Should Black ‘Homosexuals’ be excluded from Black Power Movements?

This is a very insightful post by my brother Onitaset. He explains perfectly the point I was making about the homosexual agenda in black movements. He’s a very intelligent brother that makes a strong case. I suggest you all check out his blog.

African Blood Siblings

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
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“I have not copulated/penetrated with/a copulator/penetrator.” — The 11th of the “42 Laws of Maat.”

The question ‘Are Black Homosexuals excluded from Black Power Movements’ is a classic example of rainbow sabotage of RBG. In fact, in America COINTELPRO strategically divided Black Movements with similar questions as issued by COINTELPRO agents at key junctures in their movements. As Pan-African Nationalists we must equip ourselves to not be divided over this question, as agents, sleeper-agents and pseudo-agents will attempt to do otherwise whenever and wherever we gain significant traction.

After addressing the question, I will link several Recommended Resources. If you have any doubt in your mind regarding the Homosexual/Dissexual question, please review all of them.

Should Black ‘Homosexuals’ be excluded from Black Power Movements?
By Onitaset Kumat

The short answer is yes.

In the doubtful…

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16 thoughts on “Should Black ‘Homosexuals’ be excluded from Black Power Movements?

  1. I would say No they are not benefiting, for the Next generation of young
    black Male’s that Is going to be coming up in the next generation,

    What can a black male Homosexual do beside’s act like false women, and
    Gyrating, all over the place. There Isn’t any ” STRONG MALE” Demeanor
    In that just faggotry. And that doesn’t belong, In the black community.

    We just can’t go Embracing, other culture’s because we were taught to do so.
    We really don’t have one of our own, According to frances’ welsing,
    Embracing, Eurocentricity, Only going to bring more and more Non- Homage
    to the community as a whole.

    • Welsing was on point once again! And I think homosexuality promotes the break down of the black family. This homosexual/lesbian push is just to reconstruct what the family is supposed to be. Thanks again Jakke. I always appreciate your comments sis.

  2. This one is kind heavy for me.. has me thinking. I overstand this article completely, but there are more ways to be down for the movement than procreating. I agree that they should not be at the forefront of our movements, but if they’re aware that their acts are unnatural, confusing and possibly detrimental to the continuation of our people, yet they’re down + open to learning and teaching and growing, what’s the issue? Or do we just leave them by the wayside with the soulless, coons, token negroes and self-haters?

  3. Prsonally I think this argument is bollocks. As long as they’re ‘black’ and not trying to force others prioritise homosexuality over ‘race’ issues, there’s no problem.
    Kelley made a very good point: are we seriously going to exclude individuals just because they don’t procreate? It’ll be a self-fulfilling prophecy: we treat them like sellouts, they become sellouts. We have no right to be surprised if and when they turn against pro-‘black’ movements. The Divinity knows we already have enough enemies, do we really want to create more?
    Besides, we can learn important lessons from gay people. One that comes to mind is reminding us that gender roles are flexible and man-made. Women being forward and men being affectionate isn’t exclusive to gays, it’s just another innate aspect of humanity. Thinking the sexes should only behave in certain ways makes us just like the Europeanised Christians of olden times.
    Another lesson is giving us even more insights on racism & ‘white’ supremacy. Furthermore, for those who’ve been excluded from ‘black’ movements just for being gay, that has already created a problem. Including them in to discuss that experience will not only gain new allies, but additionally teach us ways to solve similar problems in the future and improve the structure of the movements.
    And for those who think “Africans never practised homosexuality ’til ‘whites’ came,” I seriously recommend reading Eccentric Yoruba’s blog. She gives historical evidence of non-heteronormative sexuality throughout pre-colonial Africa.

    • What’s wrong with people having gender roles? Isn’t that how the creator designed us? Gender is NOT a social construct. Just like I don’t believe race is a social construct. This is biology 101. This is my problem with this androgynous culture that is being pushed on the masses. They’re trying to make every issue a “grey area”. To be honest, I’m really getting tired of this nonsense.

