Divine Feminine Principle: Destroying it through Transgenderism and Homosexuality(Part 4 of 5)


In ancient Africa the divine feminine principle was revered and respected. The African woman was always the standard of beauty and true representation of motherhood. It was that way since time immemorial. But here in America and abroad  this belief is being destroyed.  The mainstream media is very much Anti-African and anti-woman.  These racist devils that control the media are doing their best to confuse the masses with this  abnormal sexual behavior.  Basically sexual perversion disguised as just another “lifestyle choice”.  This is not the way of African people.  All this talk of transgenders,lesbians and homosexuals is destroying the divine feminine principle.  If a man can dress up like a woman..then what’s so unique about womanhood?  What’s so special about being a woman if anyone can pretend to be one? The media is doing their best to create an asexual/androgynous society. If you’re a woman you should be very offended by what’s going on. Check out some of these videos and you’ll see what I mean.

This is the singing group AsiaSF. They have a reality show on Fuse TV.  They are all men. Is this a representation of womanhood?  I don’t think so. It’s obvious the mainstream meadia is doing everything to make the abnormal seem normal.  They are trying to get the masses to accept this stuff by putting it on television dramas,sitcoms,films and reality shows.  Black people should not be accepting this type of lifestyle. Transgender people are only 0.3 % of the population.  So why are they so prevalent on television?  This is issue is much bigger than just Bruce Jenner getting a sex change.  That was just the beginning.

FreediaGay Teens

Black Women


This is a great video by Bro Sanchez.  He gives a great breakdown on how America is really a Greek/Roman society.  The Greeks practiced homosexuality and lesbianism all the time. It was very normal in their culture.  This is very different than African culture. This totally goes against the Divine Feminine Principle. Here’s a great post about the attack on the sacred feminine.  It’s a very informative post on the Black Assassins blog.



And of course how could I forget Jazz Jennings.  This is the transgender teenager.  The little boy who always felt like a girl inside.  Of course the media doesn’t want to leave out the children in their agenda. Jazz is being interviewed by homosexual gossip queen Perez Hilton.  As you can see it’s all one big happy gay/transgender family.  What has the world come to?  We have he/she teenagers,gay tv hosts and homosexual athletes and rappers!  This is what progress looks like in Amerikkka. We need to cleanse our minds and our souls. All this nonsense creates an imbalance in nature and the universe.  There needs to be a balance between male and female energies to create the proper balance in the universe. The culture is changing because mainstream media is making it change.  Culture is not self-propelled.  There are people behind the scenes doing this on purpose to get rid of gender roles. This is a serious problem for people of African descent.

Black Fam2

We need to get back to the natural way of things. We need to understand that both men and women have an important role in society.  And our enemies want to destroy all of our ancient ways and traditions that have given our people strength and purpose.  This abnormal sexuality they are forcing on us is not the righteous path for our people. We need to get back to the Holy Trinity of Black Man+Black Woman= Black Child.  Anything other than that is not the righteous path and will send us to our condemnation.

37 thoughts on “Divine Feminine Principle: Destroying it through Transgenderism and Homosexuality(Part 4 of 5)

  1. I hear you and I agree with you 100% I am not buying this load of bullshit! When I hear of some ‘transgender’ getting $ucked up, it doesn’t upset me. You cannot pretend to be something you’re not and then expect someone to not get upset when they find out that you are perpetrating a fraud. If a person thinks they’re on a date with a man, then they have every right to expect that that person is indeed, a man and vice versa. And when they find out that they’ve been fooled and they bust up on some transgender, what the hell did they expect?

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I have no idea what is wrong with Black folks these days. This ‘gay’ mess was never us! We weren’t into this on the scale of the whites. I have no idea why this mess has exploded in the Black community, but they are no sisters or brothers of mine. I don’t condone that mess. And no, I’m not spiritual. I just know what’s disgusting and perverted to me and I want no part of it.

    So, Prince, AGAIN, I am 100% with YOU on this one! Count on it! Always!

