The White Woman: Secret Weapon of White Supremacy


BEWARE: Brother Dawah speaks a lot of truth in this video. He doesn’t hold back in this one!







Raising kids in the Ku Klux Klan. They believe it’s important to teach kids to hate at a very young age.

And here’s a nice compilation of racist white women letting out their true nature. As you can see when they get upset they love to call black people niggers,monkeys, apes etc…  I wanted to do this post because most of the time when we discuss racism we focus on the white man.  But who is his mother?  Who teaches him racism and hatred? The white woman is usually forgotten or she gets a pass.  She usually gets a pass because she is seen as a minority.  And white women love to play like they are the victims of sexism all the time. Well I’m not letting them off the hook.  They are the secret weapon of racism.  They teach their children white supremacy at a very young age.  They instill in their children that they are better than all other races.  That’s why I wanted to expose them for the racists they truly are.

63 thoughts on “The White Woman: Secret Weapon of White Supremacy

  1. Sounds like “Brother Dawah” has some issues with white women. He blames white women for white men going to war ……. Then why did HE join the Army …. because of HIS BLACK MOTHER or some white ho?

    Oh please!

    And the video “We Are Bringing Up Our Kids In The Ku Klux Klan” is a great example of the perversion of what Jesus the man stood against and has been perverted by Christianity of the Church which is a tool of oppression. Jesus would fucking shit if he saw how his message has been destroyed!

    And then, come on Kushite Prince that compilation video of the crazies …… funny yes but Tubularsock wouldn’t form real opinions of the world based on the crazies!

    However saying all of this Tubularsock really enjoyed your post. The humor value was first rate but Tubularsock isn’t going to form a position upon human kind based on all of these fucks!

    • In the three years I have been blogging I tackle a lot of different subjects. One of the main subjects is the racism black people go through in America and abroad. I am concerned about the well being of my people. I am concerned about the very survival of my people. Which is why I have many posts dealing with the racism blacks have faced against either Jews,whites,Hispanics and Asians. I make no apologies about that. I have over 300 followers on my blog. Mostly black people but there are a few that are not black. I’m not always sure why they follow my blog since it is not designed for them. Some like to just snoop around. And there are others who say they actually learn something and look at things from a different perspective. Whatever the case maybe I can not make a post that everyone will agree with. That would be impossible. I know that there are some who disagree with my opinions. That’s fine after all this is MY blog. If I cared about offended someone I would have stop blogging after the first day. I am not here to make sure everyone feels all warm and fuzzy about racism. This is a BIG problem for our people. There are white racists in powerful positions who take joy in killing blacks,stealing land from Africans, keeping us unemployed etc.
      My black followers will understand this post. They understand the historical racism that white women have committed against our people. I know you probably think it’s just a handful of whites that are racist. But it’s not just skinheads,Nazi’s and KKK members. There are many whites who have those same beliefs. They just don’t dress up in a costume and they keep their mouth shut. White supremacy is a global system. I also know that many powerful Jews run this global system. They control quite a lot. But aren’t Jews white too? Being Jewish is a religion if I’m not mistaken..not a race. Anyway I’ve rambled long enough. This post was just to drive home the point that white women are not innocent in our suffering. They were on the plantations during slavery. And I’ve seen many pics of blacks being lynched and burned alive..with little white girls smiling next to the bodies. So thanks for the comment. But I think this post may have went over your head. It’s much more complex than just the few videos and pics I put up. To truly understand the racism my people deal with I would have to put up at least 200 pictures and videos. But I think most of my followers will understand where I’m coming from.

    • Yeah Dawah is a trip!lol When you get a chance try to listen to the whole video. He had me cracking up. But a lot of what he said is true. It’s just people don’t want to hear it. People want you to sugarcoat racism for them. They want it to be sanitized so their feelings don’t get hurt. But what about what we go through?? No cares at all. They just want black people to just suffer in silence. No way! I can’t do it. No matter who it offends. I have to keep it real.

      • I appreciate your honesty! Really. We need more like you. People act like they’re blind or deaf when it comes to us.

