Resurrection of Black Manhood: Emasculation Continues…..(Part 2 of 4)

This is a great video by Dr Rick Wallace.  This brother examines the emasculation process of black men.  This os a very in depth video.  He makes some very valid points that black men need to pay attention too.

Black Male1

The tolerated, accepted and even promoted emasculation of African American men is setting an awful and unacceptable example for our young men. What woman looks at a man who wears a freakin dress and yet still considers him a man? Our brothers are not standing up in the community, in church or even in the home – if they are even there. The role as Head of the Household commanded by God is slowly being dismantled in African American families and our women have lost respect for African American men. At least Dave Chappelle took a stand against the plot of emasculation.

For those in our community who are offended, don’t be. You have to understand that the decisions you thought were your own were instead motivated by outside influences with hidden agendas. So now that we know the problem, what do we do to fix it? First we have to admit it. Second we have to expose it. Expose what? Expose the strategic and deliberate plan set in place to degrade African American men in masculinity, credibility, authority and value. Third we have to refuse to support it. This means we must not support anything than diminishes or devalues the masculinity and authority of our brothers – movies, TV shows, job openings, careers etc. The courts must see us as men, the police must see us as men, our women and children must see us as men, our communities must see us as men and every ethnic group, race or culture in this country must see us as men.

Fourth of all, we must require our women to respect us or we must go elsewhere. That also means, of course, that we men must respect each other, act like men, think like men and stand up like men, refusing to accept anything less from ourselves. We must in turn hold each other accountable guys. Fifth of all, we must hold our young men and boys accountable and set the right examples for them. This means telling them to pull their pants up, dust themselves off when they fall and get back in the game. We cannot accept weak men or boys.

Ladies, you must neither accept emasculated men or sons nor attempt to emasculate them. God has said the man is the head of the household because He said so, not because the man meets your standards ladies of what you think the head should be. Our women are going to have to accept that or they will become part of the problem instead of part of the solution. A real man will never sleep on the couch when he has a bed upstairs just as his woman does.

Black Male5

A real man will never get in the doghouse because he is not a dog. He is not “ya boy”. He is not “my n*gga”. He is not to be addressed with “what up dog” because he is not a dog. He is not going to the “crib” because he is not a baby. He must not be a homosexual because such perversion distorts roles in the family, goes against God, presents an awful example, confuses the young male children, decreases reproduction within our “race” and plays directly into the hands of those who want to take our manhood through emasculation. If you were created a man, be a man. I could care less if people are upset about this article or call me intolerant. Am I intolerant of sin, perversion and that which reduces our numbers in the African American community? You bet I am. I am not homophobic because I am not afraid of any man who walks this Earth, especially a homosexual, transgender, bisexual or otherwise man-less male. And thus I am not afraid to speak the truth. Tolerance is approval and I do not approve.

For those who accept your boys and young men being homosexual or emasculated, you have forgotten you can love your child without accepting his behavior. It is the responsibility of a father to place his children on the right path by raising them in the way they should go – not to accept when they go astray. Men must be men, not something somewhere between men, women and who knows what. I love my people and so I am speaking out, popular or not, politically incorrect or not. And we would do well to completely clean out the closet instead of supporting those who are coming out of it. The future, longevity and population growth of our people is at stake.

There is a plot being used against us just like those of the King Alfred Plan, REX 84, Cointel Pro and a host of other schemes to weaken our men and reduce our numbers. Physical slavery ended before it could finish the task so mental slavery picked up where physical slavery left off. But this time the plot is being implemented by using popular figures in the African American community, tricking our women into putting us down and tricking African American men into accepting or tolerating thee redefining of him as anything but a man.

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22 thoughts on “Resurrection of Black Manhood: Emasculation Continues…..(Part 2 of 4)

  1. 100% Agreed. We’re always hearing about the emasculation of black males but I would like to hear more discussion on the defeminization of black females. No one respect a black female dress like a man which doesn’t represent black womanhood. When people see a black woman especially with dark skin dress like a man it gives them the stereotype of black women being masculine, unfeminite, asexual& aggressive. During slavery black females slave felt it was unlady like working in the field beside black male slaves. White overseers use to manipulate black female slaves when promising them a new dress or ribbon to be emphasize their femininity. Also many black female slaves try to wear dresses especially when available working in the field because it was consider being more lady like then wearing trousers that was a masculate attire. Even now black women try their best to fight for black females femininity especially when we have been told dark skin is consider masculine on a woman & other negative stereotypes.

    • @ Kushite Prince
      I hate throwing your post off topic but this needs to be discuss. Furthermore has there every been a study why so many black female basketball players are gay. Prime example watch the college or wnba teams & you’ll see so many butch out women. I’m seeing to many rough manly black women even if they wear female attire. Some of these black women don’t look soft in the face alot of them have that rough street life look in the face.

