Resurrection of Black Manhood: Becoming Warriors(Part 4 of 4)

This is a powerful lecture by the late great Amos Wilson.  He explains how black men need to become warriors as well as healers and builders. He breaks it down as only he can.  We need more warrior scholars like him. The time as come for black men to stand up and reclaim their neighborhoods. We need to be there to raise our children and protect black women. We need to be there to guide our sons and be a positive influence on our nephews and male cousins.  We need to also be there to protect our daughters. Also to love the mother of our daughters and show them how a real man is supposed to treat a woman.

Warrior Pic

An Afrikan warrior scholar refuses to be at peace with anything less than the total liberation of his people. In fact, he should daily affirm that “I am an Afrikan warrior, a warrior scholar. I refuse to be at peace with anything less.” He is culturally and politically a PanAfrikan nationalist. He believes that Afrikan people are Afrikans wherever we are found. I.e., the Afrikan warrior scholar believes that he should unselfishly employ the same dedication and energy to the defense and empowerment of Afrikans everywhere. The warrior scholar is not a racist. There is no confusion. His loyalty is conscious, race conscious, placing “Race First.” Or, as the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey would say, Afrikan warrior scholars are “Race Men.” They know that to be pro-Black is not to be anti-white unless Europeans interfere with them doing their work. The Afrikan warrior scholar is an educator, not a teacher. He politically explains conditions so that his children, his students, will become better warrior scholars than he. Teachers only dispense another’s information in order to train their students to become nonthinking citizens in an alien culture and society. The warrior scholar does not separate word from act. Leaving his people without a viable example to guide them in freeing their minds would be beneath his Afrikan reasoning. The Afrikan warrior scholar is a worker of the first order and, therefore, a leader by example. He is a doer, a nationbuilder, a maker of his people’s way. In this respect, he is a nonintellectual in that he practically applies his knowledge. He does not see war waged in some debate, whether great or small. There must be a field application of tactics and strategies. As an educator, he fits information into reality. He understands the cultural ourstory which has created his people’s conditions and distorted their vision. He studies the problem, internally and externally, not those victimized by it. He does not define Afrikans as the core problem. And whatever internal symptoms he observes are logically attributed to our “cultural misorientation.” He does not pass on his miseducation. He corrects it. He educates himself so that he can teach an ancient Afrikan truth. Therefore, he reads a revolutionary ourstory, the theory of causes and solutions to our people’s problems. He feeds himself and the community from the library he builds. The Afrikan warrior scholar unconditionally respects Afrikan women. He is their defender, their lover, their divine complement. The Afrikan warrior scholar is an entrepreneur. He instills independence in other Afrikans by finding a way to provide, regardless of circumstance. He creatively controls the process of production, the input, throughput and output. He distinguishes wealth from income and power from influence. He pursues empowerment, not subintegration, because he knows that the quality of a substance is felt through its ability to autonomously determine its path. He creates meaningful employment, even if only because he knows that poverty spawns antagonism among a people. The Afrikan warrior scholar is a perimeter defender. He is the first line of defense for our people, for our most valuable resources, our elders, women and children. He is always prepared for any exigency. Afrikan warrior scholars are exacters of justice, using nonviolence as only one tactic in a collection of measures making up his strategic arsenal. He speaks to Europeans in their language. And he also speaks in the language of those Afrikans who mentacidally seek to help destroy our community. His words cut deep and clean. No one leaves with doubt as to his intent. He protects his daughters from misguided sons and sons from confused peers. He is ready to die for his children, biological and otherwise.”


– I have an unqualified love and respect for my/our children, complement, fellow warriors and Elders.

– I believe in our “Race First.”

– I do not sleep with my enemies. I have no white (or other nonAfrikan) bed partners and do not procreate with them.

– I am strictly heterosexual. I neither condone, support nor promote sexual insanity.

– I am not an interracialist. I do not have “white friends.”

– I do not associate with enemies unless my survival depends on it.

– I look to the wisdom of my Ancestors and Elders for direction.

– I am prepared for any exigency.

– I dress for war not display. A traditional sense of decency always guides my appearance.

