The Problem of Sexual Abuse-Abundance Child


Trends in the disclosures of victimization

As someone who has served as a peer and youth mentor, as well as an advocate for women and girls in various settings, including domestic violence and rape crisis centers, I have noticed some disturbing trends in the disclosures of victimization. One trend that emerged is that the majority of black women I encountered had been sexually abused as children and did not address the abuse until adulthood. The realization that child sexual abuse is more common than I ever imaged it could be, confused and angered me. I was compelled to dig deeper because clearly something is just not right. According to U.S. Department of Justice statistics (U.S. Department of Justice, 2014), an estimated 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before the age of 18. Recent statistics have displayed the alarming rate in which black girls have been abused.According to preliminary findings by Black Women’s Blueprint, “60% of black girls experience sexual assault… by the time they reach 18” (Black Women’s Blueprint, n.d.) and for every black woman that reports her sexual assault there are at least 15 black women who do not  report their experiences of abuse (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2010). I personally have known and worked primarily with women and girls, but this is happening to boys as well and it is talked about even less when it comes to male survivors. “Approximately 22 percent to 29 percent of all CSA (child sexual abuse) victims are male” (Putnam, 2003 p.270). The reluctance for boys to report abuse, coupled with the fact that males are rarely asked about childhood sexual abuse by mental health providers may explain why boys are underrepresented in psychiatric samples (Putnam, 2003). It is deplorable that there are so many perpetrators out there who have gone unpunished and unknown to the people who share their homes and communities. Not one of the women who disclosed her victimization to me was abused by a stranger; each knew her abuser, as a neighbor, teacher, family friend or even a parent. Understanding that the perpetrator is typically someone close to the survivor helped me see why so few children report.

That realization became evident when I thought about the accounts of victimization from the women I have known and worked with. They all experienced a profound sense of betrayal and distrust growing up because of the unfathomable violation of being assaulted by an adult that they knew and once trusted. Suddenly, the world that was once safe, fun and bright became a dark, dangerous and stressful place. These women did not know whom they could trust, and they generally did not feel that they could tell anyone what had happened to them. Without treatment or help to escape the abuse, they were left to deal with these extreme emotional and physical assaults that no child should ever have to endure. The repercussions of childhood sexual abuse can be devastating for survivors. They are at risk for a myriad of both short and long-term symptoms of psychological distress (Effects of CSA on Victims, n.d.). “Childhood sexual abuse has been correlated with higher levels of depression, guilt, shame, self-blame, eating disorders, somatic concerns, anxiety, dissociative patterns, repression, denial, sexual problems and relationship problems” (Hall & Hall, 2011 p.2).

Child sexual abuse in the African-American community

Child sexual abuse is certainly not unique to the African-American community; it is a widespread issue that can be found in every racial and ethnic group. But as I think about the people that I have encountered and the heartbreaking stories that they have shared, it is still baffling to me that this is an issue that African-Americans are reluctant to discuss and/or aggressively address. When we look at the black community, the prevalence of children being sexually abused is somewhat of a conundrum, because we have attributes of a collectivist culture. Collectivists sacrifice the interests of the individual for what is in the best interest of the group because the group (e.g. family, tribe or state) is the principal element of reality, Realo’s study as cited by (Power, Schoenherr, & Samson, 2010 p.208). “In collectivistic cultures, people are considered “good” if they are generous, helpful, dependable and attentive to the needs of others. This contrasts with individualistic cultures which often place a greater emphasis on characteristics such as assertiveness and independence” (Cherry, n.d.). Many African Americans believe in the African proverb that exemplifies our collective culture, “It takes a village to raise a child.” So I would think that the same village would serve to protect children and hold perpetrators responsible for their crimes. We know that communities of color tend to work together for the greater good of the community, and yet there are these trends of sexual violence against children that are not being sufficiently addressed. The reason the black community seems to be plagued with this issue, despite our collectivist culture, is unclear. I believe it is most likely related to a convoluted web of systemic oppression, intergenerational transmission of abuse and personal culpability.