        I will definitely check him out. He is real and funny and entertaining; I like his background music. Sometimes it’s a lil heavy just listening to things like this but humor makes it a little easier to swallow.

  2. “you suck the cum out of black men’s penises as much as you possibly can, bitch stop playing” LOOOOOOL…. Lawd have mercy, he is too much lol lol

  3. HAHAHAHA! This brotha is bringin the business, lol. BTW, Irritated Genie did a post discussing this same subject a while back. I’m tired of White Women being given a pass (especially by black people)for their role and cooperation in the destruction of the original peoples. It’s high time that this foolishness stop. I also believe and I guess basically that was what you were sayin is that White Women get a pass because they are women. A Black Woman Blogger I follow on tumblr talks about this as well. She gave her readers a deeper understanding explaining that many Black people tend to look at racism white supremacy through a patriarchal lens. That’s why we almost always hear Black people with “the white man this, the white man that” and why IR “conscious” Black Men date, marry, and procreate with white women while only disliking white men and callin out White men’s racism.

    • Thanks OW13. I’m glad you liked the post. Genie talks about this too. I’ve chatted with him a few times. I took a chance doing this post. I don’t think I will get many likes on this subject. I think I will probably offend some people. But I’m okay with that. I didn’t create my blog so that ALL people would love me. We are in a war right now. And white women need to be held accountable for their racist acts against us. I’m not letting them slide. White women are some of the meanest most vile racist I have ever encountered. And there’s no such thing as an “interracial conscious” black person. That is nonsense!! And I have called out these backwards thinking fools on the internet AND in person. I have had heated debates about the evils of white women. And these black men that date them are nothing but self-hating coons! They are not conscious or pro-black at all. It’s time white women put their feet to the fire!! I’m calling them all out. I don’t give a damn who gets offended or gets upset! I’m sick of these racist bitches! They help keep the global system of white supremacy going on. And everyone gives them a pass. Not here on Kushite Kingdom!

  4. This deserves a re-blog on fighting misogynoir, lol. While white women complain about sexism and misogyny they are sexist and misogynistic towards non-white women, especially Black Women. Oh, the hypocrisy!

      • Gawd! I hate the worthless, stupid, fake ass, lying, self-serving, RACIST AS FUCK old bitch Steinem! Bitch has been going to rants and high tech lynchings against black men for YEARS with black women by her side because they benefitted too. She was the main one starting a so-called crusade against sexual harassment yet turned right around and defended Bill Clinton like he was HER damn husband! and notice how hag has stayed as far away as possible from high profile cases involving white men? she is phony fuck tired up old bat that has done nothing but sabotage her own cause with decades of bullshit. It’s called karma hag.

  5. Great post. The position that White Supremacy is exclusively a White male patriachal dynamic seems to be advanced alot nowadays, particularly in the academic setting. However, White women both covertly and aggressively play a pivotal role in perpetuating racist behavior.

    Here is a quote from an article that I recently read, which provides some historical frame of reference on the issue:

    “Indeed, there is considerable documentation of white women coercing black men into having sex. According to Captain Richard J. Hinton, an abolitionist commander in the Civil War, “I have never found a bright-looking colored man, whose confidences I have won… who has not told me of instances where he has been compelled, either by his mistress, or by white women of the same class, to have connection with them” (Hodes, pp. 130-131). One former slave told Hinton that his mistress ordered him to sleep with her after her husband died (Hodes, p. 131). These are just two examples of the many stories abolitionists like Hinton told to prove the immorality of slaveholding.” Jacqueline M. Allain

  6. Great post! I’m working on a post right now on this same subject. You beat me to it, lol. That brotha went in on these cave bitch hos. Like one poster said above it’s time that white women stop getting a pass on their racism cause of their gender. We have to study and understand the ways they practice racism; because many times they tend to be sneakier than the men.

  7. Thanks for this post. Just want to mention something that is kept very quiet also. White women benefited the most from Affirmative Action also. I use to work in law and I saw almost as many white female attorneys as white male attorneys. I started working in technology about 20 years ago and I worked a lot mostly with young black men. However, lately, I see a lot of these young brothers being edged out of their jobs and white women are beginning to take over that arena as PC analysts, trainers, managers, etc.

