Black Lesbians,Transgenders and Feminists want to demonize The Black Power Movement

The attacks just keep coming. Bus this is how you divide people up so they can’t unite.  This interview is with Marc Lamont Hill and three women. They are discussing the term Hotep Twitter. It’s a term that mocks black people who are Afrocentric,pro-black or Black nationalists.  These women are doing their best to discredit any type of movement that helps push black people. The three women are Treva Lindsey,Sureshi Jayawardene and Jamilah Lemieux. It seems they believe that anyone that studies African culture and claims to be pro-black is a phony.  Only they represent the true black experience. And they should be the only voice.  I am so sick of this crap!  So what if I don’t like homosexuality. I don’t have to accept transgenders as “normal”. That is my RIGHT!  I don’t have to like that sick sexual perversion. I don’t give a damn what these women say.  They also think all pro-black men hate women. Which is a damn lie! I find it insulting to all Afrocentric or Black nationalists. These women make me sick! They paint all of us with a broad stroke and generalize us. They make it seem as though we are all gay-bashing,women hating,back to Africa bigots. Hotep Twitter?? What the hell is that anyway? They hate us because we stand proud for our people. And yes there are some fake ass pro-black brothers out there. They say they love black women but chase after white girls.  But that’s not every black man that claims to be conscious. And it sure as hell is NOT me!  Then on social media that have all these memes mocking Afrocentric thinkers.



So this is supposed to be insulting right? First of all I want liberation for ALL black people. I don’t agree with people hurting or beating gay,lesbian or transgender black people.  I have never said that on my blog.  I say live and let live. I just don’t want transgender and gays being the face of our movement. I stand by that statement and I’m not backing down from it. I also do not bash the sistas. I’m not a big fan of twerking but so what. Go for it if you want sista. It’s just not my thing. And another thing…. I do not champion only the rights of black men. I always uplift my sistas on this blog. But I’m not afraid to call them out if I think they have coonish behavior. I make no apologies about it.  Self-haters,coons and anti-blackness gets NO love here at Kushite Kingdom.  And I don’t care if you’re male or female. It doesn’t matter to me. I found a list of so-called Hotep Negroes on a black woman’s blog.  Here is the list she came up with:

Here are my tips for identifying hoteps:

  • Hoteps are always talking about kings and queens but rule over their mama’s apartment in the projects.
  • They use words like metaphysical even though they have no clue what it means.
  • They talk about things being 360 degrees because it sounds better than just saying circle.
  • They see conspiracies because that explains why they are not successful and if you disagree with them you are an agent.
  • They talk about a revolution that they hope never comes because it means actually working.
  • They talk about how evil the White man is while taking the slave masters religion and replacing White Jesus with a Black face.
  • They want Black power but only for Black hetero men.
  • They hate anything gay and blame single mothers for gay children forgetting they helped make them.
  • They call their legions of fatherless litters’ nation building while blaming all of his four baby mamas for him not going to see his kids.
  • The mothers of their children try to recruit you in it too.
  • They spell America AmeriKKKA or Africa AFRIKA!
  • They know all about Egypt but know nothing about West Africa, which is where their ancestors are from.
  • Their social media names contains Rah, Bey, Imhotep, or EL even though their legal last name is Johnson.
  • They believe White men are the devils but his daughters are marriage material and good for breeding.
  • They hate Scandal but love Power.
  • They believe feminism is a tool to emasculate Black men because equal pay for Black women, family planning and a life without domestic violence are bad things.
  • They tell you marriage to one woman is an Eurocentric institution and are pro polygamy but are against polyandry.
  • They tell you a Black man should lead and Black women should follow.
  • They want a Black woman to submit but go to work to support him too.
  • They tell you a Black woman should uplift her man while sacrificing her needs for the community aka him.
  • They tell you Black men have it harder than Black women while failing to see that Black women are victimized by both nonBlacks and Black men.
  • They share all kinds of cartoons, movies and memes depicting Black men as weak, light skin Black women with natural hair lifting up Black men or dark skin Black women as hood rats with children who are tools of the White man.
  • They call Black men who love, protect and uplift Black women simps.
  • They insist that no one outside of the Black community wants Black women.
  • They always point to Black women’s unmarried rate but fail to discuss Black men having the highest unmarried rate.
  • They are OK when Black men marry nonblack women while Black women who marry out are bed wenches.
  • They tell you they love ALL Black women but she has to be the right looking kind. She must be Black but not too Black. Only light skin and long curly hair need apply. The memes they share show it.
  • They say the love all Black women but hate Black bitches. Who are Black bitches? Anyone who rejects them.