We also have to recognize the influence of the systems in place that do not allow for true healing or treatment of black youth. When black children have been victimized and they exhibit maladaptive symptoms of their abuse, they tend to be labeled and stigmatized for their actions. This phenomenon is demonstrated by the “school-to-prison pipeline” that has become more and more prevalent in our nation’s school systems. The American Civil Liberties Union describes the school to prison pipeline as “a disturbing national trend wherein children are funneled out of public schools and into the juvenile and criminal justice systems”(School-to-Prison Pipeline, n.d.). Many of the children that are affected by this institutional trend are students of color that have learning disabilities or histories of poverty, abuse or neglect (School-to-Prison Pipeline, n.d.). Very few take the time to look past the overt behaviors and really examine the covert pain that emanates from a history of abuse; which unfortunately places black youth in the predicament of getting punishment or remediation rather than receiving effective help to heal.

Defending against abuse

So what can be done? We must first teach kids to be aware of what actions and behaviors are inappropriate instead of teaching them to beware of a stereotypical “bad guy.” The stranger danger concept may risk allowing children to let their guard down around anyone who does not fit into that rigid box. Children will be cautious of people they do not know which can help keep them safe, but it also means that when someone they know harms them it makes it harder to understand that a crime was even committed. We also need to take steps to instill more accountability and openness in the community. For collectivist cultures in particular, the village that raises the child can be used as the best defense. Multiple groups of people in a young person’s life can work to protect them from violence and oppression. “A large body of theory and empirical research suggests that intervention at the neighborhood level is likely to prevent child maltreatment” (Daro & Dodge, 2009 p.70). If the community knows the signs and then holds anyone accountable that they see being inappropriate with a child there would be a lot more people being brought to justice. In terms of openness, as true in the larger society, the black community as a whole needs to be aware that there are people with mal intent towards children in our community as well. It is difficult to think about and hard to imagine but the fact is they are out there. So if children reports abuse, believe them, support them and allow them to get help. Furthermore, those who the child may disclose to need to provide a caring and nonjudgmental approach when handling the situation. The reaction of the first person the child tells about the abuse can determine the trajectory of that child’s healing process. If it is a negative response they may never tell anyone or reach out for help again. Unfortunately, I believe this is what may have happened with the black girls and young women that I have encountered. I think that all of these factors have added up to produce generations of hurt young people who never felt the freedom to report their abuse. The deafening silence around this issue has been ignored for far too long.

Article written by Stephanie Hargrove

26 thoughts on “The Problem of Sexual Abuse-Abundance Child

  1. One thing I notice about the African American community is how we keep child sexual abuse & incest a secret. I have worked in the school system & juvenile department an came across young black females that been molested. One thing I notice when talking to them is that they never received any counseling, these young girls had to find the best coping methods without support. I even had sorors in my black sorority inform me that they were molested as children but these young sisters are lesbians now. One was molested by a male church members the other one was turned out by her brother. Till this day I wish I would have as my soror what she really mean by being turned out by her brother. When I was in college this black female college student mention one day when we were having a group meeting that her mother’s boyfriend molested her & her sister which her mother knew what was going on but didn’t protect them.
    I found out years later that one of my male cousins were trying to rape my aunt when she was a teenager but her mother which is my grandmother got the male cousin in check. I use to have a female cousin that used to spend the night at my house was always trying to have sex with me as a child. When I told my mother she stop allowing her to come over & it was never discussed again. Since slavery we as black people have never had a counseling or group session to discuss our pain. We have held our pain in & find other ways of coping with the situation which has led to more mental issues.

