The Africa the Media rarely shows you!


The media likes to show only one side of Africa.  They want you to think the entire continent is full of poverty,war and disease. Nothing could be further from the truth!





21 thoughts on “The Africa the Media rarely shows you!

  1. Lovely! I was jammin when that music started! Have you been? I have several African countries on my bucket list and I can’t wait to go. But then I’ll probably feel like I won’t want to come back..

  2. i believe that the reason the media insists on showing us depressing images of Africa is so we could remain trapped in and dependant on the Western government system, they want us to hate the motherland and ourselves even more and continue to see them as the saviours. clever yet diabolical tactic.

    I enjoyed the video by the way, very fun and enlightening. I wish to move to Africa one day

  3. Great video! Music had me dancing azonto lol Next time I go to Ghana, I’ll be taking pictures and videos of the Africa the media will never show us. We have to make the effort to challenge the negative and degrading images the media continues to portray, otherwise our people will loose sight of the true beauty and diversity of Africa. (Eunice)

    • Thanks Eunice. I agree,we must challenge these negative stereotypes of the Motherland. The white controlled media loves to spread lies any chance they get. Africa is truly a beautiful place. I’ve been wanting to go to Ghana. I know people who have visited Ghana. It’ really nice out there. I’d love to see your pics.

  4. This is BEAUTIFUL! I saw a documentary that interviewed African-Americans who moved back to Africa, and why they did. This video reminded me of that movie. They all said the same thing: it’s not like what you see on TV. One guy said that the glass ceiling does not exist there. They were all happy, successful and living GREAT lives, and it was all over the continent, not just S. Africa. They had banging houses too 🙂

    • Yes it’s a beautiful video. You know how the media can be GG. They love to distort reality. I have friends and family that have been to the Motherland. They all say it’s totally different than what the media likes to show us. And you’re right they have some lovely homes NOT just in South Africa. I’m glad you mentioned that. People tend to think only South Africa has nice areas. That is totally false.

  5. Every African American both adults and children should visit the motherland at least once. And don’t just go to Africa for the safari. Go and see the culture and people, don’t forget to try some delicious food, learn about the history and current events as well. There is much more to the motherland than what the media’s been showing us for decades. It would also be great for African AMericans to start connecting with Africans from the continent already living in United States too. Go to a Nigerian or Senegalese cultural event. It never hurts to ask about the culture, traditions, religions and what each country is like from African immigrants. All it takes is curiosity and going beyond the lies the media told about Africa to understand it. Contrary to media’s lie that African Americans and Africans don’t get along, there are many Africans who would not mind African Americans getting to know their roots, cultural heritage and eventually travel to the motherland. 🙂

    • Those are great suggestions Aan. I totally agree with you. I think we need to connect more with our African roots. We are told to stay away from Africans and we have nothing in common with them. At my job at work with Africans from Ghana,Nigeria and Ethiopia. Most of them are very friendly with me. I have told a few of them I want to visit Africa. They have given me advice on what spots to visit when I go. They have all had a positive attitude with me. They seem to like the fact that I’m even interested in learning about African culture. These racist whites don’t want us to connect with our homeland. They want there to be a disconnect between African Americans and Africans. This is one of the main goals of white supremacy. They don’t want us to unite.

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