    • Thanks Shelby. I know you see where I’m coming from. I think a transgender person should let you know upfront what they are. You got transgender people dating guys for months without telling them they are really men. That’s insane to me! That’s false advertising.lol They should let a person know then they can decide on their own if they want to keep dating them. Back in the day we had Rupaul twenty ears ago. But now gay/trans people are damn near everywhere. I can’t turn on the television without seeing homosexuals tongue kissing each other. And ESPN gave Bruce Jenner…Oops! I mean Kaitlyn Jenner a courage award earlier this year. They are doing everything to make this crap more socially acceptable. Well not here at Kushite Kingdom. I will keep fighting this mess. This sexual deviancy is nothing but perversion. I say live and let live but I don’t want this perversion forced down my throat. I definitely hear what you’re saying Shelby. I hear you loud and clear.

  2. I learn something from every one of your posts. Thank you. I was just talking about how I have to stop using the word “romantic” because of their disturbing history. Definitely open to suggestions!

    And I only watched Brother Sanchez’s video[awesome video btw] because I just can’t with the others. I saw an interview with “Jazz” awhile back on like Dateline or something and I thought: wow, THIS is news?? They are really shoving this gay/trans shit down our throats! There is at least one on every show or movie and even some commercials. And I hear there will be new pronouns for transgenders too. Did you ever see the episode of South Park where Cartman pretends to be transgender to get special treatment? SO stupid, but so on point! We really need to unplug and be mindful of what they take in, mentally and physically. And show our kids to do the same. We can’t afford to make this the norm.

    • There’s gay and transgender people everywhere now! I’ve seen it on shows like Empire,Glee,Rosewood,Gotham etc. Even back in the 70’s there were gay characters on shows like Three’s Company. And on dramas like Dynasty. But it’s been a slow progression. They’ve been trying to get the masses used to seeing women kiss women and men kissing. I’m sorry but it’s unnatural and gross. I can’t get down with it. I didn’t see the South Park episode but not surprised. South Park always pushed the envelope. But I’ve subliminal gay messages in cartoons like Sponge Bob Squarepants. They are trying to be slick and brainwash children. They want to get in their minds while they’re young and corrupt these poor kids. It’s a really sick agenda! They are trying to destroy sacred motherhood and principle of what is natural. That’s why you see homosexuals on every drama,soap opera and sitcom. We have to keep fighting against it. It’s an uphill battle but we can’t give up. This is an insult to the divine feminine principle. Transgender is NOT normal. I don’t care how much they show it in films and television.

      • Technically Jack wasn;t gay he was pretending to live there. That said I’m an old school child of the 70s/80s and this shit would NEVER fly with black folks 40, 30 even 25 years ago. You would never have black people defending this gay and transgender mess. On top of that Jenner wants to preach about ‘being yourself’ yet he CHANGED himself WTF?!! He’s such a hypocrite and sorry no he spent 65 years as a rich, privileged white male so you don’t get to see how the other half lives so late in the game. What pisses me off is stupid ass black people like black women on the blogs praising gayness so you are ‘mad’ that you can’t get a man but applaud MEN that are your new competition huh?!! Or saying that it’s the same as black people and the n-word uh no asshole gay people were NOT lynched in record numbers and getting gunned down by police left and right. Plus I have YET to see gay white folks standing up for us, so many black people are dumb as fuck!!

      • You’re right about Jack Tripper. He was pretending so Mr Roper would let him live with two women(Janet and Chrissy). I agree this would never fly 25 years ago. They are coming at us full force with this gay /lesbian crap. This mess needs to END. Bruce Jenner is a damn joke. They are making him/her the poster child for transgender. It’s so obvious this is all calculated to brainwash everyone. And I agree with you this is not the same as what blacks go through. I did a post a few years ago about the gay struggle nor being the same. How the hell is a sexual preference the same as a race of people? It’s an insult to our ancestors to even imply such a thing. That’s why we have to keep fighting the “gay mafia” that’s in Hollyweird. They are sick demented immoral bastards. And they want everyone to see the world the same way they do. Well I’m not standing for it. Hell NO! This is not the morals black should be following. It’s disgusting and unnatural. And at this point I don’t care who likes it or not! If they don’t like what I’m saying they can kick rocks!

