15 thoughts on “This…..is An Empire!

  1. Hey Kush thanks for this you stay keeping It
    Real. However even though it rains true. The show Is still going To have some Kind of Effect on the minds of our people’s. The Love seeing things like this. False Stereotype, that doesn’t do good at for the Black Community. Especially the young Black Youth And Young adults That Is Unlearned And Nieve to there culture.

    • Thanks JB! That’s why I always remind people about Empire. It is mind pollution. It’s not just entertainment. I don’t care what anyone says. Black people are so brainwashed they can’t even recognize negative portrayals right on their faces.

    • Wow! That looks very interesting! Thanks for that link. I wish I was out there in the UK. I would love to go to a screening. This is the type of animation our children should be watching.

      • Yep, and there are others. The link above redirects to two of them: Spirit of the Pharaoh and Kirikou. They’re showing them in cinema later this month in London. Does USA do anything like that?

      • Not that I know of. I wish they did. This looks very entertaining as well as educational. We should be producing more films like this for our children. The entertainment industry distorts so much his-story. The children(and adults) are being miseducated. This needs to change.

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