Robert Mugabe invokes the spirit of Marcus Garvey

This is a great speech in my opinion. During a speech at an international summit in Harare, Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe gave a clarion call for Africans and African-Americans to forge closer ties so as to advance the cause of people of African descent.  It was nice to hear him say that all people of African descent should be pulling together against our racist oppressors. We have to stand as a collective unit for our liberation.  I liked how he quoted the great Marcus Garvey as well. It would be nice to see this by more African leaders. Many of them come off as cowards who are afraid to speak TRUTH to power. I salute Mugabe for having the guts to say this. I also admire that he has stood up to the homosexual agenda the western world has been trying to impose on Africa. Maybe this speech will make other African leaders get up some courage and follow his lead. We can only hope.



17 thoughts on “Robert Mugabe invokes the spirit of Marcus Garvey

    • That’s true. But black people suffer from not having any REAL power. This is why we stay oppressed as a group. Therefore we need black power to get out of it. Bonding with other races has NOT gotten us out of this situation. This is the message that Garvey was putting out. I’m curious,you’re not black are you? I have a feeling you’re not.

      • No not black. Trying to come to the truth of these things for myself. I agree with you as all I have been taught my whole life has been cliches and half truths based on the crap fed to me. I realized several months ago that the black cause was a real concern. I follow several black blogs now as I am ignorant but trying to learn. This year has been an awakening for me in many other ways as well. Nothing is as it seemed to be and is much worse than I thought possible. I empathize and I care, but I know I am lacking truth and am actively seeking it. I appreciate your insights and patience with me. There is so much information available but truth is hard to find and sources are difficult to believe any more.

      • That’s fine. I have over 300 followers and many are non black. Some want to know about black issues and others are just curious. Anyone can read this blog since it is an open forum. But I deal with issues that effect the African diaspora. If you’re not black you will have a very different experience in this world. Our people suffer from global oppression and anti-blackness. This is what I battle against. I make no apologies about it. Some of my material tends to offend whites. I’ve had many white trolls come on my blog to disrupt the conversations. It’s okay I’m used to it. Glad you like the blog though. I will continue to spread my truth as I see it. I hope you enjoy the ride.

      • 1 more thing. I do feel most whites are oblivious to the problem. I wish I could remember the name on the video I watched. Very well done of a white guy in Kenya. The premise was “there was a lot of poverty, but not so obvious someone made them that way”. The established hierarchy is well footed. And global

      • I used to think that when I was younger. But not anymore. But I think whites learn at a very young age that they have an advantage being white. I think they know it but are scared to admit this fact. Racism is learned very quickly in this society. It doesn’t take long to figure out who’s on top and who’s on the bottom. Many are not as naïve as they claim to be.

      • I was taught very young I could do anything. I just thought I had great parents and I did. Another event happened prior to my awareness that helped me to understand a little. I was working as a medic in Watts in 2005 for 3 weeks during a shortage. I went into a nursing home and while I was waiting I tried to have a polite conversation with a large black security officer. I said “how’s it going?” He clenched his fists and stepped back a little and said “WHAT”? His body language was frightening. I said oh just saying hello. He looked straight ahead and did not respond to me again. There was tension I was not familiar with. in my home town in Washington nobody really cares if your black or white. Really! I realized then after contemplating a while that he probably had heard his whole life how much whitey hated him and oppressed him. We definitely saw things very differently. If he moved to Yakima, no one would care! Really! He was taught from his youth and couldn’t let it go even in a professional environment. I wanted to take him for a beer but I probably would not have survived a lounge in watts. I was raised in a Mormon cult and breaking away was tough. The things I was told about everyone took an enlightening period to erase., and I still struggle with it. When black children are adopted by whites, I wonder if the same stigmas and beliefs are true. What you believe is your reality. (There I go again). Most white people don’t hate or prejudge blacks. But from the top I am probably wrong. .

      • Yu don’t think whites are prejudiced towards blacks? That’s quite a bold statement to How do you come to that conclusion? Also if there are only a few racist whites then how this racist system stays in place? Blacks live under a racist power structure. Most whites could care less because they don’t have to deal with it. It’s a non issue for them. But for black people it is a REALITY. We don’t have the luxury of ignoring our oppression. Thanks for the comment though. But I think you’re living in a different utopian make-believe world.

      • I was sharing what I was exposed to growing up. My closest friend was black. Moves from Rainier avenue in Seattle out to the country. We never thought much of it. Of course there is racism. I do feel those with the power and Money control the dialog which is very few people. I feel, though no expert, that Jessie and Al and Louis are in the pockets of the wealthy and continue to oppress their own people with divisiveness and silliness. White that I have known, and I have lived in many places, like everyone, but they are not aware of the hierarchal structures in place. I am from white privilege, but I didn’t know that until recently. I recognize their is a problem but the regular white guy has no issues with black where I am from. I think it would be beneficial to the black cause not to ostracize the ignorant honky that has no issue with black. I am sober and serious about this. Don’t paint broad strokes about whites that disenfranchises the majority that supports equality and justice. It is hard to break the molds we were raised in. For white and black. 99% of whites that see a video of an unjust black beating are horrified. Racism is alive from Obama to the local police. The 1% is the ones that you need to fix. I stand with you!

      • Yes I know what you mean. I know that Jesse and Al Sharpton are just tools. Al has a show on MSNBC so how can he really be “fighting the power”.lol I agree with some of what Farrakhan says but I think he sold out too. He does speak about the evil deeds of the powerful Jews though. I do applaud him for that. But he’s not the same man he was twenty years ago. He’s changed many of his views. I am aware that the media used police shootings and beatings to get a reaction from both blacks and whites. The media will have a white guest on that agrees with the shooting and then black people get upset about it. Maybe not ALL whites agree with every single shooting by the cops. But I have white co-workers that have told me they agree with most of them. Some whites are quiet about most of these cases in the workplace. I suspect they agree with most of the not guilty verdicts but don’t want to make things uncomfortable in the workplace. I realize that there is a very small group of whites/Jews that own most corporations ,tv shows,newspapers and cable outlets. I just wish that more whites who want the system to change would speak out against it. In the meantime,I have to get the word out to my people. I am a black nationalist and Pan African. My goal is to the liberate people of African descent from economic and social oppression. And anyone who is against our freedom is an enemy to me and my people. As long as a person is not trying to impede our progress I have NO issue with them. But anyone(black or white) who is FOR our oppression or supports the homosexual,transgender or lesbian lifestyle is NOT my ally. That’s as plain as I can make it. Thank you for your comments.

  1. Mugabe stated how Pan-Africanism came to influence African Nationalism, which then defined a common set of goals amongst African people. I believe that’s what we need currently, a type of cultural and economically universal action plan.

    I always thought Robert Mugabe’s land redistribution policy, which began in 2000, showed determination. Ensuring that Africans take full command of their natural resources is crucial. In 2012, Mugabe stated that the war for economic independence in Africa is a war far greater than the one for political independence. That is precise, because economic power gives a people or nation leverage in terms of how they control and operate their own affairs.

  2. Yes, right on Baba Mugabe. More of us need to take trips to Africa and Haiti to actually seek out opportunities that establish our kinship and economic ties. I have a vision that one day I will bring a group of youth to an African village to learn each other’s talents in arts & crafts. Thank you for the post Kushite Prince.

    • You’re welcome Sunshine. I agree,we should take more trips out there. We need to connect with our people more. We are all part of the same family. We can’t be afraid to reach out to our brothers and sisters in other countries. We all battle the same beast!

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