      • Exactly! Live your life how you want but don’t try to force it on me. And they know a lot of kids are babysat by the tv. My cousin’s dad screens every movie before he lets his daughter watch. My sister and her son’s father watch everything their son watches and quickly turn it off as soon as something is iffy, which is so many things on tv these days. It’s a shame you have to screen kids’ shows! Some of them are created for kids that are not even in school yet! It truly is sick that they want them to see this shit as normal when it’s so far from it.

      • Yeah the television is a vast wasteland It’s sad to see young minds corrupted like this. The next generation will have a warped sense of morality. I think it’s important that parents monitor what their kids watch. It was important forty years go but even more so now. They have went in hard on transgender,homosexuality and lesbianism. They are doing their best to normalize this sick behavior. They come up with new terminology every other month. Have you heard the term pansexual? It’s a term for people that are attracted to men,women and transsexuals. Isn’t that insane?? They make up term on a whim! This European culture is destroying the minds of black people. We have to slow it down as best we can. The struggle continues Kelley.

  3. I’m ready for this whole gay era too just die because this homosexual agenda is being force down our threats to accept. What I find most disturbing is that I’m seeing young black children in elementary that are homosexuals. I have seen this with my own eyes while working in the school district. Furthermore I notice that some of these black children I work with have a homosexual mother who female partner lives with them. Our black children are seeing homosexual agenda being broadcast on media outlets & even in their personal lives.
    It also piss me off that you will see black women with a black gay male friend thinking it’s acceptable then complain about not finding a good black men. Many of these homosexual males are envious of women just the same as a homosexual females are envious of men. One for sure homosexuals can’t be trusted because they have treats in trying to turn someone out.

    • They want homosexuals to be just as normal as a heterosexual person. The agenda is in full effect! I feel bad for the kids. Growing up in this crazy environment will make it hard to understand that they’re looking at insanity.

  4. the transgender thing has gone even deeper, a few days ago, I came across this article about this Canadian man who left his family to start his new life as a six year old girl. It’s absolutely sick just to think about. People have always said that homosexuality and pedophilia go hand in glove and it’s true. These white elite powers that be have literally unleashed demons on the society….


    • WTF??!! Are you serious? This guy is a straight nut case! This grown ass man wants to be a six year old girl!lol This is sad and pathetic. This is European insanity! We got to get away from these insane fools! This man/woman is beyond sick!

  5. What the HELL is Big Feedia?! That THING is scary looking!

    Have you noticed all this gay and trans shyt is on TV has a black male face on it? With the exception of Caitlin Jenner, they don’t highlight this chyt with a white male face, do they?

    Kushite- what do you think of the black male heterosexual movement Irritated Geenie and them are promoting now?

    • Yeah he is a scary looking bastard. But that’s what they want to promote to the black youth. They are trying to reconstruct the black mans image. They want black men to be seen as wimps and sissies. That’s why you see so many gay black men on shows like Empire and other s. Genie is doing his thing. I’m not mad at him. His Straight Black Pride movement is really picking up steam. I’ve seen a few of his videos. They’re pretty good. That’s the kind of message we need right now. More power to him.

  6. Here is another transgender Amiyah Scott who had a guest appearance on the television show “Real House Wives of Atlanta” well rumor has it he will make a guest appearance to appear on the television show “Empire”. She has a large following of black women & homosexual males. If you read the comments on her post black women are so glamourize by this transgender appearance from his makeup to his hair and fashion. Also if you pay attention to these transgender women they try their best to emulate women and will not go a day without makeup.

    Also here is ex-football player Chad Johnson taking a picture with her as well. They use to tweet each other on twitter. I have this feeling they were having relations.


    Here’s another friend of his who comes close to looking like a real woman.

    Here is link of one of his friends that was an extra on the television show “The Game” who is also a transgender

    • Yes I’ve heard of Amiyah Scott. Scott has been getting a little fame as of late. And I see all his friends trying to get some Insta-fame from Instagram. These dudes are crazy! They’re going to get themselves hurt going around impersonating women like that. I’m sure they’ll fool a few guys out there. I usually look for an Adam’s apple,deeper voice or big hands. Big hands are usually a dead give away. But these fools are playing with fire. A lot of men will knock you out if they’re already kissed these guys. It’s not about being homophobic in my opinion. It’s about false advertising and not being honest with people. It’s all just disgusting to me! Makes me sick just to look at those pics.

