Divine Feminine Principle: How Black Women can become Queens (Part 1 of 5)


I love the idea of Sistahs being Queen. However, I must put emphasis on the word idea.  The problem that arises is we seem to have many misconceptions about the word, or title, Queen.  We must realize that in order to be respected as a “Queen” verses merely throwing the word around we must enter a regal state of mind.  Queens are: rulers, decision makers, calculated, poised, graceful, leaders, examples, the standard, intelligent, and persuasive.  Ladies it is not enough to say we are queens…that is lifestyle.  The power and strength of the title has a lot to do with our feminine grace.  We have been deceived to believe grace and class are a weak woman’s commodity. No Ma’am…may I suggest that they are our greatest assets.

We will NEVER beat a man at being a man.  No matter what the books say, No diss to Steve Harvey, but we must think like queens and act accordingly.  Men don’t need to be strong armed…they need to SEE a better way.  A true Queen can affect the hearts of men in her calculated presentation, understanding of self-worth and her standard…which she lives.  When a woman is the walking embodiment of power under control she doesn’t have to curse out a soul.  Her very presence will command the respect and audience she requires.

L Boogie

You see ladies we need not think like a man, because we cannot function as one and get his results.  Many sistahs have the best intention, and heart…but lose ground one they open their mouths and lose composure.  Let’s be honest here…how we engage a matter will determine our outcome.  We don’t like to be told this because it means there is no excuse for irrational behavior.

It’s time to actually walk in our Queendom.  Sistahs it is leadership at its finest.  Our lives teach inspire young queens to come, and build the expectation of young kings. Our regal nature cause young men to think “I have to marry a woman like her when I go up”.  We have it in us to be the ultimate chess piece…the most powerful piece on the board.  However, this cannot…and will not happen as long as we allow our hurt, past and circumstance to become the excuse for subpar behavior and a non-existent standard.


The idea that we don’t have control over our emotional state to the point we hurt ourselves, each other, our men, and children is scary.  No everything is NOT our fault…however we are the mothers of the community…the mothers of a nation so we must trust in our ability.  Yes we have been hurt, abused, neglected and mistreated.  Yet, we have the power and strength to enact a change that will live beyond our generation.

Let’s stand together and become true Queens in title, and right. When we own our Queendom as our lifestyle our men will guard us, and our children will bless us.  Sistahs I believe in you. The change begins with the bearer of life…you.

Article by Christian Starr

13 thoughts on “Divine Feminine Principle: How Black Women can become Queens (Part 1 of 5)

  1. “The change begins with the bearer of life…you.”
    I love the post & strongly agree with this statment. We as black women do whole the key to change our behaviors in which it would make some changes in our communities. Furthermore, we as black women need to learn how to control our emotions to get a better understanding of ourselves & others.

  2. @ Kushite Prince
    I remember having a interesting discussion around a group of black women. The topic that I brought up was, “do you have any respect for a man that would allow his woman to strip.” The response from black women were just sad, I only had a very small number that stated “no”, but the others stated its the woman’s decision. Some of the women felt that I was being misogynist on how I used the word “ALLOW.” I was even told that the decision shouldn’t be anyone’s business or you attract who you are. Like you stated in your post black women need to control their emotions. But when I have this same discussion with REAL BLACK MEN their responses was “no” and most of them weren’t even interested in seeing strippers exploit themselves.
    What most of these black women fail to realize if you don’t respect yourself no one else will. During slavery days black women were force to sexually exploit themselves now days they are willingly allowing themselves to be disrespected. It was a time when black women had respect in the way they dress & carry themselves especially trying to protect black womanhood. I feel sorry for the young black girls now because we as black women are setting low standards with no morals or values. Even though I dress conservative, I had one black woman tell me I have a nice butt for twerking and other black women I have a nice shape to wear “THOT” wear. Its very sad the mind set that black women have these days.

    • I’ve had this discussion many times. I think sistas should be careful how they carry themselves. It’s important how people perceive you. But we are dealing with modern women nowadays. They want to have careers and be independent in all areas. So they feel they can dress like thots and act like whores and still be respected. Why?? I think it has to do with the overbearing man putting standards on them. They see gender roles has shackles that must be broken. They feel they can do,say and act anyway they want to…and not be judged for it. It doesn’t make sense to me. But that was why the lesbian/feminism agenda was introduced in the 60’s and 70’s. Gloria Steinem was a CIA operative that worked for the government to divide the black movements. As well as to push integration. As you can see things didn’t turn out too well. We need to learn from our mistakes.

      • Thanks Lavern. I’m glad you see where I’m coming from. We all have to behave in a certain manner if we want to be respected. But that is not only for sistas. That goes for black men also. If you want to be looked at and respected like a king…then men need to act like one. None of this pants sagging,ignorant acting and thug mentality has to go. Like attracts like. Brothers who act like sex crazed fools can’t expect a queen to give them the time of day Know what I mean?? People need to understand they WILL be judged according to how they carry themselves. That’s just facts.

    • Yes the pics are nice. I just wanted to do this series to uplift my sistas. Yes they have their issues and they’re not perfect. But they are still my sistas and I love them. Lately I have seen a lot of black woman bashing on Twitter and Youtube. And I’m really sick of it! It’s time for brothers to uplift black women and stop putting them down. We are ALL we got. We all better realize that fact.

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