Divine Feminine Principle- Black Women return to your True Divinity (Part 2 of 5)

Earth is a title the righteous Black woman within the community calleed the Nation of Gods and Earths carries with pride. She is the Mother of Civilization and Queen of the Universe.

The planet Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun and 93 (9=Born, 3 = Understanding) million miles away from that energy source. Here, she is able to born understanding, or give birth to the best part of herself mentally and physically. She is secure in her position and it is through her perfect position that she sees her greatness and understands the divinity of her proper placement in the universe.

3/4ths of the Earth is covered with water. The refined Black woman covers herself approximately 3/4ths of the way, which will often if not always include her head being covered with a crown because she understands her culture and is free to be refined in it. By doing so, she keeps her best part which she considers to be her precious jewels preserved for those and only those who deserve it.

Those precious jewels are her mind and womb, which both have the ability to bring forth life. Her goal is to remain refined and respected. She is not striving to be looked at in a lustful way by men. She knows her worth and knows that being sexy or a “Diva” are not what she aspires to be. She is capable of being so much more. She walks with dignity and self-respect, has high self-esteem, and embraces her natural self.


She is the first teacher, and leads by example. Those who are around her see her wisdom through the example she sets. She also sets the standards by which her daughters want to aspire and her son’s would want their wives to be. She is a person that she herself would admire, respect, and keep close as a friend/sister.

The Earth has a Wise Dome and applies wise words, ways, and actions, respectfully. She is a P.O.E.T. This means tha she applies P.roper O.rder while E.xecuting the T.ruth using Supreme Mathematics as her guide. She is loyal, dedicated, and devoted to righteousness.

The Earth is humble, yet firm. Flexible, but not weak. Confident, but not cocky. She is a student and a teacher, thus will do the knowledge before ever manifesting a thought. She is constantly aspiring to gain wisdom.

The Earth is e-motion-al. Her Energy is ALways in Motion. She is in tune with these emotions, and brings clarity to them through peaceful evaluation of the situation at hand. The Earth remains centered and never allows her emotions to get out of hand by acting like a lunatic. She is always in control of her emotions (and if not, she is constantly working towards mastering them). Her emotions are a motivation to her. They prompt her to be motivated in doing what needs to be done.

There are 4 devils specifically she rebukes. They are Hate, Lust, Greed, and Jealousy

  • The Earth counters Hate  by agreeing to disagree, and by taking the best part of everything.
  • The Earth counters  Lust by avoiding obsession with sex, or anything that may lead to that obsession, like pornography, intoxication, or immoral peers. She understands procreation is a natural urge, but saves that urge for her King and God –  the one worthy of her.
  • The Earth counters Greed  by not misinterpreting material wealth or status as true wealth. She does not harbor selfish desires to obtain more than what is needed, excess material goods, social positions, or power.
  • The Earth counters Jealousy by wanting for her brothers and sisters what she would want for herself. She is secure in her perfect position in the universe and strives for greatness!



The Earth knows God. The 17th letter is Q (1 =Knowledge, 7 = God). She is a Queen. She stands by the side of God who is the Supreme Being. She is very careful when choosing a mate, her king, her God. She knows she is a valuable jewel and whoever should have her will be worthy.

The Earth has respect for her relationship with God. Her dealings with her God and their Universe are sacred. She honors him and what they have together. She knows the value and importance of the family structure; the man, woman, and child, never getting it twisted with monetary value. Therefore, she never has an “I dont need no man” mentality. She need him just as he needs her for life to go on.So as you can see, with all of her positive attributes and duties of greatness, the Earth definitely has a role and position not only within the Nation of Gods and Earths, but within all that exists. The Earth holds this title with her birthright, but she is righteous by choice. She is respected, protected, and loved.

Excerpts of this post were written by  Asad Malik and Sci-Honor Devotion.

16 thoughts on “Divine Feminine Principle- Black Women return to your True Divinity (Part 2 of 5)

  1. I love that Brother Sanchez has so much knowledge but he’s still so hood!

    SO much truth here.. there’s a lot I want to say but I’ll leave it at that. Great post.

    • Yeah I know what you mean. Bro Sanchez is a trip!lol He does speak in a very hood way. But it’s just the way he speaks. He is a very intelligent brother. I’ve watched many of his videos. I wouldn’t have uploaded that video if he wasn’t. But I think he did a great job in getting his message across. The bottom line is he loves black women and wants to inform his people. And for that,I give him props for that.

      • I mean I love the balance! You see a lot of “educated” brothers that don’t know any of this! Still praying to white Jesus, degrading their sisters with zero knowledge of self. It’s important to know your history and be street smart and know how to express yourself.

        I loved it. But , like I said, it’s too much to say in a comment. I hope to have more conversations like this. Thank you for sharing.

      • Yes I agree. We do need to have more conversations like this. A lot of our people are hurting and in a lot of pain. If brothers and sistas want to heal we must have discussions like this. This way everyone gets a chance to express themselves. and we can move forward as a whole. I think it will help the entire community in the long run. I’m hoping this series does just that.

      • I feel you. That’s why I can’t have real conversations with many co-workers. Most guys I work with can only talk about sex,sports and music. Their conversation range is very limited. I like to discuss a wide range of topics. Sometimes my blog is the only chance I get to do that. That’s why I appreciate the dialogue from my loyal followers.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        “Most guys I work with can only talk about sex, sports and music. Their conversation range is very limited.”

        I 100% agreed to your comment. When I talk too black men my age the conversation is very limited, sometimes I have to lower my frequency level to reach there’s. I like having conversation that can stimulate my mind but, sometimes I have to be careful because people will think I’m crazy, racist, or both. That’s why I limit myself from actually having conversation with people.
        When you look around to see what’s going on in the world being entertain off of ignorance is our number one priority. We live in a world that having common sense isn’t needed anymore. It was a time that listening to black music use to have powerful messages now its ignorance.

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  4. Bro Sanchez is on point. I think if he referred to the trinity as Ausar~Auset~Heru (Kemetic names) rather than Osiris~Isis~Horus (Greek inversions) his discussion would be more cogent, especially with regard to the core of his critique – namely Graeco-Roman distortions of humanity. Otherwise powerful!

    • Yeah I caught that too. I think the Kemetic names would’ve been better. But overall he hit the mark. Sanchez brings it pretty raw with no filter.lol That’s what I like about him. He breaks it down for someone who may be new to this type of information. So many of our people have been brainwashed by the lies of European his-story. We have to all do our part to make sure that black children are properly educated.

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