Mixed babies will end racism??? Who believes this nonsense?

Mixed Babies

There were lots of biracial babies on the planation during slavery. Did it end racism? People need to stop promoting this delusional nonsense.

Here are two good posts dealing with this topic in Brazil.  As you’ll see this race mixing talk will not end racism at all.



54 thoughts on “Mixed babies will end racism??? Who believes this nonsense?

      • What is silly is that many of these mixed nutts will grown up identifying with the white power structure and have little or nothing to do with that black DNA. These grown women AND men will fight “tooth and nail” to protect them with their warped thoughts.

        Give it time…watch and see.


  1. It kills Black Race as a whole. Remember the movie “Rabbit Proof Fence” where aborigine girls walked miles back to see her family, because the government wants them eliminated? That’s what’s happening right now in our mists.

    • Yeah that’s a good film. I haven’t seen it in a long time. I think black people need to check it out. I think it would be very educational. It’s just another form of voluntary genocide by mixing with other races. It wont make racism disappear at all. Anyone that thinks that is clearly delusional.

  2. What’s up with the kids’ eyes on the right? They have anime eyes. Why do people assume that being mixed means a person is half black half white? What about the mixed people who are black and Latino, indigenous or Blasian? Or people who are half African American and half Nigerian living between two cultures and continents? What about the people (usually white) who ask mixed people what are they? Than the person has to explain their whole family tree almost. “The End racism and have mixed babies” is being too happy clappy. Racism and discrimination won’t end even if more people were mixed. Or if Kunta Kinte’s descendants become president and senators tomorrow. 🙂 As great as the future would be, human nature has a way of finding even the smallest difference between two people to discriminate against. People get called out and face discrimination for having the wrong hair color (highlighter pink or neon green), for being too slow, their eyes being too far apart or close together, etc. I’m not trying to be pessimistic. Just ask some Brazilians who are mixed or Sudanese folks if they don’t face daily challenges or if it ever helped them end racism. Look at how much airtime crazy Donald Trump is getting talking all the smack he is about women, immigrants. I have yet to hear him say anything insane about African Americans yet. Unless he knows that there are some boundaries even he can’t cross. Just some thoughts.

    • I see your point. All the mixing wouldn’t change the reality of racism at all. One of the reasons whites ask “what are mixed with” is because they want to put a person in a category. Being white is an exclusive club. That’s why they MUST know what is your bloodline. I think they are afraid of genetic annihilation. It’s about their survival. I have a friend that’s from Brazil. She told me it is a very racist country. The dark skinned black and brown people mostly live in the slums and struggle in poverty. While the white European looking Brazilians have most of the wealth and run the politics. Basically how it is in most Latin countries. The whites at top…and blacks on the bottom. People in Brazil like to create this myth “there is no racism” in their country. They are NOT colorblind at all. They practice white supremacy just like everyone else around the world. The myth of race-mixing to end race is just that…a myth. I’m just glad more black people are waking up to this deception.

  3. I’ve never understood that argument. It’s been proven that most multi racial people assimilate or firmly identify with the dominant culture or they serve as a buffer between Whites and Black people as well as other groups who usually have a dark complexion.

    A current example is the Dominican Republic and their government’s mass deportation of Hatian people. The Dominican Republic has many mixed race people with varying degrees of African ancestry.However, many view themselves through a European prism while holding Blackness with contempt.

  4. What mix babies are is proof that Black people have a deep seeded self-hate issues. What mix babies will do is make it harder for Black babies to live and have self-respect. We all know how Black people break their necks to drool over the little mixed kids. We know how Black males run after mixed chicks like they have the meaning of life tucked in between their legs. How Black women fall all over themselves for blue eyed negroes like they grandmothers were having a good time being raped by that same blued eyed beast. Mixed babies are not at fault, of course, they are just victims of the same confused human mess that made them.

    If we check this history of the mulatto in this country they were put in place to keep the Black (slaves) population in check and hating themselves. They pit person against person then sat back and watched the fireworks. I still do not blame the product of mixing because they had no choice. And until Black people love themselves in all and every aspect of their Blackness no little blue eyed, wild curly haired, glow in the dark skinned Halfikan will change anything. But we sure love us some little light skinned curly haired babies don’t we?

    • I agree HLJ. Self love is the key. All this race mixing stuff has really screwed up our heads. We think the further we get away from blackness…the more beautiful it is. All this is the residue from slavery. The media loves to push this anti-blackness on our minds 24/7. I’m glad more brothers and sisters are waking up to these lies they’re selling us. This crap will NOT end racism. Like I always say…if the media is promoting something nonstop then it’s probably bad for our people.

  5. Anyone who believes that mixing the black race will end racism is sadly mistaken. In the context of racism/white supremacy, it is the destruction of the black race. It confuses the persons who are of mixed ancestry which neutralizes them in terms of their racial politics. And when widespread mixing is promoted, as it was in Australia and several Latin American countries, such as Brazil, it has devastating effects. Need proof? Look at Brazil. Our site documents this very well…Take a look!