      • I have noticed this too. I’ve been to quite a few female college basketball games. I’ve been to some WNBA games too. I knew some girls in my neighborhood that were tomboys. They always wanted to play tag football and basketball with the guys. Most didn’t like girly things like playing with dolls. But there are some women who are more masculine that are lesbians. Then there are others who like men but just play sports. Female athletes like Laila Ali,Skylar Diggins and Serena Williams aren’t lesbians. They just play male dominated sports. So a distinction should be made.

    • You are correct. In this racist system we are being hit from numerous angles. They want to make black men look weak and scared while taking the femininity away from black women. They try their best to make black women look ugly even though she is the standard of beauty. I will be covering this in my Divine Feminine series. I think you’ll like it.

      • Hello Kushite

        Its been a while since I made a few comments but I just want to share with you a few experiences about this painful defeminizing phenomenon. Almost a year ago, I applied to a escort adult service agency, and a man responded to my inquiry, but asked me if I was a transsexual. When I told him no and asked him why, he explained that I had “masculine” facial features, and that I was not beautiful. It hurt me to the point when I cried. He laughed at me and said that I was being too sensitive. My self esteem was badly damaged because of it. Till this day, when I go outside, I cant even walk with my head held high because I didnt want to be considered ugly. Oh and by the way, he was a Russian jew and he was not very handsome.

      • @ Kushite Prince thank you I’ll be looking out for the post.
        @ RayMore sista please hold your head up high. I have been from my own black people that I look like a gorilla, and I’m far from looking or being a gorilla. Blacks & non black people enjoy degrading black features but always be proud of your African skin & features. What will help you out more is start looking at pictures of black African women that reflects you. Furthermore when you wake up & before you go to sleep always can’t “I’m a beautiful African woman. From my skin, hair & features I’m the image of mother Africa.” Don’t let anyone take your pride away.

  2. I don’t know if you are familiar with Iyanla Vanzant’s Show ‘Fix My Life’ but for the last three weeks she was helping these two gay Black Male preachers “come out.” One of ’em had a beautiful wife and family and living that double life. A beautiful Black family destroyed! He knew he was gay all along and chose to marry that young single mother anyway. Although Iyanla condones this behavior, she did ask him why did he marry a young, naive single mother. He basically used her to cover his lifestyle. I feel bad for Black Women in this situation, but how can a woman tell if you’re married, dating, or sleeping with a gay man?

    • I can’t stand these type of men. They should just be honest with themselves. I know it may not be easy but it’s better for all involved. It’s hard for some women to tell. Some homosexuals act very feminine. They like girly things and walk around switching their hips. I knew guys in high school like this. But some act like actual men. They like football,basketball,going to the gym,etc. Meanwhile they creep around at night screwing men. And might bring their girlfriend/wife a disease. These men are very selfish and deceptive! Women have to look for some signs that might give him away. Maybe talk to his relatives about past relationships. Usually relatives know the real deal. But I agree it’s really sad.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        Here is were the confusing starts with me because I can’t tell the difference from which black men are actually gay to the ones that are heterosexual because they both been emasculated. I have seen heterosexual men that are masculine but they have feminine ways but they actual date women. These men are into fashion, go to the nail shop to get pedicures, some of these men are physically athlete built, some have tattoos, watch sports and etc. When I see a man doing all of this I automatically consider him gay but the problem is he’s heterosexual taking on emasculating ways.

      • Yes I have seen this too. I like to work out,play sports and watch sports too. But I don’t get manicures or pedicures. The straight men you’re talking about are metrosexuals. Those are men who claim to be straight but have feminine ways about them. I can understand why some women find them “suspect”. When I go out with a lady I like to look nice. I get a haircut,freshen up and put on a nice suit. But I don’t spend hours in front of a mirror primping and staring at I think some of these metrosexuals are gay….maybe not all of them. But either way they still have feminine ways about them….gay or not. And that will turn a lot of women off.

      • Yes. I agree that closeted gay men just need to come out and if it’s just too hard; at lease stay away from women. Don’t lead these women into thinking they have a good man (or at least a man) cause it’s just cruel; not to mention bringing them a disease. It’s very scary out here nowadays cause like Shanequa said below you can’t tell the gay men from the hetero men cause both have been emasculated and you have gay men behaving masculine and hetero men acting feminine. smh

      • I know it’s crazy out here! So much deception nowadays. You don’t know who is who or what is what anymore. It truly is a deceptive matrix we’re living in. I feel so sorry for the young generation coming up. They will grow up so confused.