    • It is a serious problem that we don’t want to face. It’s a very dark secret in our community. And I think these black men need to be held accountable for this. Many brothers wont even touch this subject. That’s why I felt he need to be addressed. I’m sorry you had to deal with that as a child. It’s a good thing your mother stepped in and did the right thing. This proves that there also female predators among as well. But you’re right we have had no counseling or group sessions. We usually just go to church when we are faced with hard times. We just “leave it up to God”. But it’s time we deal with this subject head on. There are so many innocent children being hurt out there. And they need us to be brave for them and stand up for them. We all have to do our part.

  2. So sad, we’re getting it from every angle. If we weren’t the victim of abuse, we definitely know someone who is. Like the other commenter mentioned, I also have an acquaintance who was raped by her mom’s boyfriend and nothing was done about it! Her mother knew but didn’t protect her. Now she suffers with depression, self-doubt and has trouble with relationships. It is one of those things that will probably plague her forever.

    But how can we help if no one is talking about it? How can we break the cycle if no on is addressing it or healing?
    Great post, as always. Please keep speaking out on it.

    • Thanks Kelley. I can’t believe some of these mothers. That is horrible! Many of these women are scared that the man will leave them. They are scared they will be left on the streets because he is paying all the bills. I don’t care! A mother is supposed to protect her children against anything and everyone! What type of mother is this? This woman is a coward. No wonder the woman now suffers depression and has relationship problems. he will probably hold this against her mother forever. And I can’t blame her. That’s why I did this post. Maybe it will inspire someone to speak out. I know it can be hard because it’s like airing out dirty laundry. But it must be done. I don’t even think this post will get many comments or “likes”. But I don’t do this blog just to be popular. If that was the case I would just post about entertainment,sports,music and celeb gossip. But black people have real issues that are hurting our people. Our children are counting on us to stand up. If not…who will? And yes I will keep speaking out on touchy subjects. It’s the only way something will get done about it.

      • Exactly. I appreciate you and your blog!

        And possibly, her case is like so many others that go overlooked or unspoken. Being a young mother, single, depressed or whatever, like so many of our sisters today, could have lead to the wrong man being attracted her vulnerability, saw her daughter and took advantage. And mom turned the other way to maintain the lifestyle he provided. Plus she might have resented her daughter for just being born.

        Who knows if she never speaks on it?

        Again, how can you heal things you don’t acknowledge? It starts with self.

  3. @ Kushite Prince
    This topic that you post needs to be discuss because when our black children are being molested, this leads them to a homosexual lifestyle or other unnatural deviant behavior. Hurt people who are mentally ill enjoy spreading their pain to other people which has becomes an epidemic in the black community. When people harm children they need to be severely dealt with in the community. I hate hearing people state when a child offender go to prison he will be dealt with by other inmates, if that was the case prison would be a place a child offender would try their best to avoid better yet the prison would have to build a special prison for them so they wouldn’t be attack by inmates.
    Everyone is not mentally built to be a parent especially in a white supremacy society. When you bring a child into this world its a big responsibility that stays with you for a lifetime. A child is not a animal in which you can throw out or replace when you get tired of them. My experience working under privilege black children has been good & bad. The job became bad when you had to take those children personal situation home with you because I cared. These children are growing up in a situation in which they can’t control until they reach adulthood but by then it has affected their lives.
    I have came across parents that can’t financially take care of themselves but their constantly having children. When arriving at the schools to work with the children some of them didn’t like the fact of having to wear dirty unkempt clothes or being less fortunate that they couldn’t have the better material things in life to enjoy. I went to school with children like the ones I’m discussing once they hit adulthood and able to afford material items it is sad how they worship name brands to build their self-esteem.

    • You obviously have a lot of experience in this area. You have some good insight. But I do agree that these children are scarred for life. And these predators must be dealt with. It is a problem that can no longer be ignored. It has to be talked about in order for us to heal as a community.

  4. I agree when the author stated that sexual abuse creates a kind snowball effect for the victim, where they gradually begin to exhibit mental health issues or disfunctional behavior. It’s important because too often we dismiss or write off other Black people as being “crazy” rather than attempt to identify the root cause behind their behavior.

