18 thoughts on “The Boy vs The Man

    • Yeah I hear you. Black men are too diverse and complex to be narrowed down to just two types. I just thought it was an interesting pic. Manily because the media shows way too many of the “boy type” as if that is the only image of a black male. Of course we know that isn’t true at ll.

    • I must admit that I agree with you on your perception. Male #1 is obviously OUT and male #2 has, one of his goals, that of “MATERIAL THERAPY?” So much for an evolved male that has a realm of spirituality!

      What about embracing one’s culture, people, helping to improve the condition of his community and people?

      As it has been stated in the bible of the sub-humans, “Where your treasure be? There be your heart also.”

      Just my opinion, but smh…

  1. Which one am I?
    – Like (dark-skinned) women but don’t especially care about approaching them
    – Turn down women that don’t match my type (i.e. all ‘white’ & light-skinned women)
    – Don’t give half a shit about swagg or swagger, next goal is career in acting & writing
    – Pants on waist; where the fuck else would they go?
    – (already covered)

  2. I tend to see that infantile personality (which encompasses the male on the left) on display within the mainstream media, where Whites presently and historically, have imagined Black males through a retrograded lens. White liberals in turn will use these images to view Blacks as being ceaslessly in despair, while White conservatives use it as rationale for restrictive policies or to supplement their existing dehumanized impression of the Black male.

    To paraphrase Dr. Bobby E. Wright’s “Psychopathic Racial Personality,” he stated that one of the most prevailing myths in the Black community is that street sense is positive. He goes on to state that what is really being inferred is that Whites do not control the streets in the Black community, nor the behavior of Blacks on the streets. He said that Whites have more control or as much control over Black people in the streets than over those in the universities. Street sense prepares Black people to deal with one another in destructive ways and then the Whites wipe out the winner.

    • Thank you for that Kasai! That was beautifully stated! That’s a great breakdown of the term “street sense”. You can never go wrong quoting Bobby Wright. I’m glad you brought him up. I’m not sure if I’ve ever featured the genius of Wright on my blog before. Thanks for the reminder. I will have to do something on him soon.

  3. I always say that the Man has to be the LEADER of everything from the household to careers, to his opportunities. If a man doesn’t have NO DRIVE, NO DETERMINATION, IMMATURITY and HONESTY, that’s not a man, that’s a childish boy. Black guys are definitely boys who doesn’t know where to go, or where to stand. Undecided, confused, full of anger and full of false or disturbed ideas of how they view women, Black women in a negative light. No wonder Black women ask, where’s the good Black men?

      • @ Kushite Prince
        We have black men & black boys in the community. As the late Del Jones would say some of them have been program to be products of the “American N!gger Factory”. The “American N!gger Factory” which
        carries out the tasks of mis-education & anti-African propaganda.

        I also like how one commenter stated Dr. Bobby E. Wright, how our people look at “street sense” as positive but really it prepares our people to deal with one another in a destructive manner. Furthermore our people have replace the phrase “street sense” with being a “REAL N!GGA.” If you ask one of our young black men or boys what they mean about being a “REAL N!GGA” the description is just as bad as the word. These of the following description I have heard for being a “REAL N!GGA” being yourself & never changing for anyone ( their minds or mentally enslave & doesn’t have plans on trying to be mentally free with new change of thoughts), carrying every negative image about our people & thinks its positive, thinks he’s being a rebellious slave to the white man but is the weakest link and etc.

        The “REAL N!GGA” can be a drug dealer, politician, pastor or any other type of con-artist that’s doing harm to our people but will try to cover there bad deeds with good deeds by trying to support the community. These clowns be trying to fight against the negative illnesses in our community, but then turn around an support it by doing it themselves or acquaintances with someone they know that is doing it. I have seen this “REAL N!GGA” behavior with too many people I grew up with. They have become products of the “American N!gger Factory” they are so confuse of trying to distinguish what is morally right from wrong.

      • Wow! You said it Shanequa! Del Jones and Booby Wright were both correct. Those brothers kept it REAL! But you’re right about a con artist can come in any form. We have to always be aware of that. Thanks for the great comments sis.

    • Follow that train! I agree with you as well Shanequa. I see this “all day long” with many of my male students. I can dang near guess which came from broken homes, which stem from female-headed households, etc.

      The thing is, that our race needs to change the face of this–badly.

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