Black Lives Matter- Black Power or Gay Rights Movement?

This video is an interview with Marc Lamont Hill and Black Lives Matter founder Patrisse Cullors.  I’ve been doing some research on this so-called movement and I feel a bit uneasy about it. On the surface it seems legitimate. If you’re an Afrocentric,Pro Black or a Black nationalist how can you be against it right?


These three women are Patrisse Cullors,Opal Tometi and Alicia Garza.  They created the hashtag#BlackLivesMatter back in March 2015. Cullors said it was in response to the Trayvon Martin not guilty verdict.  She was trying to think of a good catch phrase and Black Lives Matter was it. Patrisse is an admitted “queer” woman. Tometi and Garza have not said if they are bisexual or lesbian as far as I know.  But if they were lesbians it wouldn’t surprise me very much.  I have said many times before that homosexuals can live their life any way they see fit.  But I don’t like them attaching their causes to the black struggle.  These three women consider themselves activist,feminist,bisexuals,lesbians etc….  And this is all by design.  The racist pro-homosexual media has been pushing this nonsense on black people for many years now.  And this is a way to kill two birds with one stone! Since the women are black they can use this to also push the homosexual/transgender/lesbian agenda too.  This lifestyle is very destructive and is anti-family. I believe they want to get us to accept this sexual perversion for the destruction of the black family.  Come on now..think about it. If you’re going to have a real black movement for the empowerment of black people…why have a black lesbian as the representative???  This is not a real movement for the liberation of black people. It’s all a sham.

Black Lives1

Black Lives2

This whole “movement” was designed to push the gay agenda. This reminds me of the civil rights movement in the sixties. It seems as though anytime black people try to organize some type of movement it is always infiltrated by others. Whites infiltrated the civil rights movement and the movement became watered down.  It started as a grassroots movement by the people. Malcolm X warned us about that.  But just like the Black Panthers let whites,hispanics and Asians join them……the group fell apart. Why do we keep falling for this?? Why can’t black people have our OWN movement without attaching it to the plight of everyone else? We got our own damn problems!  We still fight against this racist power structure every day. I don’t have time to worry about two men wanting to hop into bed together.

George Soros1

Also rich racist billionaire George Soros gives funding to the Black Lives Matter movement. You honestly think this rich Jew bastard wants black people to be liberated? If you do,you’re a damn FOOL!  He’s also funding many of these protest groups you see every other month in the news.Some of the groups that made that happen — such as  the Gamaliel Foundation, the Drug Policy Alliance, Make the Road New York and Equal Justice USA, among others — have long been funded by George Soros and his Open Society Foundations.Representatives of the Soros-funded groups were bused into Ferguson in August, the Times reported, and were still agitating there as late as last month.

Although many different groups were involved, the ones funded by Soros organized themselves into cooperative networks, often linking to each others’ websites, sharing research and churning out editorials sent to the media to keep Ferguson in the national eye. According to the Times report, they were responsible for the  popularization of the “Black Lives Matter” hashtag on Twitter and manipulation of opinions through Facebook campaigns.  The masses of black people are being manipulated.  Don’t fall for it. This movement is being funded by a bunch of powerful sexual deviants. Trying to fool you into thinking this is about equality and color-blind justice.

Black Lives3

As the above picture proves…this is just something trendy to jump on to.  Like a cool t-shirt. I find it highly unlikely these non-blacks wearing these shirts give a damn about our plight. If this movement was a REAL movement it would be started in the grassroots by black people,funded by blacks,controlled by black men and women from the top to the bottom.  It would not need money from rich whites and Jews pulling all the strings.   I agree that black lives DO matter. But also knowing when you’re being deceived matters as well. And knowing who wields the power to deceive you is of great importance. We can’t just fall for a catch phrase. We’re better than that.

38 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter- Black Power or Gay Rights Movement?

  1. Ugh I feel you on this one. I’ve watched some videos and seen some photos and I’m convinced many of these marches and “movements” are staged by Soros and the like; people aren’t showing believable emotion. And their signs often look alike-same fonts and sizes and colors! Like the signs handed out at political rallies! I’m just tired of it. I want us to have something real of our own that isn’t funded by a racist and doesn’t try to force sneaky little agendas on us. I oftentimes think I’m asking for too much.

    Thank you for this. Always love reading your take on these issues.

    • Thanks for the comment Kelley. These rallies and movements are not what they claim to be. I’m glad you can see beneath the surface. Many of our people can’t unfortunately . They are blinded and brainwashed by the boob tube. Luckily many of us are starting to wake up. I hope the awakening continues.