    The solutions she provided were great, but I’ve also felt that our community has always needed clinical psychologists or mental health professionals who can provide an emperical application to the issue. I remember Ralph Ellison writing about sexual abuse in Invisible Man, so this is a long term problem that hasn’t been addressed. Disclosing the issue through writing and group discussions is a great first step, but physicians who can treat victims and their behavior is also needed.

    • I agree Kasai. I think discussing it is very important. We can’t keep running away from tis issue. I wanted to get people talking about this troublesome issue. But without a doubt treatment is a must as well.

  5. I recently wrote a post on this very topic. I have been stating for the longest while that because of the embracing of feminism, most black women today have become mentally unstable. Black women as a collective hate children, this is why they abort so many of the unborn and also at the same time allow all manner of nasty activity to be inflicted upon their sons and their daughters and they say nothing, more time they are the culprits responsible for the debauchery.

    This is an international problem with black women, the amount of accounts I have heard of black women fondling and mutilating the private parts of their children is off the scale, these issues are not only restricted to the US. I have found that West African mothers can be some of the most barbaric, brutal savages on the planet when it comes down to raising children.

    The single mother experiment has been a complete and utter failure, black women have single handedly driven the black community into the gutter and they are determined to take black society further down into hell with their determination to ride the feminist avenue to its end.

    • I personally don’t agree with abortion. I find it disgusting to be honest with you. I think black women need to stop aborting all these babies. It’s getting way out of hand. But I do think feminism was a big mistake in the black community. It didn’t help us in the long run. There are too many pedophiles in our community too. All of them women??? I seriously doubt that. That’s a pretty broad stroke to say that most children are molesting by women. There many black men running around here touching on kids too. So let’s keep it real. It could be more men doing than women. I’m not sure how we would get the exact number though. Regardless it is WRONG,whether it’s a man or woman. These sick perverts need to be exposed and sent to jail. I have NO sympathy fro these sexual deviants.
      And the women who allow their kids to be molested should be thrown in jail too. They are nothing but cowards. A mother should protect her babies at all cost…no exceptions. But I do agree with you that single mothers are turning out horrible kids nowadays. I think that’s one of the reasons many of these boys are homosexual or act way too feminine. Single motherhood is a failure no doubt…but where are the black fathers?? Did they run away? Are they deadbeats? They helped make these babies then they disappear? They have a responsibility to help raise these kids so they stay on the right path. A child needs a father figure in their lives. Even if a man hates his baby mother he should still try to connect with his child. It’s no excuse to just abandon your child like that. I know of six black men that are not with their child’s mother. But they are still involved in their child’s life. We as black people have got to do better than this. Our kids are really hurting out in these streets. I also don’t think all black women hate children. That’s quite a statement to make. Most of the sistas I know love their children. And the ones who are childless tell me they want kids. So no,I can’t agree with that statement.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        I don’t agree with abortion either but our numbers for abortions can decrease if black men & women stop having unprotected sex & be more responsible. On top of that getting pregnant is no accident. Throughout our years in school we all have been giving taught sex education in our science or health class. We all know that sex leads to procreation, furthermore we have been told using a condom can help prevent you from getting sexual transmitted diseases or unexpected pregnancies in some cases. Then we have birth control pills as well but that has bad side effects on the female body and some cases don’t work either. These men & women know what they are doing when their sexual active they just don’t give a d@mn about using protection. Again these men & women are just so hypersexual they just don’t give a d@mn about using protection period. In my opinion we are living in a time when people believe babies are cheaper then condoms.

  6. You shouldn’t really be surprised that black women abuse more children than black men, after all most black children are being raised by single black mothers, plus there is also the case that because men are always perceived as the main abusers of children courtesy of the media, the women have more of a free reign to carry out their abuse without being suspected of any wrong doing.