– I daily listen to consciousness raising, revolutionary music.

– I am a thinker, not an intellectual. I apply what I know.

– I am deeply spiritual (not religious).

– I do not align myself with enemy based (communist/socialist/internationalist) organizations.

– I uncompromisingly work toward the complete and total liberation, empowerment and sovereignty of Afrikan people.

– I am not contradictory in what I think, say and do.

– I am resilient. I never give up.

Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti

20 thoughts on “Resurrection of Black Manhood: Becoming Warriors(Part 4 of 4)

  1. I don’t think there’s anything for me to add, this is pure gold. absolutely….. this is the man I wish to be

  2. 100% Black Excellence!!!!! The spirits of Marcus Garvey & Malcolm X was with you when you wrote this post. I like hearing & seeing black men that are warriors that have knowledge and use their intellectual ability for good purposes for their people. If more black males see black warriors with this capability more alot of things will bring change for us for the better. Furthermore the black warriors with be the standard that black women would want in a man.

    • I think so too. I think women are naturally attracted to men who take charge. I hope brothers read this post and feel inspired to improve themselves. Being warriors and gaining knowledge of self is what we want our boys to see. They need to see black men standing tall and unafraid in a society that hates them. A true warrior doesn’t need acceptance from his oppressor. I hope more brothers realize this fact. The media gives us a distorted picture of black men. They don’t want us to see ourselves in a positive light. It’s up to us to change that perception. I want black men to get in touch with the “warrior within”.

  3. Great post. I agree with Dr. Wilson’s statement about skills and knowledge being organized under the general purpose of the people themselves. I remember Robert Mugabe had similarly spoke upon economic independence and providing African people with full control of their natural resources.
    I’ve noticed how many of the East Asian nations like China, Japan and South Korea have used their own form of a “Race First” agenda and in turn have been able to build successful institutions and industries, which serve their people. We certainly need to take Garvey’s approach and begin to create industries of our own.

  4. @ Kushite Prince or everyone
    @ Kushite Prince or everyone
    Sorry I had to throw you post off topic but this issue deals with black relationships which has been a problem too many. I have came across many single young black men & women on blogs or ever day life, that have a hard time finding a partner with no children. These young black men & women have complain about rejecting many single black men & women with children. They have stated they do want a relationship but they don’t want the responsibilities that comes with dating someone with a child. We have heard many times how a parent will state they are independent and do not need their new partner helping out with the responsibilities with their children which is not true. I have heard stories of single black men & women with no children that have dated partners with children and how the relationship ended weren’t good. Some of these single black men & women with no children even gain a bond with their partners children before the breakup happens .

    This is were the problem begins with the children, I strongly feel a child shouldn’t see their parents in & out of relationships with different partners because that setting a bad example of what they would think about relationships. I understand parents with children want to be in a relationships with someone, and I don’t blame them but some single people with no children aren’t willing to lower their standards to their level. I strongly feel single people with children should date other single people with children because they have more in common with parental experience & responsibilities to take on then a single person with no children. But if a single person with no children is willing to date or have a committed relationship with someone with children they should be mentally & financially stable to take on that responsibility.

    I’m a 31 year old single black female with no children and I have reject black men with children. Some of them have even told me “having a child shouldn’t stop you from dating me” if I’m going to date someone with children I might as well go out an have my own. The only way I would date a black man with children if all his children have reach adult age. I strongly believe in a two parent household with a mother & father until the children have reach adult age before the parents decide to separate.

    • It’s a personal choice to date someone with children. People without children usually like to date others without kids too. But not always. It’s a big responsibility to take on. It personally doesn’t matter to me. If I really like a woman and we share common interests……her having kids won’t matter to me. But every man is different. It’s a personal choice for every person. But I think sometimes people can be overly picky when choosing a mate. If you really want to find love you may have to stray away from your guidelines once in awhile. I say this because I know quite a few people who have strict guidelines for dating and most of them are alone.

  5. I totally agree with this. Absolutely. Black men must take the leadership role in their respective communities; and organizing locally, as well as nationally, building those bridges and fortresses necessary that stop our enemy from tearing up the Black family.

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