  2. Our ‘Movements’ are always co-opted by others with an agenda. And as this article states, we fall for it every time. I have no clue as to why we are such trusting fools with all that is going down. If some stomp down racist hands us a check, we will overlook his agenda, take his money and get down on our knees and lick his boots. Aren’t the sell-outs at the NAACP doing exactly that? I rest my case. We need to stop ‘jiving’ to the white man’s tune. But I don’t see that happening since we allow the whites to write the script and we just fall in line.

    • You know how it is. We can never have anything of our own. It is always co-opetd and infiltrated by others. And of course we are so glad people want to join us we don’t even question their motives. We just want to hold hands with everyone and hope things just get better over time. We been over here for over four hundred years and not much has changed from what I see! And the NAACP are nothing but a bunch of ass-kissing clowns! They don’t give a damn about black people. They’re all a bunch of sellout punks! Every last one of them.

      • You’ve said a mouthful and every bit of it is true. That is why I always say, “Why the hell should I pay some ‘dues’ to the NACCP when they don’t ‘dues’ a damn thing to help Black people? They’ll never get a dime from me. They can continue licking Donald Sterling’s boots because I’m pretty sure, he could use another ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ from those ass-kissing sell-outs!

        Another great post Prince!

        Thanks for keeping it real man!

  3. I’ve been mulling this over in the hot water for sometime now. Rich White people funding a black movement, HIGHLY SUSPECT. and yet some misguided blacks like to point to pictures #2 & 4 and say “see not all white people are racist”… my mother is one such example.. And another thing, that pretentious photo with that Edomite girl wearing a “Black Lives Matter” T-Shirt, you have said it, I have said it, the common Tommy and Becky don’t give a damn about us. Our struggles is just a passing fad for their amusement, a fashion statement, and when the fan-fare and the HOORAA is over, it’s back to business as usual

    • Very suspect indeed! I don’t trust this so-called movement at all. I agree,it is a passing fad at best. The sad part about it though is black lives DO matter. Put this movement is clearly co-opted by non blacks. The rich whites and Jews control the entire media landscape. Therefore this movement wouldn’t get any shine if THEY didn’t want them to. You feel me?

      • I hear ya, a truly black revolution would have to be a guerilla underground revolution, we have to hit them when they least expect it, like how those lycans tore apart Amelia and the Vampire Council on that train in Underworld… a total sneak attack

  4. Have you looked at the website? It mentions Black Gay, BlackBi, Black Lesbian, Black Trans, AND Black Queer at the bottom of the page. Way too many categories for a movement to be in the first place, and there is no need to add these categories at all. Also, the state of the Black Union. The LGBT movement is really focused on blacks for some reason. There are many other signs, but Black Lives Matter is not for blacks not at all.

    They have shown up to undermine blacks. From questionable things like running into a diner to yell “Black lives matter” to white customers to (I believe it was them) having a social media campaign to remove the battle flag from whites homes in the South, they choose bad ways to go about protesting. They claim to be on the Democrats side even though they have done nothing for us the past 6 years. One of the leaders, in an interview with JANET MOCK, threatened to shut down the Republican convention next year.

    Why is the fist white?

  5. Great posts. I never thought enough about the LGBT movement connection to BLM. Gay is not the new black and no one can come up with good reasons for comparing them. The Huffington Post and other media tried to get us excited about the gay marriage ruling but blacks were mostly opposed or indifferent. Our culture is, for right now, still against it.

    The homosexual supporters have almost completely left you alone but you let everyone know in no uncertain terms that you do not support them.

    That whole period with black men coming out was strange. A wise man said that some people love using blacks as the face of certain movements like feminism, homosexuality, transgenderism,etc. I agree, the media has not been a good influence on the black family. There is something else about Black Lives Matter that I know I am missing but BLM is not good for us.

    I am black, and the Africans are different from us, but I remember a class I took that was about world cultures. On Africa as well as the dark people in Papua New Guinea we learned about a tribe(not the Masai, Somali, etc. but a very small tribe that I think was in the East) that had a mating ritual that included them wearing a dress and makeup. They also spoke about homosexual initiation rites among one of the dark Papua New Guinea people. The Africans have for a long time stood against homosexuality, but they were trying to use just one to make it seem as if acceptance of homosexuality or cross dressing was the norm there.

    • Yes I think I know what tribe you’re talking about. I think I saw something about them on Facebook. And you’re right,they want to show this ONE example like it’s the What a joke!! This is no way the norm for African culture. These elites that control the media are so slick with their agendas. That’s why I do everything I can to wake my people up. We all have to do our part to get the message out there. We are in a WAR! It’s time to get your armor on and hit the battlefield!

  6. Great points. The Soros Justice Fellowship also funded Michelle Alexander’s book, “The New Jim Crow.” Michelle Alexander and the BLM movement share similarities in which both figures call attention to structural racism/White Supremacy, but they have no prescription for a clear-cut agenda that will advance the masses of Black people beyond these current conditions.

