Slavery is a video game now! Your holocaust must not have been so bad, right?

Now our struggle is a video game??  We should not be surprised by this.  The rapes,lynchings,being burned alive and genocide committed on our ancestors has been reduced to a video game.  This is a game in Europe to help little white kids understand slavery better.  I hardly think that a video game is a proper tool to do this.  This is all designed to make it seem like our pain wasn’t that bad. After all, we have never gotten reparations for slavery anyway.  They don’t give a damn about what our ancestors went through.  Our ancestors built America into the empire it has become.  And we don’t even get an apology for what they did to us.  Could you imagine a video game about the Jewish Holocaust?  No way!  They would never let that happen. Jews would not even allow it.  Jews have enough power and influence to stop something like that.  What about us?  Are black people okay with this?  I’m sure as hell not!  I find it highly insulting. But I’ve been around Europeans all my life and nothing they do surprises me anymore.  This is just another lesson in how white supremacy operates.

12 thoughts on “Slavery is a video game now! Your holocaust must not have been so bad, right?

  1. Wow! Just when you think the media or video game industry couldn’t find any other way to insult people. If the game was a movie with a better script deleting the entire slavery tetris it would’ve worked. It doesn’t help that the poor English translations and voice actors make the game more comedic than serious. Where is the outrage from African Americans and Africans? People who brush video games like this off as harmless do not understand how media works why some people are more dehumanized than others.

    I wish a video game company would make a game focusing on the holocaust than watch the reaction and see how quickly the game has to be shelfed for dehumanization and insensitivity. Here’s an article that goes in depth about why a video game about the Holocaust hasn’t been made surprisingly. World War II games where is the Holocaust?:
    Many people forget that non Jewish people also suffered through the Holocaust, often without their stories not being fully told. The Roma (gypsies), Afro Germans (yes there were Black Germans living in Germany even before Hitler came to power they were insultingly called the “Rhineland Bastards”), Poles, Russians, many Catholic, protestant priests and clergy, etc Hardly any of them received compensation from Germany or other European countries as Israel does to this day since its creation in 1948. Israel continues to use the Holocaust to get away with threatening and bombing its neighbors, garner support from United States and Europe both countries still carry guilt for not helping or doing very little to aid European Jews fleeing Nazi persecution. Israel sees the Holocaust as the epitome of human suffering claiming that only Jews have suffered so much in the world. Since they have suffered, no one can critic or call them out for the treatment of Palestinians, using excessive force against their neighbors, having the Israel Lobby (I call them the Israel First no matter what group) scream the loudest even on issues that have nothing to do with Israel and rubbing it in other people’s face that Israelis and Jews are the chosen people via the bible. The chosen status is total bull since most religions emphasize gods that love everyone equally. I didn’t mean to go on a tangent. The double standards when it comes to Jewish suffering and ignoring the pain of Africans and other non Jewish people is just unforgivably upsetting.

  2. Wow.. just.. wow! That’s beyond sick. I mean it takes time to create a game, quite a few levels. And this is the end result? We live in a truly sick world. I want out.

  3. *SIGH* Whites find new ways to downplay the very horrific nature of our struggle here in America and around the world. Again, I’m not surprised, but I am angry and not o.k.!

    • I agree TS. Just another way to dehumanize us. Make us look like animals. Or lower than animals. But shouldn’t they be ashamed? Why are we made to feel ashamed? Shouldn’t the slave masters be the people looked down upon? Shouldn’t they be the most hated group? It’s funny how the world is filled with anti-blackness YET we never stole anyone’s land. White supremacy is very powerful in this world. It controls the minds of millions of people.

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