13 thoughts on “Ancestors Begin to Manifest…..

  1. I don’t want to throw your post off topic since you’re discussing manifestation but I wonder sometimes when we come across someone that look similar to us could they be our long lost black African relative. Since coming in contact with Europeans they have destroyed & separated the black African families.

  2. The most uncanny example I’ve seen of this is my best friend’s sister. She visited an African history museum and saw a cut out of a woman who looked exactly like her. The entire staff freaked out as well. They took their DNA test with Ancestry and had Senegalese blood and the woman in the photo was from Senagal. Here is a link to it, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10204793723547116&set=pb.1358932536.-2207520000.1447474314.&type=3&theater

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