    Don’t take my words on anything, conduct your own research on child abuse and you will find that women in general carry out more acts of abuse against children than men. The reason why you believe that possibly more men are abusing children is because of the perception that has been put out into the public domain by the mainstream media.

    On the issue of black fathers you have to remember that black women have no problems opening their legs to deadbeat men, therefore the responsibility and the blame falls back on them. The responsibility falls back on black women twice more because they were the ones who first initiated this single mother phenomenon plus they are also the ones raising black boys to be irresponsible, hence the reason why some black men abandon their children, they are simply following the edicts and the philosophies of their mothers.

    I would never say that all black women hate their children, when I say black women I’m talk about them in general terms. I would say however that the vast majority do. The evidence is undeniable, the professional black woman who is the one responsible for the most abortions in the black community then on the other side of the spectrum the hoodrat, council estate black female who abuses and destroys the minds of the children that she has.

    It isn’t always easy for a black man to be involved in the life of his child if he and the mother fall out, black women as a collective have a nasty habit of being unable to place the welfare of the child first over their emotions in the event of a breakdown. Many of them will purposely prevent the father from seeing his children, thus over time the father simply gives up and thereafter the mother can lie to the children and claim that their father abandoned them.

    These are some of the common tricks that many single black mothers pull yet at the same time they love to run the ‘black men are abandoning their children en mass PR machine’. You also have to remember that no father can be present in order for the mother to be able to claim benefits from the state, this is yet another motivating factor used by many black women to keep fathers away from their children.

    I totally agree, we have to do better as a people, however the only way that change is going to take place as a whole is when the black woman has been completely broken. As long as she can still turn to Uncle Sam for help and as long as the state is willing to continue financing her irresponsible behaviour, things will continue to trundle downhill.

    You have to understand, those women you know that love their children are now part of the minority, they are exceptions to the rule, however exceptions do not buck the general trend. The general trend in 2015 is regrettably most black women simply hate children.

    • So you believe the black woman must be broken? That’s an interesting point to make. I notice you put a lot of blame on black women most of the time. No matter what the subject may be. It always turns into blaming black women. It’s like you have an extreme hatred for black women. Almost like you see them as a vile sick creature totally different than yourself. You never post anything remotely positive about black women at all. It’s always the most sick disgusting images you can find on the internet. As if ,sluts,interracial whores and porn stars represent the masses of black women in the UK,USA,Brazil and Africa. I’m going to be honest with you. The negativity is so extreme I have had a few bloggers in private tell me they think you might not even be black. Or you’re dating a non-black woman so that would be the reason for the contempt. I guess the hatred comes off a bit unsettling so people are wondering where the hatred is coming from. I’m just being real with you.Maybe you can explain some of this for me. Thanks.

  7. No doubt the people who are raising the most complaints are black women themselves. I have no hatred for black women at all, I simply understand them and their agenda. The reason why I place the majority of the blame upon black women is because as I have explained before we must travel back to where the destruction of the black family first began in order to discover who is to blame.

    We most certainly cannot blame the residual effects of slavery for our current condition because the people who live closer to the emancipated slaves were not dealing with the issues that we are dealing with today as a people.

    Our family structure was 85% intact from the end of slavery all the way up until the civil rights era, we at one point had a stronger family unit than white folks did. Black women initiated this entire whole mess by joining the feminist movement and accepting fatherless home welfare policies, these are the facts, I know that you are definitely aware of these facts, they cannot be circumvented.

    There is also the point that the black woman is the only stone that has remained unturned in discovering why the black community has crumbled into a pile of ashes and rubble and every time somebody approaches that stone to overturn it, all of a sudden World War 3 breaks out, thus from this reaction as well I can safely conclude that the key to solving our problems as a community lies with the overturning of that final stone.

    The US black population level has recently dropped from 13% to 12.5%. Abortion has been the predominant factor responsible for this drop. On the continent of Africa black women are collectively carrying out 6.4 million abortions per year. In light of black women slowly killing off their own people exactly what positives can be brought to the table that can overshadow their current fingerprint of genocide?

