Who were the Neanderthals?? They sure weren’t Africans!


If your heritage is non-African, you are part Neanderthal, according to a new study in the July issue of Molecular Biology and Evolution. Discovery News has been reporting on human/Neanderthal interbreeding for some time now, so this latest research confirms earlier findings.

Damian Labuda of the University of Montreal’s Department of Pediatrics and the CHU Sainte-Justine Research Center conducted the study with his colleagues. They determined some of the human X chromosome originates from Neanderthals, but only in people of non-African heritage.

“This confirms recent findings suggesting that the two populations interbred,” Labuda was quoted as saying in a press release. His team believes most, if not all, of the interbreeding took place in the Middle East, while modern humans were migrating out of Africa and spreading to other regions.

The ancestors of Neanderthals left Africa about 400,000 to 800,000 years ago. They evolved over the millennia mostly in what are now France, Spain, Germany and Russia. They went extinct, or were simply absorbed into the modern human population, about 30,000 years ago.


Neanderthals possessed the gene for language and had sophisticated music, art and tool craftsmanship skills, so they must have not been all that unattractive to modern humans at the time.

“In addition, because our methods were totally independent of Neanderthal material, we can also conclude that previous results were not influenced by contaminating artifacts,” Labuda said.

This work goes back to nearly a decade ago, when Labuda and his colleagues identified a piece of DNA, called a haplotype, in the human X chromosome that seemed different. They questioned its origins.

Fast forward to 2010, when the Neanderthal genome was sequenced. The researchers could then compare the haplotype to the Neanderthal genome as well as to the DNA of existing humans. The scientists found that the sequence was present in people across all continents, except for Saharan Africa, and including Australia.

“There is little doubt that this haplotype is present because of mating with our ancestors and Neanderthals,” said Nick Patterson of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard University. Patterson did not participate in the latest research. He added, “This is a very nice result, and further analysis may help determine more details.”

David Reich, a Harvard Medical School geneticist, added, “Dr. Labuda and his colleagues were the first to identify a genetic variation in non-Africans that was likely to have come from an archaic population. This was done entirely without the Neanderthal genome sequence, but in light of the Neanderthal sequence, it is now clear that they were absolutely right!”

The modern human/Neanderthal combo likely benefitted our species, enabling it to survive in harsh, cold regions that Neanderthals previously had adapted to.

“Variability is very important for long-term survival of a species,” Labuda concluded. “Every addition to the genome can be enriching.”

16 thoughts on “Who were the Neanderthals?? They sure weren’t Africans!

  1. White people and their power of projection, for centuries they was talking a whole lot of shit about how Europe is the cradle of civilization, Africa is backwards, Eurasia is where humanity started and Africans aren’t even human, those lies inevitably fell apart as soon as the whites got better understanding of science and archaeology, so they have gone on mass rampage of disguising, lying and hiding evidence. This alone shows you being racist and believing you are superior is part of their culture not ours, Africans never ever thought of other people whom they barely had knowledge of in such a manner, (incredibly) we still don’t even after all the mistreatment at the hands of Europeans, Arabs, Mulattoes, Mestizos in the Americans and anywhere else we are.

    They claimed we were everything they are, uncivilized, Africans was farming from way before 8000 BC (when the Sahara was still grassland and rainforests and West Africa was mostly impenetrable thick forest) when Europe was still filled with hunter gatherers, what exactly did Northern Europeans or Eurasians from Central Asia (Caucasus mountains) achieve before the Romans conquered them, absolutely nothing, they were little more advanced than the primates they claimed Africans were, in fact Northern Europeans in particular achieved so little that they went about bastardizing Latin: Germanic Franks became the the French (what happened to their German dialect and history, there was nothing of note), Anglo-Saxons became the British (copying the Roman name Britannia when they were never present during the Roman occupation), the Vandals and Visigoths became the Spanish and Portuguese, the Lombards became Northern Italians (check the region Lomabardy in Italy), the Vikings became all different groups from the islands north of mainland Scotland to Sicily, some Vandals even went on to become Algerians. They also claimed Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Christianity (still those crackers also stole from Africa namely East African civilizations) when the book clearly never applied to them as their nations never even existed when the book was originally written, where is the Vatican City (pretending they were the rightful heirs to Rome just like Rome did to Greece and Greece did to Egypt, notice a pattern). Guess George GM James was right, Stolen Legacy indeed.

    Call us animals, closer to beasts, non-human but they are the best suited for such a title their own scientific, anthropological and archaeological evidence points this out. They simply downplay the differences between Africans and non-Africans because their lies that we weren’t human have been unequivocally destroyed, and the facts are out; Sub-Saharan Africans are the only 100% pure humans. As for this dirty mongrel white whore he ‘protected’ for centuries, purest of the pure, hahaha. Originally the white man projected using science that the white man is the only human, when he is mixed with this non-human inferior beast the Neanderthal, who was so inferior that the species is extinct (what happened to their boasting about natural selection and the survival of the fittest?). Whites then projected an image of blacks as the lowest, stupidest of the races, but Africans are the best educated (if that’s what you want to call it) group in America, Canada and most of Western Europe, so now they pick on (educational wise) Afro Americans and Caribbean who have largely adopted stupid, violent white trends and norms, nothing inherited, proof right there but the media ignores this fact about our genetic kinsfolk which would destroy their myth of blacks and naturally low IQ. Oppositely they now have downplayed race to now where Liberals have people saying stupid stuff like ‘we are all the same under our skin’ and ‘race is a social construct’ (when racism is artificial not race, but let these fools tell it), why because white people are so racist when they were magnifying differences they did it to project their power, once their science disproved them they couldn’t accept the truth of difference that can be viewed as equal to their difference so they simply removed the differences even though a lot of their scientific discoveries of the Victorian are and have remained true. Things such as difference in skull size, skeleton thickness, size and shape, hair textures, muscle density, speed and stamina (why is it black people are faster than whites twitch muscles, and the presence of genes that non-Africans don’t have), facial features (which is under the skin, shows the power of their brainwashing, why you have to have surgery to have Euro features if you’re the same under the skin?), digestive systemic differences, particularly the liver and intestines (enzymes within them) breaking down of chemicals, proteins and ability to absorb into the bloodstream, genetic diseases prevalent within or exclusive to certain races. It took the discovery of DNA proof, for racist Europeans to admit that we are all humans, they did not convince Africans because we had proven through behavior we always believed in that, shows you how racist they are, imagine if they interpreted the proof otherwise, they would have continued to use it as enduring proof that we should never be treated fairly.

