Posing with Your Trophies(Know Your Enemy)


Look at these poor black children. They are taking pictures with a man who left them to die during Hurricane Katrina. Former President Bush doesn’t give a damn about them.  I was upset at the kids at first but not so much anymore.  I’m more upset at their parents for not educating them on the history of Hurricane Katrina. I know it’s been ten years but that’s no excuse.  It’s important to know your enemy.  If not,you are putting yourself in a lot of danger.  It seems so many black people are clearly lost. They are seriously brain dead.  This makes us vulnerable to those that would take advantage of us.

12 thoughts on “Posing with Your Trophies(Know Your Enemy)

  1. I’m not really surprised at this photo, most of these children are being raised by black single mothers who already revere the white liberal as their new Lord, saviour, master and father. In turn they teach their daughters to do the same, thus the familiar dysfunctional patterns continues.

  2. Black people are failing Black Children, BOTH MALE AND FEMALE ALIKE. I’m afraid that our children will repeat history because so many “don’t wanna teach my children to hate white people.”

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