  8. Here’s the reply I left to Graham Wellington (in case it’s deleted)

    September 19, 2015

    thank you, Graham, for seeing through the objectification of black males by white females.

    While she sings his praises, wonder how she’d vote on a jury if this same black male was falsely accused of a crime? I have watched time and time again racist white females sexually pursue black males while despising black people in general.

    It is very common for white females who are past their prime to attract white males often turn to men of color because they know their white skin compensates for whatever flaws they may have in the minds of brainwashed black males, who think her attention is a compliment. Often, it is not.

    Black males must understand that sex is a common weapon used by white females all while practicing racism against them and black females.

    for those who are interested in understanding all the dynamics check out my book, The Interracial Con Game.

    You will never see this kind of “confession” as a compliment again.

    (wonder if my post will be deleted)

    • I can’t argue with that. She has taught him everything he knows. That was the point I was trying to make with this post. She is very slick with her racism. Which makes her extremely dangerous in my opinion.

  9. I’ll take it a step further. We all know ww are racists and virtually all of them uphold white supremacy. But what about Arab women and their racism towards Blacks in Arab supremacy? Or Hispanic and Asian women and their blatant racism towards the Blacks in their own countries? WW are off the chain, but frankly, we have NO allies, Black people. We gotta nation-build amongst ourselves ONLY, the creation of a strong and stable Black Family Unit is the first step in combatting racism in all its ugly forms.

    • That’s true Providence. You can say the same thing about Hispanic,Arab or Asian women. But right now white supremacy is ruining our lives at the moment. That’s why I focused on white women in this post. But I definitely see your point. It took me a long time to realize that we don’t have any allies. But I do agree that we have to nation build ourselves. No argument there.

    • PREACH! Many people of color cry foul when get their ‘nigger moment’ yet are always happy to jump on white folks bandwagon against Negroes

  10. They are disgusting in all ways! Who would be jealous of women who humanly are disgusting? These videos and pictures are just a part of their real nature!
    They create groups on facebook “Black Men + White Women = Love!”, on Tumblr there are images and sexual sites of white women who have depraved thoughts about black men!
    This racist society defends white woman, but nobody doesn’t have capacity how white women are whores controlled by white men!
    Really I feel sorry for those black men who they were born men, who they will be dealing with these depraved!!
    Those white racist women who have shouted rape, were white women who wanted only to sleep with black men!

  11. Channeling Florida Evans…DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! This right here…just put the seal on all discussion on IR unions. I’ve spoken about this in detail for years, but this video just summed it up to perfection. “White Bitches…ain’t Sheeeeiiiittt!” *Cracking up!

  12. What do you expect from such a mentally weak bunch of people. As much as it annoys me it is also good, because, I hope not, but when these mulattoes get deep they gonna strive to recreate their own identity, and like everywhere else there are no benefits for befriending black folks, in America I guess they’ll just have to learn the hard way.

    I pointed this out before for black men who love whites, I have yet to see to warring groups of people who have consistently shown contempt for the other, treated the other terrible and gone home to their wife of the same ethnicity see the other race worship their women nearly as much as them. Do Kurds to this to Arab women, do Palestinians do this to Jewish women, do the Chinese do this to Japanese women, it is clear evidence some type of brainwashing has took place. The community is so weak and willing to accept white people’s values they don’t regulate this race mixing bullshit, which whites still regulate, especially white women who have the lowest rate of interracial relationship out of all race-gender groups. White women have proven their worth to their race and descendants but so have blacks, black people haven’t we would be taking about taking control or maintaining control over whites and other but we are struggling to keep these weak men of white trash. Poor analysis of the issue will result in useful commentary and not tackling the issue head on, you have a lot of black men who view either black women or white women as their holy grail, why not Latina women or Arab women, because they worship white people (not just the female), this is a symptom of that, the worship of white people physically and mentally (culturally, where they physically go or live, anything they make or provide ect.), it is natural to love your own race of women, but then to only love one other race (not multiple) on equal par is not the standard unless they colonize you, that is why white women are held up high, do not engage idiots who say they love ‘all women’ because the facts don’t add up at all.

