10 thoughts on “Head Full of Crap!!

  1. I agree with your post 99% would have been 100% if you would have post a picture of Beyoncé in that head full of crap because she’s the next best thing to jesus when it comes to our people. Overall I love your post.

  2. I met this black woman with her mixed daughter, I will not tell you how she looked at me! She looked at me with hatred eyes and disapproval, just because I was not impressed by her light skinned daughter!
    These people are sick! They grow their children with hatred and confusion!
    I have no respect for these people, because every single black persons who sleeps with whites, I consider them traitors!
    I don’t love these children whit washed skin and it is not true that these mixed children have a better look of the black people!
    I find that black people with black, brown, caramel skin and other shades are much more beautiful!
    Black women with dark skin are more beautiful than biracial women because they have the physical structure of African women!

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