This was actually kind of funny. I got a chuckle out of it.  But as you can see from the list,some people actually think we are ALL this way.  Some black women got it all twisted.  I also believe this woman promotes interracial dating. Of course she’s talking about black women/white men relationships.  Many of these black women are angry and bitter. I understand it’s hard out there for a lot of black women. It’s not always easy to find a  good brother for themselves.  It’s not easy finding the right match. But all this anti-black man crap has got to go!  It’s very hypocritical to call out these phony “Hotep Negroes” but then you’re worshiping the white man yourself. Doesn’t that sound silly?  They are just lashing out because they know they’re fake their damn self. This woman and others like her have just given up.  They gave up on the black struggle and chose to sell out.  That’s why they bash those of us who are the REAL DEAL.  They couldn’t take the pressure of white supremacy so now they want to date white folks and play nice with their open enemy.. Go right ahead. But some of us are in it for the long haul. The real brothers and sistas know where I’m coming from. We’re not leaving without a fight. You whining bitch -ass sellouts can keep it moving. I will not sell out my ancestors for anyone! If you don’t want people to generalize YOU…then don’t generalize others.  So if anyone wants to call me a Hotep ,Pro-Black,Black woman loving,back to Africa,Black pride,uplift my people,melanin loving,nappy hair loving brother…..then so be it! I wear that badge with honor. Peace.

37 thoughts on “Black Lesbians,Transgenders and Feminists want to demonize The Black Power Movement

  1. “I wear that badge with honor. Peace.”

    Count me in! I am happy to be nappy! Seriously, I hear you! Just as I recently stated, “united we stand, divided, we fall.” But if the coon head sell-outs want to play their games, they’ll get no takers here. As you do, I too, keep it real. I don’t like phony ass suck up shit. That ain’t what I’m about, as you know Prince!

    Thank you for this! It is spot on! Tell it like it is! And bring it on home!

    • Thanks Shelby! I’m just being honest! I’ve just about had it. I’m calling them all out. People can disagree with me,that’s fine. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. But I’m just voicing my opinion. I don’t think gays and transgenders should be at the forefront of black issues. I keep hammering this into everyone’s heads because the media keeps coming at us. They wont let up. So I have to come full force as a counter attack. They want to undermine the black struggle by using blacks against other blacks. And sadly it’s working. We need to get on the same page.

  2. This reminds me of my post from the other day in which I spoke about not generalizing and demonizing an entire group. I’ve heard of Hotep Twitter and what some people have to say about it before. I agree that we MUST be careful to not label all Black Nationalist as ‘fake hoteps.’ You have fake people in every group, unfortunately you have them in Black Nationalist groups as well, but it’s wrong to group the fakers with those who are serious about Black Nationalism.

    • Yes that was a great post you put up. I must admit your post kind of inspired this post. I think we all get upset sometimes when discussing these issues. Sometimes people get the messages confused and don’t understand what you’re trying to say. It’s not about hating anyone at all. I just think sme of these groups are trying to undermine black movements by putting gays and lesbians in the forefront. gays and transgenders already have the LGBT movement. There’s no need for them to piggy-back our movements. I’m just really getting tired of it and needed to let of some But I do agree with you that there are fakes in all groups. This Hotep Twitter is just a load of horse manure! A bunch of self-hating blacks that are not conscious so they’re hating on those of us who are awake. These people are nothing but clowns!

  3. That is too much to go through. I don’t agree with everything the Hotep people say but the Hotep people are right on most of those points above. Sure, there are some who date out but most prefer black women. Also, the Hotep men are correct in not fighting for feminism or LGBT for obvious reasons. Most of these women’s complaints really have to do with why Hotep men don’t support feminism or LGBT.

    “dislike women with curly hair”…what is that? Come on. Black women with their hair,no matter the texture, is what I want to see.