      • @ Kushite Prince, ok I guess that’s where our definitions differ. I believe gender roles are social constructs, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with them necessarily. In sociology a very clear distinction is drawn between sex (biological differences between female & male) and gender (codes of conduct ascribed to females & males). If gender roles were JUST taking account of biological differences like penis vs. vagina, that would be alright. However, most of the time gender is about forcing personality types on people and predicting what someone should & shouldn’t be able to do, and it’s telling that women aren’t usually allowed to define them. Women have muscles so they’re biologically capable of doing physical labour. Men have brains so we’re biologically capable of being emotional, for good & for bad. So what if Yaa Asantewa superceded the men and became queen of Ghana? That proves that being male is no guarantee of being a good leader, since the men around her were too cowardly to fight colonial powers. So what if Woodaabe men wear make-up? That’s their culture, instigated to make themselves attractive to women. Sounds pretty heterosexual to me.
        I agree that the ‘white’ media is pushing a kind of androgynous culture on us, and they want to replace racial issues with other stuff. However, to think all non-heterosexuals are products of ‘white’ interference in ‘black’ lives is factually inaccurate. Yes promoting ‘black’ families is very important. It’s also important to have alternative functions for those who are unable/ unwilling to start families (which includes many straight as well as LGBTQ people), AS LONG AS they’re not trying to destroy families.

      • No I don’t really se anything wrong with gender roles. We’ve had them since the beginning of time. Only in the last fifty years or so have these ideas been challenged. I really feel women can do whatever they want. I’m not hating on them. But I do believe in the masculine and feminine principles..and I think they benefit black people in the long run. But after years and years of white controlled media many of our people have become brainwashed. Maybe there is a place for gay people in the movement. This is a very hot topic in the Afrocentric conscious community. The debate wages on. We all have different perspectives depending on our experiences as well. Also I want to be clear about the gender issue. I was speaking on the genders themselves NOT the roles. Genders are not social constructs. This is a narrative I have heard being thrown around. And I think it needs to stop. This is really a spiritual and cultural war we are in. I hope black people are waking up to this fact.

  4. As always, Kushite gives the community something to think about.
    I agree that Blacks are in no condition at the the moment to embrace any other alternative life style. Especially one that further divides the family unit, (mother/father/children) Whites are on the other hand, at liberty to engage in anything they want. They have a system in place that supports them no matter what. This is why Dylan Roof can kill 9 blacks in their place of worship and have the cops buy him Burger King. In short, they support the destruction of the black family on all levels, which is why the black homosexual agenda is being pushed.

    Yet think of this:

    Should we condemn all Blacks that are homosexual, who genuinely love Black People and want to contribute to our freedom?
    Langston Hughes, should he have been shunned from contributing to civil rights and fighting racism white supremacy?
    James Baldwin, who identified as a ‘Black Man’ before being a homosexual, often put the importance of Black Liberation in the forefront, and never used his fame or platform to promote his sexuality. He believed that him being gay, wasn’t as important as the black struggle and fight for freedom.

    So I ask family: “Should we have shunned men like this once we found out they were gay?” Did them being gay have any effect on their hard work and sacrifices they made to fight this system of racism?

    • Right on. That’s what I’m talking about; if they’re down for actively making the world better for our people and don’t make it about their sexuality, what’s the big deal?

      Two thumbs up to that last question/statement.

    • the problem is too many misguided Negroes DO promote gay rights before looking out for black people! Don Lemon and Wanda Sykes are the biggest culprits of this and comparing being black to being gay is complete straight up bullshit! Sykes stupid ass even said it’s HARDER to be gay than black I’m thinking that bitch done lost her ever loving mind! We don’t live in the Baldwin society anymore we live in the progressively stupid embrace everyone and protect all interests but our own America now.

      • Don Lemon and Wanda Sykes are huge sellouts. They are both bootlicking anti-sexuals. I can’t take either one seriously. They are ass kissing losers for white supremacy.

  5. I agree. I feel they should not be excluded from the movement based on their lifestyle. I feel that many black gays and lesbians are very sincere about fighting white supremacy racism and that they understand that we’re fighting for our survival as a people and sexual orientation does not come before that.

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