20 thoughts on “All Buildings Matter

  1. 26 Black towns attacked and destroyed by Whites after 1919 and about 3,437 Black people lynched between 1882 and 1951, yet they want us to continually memorialize 9/11?

  2. There have been many towns destroyed by whites were BLACK Africans lived or once lived Tulsa, Oklahoma is the most well known one but there are others. Everyone need to read this book name Sundown Towns by James W. Loewen, I read the book a couple of years ago. This book discuss the many attacks on African Americans being pushed out or denied from living in certain neighborhoods, deny public housing, gentrification and etc. Furthermore a lot of these towns or neighborhoods that have a mostly white residents are Sundown Towns these places don’t allow African Americans there after dark.

    Here is the link to the website below also it gives the many state/cities of Sundown Towns.

  3. Here is a documentary I seen a couple of years ago that pissed me off. “Banished” it’s a very sad documentary but our real story needs to be told.

    • @ Sister Shanequa:

      Thank you for providing the videos. I did not watch this video in its entirety, but it was very eye-opening. I was a freshman at Agnes Scott College (In the ATL area, south of Forsyth County, GA) when those marches took place. It took place because there was an article in the Creative Loafing newspaper about the **No Blacks Allowed** mentality in Forsyth County. Several Agnes Scott students of different races attended the second march. I wanted to go, but my late parents — who lived through Jim Crow and the Civil Rights Movement — talked me out of it because of the potential for violence.

      Yes, this video pissed me off, too. The ending titles state that the German government has compensated for the Holocaust, but bills have not been passed to compensate for slavery or stolen Black property in this country. The double standards are absolutely sickening!

      Thank you again for providing the link.

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