    • Yeah I remember that he-she. He looks like a damn fool! They want to make a freak show seen as normal. I’ve even seen some transgender on Americas Got Talent. Look at this white he-she trying to be a comedian! The stupid ass audience is laughing at this stuff. How many times can you see a man in a dress and STILL think it’s funny? After awhile it’s old.

  7. We are different from the Africans but I agree that stuff is hurting the image of our women here. Like your other post Most of us blacks still oppose it but a lot of people support this. They will not stop promoting LGBT stuff.

    • Too many of us are being brainwashed by the racist,pro-homo media. It is definitely hurting the image of our people. This transgender stuff is way over the top. Most blacks and Africans oppose this abnormal behavior. But what do you mean we are different from Africans? Do you mean from a cultural standpoint? I’m not sure what you meant by that comment.

      • I apologize for the late reply. We a are just a completely different group and they will say that themselves. It will become more apparent later on. But yes, the black American female image is being hurt.

  8. @ Kushite Prince
    This situation has been bothering me for a while on how black women & girls are sexually preyed upon by men in the community. We have adult males preying upon black females old enough to be their daughters wether they are a young child or adult females. I had discussions with adult females that have stated that they have experience this same problem. I’m sorry but it should be a point in your life to draw the line to say too yourself this lady is old enough to be my daughter. Many women & girls are looking at these men as perverts.

    • Yeah I have seen this sick behavior as well. And women have told me this has happened to them. This behavior has to STOP! And these guys need to be called on this behavior. They need to be put in check! Nothing worse than a dirty old man. But you’re correct,they are perverts.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        It’s time for black women to come together & start protecting black womanhood . Yes black men support will be good too, but it’s time for black women to take a stand start respecting themselves & making others respect them too.

  9. This stuff is the norm for Europeans, anybody who has studied their culture would realize this, the fact that people who studied the Bible believe Jesus may be gay should be the starting point, (Jesus only called a man his beloved, never a woman).

    Their culture which mimics the ancient Greeks and Romans is heavily homosexual, even though it was a punishable by death act during the period known as Christendom there were many known homosexual (flaming and everything) who were monarchy and nobility and bishops in the church. This is a cultural practice which is ingrained in Europe’s psyche, same with paedophilia, remember the age of consent in the Western world was like 8 or 9 until the early 1900’s, due to the fact that the normal white people’s living standards actually deteriorated until then when their governments implemented social and health security to a degree, this period we are under where paedophilia is outlawed is fairly new and temporary to Europeans whereas Africans traditionally weren’t even allowed to touch children due to them not doing their rights of passage, then being taught African adulthood, most of this is long since dead due to outside interference in the New World and Africa itself.

    This is an old ideology to Europeans, not saying homosexuality wasn’t present in Africa but it was never prominent, nobody can find a society like Greece where homosexuality was valued higher than or equal to heterosexuality. They are reinstating it’s official pederast in their society and are now trying to force it onto others, like they once did with Christianity. The mass media is a powerful tool, what else is driving this other than that and liberal overrun social media, there is so much in the world that could be pushed to the forefront but as you can see white people are heavily in favor of homosexuality. This is another warning sign to Africans that Europeans very much are continuing their ancestors work of believing they are the moral people in the world, that they have the right to push people around and insert their way of life onto others willing or unwilling. This has never changed, don’t be fooled that they aren’t sending armies and missionaries but the ordinary whites are co-signing the trade embargoes, ‘international’ sanctions, blockades and removal of aid to countries who don’t accept their ways, this is the modern day equivalent.

  10. One thing is certain as their culture do not have a sense of family love, sexual, social, and more! I think this is because they do not have melanin in their bodies!
    As seen in their history they have showed that men of ancient Greece weren’t interested to sleep with women because they preferred to sleep with other men!
    I didn’t talk of white Americans because the Greek-Roman culture does not belong to them, but they have copied!
    One thing is certain white males and white females, they showed to everyone that they don’t feel attraction for one another, you can see their deviant behaviors!
    They have distaste for each other that they prefer love the same sex not to opposite sex, or pour the love in an animal or in children!
    This inability don’t love the value of the same family are sending to us, promoting models of women and which are not really women and men who are not really men! The best thing to do is turn off the TV!

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