    The LGBT people still keep saying our experiences are the same as theirs even though they are obviously not. I had another argument with one and four more jumped in though winning the argument was not too hard even with the extra people. Though it seems as if fewer people are making that argument, they are still focused on putting us in front.

    • Thanks NS. It’s obvious their struggle is NOT the same as ours. They have the LGBT movement…so go join them. Black people are always accepting everyone with open arms. We need to wise up! Time to do for self. We don’t need all these other groups in my opinion. And all this Hotep Twitter nonsense is to undermine the conscious black people. They’re making fun of people gaining knowledge of self. How backwards is that?? They think being ignorant is normal for black people that’s why they’re mocking black consciousness. *sigh* Our people are so damn lost.

  4. You should invite save the whales and endangered pickle fish to your next event. Every important movement has coattail surfers and half the time the people protesting don’t even know what the hell is going on. Nice insight as usual. Keep fighting!

      • Honestly you might get farther joining them. Sick idea, but that is what gets noticed. Only problem is you have to abandon your principles and group yourselves to an agenda you disagree with.

      • I read this this morning and thought of you. “Protect my life from the threat of the enemy. Hide me from the conspiracy of the wicked, from the plots of evildoers. They sharpen their tongues like swords and aim cruel words like deadly arrows. They shoot from ambush at the innocent; they shoot suddenly, without fear. They encourage each other in evil plans, they talk about hiding their snares; they say, “Who will see it?” They plot injustice and say, “We have devised a perfect plan!”
        ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭64:1-6‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  5. I mean it’s absolutely rude, like they are people, we are people too!! Just because we don’t have a million dollars or singing deals does not mean we don’t have lives and we don’t have important things in our lives. I have become friends with these guys. I have become friends with Ray and Jen and Bill the Security guy because I HAVE BEEN HERE FOREVER!!!!!!!! And you know what, they told me, that these people went out drinking all night in New York City until 3 ‘o’ Clock in the Morning.. AND THAT IS RUDE!!!!!! IT IS RUDE!!!!!

  6. I thought they made some good points when highlighting the more extreme and reactionary projections by certain individuals on social media. However, in doing so they made a great deal of sweeping generalizations about African centered thought on the whole. At one point, Marc Lamont Hill poses that question to the guests and at least two of them deviated from the issue in an effort to advance their identity politics agenda.

    Treva Lindsey stated that Black LGBT people are dying. But, Black LBGT life should not maintain the exclusive attention over Black life in general.

    For them, it’s about the ideoligical politics of mainstream recognition as opposed to a factual analysis that brings awareness on what is truly impacting the Black collective. They see themselves as mediators on what defines blackness, so predictably they resort to condemning African centered thought because it doesn’t conform or adhere to the rules of the Black Feminist and Black Lives Matter movement.

    On a side note, Lamont Hill confused the philosophy of the Gods and Earth movement with the Nation of Islam around the 8:00 minute mark in the video.

    • “But, Black LBGT life should not maintain the exclusive attention over Black life in general.
      For them, it’s about the ideoligical politics of mainstream recognition as opposed to a factual analysis that brings awareness on what is truly impacting the Black collective. They see themselves as mediators on what defines blackness, so predictably they resort to condemning African centered thought because it doesn’t conform or adhere to the rules of the Black Feminist and Black Lives Matter movement.
      Beautifully said! I couldn’t say it better myself! And I agree that Marc seems to get confused quite a

  7. I agree and co-sign Kushite! There are some very weak minded black females including the ones who refuse to take responsibility so they blame black males. And dear God those dumbass black folks rushing to save gay people work my last nerve!

    • They always love to infiltrate and in the process undermine the entire movement. I’m glad others are getting hip to their slick little game. That’s why I did this post. I want people to see the deception at play. Thanks Lavern.

  8. To some extent though, the Black conscious community had this coming. I can never deny that there is valuable information that comes from conscious spaces and I think making fun of the community so publicly and so heavy handedly is not very cool but I’ve been to enough meetings to know that while theres a lot of on point info they too have spent hours bashing Black feminists-and I do mean bashing-and gay Black people. The topic could be police brutality or Black economics, and without fail they will out of the nowhere start going in on Black feminists and Black gay people. Literally, out of nowhere. They tend to spread a lot of misinformation about Black women politics/feminism/womanism because they know no one will challenge them. and frankly, it’s why a lot of Black women leave after awhile because a lot of the Black conscious spaces are very male dominated and the men think they are the last word on Black women’s unique experiences. They’ve made it like an unwritten rule that you can’t be a Black conscious person and be a feminists or gay, a very “you can’t sit with us” type of culture so what exactly did they/we expect? I think they’re kind of getting what they’ve dished out for a very long time.