    It is standard protocol for black women to mislabel anybody who criticises them or their questionable actions as some sort of agent or infiltrator, they simply do this in order to remove the heat from themselves whenever a critic is telling the truth about them or is hitting on key points that make them feel uncomfortable.

    Telling the truth about the current state of black women is not a negative, nor is it an extreme, the truth is the truth. Now most black women as it stands in 2015 despise the truth which is why they are constantly looking for ways to avoid hearing it. This is why I don’t have a vast amount of black women visiting my site, because they know that I understand them and what they are all about, thus they cannot run a Kansas City shuffle on me.

    I am able to articulately explain black women and their current state and most of them hate me for it. At end of the day believing that things will improve in the black community without first dealing with the black woman and her multitude of transgressions is a fool’s errand. It hasn’t worked yet, the black community has been stagnant for the past 50 years and most folks cannot or in many cases do not want to put the harsh pieces of the puzzle together and face the truth.

    Repairing things that are broken on a grand scale is normally a messy job. I don’t take pleasure in having to go to war against black women as a collective but until things changes black women will continue to exact their terror upon the rest of black society, and tiptoeing around dealing with the topic is not going to help the situation either as has been clearly evident for the past 50 years.

    • @ Verbs2015
      You’re pointing the blame at black women but last time I check the root & cause of our problems is white supremacy. White supremacy have done psychological damage to our people mentally. How about you point the blame at white supremacy who program the black woman to be in the condition she’s into day. Last time I checked Black women aren’t in power to change laws that is causing mass incarceration to our people, gentrification, high unemployment rate and etc. You blame the black woman for everything but want rise your fist to white supremacy. You can fight the black woman all day but you as a black man fear white supremacy. Black AFRICAN women around the diaspora are the only race of women who have suffer severe psychological damage that are still trying to find ways to cope with their pain. You have a problem with black women.

      • Shanequa,

        Black women in 2015 are the primary enforcers of white supremacy in the black community. The white supremacy that you allude to no longer has a white face carrying out its evil against black people, black women have now taken over as the new mascot of the movement.

        The acceptance of feminism(which is a part of white supremacy) has psychologically damaged black women and they in turn have deliberately passed down this mental wounding to their children, thus the cycle continues to this day.

        Nobody forced black women to accept feminism, black women with a greedy heart and a selfish mindset voluntarily ran towards the feminist program and embraced it with open arms. They knew full well that black men would suffer and be left out in the cold concerning their acceptance of feminist policies yet they still went ahead and partook of the feminist fruit.

        The reason why black women are suffering today mentally is because they refuse to give up and continue to hold onto a position of leadership which is supposed to be occupied by the black male, however having for the most part already destroyed his mind from childhood, there are very few black males remaining who are qualified to step up and assume their rightful leadership role.

        There is also the point to be made that black women simply do not want to give up their localised power because they wish to remain relevant to their white liberal father. This is the principle reason why black women continue to allow the black community to remain in a ruinous heap.

        Black women do not have to be in a position to change laws nationally, black women simply enforce the polices of white supremacy at the local level(abortion, single parent households, raising their children under the edicts and the philosophies of thuggism, violence and irresponsibility, placing black men in jail over child support, wearing weaves thus promoting the ideology that the European standard of beauty is the best standard for all blacks etc).

        Being made the leader of the black community by their white liberal father is the only power that black women require in order to carry out his agenda, thus the changes that she implements on the local level soon become national movements by default.

        On the contrary, I do not fear white supremacy at all, I simply recognise the fact that its face has changed and that the black woman is the now the tool of choice.

        This is one of the more popular Kansas City shuffle techniques that most black women frequently engage in, they attempt to steer the conversation away from themselves being the focus of attention by accusing the examiner of not concentrating on the relevant issues at hand.

        As stated before I do not hate black women, I simply understand them.