    • Iyanla is from that same mammy school of Oprah Whitfefrey that is always targeting black males. She did a show about this guy with multiple kids from multiple women and that crap ran for weeks! She is very negative and condescending to other black people but was on CNN with Don Lemon agreeing that we should ‘forgive’ assholes like Darren Wilson and the like. shiiiiiiiit!

  3. @ Kushite Prince
    I waiting for you too do a post on black womanhood especially how misguided black women are allowing themselves to be sexually exploited. As a black woman, I’m tired of seeing our sisters putting themselves on display for the world too see. The sexual exploitation of black women is at a all time high. We love to mention rap group “NWA” on the degrading messages that they had on black women but we also go on death ears about failing to mention “2 Live Crew.” The rap group “2 Live Crew” open up a new gateway for degrading black women and black women themselves were willing to participate in this exploitation. Back then we have allowed our misguided young black men & women to participate in the misguided destruction of our people without taking a stand to stop them.

    These young brothers “2 Live Crew” open up some dangerous gateways in the destruction of black women with the help of “NWA.” When these two rap groups hit mainstream the sexual exploitation of black women in rap music begin. Not only in music then we have the “BLACK” party events from The Kappa Beach Party in Houston, Freaknic in Atlanta, Black Beach Week in Daytona which allowed the exploitation of black women to go further with the degradation. Some of these events they don’t have anymore because black women were being sexually harass, rape and the violence that took place there.

    Also the movie “The Players Club” allow another gateway to be open by bringing in the strip culture. Every since that movie been release & more of the glorification of strip culture in rap music, hip hop magazines from the Source to XXL that showcase video vixens, it allowed more misguided young black girls & women to participate in the degrading culture. It’s 2015, we have so many misguided young black girls & women that are instagram models, twerk videos, strippers, porn and other sexual exploitation that deals with the sex industry.

    What’s taking over the most is the strip culture, it’s influence our young black girls & women giving them the illusion that strippers make big money. What information they fail to give them is the real lifestyle of a stripper. In order for a stripper to make money they have to build a clientele, also they will have one or maybe two nights making money or a rapper, athlete, or drug dealer might drop major dollar signs on them but that’s rare, also they travel or do private parties to bring in extra cash, then the strip club they work at have to be popular to bring in a clientele, the stripper have to tip the club owner for stripping there, and the retirement age for a stripper is 25. A stripper that is still stripping over the age of 25 they didn’t have a exit plan. Furthermore if you go on facebook or instagram the strippers usually showcasing stack of money which are one dollar bills wrap around a rubber band. Also the fast living will age them quick including that some of them will have a drug habit.

    • Thank you! You really know your history on rap groups and urban films. That was a great breakdown! You make some great points about sexual exploitation. I’ve covered that subject a few times. Unfortunately my computer died on me last week. I’ve been replying to comments using my phone. I’m used to doing everything by computer. It’s kind of irritating doing it by phone. I’m not finished with the Divine Feminine series yet. I don’t want to upload unless it’s exactly how I want it to be. Sorry for the inconvenience. I know everyone has been waiting for it.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        I can’t to read your Divine Feminine series I know its going to be great. Sometimes I on the computer or phone posting comments on your page so I understand your situation. I’m 31 years old so I grew up in the the golden age of the hip hop era (1980-1994) furthermore soul music was being played in our house. Since I from down south the best down south rappers were Eightball & MJG, Goodie Mobb, Outlast, Cool Breeze, & Scarface including his group The Geto Boys. But one thing about their lyrics is that they were good storytellers & threw in black consciousness in their lyrics. in my opinion down south rapperas fell off during the rise of No Limit Records. I wasn’t a big fan of No Limit Record artist’s furthermore they really weren’t good rappers. The only artist I like from Cash Money Records was only Juvenile.

    • It’s not just rappers! It kills me that you females are forever whining about rappers and never ONCE about Hollyweird and it’s extremely degrading treatment of black women. That goes triple for these pathetic ‘reality’ shows like Hip-Hop Wives and Housewives of Atlanta which by the way is the only show I see women criticized for when they act a fool. If that ain;t bad enough there are also black comedians like King Coon Chris Rock and his dyslexic attitude about race. I’m sick of black women acting like there is only ONE guilty party and on top of that where’s the outrage from black women when white males attack people like Janet, Vanessa, Beyoncé and Whitney for showing too much skin when 99 percent of their industry is built on white female flesh. Give me a damn break!!

    • Thanks. But my computer died on me. I may have to buy a new one. The series might be postponed for a while. I have a few posts in my drafts. But I’m not posting it unless it’s too my liking. And at the moment it’s not quite done.

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