    Yet to see black people deal with this issue seriously and point out the incredible unusualness of this behavior anywhere in humanity, the ability to love one sex and hate the other of the same people even though both have worked together thus far and neither have established anything at all for us.

  13. The main reason for the point was I see some good convo on the topic but no many people jumping in face first and pointing out what are the actual problems with this sort of relationship and it’s wider effects and comparison to other groups (especially more powerful, mostly exclusive groups) and how to resolve the problem. I see people acting as if white women are the cause when the reality it is we who let white people be better in our eyes so the white women can steal our affirmative action, lead us in the wrong direction (European Feminism) and seem beautiful, it is not that the white women is inherently in this position but we have become comfortable (socialization) with her in this position in relation to us as black people, it is not about her behavior or how she leaches onto us it is about how we view her, if we viewed her negatively no matter how she approaches us we will reject her.

    The main problem is the media’s spin as well as ordinary people internalizing this and then defending a position which is not natural. Naturally black men love black women, that is the only way for a successful black community, family and to continue the black African gene, once disrupted who does this benefit, what does it do to self-image, how does it effect other groups, what position do these black men with white women come from.

    The media is important in glorifying this image and I have seen in many countries America, Brazil, France, South Africa ect. where whiter women are all over the television as well as light skin supremacy (mixed, not brown skin mostly African DNA) and the use of unrepresentative black celebrities and sportsmen with white or mixed females, it is clearly unrepresentative because most black women with strollers on the street have black babies in them, most black men walking with a women it is a black woman, most black males in schools where there is a substantial black population gravitate towards and date black women, where the hell does the media find these black men with majority non-black women, it’s obvious they mould these people it is no way a true representation of black men or people. This media’s vast representation of false images create (white folks with power, not self-hating black men) ideas and mindset amongst weak, down and out black men that they should not love their women, black women are the primary cause for their condition and that to be (or once you become) successful that black women should not be partners (but ever notice how they’ll cheat with black women or have black children even if they don’t date them). This creates a rift between poorer blacks over gender, only beneficial to whites, that is why the next most likely group to chase white women is normally the poorer blacks who are an extremely passive audience who sucks in the media’s false representation, then you have black women (women work on emotions, just how their brain is) who believe this too and you get the swirling, black children taught to hate black men ect. Again none of these are particularly large compared to black men-black women relationships, but they do cause significant amounts of problems as once again the white media can use this tiny population of self-hating blacks, note the white media like small groups and overrepresent them for their purposes, like black criminals, black lgbt, black men marrying dating outside their race, black hard drug abusers ect. The other major group is people who believe white people (physical looks) as well as their society to be superior, that can be men of any social standing, that why you get websites like whitemeat and whitewomenblackmen, these people not only mentally but physically worship white people (not just women as I’ve said).

    This topic of white women holding power and sway over black men and tricking them is not looking at the proper dynamics of this all, not looking at blacks having self-love/hatred issues, whites been able to create people and environments that never existed in Africa before them (not talking about Arabs), the uselessness (how does it help or hinder black men) and unusualness of loving white women compared to other groups who have had issues with each other, the socioeconomic differences between black male and white female partners. These are the main issues, because if we had power or even a mindset to develop power and trust doesn’t matter how many white women they throw at black men we would reject them and ignore their intrusion, but we trust these white people (not just women) enough to accept them, even ‘radical groups’ of Afro Americans such as the Black Panther Party had significant amounts of white female partners (they claimed they could wipe out white people by having children with white women) and mixed supremacy (look at the ‘black’ women they chose as their top female representatives). It is something wrong with the mindset, the Japanese, the Arabs, the Indians don’t put white women on pedestals in their society, you think white people never tried to push white women onto them (who look far more similar their own women). Unlike us when they argue over white women, they have a conclusion and not some dumb ‘it doesn’t matter’ one, because this will be the mantra that people will operate and build on , the ideology that people have in the back of their minds (limitation they will set themselves or goals that they seek to attain), the world frame from which they look through.

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