    • Yes I see what you’re saying. Although I still think they lumped ALL conscious groups together. These women don’t make much distinctions. I do think sistas should be heard in the conscious community. I do think it’s too male dominated. But I think a person should stick to their beliefs. I personally don’t think gay/lesbians should be at the forefront of black issues. Their struggle is not the black struggle. They can speak their mind but this BLM group is trying undermine the black liberation movement. That’s why I come so hard at them about this. I have to stand by my principles. I’m sorry if that offends others but I’m just keeping it real. Also many of these gay groups can come off pretty militant themselves. No one ever seems to mention that very much.
      Here’s a post by a sista about feminism. Check it out and let me know what you think.

      • I’d have to disagree when she says that as a Black woman, patriarchy isn’t her problem. The reality is that most of us grew up in and come from a looooong line of people who practiced patriarchal religions-usually Christian or Muslim and some Jewish. Those are all male centered religions, with male as head and male as the savior, so we can’t sit up here and act like we didn’t sip the patriarchy Kool-Aid, cause we did. NWA is self-hate, yes but the fact that they got so popular AND got a movie is also because we’ve generally accepted patriarchy. Let’s be real, if that were a Black woman R&B making every album about about making money off crack, prostitution, shooting other Black women, and hiring thugs to beat up and kill their boyfriends for looking at them sideways, Black folks would not think twice about shutting that down. My simple point is this- White supremacy was a conditioning that was forced on us that we had to unlearn and so is patriarchy.

  9. I know Rebel Feminist who stand for the Black Struggle .but I guess they jus want to be equal as our Black brothers..

  10. Ahhh, Where do I start. Lol. I don’t agree with everything black feminist say and I don’t agree with the generalizing, but one thing the black feminist are correct on is the specific sexism and misogyny (misogynoir) that Black Women and Girls encounter on a daily basis under the system of white supremacy and unfortunately within our own black community. I agree with Cherri who say that Black Women who say that patriarchy isn’t their problem is WRONG. We’re living in an anti-black, anti-woman, patriarchal society created by White People via racism white supremacy. Unfortunately, the European concept that men are superior to women has affected the (too) many Black men and (too) many Black Women (internalized misogynoir) and is a SERIOUS problem in the Black Community. Black women belong to two hated groups being that we are black and women that’s a double burden for us. However, I understand what the sista said in her article about white (mainstream) feminism. It doesn’t ( and never) included Black Women. The naive Black feminist who joined white feminist circles during the feminist movement of the 60s and 70s found out quickly that while white women were preaching sisterhood they still was racist and ignored Black Women’s struggle with BOTH racism white supremacy and misogynoir. Which is why Alice Walker coined the term womanist meaning “a social theory deeply rooted in the racial and gender oppression of black women.” Black Women don’t experience sexism and misogyny the way white women experience it. Black Women experience racism white supremacy AND misogynoir simultaneously. This is the point the Black Feminist/Womanist are trying to make to the black community but are terribly misunderstood.

    • That’s a pretty nice breakdown. I think you should do a post on the difference between feminism and womanist. It might help clear up some of the confusion. I see a lot of people use the terms interchangeably.

  11. I think I will. A blogger I follow and I think you follow her too (I forgot who it was since I follow and communicate with many) say she will be doing a post about black women, misogynoir, and feminism vs. womanism.

    People do use the terms interchangeably because womanism is like Black Woman’s brand of feminism. Some Black Feminist still call themselves feminist although (in my opinion) they should be referring to themselves as womanist *shrugs* whereas some sistas call themselves womanist to differentiate themselves from the white feminist.

