaction from the LGBTQI crusaders.

      • Thank you Sunshine. I remember that disgusting incident about Harriet Tubman. It was totally disgraceful! And I still have not forgotten what Russell Simmons did. He co-signed that so-called comedy sketch. I also suspect he’s a homosexual. I’ve heard that rumor for years about him. You know what’s weird Sunshine,Dr Welsing wasn’t even a gay basher. She didn’t hate gay people. She simply disagreed with the lifestyle and believed it was not something African people should engage in. What’s wrong with that? She has a right to disagree with that behavior. She spoke on gay issues maybe 15-20% of the time. The rest of her lectures were about racism/white supremacy. That was 80% of what she was speaking about. I hope you’re right about the LGBT leaders. Maybe some of them will see the “light”. We can only hope right?

      • I hear you bro, I will definitely not be holding back either….and you forgot the fake hoteps/pro-blacks. A lot of people (especially black women) are getting really tired of them too. They’re all over twitter and tumblr. It’s horrible and it’s frightening! Talkin pro-black while puttin other blacks down (especially Black Women). A blogger I follow on tumblr said she was contemplating deleting her blog (she speaks out heavily against misogynoir) because nothing is changing for black women and girls; people simply don’t value us…not even many of our “own”. *sigh* When will the degradation of Black Women end?

      • Yeah 2015 was a rough year for a lot of people.I had two people I was very close to pass away. It really hit me hard. I felt a lot of sadness then it grew into anger. I had to pull away from blogging for awhile. I’ve actually thought about quitting my blog. Sometimes you wonder if you’re reaching people. I know I am because people always tell me I touch on things other bloggers avoid. It can stress you out with all the fighting between bloggers. Yeah I’m working on a few posts about all the subjects I mentioned. Fake Hoteps as well. They really seem to bother people for some I think I know why. I got good posts coming soon. Stay tuned.

      • I’m sorry for your losses. It is very devastating to lose someone (s) you’re close to. My mom lost her friend this past August and it is hard for me to see her grieve because I haven’t seen her grieve like that before. We all have to pull away from blogging sometimes to rest our minds. All of us who blog go through the feeling of “maybe I should quit” cause it does feel that you are not reaching enough people sometimes. I believe it is our readers and our will to make a difference that keeps us going. That sure is the case for me, cause I sure feel like quitting sometimes. You do a great job with your blog and you touch on subjects that so badly need to be covered. Keep doing whatcha do, bro. I’m looking forward to reading your posts on these subjects. I know I will have quite a bit to say in the comments

      • My followers give me inspiration. They keep me going. Even if we don’t always agree it’s good to have the discussion on touchy subjects. I know some people get upset at me because of my subject matter. But it’s okay because I don’t do it so everyone will like me. It’s not a popularity contest. I honestly want to find solutions for our people. We are being killed on the streets and mentally enslaved. The media is pitting us against one another at every turn. So I must address subjects that others like to avoid. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I really appreciate it. You’re doing a great job on your blog also. I think many bloggers can learn from one another and see different perspectives in the process. I have some more posts I’m working on. I have some on interracial dating,dark skin hatred and Hispanics. Stay

  9. I remember watching her on Hidden Colours, brilliant woman and such a shame she’s gone now. She will be missed. I had to keep rewatching that second video, the narrator was totally on fire intellectualism mixed with pure unbridled bad-assery is just what the doctor ordered for dealing with coons like McCoon and Marc Lamont Hill. This year I sense is going to be a tempestuous one for us as a people , and I believe there’s gonna be gloom and doom around the corners for a lot of these coons and stroons and what ever other white ass kissing buffoons that may be lurking about. lol That rhymed. All in all, it’s a sad moment for us in the conscious community and I do hope she rests in peace.

    • I hear you Warrior. It’s a horrible way to start off the year. She will be greatly missed. You’re right,that’s a great video! He really spoke the truth in that video. That’s what we have to do in 2016. We can not let our great elders be disrespected. Any black person who does that is an ENEMY to black people and our struggle. And they must be called out!

      • abso-freaking-lutely they must be called out, you can’t accept nothing to drink from them folks, they creepy as hell, I rather drink punch from Jim Jones before I let them disrespect our elders. If this was like back in the day their asses would’ve gotten beat till they got nothing but two legs running up their back, they wasn’t finna have no more ass cause we was gonna beat it. Yes sir no sir yes ma’am no ma’am, you feelin me? lol

  10. I never knew Frances until now. Her commentaries and views are spot on in the destruction of the Black Male and substitute with a dress and a mentality that it’s alright to have relationship with other Black Males. Mark Lamount is just another example of a homosexual man destroyed by white supremacy and society and thinks it’s okay to “love” another man. He didn’t like what Frances said, and instead he was trying to discredit her work and legacy.

    • That’s true Omay. He was offended because she didn’t approve of the gay “lifestyle”. How petty is that? These people make me sick! That’s why we must call them out when they offend our elders like that.

  11. when dem start to talk and chat man, mek dem run dem mouth. You believe in Fadda God man, he will run dem out. Strength and wisdom we must have man try to seek dem out, liberate yourself and live man. Thank de fadda that ya grown and still alive, if you feel me roar it’s time to rise!!!!!!!! —— Alison Hinds Roll It

    • Thanks Courtney! That’s a good video! He makes some excellent points about trying to suck up to white folks. It never works out for us in the end. It’s better to have more self respect and fight for your people.

  12. R.est I.n P.urpose To The Elder & Teacher Francis Cress Welsing–Who Gave Me Much Insight Through The Isis Papers, & A Force In The Onward & Upward Movement Of Our Melanin Dominant Family…

  13. Not the biggest fan off Welsing, many things she said were not correct, especially saying whites fear race mixing when every race in the America’s has some negligible European DNA from race mixing. She was also extremely negative almost teaching Africans that there is nothing they we can do to stop European power. There is good things to get from her messages especially the breaking down of Africans brainwashed minds.

    As for Marc Lamont Hill, he will be put in the mainstream media as their mouthpiece for what they want blacks to sound and act like. Never expected anything from him, he is there to lead the negroes, don’t ever take him serious. No point in attempting to teach him on what eventually happens to coons, he knows what is going on, he should be excommunicated as best blacks can. In many other communities he would be as good as dead but the best we could do is continue publicly attack him and tell other blacks to not deal in anything (monetary) related to him.

    • I admire the fact that she spoke up against white supremacy. We need more people doing that at this time. I may not agree with all her theories but for the most part her heart was in the right place. I think many people take issue with her classifying biracial people as black. That’s something I take issue with as well.
      But Marc Lamont Hill is a gay piece of trash! He and all like him need to be dealt with. I think we really need a Black Mossad. But I do agree with your point about excommunicating people. We do what we can to call out these low life sellouts. She still was an elder. These faggots didn’t have to come at her like that.

  14. Many Blacks as well as noted Blacks always come out of the woodwork when a leader, noted elder or teacher passes away. But won’t talk ish when that person is ALIVE. Cowards. This speaks volumes about these igno”rant” asses. Even during the period that we were enslaved, we had self-haters in our circle. Allow these people to keep thinking that white supremacy is not going to come after their ass. And then sit back and and do NOTHING.

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