9 thoughts on “What is Black Power?

      • @ Kushite Prince
        This is something that has been on my mind lately which deals with the black woman’s body image. The beauty of the black woman has always been shame upon for so long from straighting her kinky hair, informing her that wide nose & full lips aren’t acceptable, fair skin is better then dark, and having a butt resemble a donky. What we have been told what is seen on a black women is ugly that is now being celebrated by other race of women as beautiful.

        What I’m more concern about is our black sisters that are getting these illegal butt injection that many have died from. Now our sisters are wearing a waist trainer trying to get this hour glass shape. We have so many of our sisters who have nicely shape healthy bodies believe that having an hour glass shape with a butt will give them attention from men but black men in general to be seen as beautiful. These sisters who are disfiguring & killing their bodies walking around looking like caricatures. Some people will say they don’t feel sorry for the dumb but you can’t sleep on this when this is becoming an epidmic with our sisters.

        Yes this is effecting our sisters self-esteem. It hurts being constantly told you’re unattractive to be a “dark skin black woman” but it hurts even more when people of your on race shame you. Being a dark skin black woman has be shamed upon in society in general, its even more sad when a sister feel happy to see a dark skin black women to be seen beautiful in society. Every song or video you hear or see is always prizing light skinned women. We as black people in the community really need to see how this is effecting our black girls & women. Black girls & women need to realize that their hair grows outward & around like a flower that blooms not straight down being pround to be dark skinned is nothing to be shame upon but should be cherish.

  1. All I can say is that I THANK GOD for being raised by a mother who always made me see my own self worth; and reinforced through a community of Black people who did not have low self-esteem, who were intelligent, and BOLD.

  2. @ Kushite Prince
    Thank you brother but I would like to hear your opinion on my comment. I sometimes wonder why would any light skinned or biracial woman would date a black man that is colorstruck especially when he doesn’t see women of his dark skin complexion attractive. What if this colorstruck black man has a daughter that comes out looking the same color he least find not attractive on a female which is dark skin the same complexion as he. I remember Gabrielle Union made a statement that her daddy prefer light skinned women and that her father wouldn’t have dated a woman her complexion. Do these light skinned or biracial women & colorstruck black men every look at the fact how this colorism would effect their daughters. But when I look at it more when these light skinned or biracial women date these colorstruck black man they look at it as a preference, doesn’t effect them because their the prize & not the ones being shamed, and do they feel they have something to gain by being with him. Then I also question is the relationship really genuine. I stay away from any black man that has a preference for a light or dark skinned women I’m more like why can’t you accept her as just being a beautiful BLACK African woman.

    • They are brainwashed fools! They are full of self hatred. It’s that simple Shanequa. Biracial women don’t care about colorstruck black men. They don’t realize that being with a man like that is not a compliment. They should want a man that loves all black women and has self respect. Colorism is a sickness that needs to GO. It has been with us since slavery and it’s very damaging to the minds of children and adults as well. Colorism is a by product of white supremacy.In the end it hurts all black people. We need to cleanse our minds of all colorist thoughts. Then are minds will truly be liberated.

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