Sandra Bland: Facts vs Fiction

This is a video and post by Rick Wallace. The brother makes some very valid points regarding the Sandra Bland case. Read the following article and let me know what you think.

What is submitted here is the demand that blacks stop jumping on every bandwagon simply because it supports their theory. The objective should always be truth — truth, in conjunction with consistency, is the foundation on which credibility and respect are developed. If we are to be taken serious, we must be willing to engage facts that may not support our theories. We have to be willing to acknowledge when we may have spoken hastily on a matter. Am I saying that Sandra Bland killed herself, at this time, I have to say that I don’t know. What I can say is that I have seen a lot of things that are not receiving enough attention, things that point to the possibility that she may have taken her own life.

What disgusts me is all of the false stories and theories like the “dead in the mugshot theory,” which makes absolutely no sense (see excerpt for explanation). The truth is that it is easier for blacks to believe that she was murdered than it is to believe that a black person took their own life under distress. I have conducted a significant amount of research since this surfaced, and what I have uncovered is that there has actually been more formulated BS from our side than the side of law enforcement. Don’t get me wrong, there were definitely some spins placed on the story by law enforcement, which will always going to be the case; however, some of the stuff that was being circulated by us and all of these desktop psychologists was absolutely ridiculous.

It is time that we step back and begin to break this down piece by piece. At this point, I will say that regardless of whether Sandra Bland killed herself or she was murdered, the video of the arrests presents enough to declare that she was wrongfully arrested, and therefore, responsibility for her death begins with DPS. If at some time, there is evidence that supports murder charges, then we will move for that as well, but from what I am hearing the second and independent autopsy, which was ordered and paid for by Sandra Bland’s family, also came to the conclusion that her death was caused by suicide. I am still attempting to confirm this for myself. I do know that the results of that second autopsy have been kept on the hush, and that says a lot.

Well, read my post and hopefully, it will spark some dialogue that can actually serves to move us in a direction in which we gain ground in a number of areas that go beyond meaningless debate.

7 thoughts on “Sandra Bland: Facts vs Fiction

  1. I like it. I completely agree. I’m glad she’s getting attention but we get so caught up in emotion that we sometimes ignore the facts and draw empty conclusions. Thanks for this!

  2. The news also presents the case too early with a focus to blame police. It is nearly impossible to retract as well as they can cast initial blame. Yesterday Ohio had another case and the media and courts have already charged the policeman with murder. He will not be convicted based on the evidence and his arrest was a political stunt. No one cares about the truth and that is the ultimate saving grace to the black cause.

    • Well there are different narratives the media likes to play upon. I do think the media loves to cause racial division between blacks and whites. He helps with ratings and creates a bigger divide. But Fox News usually takes the side of the officer from what I’ve seen. The y usually assume the black victim is guilty right from the start. Everyone does not blame the police. Many white co-workers give the police the benefit of the doubt. Also films and television dramas are always pushing racist stereotypes. The black man is usally seen as a thug,pimp,drug dealer and wife abuser. This is why many whites believe in “law and order” and blacks believe in truth and justice. So as you can see we live in two different worlds. Blacks and whites don’t see the world the same way due to our experiences. Whites don’t see racism as a BIG issue because for the most part it doesn’t effect them. I think both races can be manipulated at times by the media. By I for one do care about the TRUTH. And due to the racist history of this country,you can’t blame black people for not trusting the justice system. It rarely goes in our favor. So political stunt or not…I had no problem with his arrest. I want to make that very clear.

      • Nicely put. I am learning about truth and justice, but as compassionate as I am I realize a huge divide. I appreciate your ability to communicate fairly and read fairly. Usually the thought processes are so different we really have no where to even start the conversation. I feel that maybe there are a handful of racists that get all the attention and control all the dialog. But then again, I might just be plain wrong. This has been a revealing and difficult year for me as I have been wrong a lot and the life that I have believed in has been exposed for what it is. The curtain is coming down. (I hope) and hopefully others in my situation will get their heads out of the sand too. Regards.

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