Resurrection of Black Manhood(Masculine Principle): The Effeminization Process(Part 1 of 4)

Black Male2

This series will focus on the attack on Black Manhood. This is part one of a four part series. This video is by Irritated Genie.  It’s a great video that perfectly explains the long attack on black manhood in Amerikkka and abroad.  This is something that effects all men in the African diaspora. This is a vicious assault on the thought process on black men.  In Africa we had the masculine principle that celebrated us as warriors,fathers and protectors of our women and children. I also have a series coming up about the Divine Feminine Principle as well.  Stay tuned for that. This attack on black manhood is evident in everything from tv dramas,movies and sports.  It seems to a never ending assault. Black men all across the world must speak out against this. These homosexuals and transgenders are not the proper representation for us at all. This is nothing but a psychological warfare.

Black Male4Black Male3

“Effeminization is the only process, the last desperate attempt, that survival oriented Afrikan males can strike back against the enemy within without attacking the real source of their fears about their own manhood. It has increasingly become a viable alternative for those who are unwilling to confront, and permanently suppress, their vanquished state. But slipping into this mentality and its accompanying lifestyle is only one of the options available to vanquished Afrikan males.” ~ Baba Mwalimu Baruti
Gay Greeks
America is a Greco-Roman society. Greeks and Romans practiced homosexuality all the time.  It was normal in their culture. Men having sex with each other  and with little boys was normal. Now America is trying to recreate that ancient society by brainwashing black people into thinking it’s a “normal lifestyle”.  This is NOT what people of African descent should be doing.  You must know the ways of your enemy in order to survive.  America is nothing but an anti-African,anti-nature,anti-black society. We have to always keep that in mind.

Other great articles dealing with this subject.

41 thoughts on “Resurrection of Black Manhood(Masculine Principle): The Effeminization Process(Part 1 of 4)

  1. The attack on black manhood has been at war every since black men came in contact with Europeans. What made effeminization of black men more popular was the media especially during the 1970’s. Back in the 60’s during the BLACK POWER movement it was the era of the rise of black manhood for a short period of time before it was self destructed with agents ,integration, & our on self doing. During the “BLACK POWER” era the media were showing articulate black men from Stokley Carmichael, Marion Barry, H Rap Brown , Huey P. Newton & etc that was representing black manhood which Europeans feared because they fear the rise of a black messiah. Once the rise of black manhood decline in the 60’s they brought out “The Flip Wilson Show” which introduce us to the effeminization of black men. The character Geraldine Jones a sassy stereotype black (woman) man in drag who had a boyfriend name Killer who was in prison if not there at the pool hall. Then in the 70’s was the BLACK exploitation films that showed black men as pimps who enjoyed getting manicures, pressed straight hair, platform shoes & into fashion if not that a hypersexual black male hero. I find quit strange that I hear black ridicule Tyler Perry but let no noise is made about Flip Wilson.

    • That’s true Shanequa. The attack has been going on for well over one hundred years. That’s why I wanted to cover the subject. Brothers have to stand firm and claim their manhood. You are right about the movements in the 60’s and 60’s. We had a lot of pride back then. Too many agents and infiltrators screwed up the movements. We let ourselves be manipulated by others. We have to be smarter than that. I agree with you about Flip Wilson. He was dressing in drag long before Tyler Perry,Eddie Murphy or Rupaul. The racist system wants to make black men look like either hypersexualized violent criminals or homosexual little wimps. They don’t like to show strong black men fighting their enemy or seen as heroes. It’s obvious Hollywood has an agenda to stereotype black men. And that agenda is to put black men in a submissive role at all times. We should be hip to the games they play by now.

  2. It’s such an eye opener seeing and hearing such a hard, sad, unfair story of how men lost their leadership, their desire to protect the ones they love and their women and their purpose at the hands of Caucasians. They have been abused, neglected, humiliated in the worst way… and still thru this day, Black men are still victims.

    • True Omay. No doubt this is a phychological war. It’s a fight for our minds. This is a battle to keep the black family intact. And we better get our armor on. I’m not going out without a fight!

  3. Man brother Kushite I watched that whole thing a while back and hope that moor people get in tune with his message!!! Because I swear I’m so lost on how our people have fallen for these Roman/ European traps. It throws me for a loop when a grown @$$ black man tells me that I should watch Empire. First and foremost I don’t watch TV. Secondly I wouldn’t watch that gay $#!t. Third when dafuq did we become so acceptable to this nonsense. I remember growing up in the hood, you couldn’t come around cats with that gay $#!t without feeling the consequences. Now you go on Facebook and it be the same hood n!&&@$ I grew up with talking about they can’t wait to watch Empire or whatever nonsense is on the TV. My bad for the long comment. I needed to vent that tho, being that the last of us real men are slowly being faded out.