      • Yes, you are a Black Man who hates Black Women with a incredible passion. Your anti-blackness and anti-black misogyny is through the freaking roof. You talk about many Black Women embracing white (mainstream) feminism, but you won’t talk about how many Black men have embraced white patriarchy. Both have been equally damaging to the Black Community, but negro people who hate Black Women keep blaming the Black Woman for the ALL the ills within the Black Community instead of the system of racism white supremacy. Like one sista said “blacks blaming blacks for what white people have done (and still are) doing to us.” Sure we have to take some accountability to and clean up our acts (both men and women) to rebuild our communities cause white people ain’t gonna do it for us. But you and many others keep on with your anti-blackness and anti-black misogyny, and blaming sistas for all the ills in the bc and see where that gets us. I tell ya it won’t get us no where no matter what you say.
        IMPO, Your explanation didn’t do a damn bit of good in clarifying how you really feel cause you still come of as a self-hating anti-black misogynist.

    • Thanks for the clarification on your thoughts. I think this will give people a better understanding why you believe what you believe. Everyone can come to their own conclusions. But I do think everyone should do their own research and formulate their own opinion. I’m sure some people will agree with your assessment while others may not.

  8. What effects black women will have an effect on black men. When black men are in pain, black women are in pain too. Its a cause & effect to everthing.

  9. Great post! This is a subject that a lotta black people don’t want to discuss wanting to keep sweeping it under the rug. It’s disgusting and sad how some people protect these predators at the expense of the young victims. It only serves to help keep letting predators off the hook for this deviant behavior. *smdh*

    • It’s a subject not addressed very much. But it’s a subject that is hurting many families. Black people can’t run from it anymore. We have to face our fears if we want to really move forward. The healing process can’t begin if we are too afraid to deal with certain things. I knew this post wouldn’t get many “likes” or comments. It probably hits a nerve too close to home for some. But I knew you would appreciate it OW13. I know you deal with uncomfortable topics too. In my opinion,it’s not a blame game. I just want to see some resolution. I think that’s what most of want.

    • TheOriginalBlackWoman13,

      So let me understand this correctly, because I reject the decadent and dysfunctional behaviour that large numbers of black women are involving themselves in and because I justly call out these actions as wrong, this makes me somebody who is anti-black and who hates black women?

      This is why I will state without hesitation that the modern day western black woman is a dunce and a complete numbskull, she has no ability to think things through and process the information presented to her using logic, intelligence and common sense.

      Slogan slinging in true feminist fashion, this all the black woman knows when confronted with home truths they cannot rebut. Last I checked black women are not the only women on the planet, thus your accusation of misogyny falls flat.

      Black women are also the only women on the planet who will claim ‘hate’ against any black male who scrutinises their delinquency. I have yet to hear Asian, White, Indian and Hispanic women turn around to their men and claim that they hate their own race for them criticising the reprobate behaviour of their women.

      Black men are simply attempting to get on with their lives in light of the destruction black women have brought upon the black community, it is black women who have the full backing and support of the state, not black men.

      Black women such as yourself have no intention of taking on board any accountability for anything, this is why you always talk about both genders being accountable when YOUR feet are held to the fire, black women have yet to pick up their portion of accountability from off the shelf, it has been sitting there for the last 50 years untouched and collecting dust.

      I have been through the history so many times as to why the degradation of the black community can be solely be placed at the feet of black women, I am not going to ramble through that avenue again.

      The evident actions of westernised black women coupled with their conveniently cosy relationship with the state simply shows me that they are traitors and that they should not be trusted under any circumstances. I have no problems however with black women who come from non westernised cultures and who have not been contaminated with the feminist garbage.

      As I stated before, the modern day western black woman is the current face of white supremacy, the white man and the western black female are two sides of the same coin. On the contrary, at least some black men will now be able to see western black women for their true colours now that the secret agreement they have made with white men and the state is finally being exposed.

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