    Shows you the power of European projected myths on humans, even with all this evidence you will still have the majority of people believing and arguing these European myths about Africans and the European himself, including delusional Europeans who willingly lie to themselves to restore their confidence and distort reality which is very destructive and disruptive to humans overall understanding of reality and human history; both genetic and social (cultural).

    • Thank you for this brother! This was absolutely beautiful! This was a real history lesson. It truly is a stolen legacy. They do everything to hide our true history. Their his-story books are full of distortion a and half truths. The African man and woman are the original people of this planet. We are not Neanderthals and never lived in caves. Thank you for this great comment. And I hope all my followers read this. Your reply is very educational.

      • It’s good to know you have enjoyed the wealth of my knowledge but what good is it for me if it is all in my head and can never reach the minds of others.

        I should be making a blog as you have suggested to me, in the topic about misogyny.

        The thing about history is that it lives with us as the ancestor Amos Wilson pointed out, our history of ourselves, our environment, other people and their behavioral patterns and relations to you all make up the world we live in and how we interact with it, our mindset. It is good to brush up on facts and knowledge spread it and others get better knowledge of themselves, but as the Bible said, ‘man can not live on the word alone’, man needs bread, man needs tools that is what will sustain him and his progeny, that will build a nation and secure survival for the future, that is what we need to work for.

        Keep well and stay with the African sociological study and evaluation.

        On a side not people need to understand what our direct ancestors lost in West Africa, the Benin Wall and Benin Moat for example which was continuously destroyed since the 1890’s was the largest pre-mechanical structure on the Earth ever (Benin Moat). This is direct history between us and Africa, this may help to heal African peoples in the Western hemisphere to understand we were never a weak people, never an unimportant backwater of the world, the way I see a lot of people ignoring their direct roots and pulling up Kemet (Kemet is cool, but there is no 100% direct link between us and them, as well as the time frame 2000 years ago vs 200 years ago, psychologically a massive difference what were we doing in that 2000 year gap, why we ignore it or want to forget about it).

      • That’s what I’m saying. What good is knowledge if you can’t share it with others. Especially with those who haven’t done their own research. I think a lot of people would benefit from you doing a blog. Give me a heads up when you do create one. I’ll be sure to spread the word for you.

  2. it is said that the Caucasians that today we know as Europeans, are not the real Aryans! The real Aryans are the people we know as South Asian Indians, Pakistanis and Afghans especially these people! The word Aryan that the Nazis used during the Second World War, they took it from the ancient Indian word Sanskrit!
    In practice, the whites do not define themselves as Indo-Aryan or Indo-European why? This is proof that they have hidden and changed their story! Not only this suggests that whites are not the real Caucasians!
    But they differ from the peoples of South Asia to physical characteristics, since the majority of them have blacks hair and black eyes, which the Europeans don’t have!
    The albino people do not necessarily have red eyes, but also they have blue eyes, red or blond hair! These are recessive characters mutations!
    If you look at the Indian people and Pakistani people, they are living proof that these people are the intersection between the first ancient black people and Eurasian people! Because you can meet more black skinned people, intermediate to almost white with the European features!
    The modern Europeans are Indo-Europeans, their parents are the people of South Asia, because there have been many cases of albinism in these people!
    The most Afghanistan people have recessive characters, as blue and green eyes,
    blonde and red hairs, and they have light skin or some people have brown skin!
    They do not will want to never ever recognize this but the fact that their race is young is not as old as the black one!

      • Welcome!
        Aways they prevented us colored people to know the truth as they did with our history! How far can you trust someone who hides you the truth?
        Merry Christmas past and I wish you for a happy New Year!

      • Thanks Layla. I definitely agree with what you’re saying. I hope you and your family are enjoying the Holiday season. Happy Kwanzaa or Merry XMas or whatever it is you may celebrate. And have a blessed new year. 🙂

  3. @ Kushite Prince
    This also bring us to attention that non black Africans are a different species from us because when they get wet that have a wet dog smell to them. Also they get head lice like animals and their hair shed just like animal hair be all over the place, furthermore their hair feels funny when you touch it. The nethanderal savage DNA is in them all the they have a deep hatred toward us which is part of their natural instinct.

    • I strongly believe they evolved from a different species of monkeys. If you ever seen the original movie “The Planet Of Apes” you will notice how the apes thought they were better then the monkeys, chimpanzee, gorillas & etc. The apes were more advance & superior then their counterparts. Well that’s how I look at non black Africans, Europeans are at the top of the hierarchy, then the other non blacks Africans follow behind in the caste systems. What’s even more funny non black Africans enjoy telling us we look like monkey’s but last time I check a money have straight hair & pale skin when you shave their hair just like other animals.

      • Yes that’s true! I did a post about the Planet of The Apes last year. There’s a lot of subliminal messages in those Ape films. At it’s core those films are about the fear of black people ruling the world. I think that’s their greatest fear.

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