The Catholic Church: The Pope,Pedophiles and The Global Citizen Initiative

Everyone is making a big deal because the Pope came to Amerikkka this week.  And all the sheep are blindly following this man and  his new agenda. The pope is touring everywhere because he is pushing this new Global Citizen Initiative.  It’s just the same New World Order they’ve been pushing. Now all these global elites who have billions of dollars say they want us all to work together to make a peaceful planet.  The new initiative they have is about doing things  like end poverty,stop world hunger,make clean energy,reduce inequality and create world peace.  Yeah right? Isn’t this strange coming from the same people who have created world poverty,world hunger and created injustice?  I’m not buying it.  Whatever these racist pedophiles say that want to do it usually means the opposite. I think people need a reminder of who this man is and who he protects as well.  These videos should hopefully open up a few minds.  And here’s the link to their Global Citizen bullcrap they’re pushing to the masses.




36 thoughts on “The Catholic Church: The Pope,Pedophiles and The Global Citizen Initiative

  1. Seriously creepy. Pope Francis, that vampire Rothschild dude[why isn’t he dead yet?] and the “queen” of England all seriously creep me out! I’m convinced they drink blood and eat babies.

    And if they were AT ALL serious about ending poverty and hunger and creating a peaceful planet, they could have started the initiative [or not practice things that create hunger and poverty!] a long long time ago. Doesn’t the queen own like almost the whole planet? She could easily distribute her wealth but nah, too much like the right thing to do. Creepy greedy creepster.

    Again, thank you for these posts.

    • Aren’t they creepy as Hell??lol They are some very sick bastards indeed. Most of them are very satanic and far away from anything godly. They prey on children and the weak. Yes I’ve heard they drink blood and eat feces too! I put nothing past these vile pedophiles. Don’t fall fro this Global Citizen crap either. Be sure to tell your family and friends this is all deception. If anything they want to keep poverty and hunger going on. Like you said,why now? They could’ve done something about this a long time ago. They world leaders have control of most of the land and resources anyway. This is a scam! Don’t trust them at all! They want to depopulate the planet as well. This has been their plan for a very long time. I’m glad you’re aware of a lot of this stuff.

      • You have to stay aware! Like you said, how can we put trust into those who created this mess? How do you trust someone who hasn’t proven that they’re for a better change? Creating and perpetuating war and disease and divisive religion and racism… yet I’m supposed to trust that all of a sudden, you’re going to do right? Nah. It’s all crap to me-in one ear and out the other. Wrapping shit in a bow doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s shit.

    • I spy with my eye, something that is true especially about that vampire Rothschild pope, Benedict 16th, He looks like chancellor Palpatine from Star Wars. It always bothered my why someone whom many catholics esteem as the representation of God on the earth always looks so consistently creepy and sinister

  2. my mother a few days ago was going on and on about “I hope the evangelical ministers take a page out of the pope’s book” because he visited some school in Harlem, had lunch some poor people and said some glowing words. She is so clueless it’s not even funny. She don’t know just how diabolical this man really is. She’s like so many sheep, they buy into the PR glamour and rigmarole. just this morning I was in the barber shop and guess who these brothers had blasting on the TV? That devil swindler Benny Hinn…I just have to shake my head at people these days

    • Benny Hinn??? That damn crook! I can’t believe black folks are still listening to that Indian clown! I saw a tv show a few years ago talking about rich pastors. They were showing their homes. Hinn had a house that looked like a shopping center! It was HUGE!! It’s bad enough black people blindly follow TD Snakes and Creflo Dollar. These pastors and preachers are making a killing of off of old gullible men and women. And even some naïve young people. It’s such a sad sight to see. I wish people could see the deception.

      • I remember when Benny Hinn went to my country Guyana, I was a little boy at the time. Some of my mother’s friends were head over heels for that man and was literally cramming to go to his crusades, my mother never took to him though. Another thing, do you remember that old preacher from the 70s Jim Jones? and the Jonestown Massacre in Guyana, yeah that was a really dark chapter in my country’s history

  3. As a child, growing up in Chicago, there are many catholic churches in ever single neighborhood. There was up the street from my house. I would always pass that church. What was typical of many CC’s was that they kept their doors open. One day while walking to a friend’s house; I was prompted to peek inside. So, I slowly walked up to the door and opened it. There was a row of stairs you had to go up to get up to the sanctuary of the church. The carpet that covered those stairs was red from what I remember. Scanning through the church, I noticed all of the painted windows with saints and the various gold cups and things used during Catholic masses. It all seemed so weird. I quickly walked out and never went back in. To be truthful, long before I learned about pedophile priests, CC;s always gave me the creeps. Now I understand why.

    • my aunt and cousins are staunch catholics, I was never that taken by Catholics, they always came across as stuck up and pretentious, they don’t seem genuine to me, same with Anglicans.

      • My father and his family are catholics. I was never raised Catholic (nor was I baptized as catholic). I strongly oppose that church because of all of the abuse cases (I don’t know if that happens in other countries; my father was an alter boy in Trinidad and he said he was never abused). It’s insane how people still continue to follow a church where the children are abused and tormented and the perpetrators are protected. It’s really heartbreaking for the victims. My older brother ended up converting to Catholicism because his wife and her family are Catholic.

        You and your family are from Guyana, right? My father told me that the Anglican and Catholic churches are the two main denominations in Trinidad.

      • yes I am Guyanese. Anglican and Catholic are also the largest denominations here in Antigua also, along with every other denomination

  4. I’m so glad that I found your site! Its good to hear and read from like minded individuals! Much love to you god!

  5. These people are not God but Satan! Declare that the pope is God in Earth is an insult to God himself! These men once slept and had children with prostitutes and concubines, but now they sleep with children because the world has changed and they can not do this anymore!
    These men were complicit in the massacres of innocent tribes who have refused to follow the word of Satan!
    When there was slavery these men were complicit in abuse, racism, and all forms of discrimination that our ancestors had to suffer! For blacks it was not allowed access in white churches! Of they declare that we are brothers and sisters regardless of color and race, then why they are so racist?
    These men had alliance with the Nazis for fear of being persecuted! These men don’t love God but Satan!

  6. Global citizen initiative, yeah right! all these people are going to keep pushing is global chaos, misery, and strife.

  7. I’m not a religious fan but I’m going to go head an comment. I got so tired of hearing about the pope on the news but from my experience the religious freaks I have come across have been the most misbehaving & sexual deviant people. Furthermore the churches are filled with homosexual choirboys. We had several famous top selling black male gospel singer that are gay Rev Paul Jones, Rev James Cleveland, Walter Hawkins, I even heard Bobby Jones and etc.

  8. Interesting that the very SAME media vilifying Michael at every turn aren’t saying shit about this group of flat out perverts! Decades and decades of abuse while snide, malicious, stupid, whiny, jealous white fucknuts attack Michael and let these scumbags get away with shit for so long. Fuck the Catholic church and the media bitches protecting them.

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