    • @ 25 black & alive
      I notice the fashion these black men are wearing now wouldn’t dare wear it back then when it wasn’t acceptable on man especially skinny jeans. I’m 31 years old an it is so sad to see so many grown black males into fashion. You would expect me as a female to be posing on facebook with my new name brand outfit , posting ignorant memos & the latest gossip but nope too many black males are doing that too now. Also you can find black males at the nail shop getting manicures & pedicures but these suppose to be heterosexual men.

      • It’s unreal! Another thing I’ve noticed people wearing are these long shirts that are cut to look like blouses.
        I honestly believe it is time to separate the real from the fake. Even though it will be a hard task to do because we will always have agents/ infiltrators but it is time. Too many of our people are GONE to the point of no return.

    • Thank you 25. I feel exactly what you’re saying. I’ve done post about Empire. That show is definitely digital crack in my But it’s okay to vent brother. We all need to from time to time.

    • Soooooo true! I’m a child of the 70’s and a lot of shit being supported by stupid ass black people is stuff that black folks back in the day wouldn’t DREAM of finding acceptable. Like that dumb bitch calling herself a ‘man’ yet gets pregnant TWICE WTF! Or this Caitlyn bullshit black people are dying in the streets yet dumbasses like Hughley and Larry Wilmore are crying over fags and their so-called rights. They haven’t lifted a fucking finger for Negroes but expect us to be at their damn beck and call *cough Prop 8 cough*. Even when a black man like Jason Collins and Michael Sam come out those fucknuts turn on them the minute the ink is dry! White fundamentalists preachers like Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Oral Roberts were attacking gay folks for DEACDES white people didn’t say shit but when black preachers started criticizing gays those assholes rush to protect them like fucking Zena warrior princess! Liberal white bitches are fake as fuck they are worse than the Faux News crowd and that says a lot!

  4. @ 25 Black and Alive
    “Another thing I’ve noticed people wearing are these long shirts that are cut to look like blouses.”

    I have seen black males were that type of outfit as well but the long shirt looks more like a dress than blouse. Here a instagram link that shows nfl player Chris Johnson wearing this effeminization outfit. It looks like he went to the women’s department pick out a dress, skinny jeans, & hat.

    View this post on Instagram

    Dripping aiiin

    A post shared by Chris (@chrisjohnsontwo8) on

    • WTF??? Chris looks like a damn sissy!! He is a fool! See how they are feminizing even the most masculine men?? Football is seen as a very tough manly sport. Yet you have this sissy wearing a woman’s blouse. This is exactly what I’m talking about. This is the agenda we are up against.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        Since black entertainers make a big influence on our people on a national level our people mimic what they do. Too many masculine black males athletes are wearing this emaculating clothing. Just watch the media outlets an see how these black male athletes dress during interviews & attending parties & events. Prime example Dewayne Wade dress so emasculated that his black wife he’s with Gabrielle Union is clueless because to her it’s high end fashion.

  5. I couldn’t complete that video without throwing up in my mouth a little. You’re right that America, virtually the whole western world, is Anti-African and Anti-life. Not related or anything but I’ll put it out there, I work in a 5 star resort, in entertainment, and I tell you, these crackas are some of the most clueless and dull set of people I have ever met, like I mentioned on Truthangel07, I understand why these people love to come to the Caribbean, our energy is what refuels them, and why we go home so tired every night. Especially at the resort I work at, they get all the best foods while the staff eats crap…. Of course entertainment staff gets to dine with the guests and we have to interact with them, basically kiss ass all day, like all you have to do is say “Hi” and they would spill their whole life story…. Unfortunately, the Caribbean cannot do any better, since many of our islands don’t have any resources we have to rely on the good will of these Good Ole White Folks

  6. *Sigh* Yeah, as Kelley said above that video is haaaard to stomach. These devils put Black People through 20 hells and God and mother nature is gonna make them pay too cause many of us sure won’t. *smdh*

    This homosexuality is in our face 24/7/365 we must be in the last days. There is supposed to be a special on vh1 next Monday call somethin like “Comin Out In Hip Hop.” Centered around “homophobia” in hip hop. Yep, many Black People done fell for this madness and its sooo disheartening to watch. I don’t know how much further our people will fall for it’s all over; I believe we have reached our lowest point ever.

    • The powers that be are truly demonic. They promote this garbage because it’s what they are really into. Their agenda is out in the open now. Back in the 70’s there was maybe one gay character on a sitcom. Now every other sitcom/drama has a homosexual,lesbian or transsexual character. And they have brainwashed black people to accept this sexual perversion. I think gay people should be able to live their lives freely. I just don’t think their lifestyle should be promoted as the ” new normal”. But I agree that we have hit a new low. That’s why I keep bringing up the issue. I want to keep waking more people up. It’s a real uphill battle.