  12. I might also re-blog a posts where a black womanist explain womanism. She does a better job than me. I think. lol

  13. I agree with some points made, but I agree with Kelley about it going overboard. You have plenty of LGBT Black people from past to present (James Baldwin) that fight fiercely on behalf of all people of African descent. Afro-Punk is another example of all types of Black people with differing approaches and viewpoints being able to come together. From my observation, the differing views on LGBT Black people is the only major issue that is keeping us divided. Some like Umar Johnson, but can’t agree with his views on LBGT, some conscious people really/like a particular speaker until they find out he/she is gay or bi-sexual. The thing that many need to understand is, be it you are pro LGBT or not; there are people within your community that are LGBT and those who don’t agree with it. If we don’t get over this hump, we will fail before we really even get started.

    I know plenty of people who have like my viewpoints on Black issues, until they find out I have no problem with LGBT people within my community. That is the thing I like about Afro-Punk and kweliTV; they have everything there that would represent every single fabric of Black identity and the diversity we share. There is no way in hell the entire Black/Afro community is going to agree 100% on everything but there are some guidelines that can help sort out who are really for us, despite there being some differences on certain issues.

    To me the major factor that shows me is if one is for Black empowerment through economics, political power, and having each other backs no matter what. Dr. Umar Johnson said he doesn’t expect everyone to agree with him, which made me gain even more respect for him. I would also be down with backing his school in any way I can. At the same time, people who have the same mindset as Umar should be able to support non-violence against those who are LGBT within our community.

    I know some people don’t believe me when I say this, but in ancient times within Africa; most kingdoms and tribes were indifferent towards homosexuality. They weren’t pro or against it. That is why a person can’t find any document where ancient African kingdoms would burn someone at the stake for being gay, put them to death, make them feel less apart of the community. There were no laws discriminating against people within the community that were gay, until colonial times. When Britain took over many countries, they not only exploited mere disagreements between tribes; they created pure hatred. But not only on the lines of small differences within culture (language, religion, customs, etc), they also created anti-gay laws. So you went from people being indifferent towards it, to pure hatred. Uganda for example in present times, Ugandans are a christian nation that didn’t like homosexuality but it wasn’t to the point where they were willing to kill their own people. White Christians came to Uganda within the last 5 years, and they went from a mere disagreement to now advocating for laws to murder those who commit the sin of homosexual acts.

    Now this isn’t to say because of this every Black person has to agree with homosexuality. But do not think for one second Kushite that the game being played on people of African descent runs much deeper. Like you said, it is about dividing us. Dividing a group of people that once flourished, because of how we were able to handle our disagreements with each other. Now we are being manipulated and strings are being pulled from all directions. There are LGBT Black people being manipulated, Black feminist, Conscious Black Movement, etc….

    • There is definitely a lot of manipulation being done from all angles. An everyone has a right to their opinion. I don’t advocate hurting or killing people because of who they choose to sleep with. I think people tend to think you advocate violence just because you disagree with a certain lifestyle. I also don’t expect everyone to agree with me. I have over 300 followers on my blog. There’s no way they will all agree with me. And I’m cool with that. I’ve had many debates with my followers and that’s to be expected. My problem is with the explosion of homosexuality in the media. It’s damn near everywhere now and it’s very recent. This is something very calculated in my opinion. I believe the black family structure is crucial to our survival as a people. And I don’t think homosexual/lesbian/transgender is a positive lifestyle for our people. I’m just making it plain as I can. And many in the movement feel the same way. It’s not about bashing and hurting anyone. People can do whatever they want in the bedroom. U just think they should not be at the forefront of the black movement when we are still fighting for our liberation. They gay lifestyle is a secondary issue in my opinion. Black freedom and liberation should be first. I’m Black first and foremost. We can work together as a collective force but I see an alternative motive by the white-controlled media. When have whites ever believed that lack lives matter?? No where in history. Now they’re pushing this “black lives matter” movement like they care for black people. And taking funding from George Soros too?? No way! I’m not buying it. They’re pushing this lifestyle for a reason. It’s so painfully obvious to me. I’ve studied Cointelpro and all the tactics of the FBI and CIA for over fifteen years. I’m not new to this stuff. Black people have to use some investigation skills and study your open enemy. Find out who funds these “movements” and why they do so. We can no longer be gullible in 2015. White supremacy is still here it’s just refined. That’s why black people can’t see it anymore. Whites have learned from the past. We think that integration and interracial dating means we have progressed. Nothing could be further from the truth. So the question is….have we wised up? Are we falling for the same tricks? It’s not about hating gay people. And has nothing to do with homophobia. Homophobia is just a term to shut people up who oppose that lifestyle. But they wont scare me into shutting up. Anyone who follows my blog knows I don’t back down very easily.But I do have a strong dislike for anyone willing to work with my enemy to hold my people back. And I don’t care what color or race they might be. And I make NO apologies about that. Just keeping it real with you.

