This Holiday Season, Support Black-Owned Businesses

Very important post. And something that is very much needed during this season. And beyond the season for that matter.


Today is December 1st and the shopping season is well underway. For many of us, shopping judiciously for that one cute gift will be the norm. This holiday season as corporate America begs us for our money with extended deals, cheap plastic goods, electronics that break after three uses and useless labels from wealthy celebrities, we must choose wisely where and with whom to give our money.

Black Wall Street was intentionally destroyed due to the simple fact that we shopped with each other and grew immensely wealthy. Envious whites and an evil government plotted how to take our wealth away and transfer it into the hands of whites. Til this day, we’ve NEVER recovered. Why? Because:

The black dollar must leave our wallets every fifteen minutes.

Black Family,

Please support struggling black businesses! Here’s an interesting article that you’ll enjoy from Official Black Wall Street:

Black Friday is…

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7 thoughts on “This Holiday Season, Support Black-Owned Businesses

  1. @ Kushite Prince @ Diaryannegress
    I thank you both for bring this to our attention. I hope this will start a trend among our people to stop supporting these non black businesses that don’t give a damn about us. You seen what happen with our “BLACK AFRICAN SISTAH’S” around the diaspora started having creamy crack withdrawal the sales of relaxers dropped 26% because our sistah’s were going natural/

    • Can’t do nothing but praise black women for doing well for themselves, hope this is constituting to a gain in black business revenue. I can do nothing but praise this, these black misogynists can’t mess with this I know the movement is also massive in Brazil and certain parts of the motherland so it shows you black women can internationalize and work together on black women’s part, economic organization needs to be a movement that is internationalized.

      • @ AfricaNeedsToOwnItsResources
        Thank you, I just can’t wait till the day we completely shut the Asian beauty supply stores down.

        @ Kushite Prince
        You might have seen or heard of a new expensive toy on social media that our people are buying call a hoverboard. I have seen mostly grown black males riding this electronic toy. The people who I saw first riding this product/toy were young white males, I guess the company knew they would make more money if they advertise it toward blacks. The cheapest hoverboard cost $300 but the more expensive ones are around $800. When black celebrities were being seen riding/advertising this toy our people decided to follow. Our fellow black entertainers are on a bigger platform to make changes to the community because our people will listen. Just picture the amount of money our community could have saved by supporting black own businesses with the money they use to purchase the hoverboard.

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