    • Thanks for the reply. Your blog covers this subject very well. I added two of your posts to this post dealing with this subject. I urge my followers to check it out. You have proven over and over again that all this race mixing nonsense will NOT free black people.

  6. Sorry, forgot to mention. Racism in Brazil is perhaps the most efficient in the world. Brazilians LOVE to point the finger at the US as a truly racist country and the debate goes on. But the fact is, Brazil’s style of racism is more EFFICIENT because it effectively neutralizes the very group that is affected by racism in a ideology that says “we are all mixed/equal” even in the face of vast social/racial inequalities.

    • I totally agree! Brazil does not get a pass. They have their own racist demons to deal with. Brazil’s racism is a bit more refined but it still promotes white supremacy in my opinion. Thanks for bringing that point up.

  7. I don’t whose self-hatred is worse the Black Brazilians or Black Americans. I’ll wager Brazil. The level of self-hatred over there is through the roof, especially toward the Black Woman. *smfh*

  8. how on earth did I miss this… mix babies will end racism?

    whoever believes this needs a three-shoe beating to set them straight lol lol mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  9. No. Having mixed babies/children never ended racism/classism. If anything, it intensifies racism/classism/colorism. Having mixed babies didn’t end slavery. It didn’t end Jim Crow. If anything, it gives white men and women their entitled right to go over and destroy Black peoples around the world. Just look at the U.S., esp. the South, The Midwestern U.S., Brazil, Caribbean, Latin America, Africa(esp. South Africa), and Australia. Those nonblack men and women left a trail of mixed race children.

    Therefore, having mixed race kids don’t eliminate racism. It only enhance such entrenched racism/white supremacy/colorism.


  10. Reblogged this on Steph's Blog and commented:
    Having mixed babies/children never ended racism/classism. If anything, it intensifies racism/classism/colorism. Having mixed babies didn’t end slavery. It didn’t end Jim Crow. If anything, it gives white men and women their entitled right to go over and destroy Black peoples around the world. Just look at the U.S., esp. the South, The Midwestern U.S., Brazil, Caribbean, Latin America, Africa(esp. South Africa), and Australia. Those nonblack men and women left a trail of mixed race children.

    Therefore, having mixed race kids don’t eliminate racism. It only enhance such entrenched racism/white supremacy/colorism.

      • You’re welcome, Kushite. From where I live, I see plenty of interracial relationships and children but my city is one of the top 10 most miserable cities in America. The wealth gap is huge between ethnicities. This area is where that gentleman got shot by police officers at Walmart two years ago.


      • Are you talking about John Crawford? I think that was in Ohio. Yes I know the wealth gap is huge in Ohio. The media doesn’t report on it much though. And I heard the interracial dating is big too.

  11. People are delusional; there are already mixed groups of people and none of that has end racism. Hispanics are a group that didn’t exist prior to the Spanish invasion of the Americas/Caribbean, Black Explorers/Slaves and the Native people. All three groups created a new people and culture, but racism is still here. If your mind and spirit doesn’t change as a society, who you have sex with or love will not end racism.

    • That’s true Latti. I’ve explained this many times before. Many people are very naive and unrealistic in their thinking. Since slavery whites have been having sex with blacks and racism hasn’t disappeared. You can’t sex your way to equality and liberation. And any blacks who think this way is wishful thinking on their part. I know better.

    • Don’t even have to leave America, isn’t there enough of these ‘light skin people’ for these idiots to know that mixed people don’t end racism. Would have thought black people would have enough common sense by now. Mixed people indeed create a myriad of new problems for powerless people and we’ve been made to bore the brunt of this, can’t even define ourselves properly, can’t even tell if these mixed people like us or prefer whites, can’t even get past our love for whiter skin and features that we snatch up obviously closely mixed people as our own when clearly they are not.

      If having Obama a mixed president can’t show you that mixed people don’t end shit and normally have allegiance with white than maybe it time to off yourself cause you ain’t living in the real world.

  12. After browsing through many of the earlier comments I have a few questions, although they may fall on deaf ears, as this content was posted some time ago.

    1. It has been suggested that mixed children are an expression of black self-hate and could kill the black race. Would a half white and half black child be equally threatening to the sustainability of the white race as well? And who’s to say that two people of different skin tones chose to have a child because they actually loved each other as people?

    2. It seems as though people are looking at this issue on far to small of a scale, and it is necessary to look at the big picture. Two parents of different races have a child. Another multiracial couple has a child. Those two mixed offspring then have their own child, and so on. While the existence of first generation mixed people may not end racism, what about fourth generation or ninth generation mixed people? The phenomenon of mixing is going to make the discussion of “race”, (as there is only one human race), irrelevant, because of so much cultural blending. Humanity will just find some other way to discriminate against ourselves in the future.

    3. Why are race and culture synonymous? I happen to be born to a German mother and South Sudanese father, and in growing up in the United States I have been told that I am “not black enough”, Yet there is nothing I could seen in my South Sudanese tribe’s culture that resembled the stereotypical “black culture” in the slightest. Even the perceived color of my skin has vastly different interpretations. In the United States I am called black, in South Sudan I am called white, and Germans tend to think I’m Dutch, but thats another story.

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