      • I’m the same way, I don’t back down from my beliefs and maybe that is why we have become friends. I also don’t believe disagreeing with homosexuality means one wants violence towards them. I know you aren’t that way. What I am saying is the agenda is being pushed as well by some people that aren’t from our community. Like what the White Christians recently did within Uganda.

        I also don’t want everyone to agree with me, because down the line I could be wrong about something. That is why there needs to be differing of opinions and debates within our community, while moving forward on economics, education, etc at the same time.

        I’m also not here to make, force or convince people to be okay with homosexuality. Everyone doesn’t have to agree with me on that. We have to have each other’s backs at the end of the day though. That is my whole point. Whatever you think of yourself as being, after Black is secondary as you stated. That means we protect everyone in our community.

        As for Black Lives Matter; the organization is becoming so big now that there are bound to be mistakes and outliners. The conservative media doesn’t like BLM at all and only some circles in Liberal media approve of them. That doesn’t mean the organization as a whole is a fraud or being pushed by those who don’t like us, because they don’t like Black Lives Matter either. Basically anything that represents Black people coming together collectively, society doesn’t like. There are people I know who are 100% honest or who I approve of that support Black Lives Matter and some people who I am skeptical of who supports Black Lives Matter. All that means to me is, BLM is being discredited from outside entities trying to penetrate in.

        These are the same entities that made everyone turn against the Black Panthers in the 70’s. The media stating communists were funding them and putting them number one on the terrorist list. I can’t think of many Black organizations society hasn’t demonized, even the ones that aren’t that helpful anymore like the NAACP.

        My problem is this; I don’t care what the media has to say, I’ll investigate the movement myself. I’ll go to the meetings, the chapters, and see what they are all about. Listening through the grapevine only brings more confusion and misinformation. It reminds me of what Malcolm X stated. The media can make an innocent man look guilty, and a guilty man look innocent. Any movement people haven’t liked in our country in recent time are either linked to Soros or the Coke Brothers. Usually Conservatives bring up Soros for anything they perceive as Liberal and Liberals bring up the Coke Brothers for anything they perceive as Conservative movements.

      • You make some good points. The FBI and CIA have always infiltrated black groups. They are always trying to discredit any group that wants to empower itself. That is what white supremacy hates the most. It wants to keep all blacks(people of color) at the bottom. I don’t like any of those conservative assholes. Sean Hannity,Bill O Reilly and Rush Limbaugh are all the same. They are all pro-white and they don’t hide it all. They do bring up Soros for the reasons you mentioned. But I brought up Soros because I don’t trust any white/Jew funding any black group. We need a black group that it totally independent of white influence. It needs to be a grass roots black movement controlled by us,funded by us and organized by us. Once you let whites in the group or funding by them……the group has been compromised. I have a different perspective than most because I’m a Black Nationalist/Pan African. I think we need to do for self first. And I’m race FIRST. I also don’t see much difference between white liberals and white conservatives. The conservative are just more open with their racism. I can respect that. But the liberals pretend they are for equality but it’s just a farce. Whites talk about integration and emancipation. How come they never mention liberation? Or freedom for blacks? You know why? It’s because they don’t want us to ever be free. We were brought here as slaves to work fro them. We are just their labor. And that is still our purpose in this country. Even the NAACP was stated by Jews. Many blacks don’t know that. We have been fooled for so long. Our progress has been an illusion from the start. I do agree with Malcolm though. After all look at how they demonized him. He loved black women,black children and wanted to see us rise up as a people. And the media made him out to be a racist hatemonger. A guy that went around calling them “white devils”. Yet you have racist rich men like Warren Buffet,Bill Gates and Ted Turner who want to depopulate the planet and they’re looked upon as great What a joke! Malcolm was so right!

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