13 thoughts on “Black Love is a Revolution!

    • Thank you Malaika. I’ve read that article before. I guess great minds think alike. I will be featuring excerpts from that article in a series I’m doing on Black Manhood. I think you’ll like it. Stay tuned!

  1. @ Kushite Prince
    I want to hear your opinion on this news article especially since we’re talking about black love. I’m going to throw your post off just a little but this situation will effect us as well. You already know that Asian men are migrating to Africa as well as living there & they are marrying the BLACK African women. In China they are having a crisis because they have too many single Asian men bachelor’s. Please remember China use to have a one child rule & some were killing off their daughters because it wasn’t a boy. Since we live in a society that feels Asian men are least desirable & BLACK African women as well. I strongly believe these Asian men will marry African women as their last options especially to built a family. Since we live in a time with so much anti- blackness being spread I can see a big rise of Asian men & African women relationship. This remains of reading William Chancellors book “Destruction of Black Civilization” on how he mention that the foreign non black African men were marrying the BLACK African women which led them to eventually take over the land. Since Caucasians & China are having a population problem there last results will be to marry BLACK Africans.

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