    Also, the BLM founders’ attempt to adjoin LGBT and Black issues embodies imperialism in a Black face. Like the Christian evangelist in Africa, they are imposing a foreign set of social and cultural relations. As a collective, we need to develop more institutions that will teach African consciousness as well as illustrate what consitutes a healthy Black family structure.

    • Thank you for that information. I didn’t know Michelle’s book was funded by Soros also. And that’s a very good book! I know many people who quote that book all the time. I also realize that Michelle Alexander as a white mother…we must keep that in mind also. I also agree with you that it embodies imperialism at it’s core. Soros and his ilk are very slick. They trying everything to alter our consciousness about what is a black family. You make very valid points. Thank you for this information.

  7. Wow, this post definitely opened my mind, especially after seeing the hashtag used more and more in the UK. I wasn’t aware the founders of Black Lives Matter were lesbian… I understand how this taints the whole point of the movement. The more I think about it the more I ask myself, if these women are seriously striving for what they created why is there no platform for promoting the black family unit? The black men and women shot or dying in custody were part of families – some killed were mothers and fathers. Where is the platform for Black Families Matter because this is what is ultimately being destroyed. Yes lives are being lost, but families are being broken too. (Eunice)

    • I’m glad I opened your mind. That’s the real purpose of this blog. But I do agree with you abut the importance of family. Interesting that is never brought up. Thanks for the comment Eunice.

  8. BLM is a loosely affiliated amalgam of people with differing agendas, all elbowing each other to feed at the great George Soros funding trough.

    Soros is Hillary Clinton’s largest donor and supporter.

    The result is that there is now a coordinated effort on the part of several black activists and groups to discredit Bernie Sanders among the general population but especially among Black Americans. Shameful, really.

    16 January 2015 – “Soros also gave money to the Drug Policy Alliance, which worked on the perpetuation of the ‘black lives matter’ buzz phrase, which has been incorporated into speeches by political figures including Hillary Clinton.”

    • You make some very interesting points. However I’m looking at the bigger picture. I understand there is a lot of manipulation at hand. But to be realistic I don’t think Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders cares about the black population very much. They just want to be elected. If either of them were to become President I don’t think black life in Amerikkka would improve very much. Sorry,just being honest.

  9. Whites infiltrated the civil rights movement and the movement became watered down. It started as a grassroots movement by the people. Malcolm X warned us about that. But just like the Black Panthers let whites,hispanics and Asians join them……the group fell apart. Why do we keep falling for this?? Why can’t black people have our OWN movement without attaching it to the plight of everyone else?

    Great post! This is why I never really trusted the underlying reasons for the BLM movement because whites are in it. Black people fail to see that when whites get into something of ours it goes to hell. Look at our culture and music and a social movement created for and by black people is not exempt from their defilement either. This is all great food for thought and I can’t say that I’m surprised by the facts you have given.

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    • Thank you Sango! Those are wonderful links! We have to do for self and stop waiting on someone else. It’s time to empower ourselves and believing in the ability of our people. I hope everyone checks out those links. Thanks again.

  11. Great artical man! Really well written. I just heppend to come across it when I was online. I’m all for people living the way they chose, but I want something to support that is just BLACK. Not gay, NOt LGTB or what ever the abbreviation is, Not Male, Nor Female, Not Old or Young JUST BLACK LOVE and Support for our future!!!!

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  13. Black lives matter regardless of sexual orientation. Too many of our LGBTQ African-Americans have faced discrimination and it’s time that we support them just like straight African-Americans. The Black lives matter movement is not trying to make convert straight African-Americans to becoming gay or becoming part of the LGBT community. It’s to raise awareness that LGBTQ rights are human civil rights. We must work together to achieve equality in America. Remember, Dr. King had gay men working for him during the Civil Rights movement. As a matter of fact Dr. King’s right hand man was gay. So in turn, straight African-Americans can’t marginalize their struggle at the expense of the LGBTQ community. Lastly, since we are African-Americans let’s work together to fight societal injustices regardless of our sexual orientation or sexual activities.

    • I think you’re a bit confused Darnell. It’s not that I believe BLM wants to make straight people become gay. It’s the fact that a so-called black grassroots movement is funded by rich white folks. BLM is not a legitimate group about the empowerment of black people. It is filled with gays.lesbians and transgenders under the guise of “black power”. BLM is a fraud! And black people have to use their critical thinking skills and realize this group is funded by our open enemies. It was a fraud from the very beginning. Black people as a whole have not been liberated…so why is homosexuality even an issue?? Being black FIRST should be at the forefront…not lesbians and homosexuals. I hope this clarifies things a bit more for you.

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