    These black men are lost! When you come into contact with Caucasians inevitably be contaminated! There are things we still do not know the whole of slavery, there were not only the rapes perpetrated on black women by white men, even black men were sexually abused by white masters!
    So the process of homosexuality was practiced even during slavery!
    There was a cartoon produced by Nickelodeon ‘The Legend of Korra’, where the two protagonists the Avatar Korra and her girlfriend Asami, they have a homosexual relationship!
    This cartoon has become famous not only for the homosexual relationship but also because the Avatar Korra was the first black Avatar! Are not coincidences?
    I don’t want tell you, a lot people in youtube,who are excited and some have cried for this news! I am disgusted by what happened around us, what Caucasians want to demonstrate us or better education us than projecting background homosexual cartoons is educational for our kids?
    That homosexuality is something normal and should accept?
    Lord have mercy!

  8. Hey Kushite. Although what you’re saying is truth about our enemies and their agenda to feminize the black man, I cannot let us (black men) off the hook on this one. The main reason why you are seeing this sissifying of black men is because black men, by and large, have handed over their children to the “wolves” to be destroyed. Our refusal to claim our rightful position as head of the house and disciplinarian for our children by providing a STABLE two-parent home for them is the main culprit surrounding ALL black pathology, not just this. Black men can change this within a generation if we stayed home to RAISE our children and not giving them over for our enemies to program. It really is that simple.

    Looking at the pic of the dancing fairies you posted above, you cannot tell me with a straight face that those boys had a strong fatherly presence in their lives. Most men would fall on their own sword before they let their sons exhibit this kind of behavior. I bet you most, if not all, of their dads had no significant place in their lives. Sad.

    Talking about what the enemy is doing is a big part of the plan, but what IS our strategy for victory? The discussion needs to be more about US and less about THEM. Again, when you’re at war, the focus should be on YOUR strategy for success. This is what I don’t hear in most of these discussions.

    What are WE doing to promote our destruction? If more Black men were responsible for their kids and invested in their development, you’d see less of this tomfoolery. Sorry to be “that guy” on this board, but the truth is often inconvenient.

    • That’s true. We definitely need a strategy. I think we need our own media outlets. We need a film and production company that can produce the images we want to see. We have to have something to counter the negative stereotypes the racist media keeps putting out. But I also agree that fathers need to be there for their children. The importance of fatherhood on a child’s life can’t be denied. But thank you for the comments. I hope everyone reads your comments. You made some great points. Strategy is definitely important. What other suggestions do you have?

  9. No, Kushite, unfortunately, we tried that before and it didn’t work. We HAD our own media outlets…and what did we let happen to them? Let’s see…BET sold out to white-owned Viacom. Johnson Publshing (Ebony and Jet) sold 49% of the company to white-owned JP Morgan Chase (Pop Johnson is turning in his grave as he fought for decades to keep Johnson Publishing black owned and controlled). Essence Magazine sold to the very white owned Time Warner….you see my point. The issue isn’t that we don’t have black media outlets, the issue is that we don’t value them enough to maintain control of them when we sell them to white control. He who controls the message controls the people.

    My solution is simple: black MEN need to stand up and hold each other accountable. It’s that simple. We are the weakest men on the planet right now because we REFUSE to stand up, CLAIM and DEFEND our position as guides and protectors of our women and children. We must take reproduction more seriously and stop procreating with just anybody. We must also embrace marriage and providing a stable two-parent home for our children (like every other race). We must also reject destructive behavior and influences like accepting baby daddy status, involvement in illegal activities, laziness, living with mom or grandmom’s basement, rejecting education, disrespecting black women, listening and supporting disrespectful music, disregard for the community, and interracial dating/mating/sexing. If black men were to stop doing this, you’d see a change overnight. It really is that simple.

    It really is OUR responsibility (black men). Nobody is going to do this for us (nor should they- they’re too busy doing the right thing to ensure the success of their own race). Talking about what whites are doing to us is great and all….but at the end of the day WE are the only ones that can fix our situation. That’s the uncomfortable truth.

  10. Like those bitches on Clutch magazine complaining because that teacher didn’t help the girl who was attacked by that thug cop what the fuck did they expect him to do! Black women on the blogs running after white gays, white males in the media, and Latinos but not a ONE of those people gives a damn until it suits them! But she cries foul when a black man won’t protect a brat that had mouthed off to him seconds earlier. Please run to that damn media that you jumped on their bandwagon when they were selectively vilifying black men like Chris Brown and Ray Rice they ain;t here for you now stupid.

      • I think Laverne is a man. Every post he/she writes is acid thrown in the face of black women. How can you not see HIS bullshit?!

      • Do we truly know who anyone is on the internet? There are men posing as women and vice versa. There are men who make excuses for women in real life. And women who do the same for men. Some are not the genders they claim to be. Is there any way to know for sure? Just so you know,I don’t really like trolls coming on my blog. So I approved this comment this time. I don’t like a lot of ignorant people coming on my blog to start trouble. So don’t push it.

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