14 thoughts on “Founding Fathers of Racism

  1. Are you even serious? How dare you post such bullshit and falsehoods about Jesus and his 12 disciples? These men brought us out of the darkness and into the light. They saved us from centuries of naked savageness and self-destruction. If not for them we would all be as Black as pitch with nappy hair. They took our mothers into backrooms and filled them with white goodness and we reap those benefits still to this very day. Bite your tongue.

  2. It’s irritating when people talk about the founding fathers and ignore their history as rapists and enslavers. 95% of what I was taught from age 3 to 17 was a lie, be it Thanksgiving, santa claus, the tooth fairy, the cabbage patch where babies were hatched, and american history. No wonder most people reject truth. We’re not used to hearing it.

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