32 thoughts on “Racial Double Standards(Culture Vultures…again)

  1. Europeans always brag on a daily basis about how superior they are toward BLACK Africans but constantly stealing our culture. Europeans always enjoy telling us we’re inferior but admire everything we create & do. Furthermore, BLACK Africans need to stop accepting these culture vultures every time they see them doing anything that is part of our culture. I know another culture vulture that BLACK Africans give a pass too is Teena Marie. She had good beats & lyrics to her music because she was working with Black Africans but she really couldn’t sing. It even makes me more mad when negroes say “she’s a black woman trapped in a white woman’s body” or “she’s my white soul sista.” Teena Marie when she was still living have never publicly spoke out about white supremacy or black issues that made national news. Teena Marie is know different then Paul Wall the white Houston rapper who is also silent on black issues. Teena Marie & Pall Wall both enjoy having sexual relationships & producing half black children with BLACK Africans. I just had to call Teena Marie out because our people always seems to forget about her when we expose these culture vultures.

    • “Teena Marie is know different then Paul Wall the white Houston rapper who is also silent on black issues. Teena Marie & Pall Wall both enjoy having sexual relationships & producing half black children with BLACK Africans. I just had to call Teena Marie out because our people always seems to forget about her when we expose these culture vultures.”

      I agree. I never understood all the hype about Teena Marie. She wasn’t that great of a singer and she didn’t mimick the voice of a sista all that great. smh. These negros accept anything white person who appropriate blackness not even caring if they are a suspected racist.

      • One thing I notice before all these other non black singers crossover into the black communities there is always a negroe gate keeper that introduce them to us. Prime example of the following negro gate keepers Rick James with Teena Marie, Dr. Dre with Eminem, Timberland producing Justin Timberlake music, Puff Daddy with Jennifer Lopez, Cult Jam with Lisa Lisa, the negroe celebrities who pride Justin Bieber, T.I. with Iggy Azalea, Chic band member Nile Rodgers with Madonna and etc. We are helping them out by introducing them to the black communities once they what they want they are gone.

      • They always have the negro gatekeeper. Otherwise they wont have any validation. I also remember Usher bring in Justin Beiber. I also notice many non-black artists will date blacks to get some “street cred”. Jennifer Lopez dated Puff Daddy back in the day. Ariana Grande dated rapper Big Sean. Teena Marie was with Rick James. Madonna with Dennis Rodman among others. This is a pattern I have seen over and over again for the past twenty years or so.

      • When I was younger I was intrigued by Teena because she was a white girl doing “black music”. It was such a novelty at the time. The same reasons all the brothers in my hood liked rappers like The Beastie Boys and 3rd Bass. We were amazed that these white boys wanted to do our music. We all saw it has some huge compliment that whites wanted to do our music. But now we have rappers like Eminem,Paul Wall,Macklemore and Mac Miller so it’s not a big deal anymore. Plus we have white singers like Christian Aguielra,Kelly Clarkson,Katy Perry and Ariana Grande who all steal their persona from black entertainers. Teena had some very catchy songs back in the day. I used to love her song Portuguese Love. But even when I was younger I knew her voice wasn’t has powerful as Patti LaBelle,as soothing as Anita Baker and angelic as Whitney Houston. I just think black people gave Teena props because she was a white girl that was “down with black people”. I’m a lot older and wiser now. So I see things much differently. But this explains why so many young black kids love Eminem and Iggy Azalea. It’s like history is repeating itself. When will we learn??

    • I wont lie to you. When I was growing up as a kid I liked Teena Maie. Most blacks in my hood loved her.My uncle was a big fan and played her music all the time. No doubt she had some great hits but they were mostly produced by boyfriend Rick James. He’s the one that made her star. But I was between 10-14 when Teena was big. I also didn’t understand the system of white supremacy when I was younger. Now that I’m older I see her a little bit differently. I liked her much better than Madonna or the other white folks that were trying to do soul/r&b music. But you’re right she never spoke out on black issues. I could be wrong but I don’t remember her doing so.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        I feel that in the 80’s started Caucasian final takeover to take every category of music we created an r&b & rap music were the last two categories. Teena Marie & The Bestie Boys, just to name a few were the starters they use to slowly take r&b & rap music over. I must not forget to add Micheal McDonald to the list. He was the lead singer of the Doobie Brothers he had that wonderful duet with Patti Labelle which was “Own my on.” Furthermore back in the 80’s you had alot of black artist doing duets with white artist. All of this was propaganda for Caucasians an their plan worked.

      • Let’s be fair though black loved Teena because she didn’t do the Pink/Madonna bullshit of using black folks music then moving to greener i.e white pastures when her music hit it big with white people. She stayed TRUE to the music and stayed with black people instead of going the fake hoe Madonna sellout route.

      • Madonna is a no talent whore in my opinion. She got rich doing black music and never gave anything to the community. She wants some props because she adopted a black child. So what! Pink??? Please! Pink was a phony from the get go.lol I don’t know any black people that listen to that fool.

  2. Whatever we do is NATURALLY is ugly, ghetto + unacceptable. Yet when their granola vanilla butts do it, it’s trendy and cool?


    How is mutilating your body to be more like us sexy and desirable?
    How does an unnatural voice with a nice beat top the charts?
    How does forcing your hair into a historically Black style a trend?

    It’s gross! And they look really desperate, insecure, envious, unoriginal and STUPID.

  3. I’d like to take this opportunity to once again thank Kylie Jenner for inventing big lips. What’s next… brown skin?

  4. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery but when it comes to white European people; it’s always THEFT! Let’s just be real, here…we are the original people of this earth. Everything about Black people is creative–as we are a direct reflection of our CREATOR, God. Now, if white folks created something, shouldn’t they be able to tell you of its origin? There is meaning in everything we do and I too am so tired of the constant mimicking of our culture but the lack of respect exposes the deep hatred these people have for us. It’s time to put a price tag on what we create. In fact; our entire race should be trademarked and copywritten.

  5. Addendum: And by the way…I NEVER LIKED TEENA MARIE. I don’t like any white singers trying to imitate our music. It’s like drinking flat Coca-Cola. No fizz…and absolutely not refreshing.

  6. Cultural appropriation goes with Mass Media. Mass Media consumes Mass Media. One medium will turn another medium into content or attempt to appropriate the codes and conventions of other media. For example, the photographer photographs an object or individual, turning the object, clothing, style into content. Someone else takes the photograph and uses as advertisement or magazine cover so that the photograph becomes content of the magazine.

    Along the way messages are transformed; values, beliefs and ideologies re-purposed to support a social structure, or more often to be used as entertainment or to sell products/services.

    Great blog. Valuable to explore other cultural experiences and find commonality in the human experience, rather than just be exposed to realities manufactured by Mass Media business interests. All the best.

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