Divine Feminine Principle: What is a Virtuous Woman? (Part 3 of 5)


The Virtuous Woman
We Affirm That:
1. A Virtuous Woman is not born, but she is made through daily, conscious thought and action.
2. A Virtuous Woman practices daily submission of the ego.
3. A Virtuous Woman prays for strength to do what is correct.
4. A Virtuous Woman is not of any particular faith, but she is a woman of faith in a Higher Source of power which gives her strength.
5. A Virtuous Woman honors the feminine and appreciates the masculine. She innerstands that harmony arises when both play their roles.
6. A Virtuous Woman is not perfect, but she strives towards the highest development of her person.
7. A Virtuous Woman is what I am.
She enjoys being a woman and her husband delights in her. She helps him to be a better man by being a better woman.

8 thoughts on “Divine Feminine Principle: What is a Virtuous Woman? (Part 3 of 5)

  1. ah so simple and true!

    I read something recently along the lines of : “don’t underestimate the impact your words and actions have on a man.” Of course they all play cool, but it matters! And you want to leave a positive impact on men and women, and not just potential life partners/romantic interests.

    This was good.

    • Thanks for the links. You always find interesting articles Courtney. I was glad to hear that the racist demon Holtzclaw was convicted. It was sick the way that animal was sexually abusing all those sistas. The mainstream media hardly even covered it. At least we got some bit of justice.

      • @ Kushite Prince:

        Thank you and you are welcome! I agree with you about that monster Holtzclaw! I hope that he rots in prison! These articles are very interesting. The comments on the BBW websites are VERY interesting, if you know what I mean. 😉

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