The Death of Sandra Bland(They’re killing Sistas too)

Sandra Bland

It is immensely important to discover the truth about what happened to Sandra Bland, and it is equally important to hold all who are involved in her death, at any level, responsible for the role that they have played. However, before we can even get to the point in which Sandra Bland lost her life, we must take an extremely close look at how she ended up in police custody in the first place. Let’s be clear here. Law enforcement officers are trained to effectively deescalate potentially volatile situations, without the use of force, and we know that they are capable of doing this with great effectiveness. We know this because white people can be some of the most obnoxious people in the world when pulled over, and yet rarely are they arrested for their obnoxious behavior. Police officers are generally very tolerant of verbal resistance when dealing with whites. In this particular case, as with far too many other situations involving blacks, the officer’s tolerance is almost non-existent. He asks her about whether or not she is irritated. Of course she is, which is the response with a significant number of people when pulled over and ticketed. As blacks, we must be careful to guard against the conditioned response of blaming the victim for behavior that is commonly overlooked. It ignores the core intent and removes accountability for the perpetrator.

Sandra Bland voicing her displeasure with being stopped is not grounds to escalate the situation, nor is it ground for arrest. If you stopped a person for failing to properly signal, give her a ticker or a warning and let her be on her way. Why is he antagonizing her? Why the command to put the cigarette out while she is still in the car, unless you have already made up in your mind that you are about to extract her from the vehicle. Why is the cigarette important? Normally officers only request that a person extinguish their cigarette after they have exited the, because at that moment, the cigarette could be used as a weapon. So, his requesting  that she put the cigarette out is indicative of his intent to remove her, but he is stating that the reason she is being removed is because she failed to distinguish the cigarette. Do you get where this is going? Basically, he did not like her attitude, he was going to give her an attitude adjustment. He did not like the idea that she was standing up to him.

The trooper then demands that she get out of the car, without giving a reason why. Unless she is being detained for something, she should not have to get out of the car, which is a quick way to escalate a the situation. When she mentions that she does not have to get out because she is not under arrest, he then says that she is under arrest, but once again, he fails to identify why at this time. Now keep in mind, this is prior to when the alleged assault took place, which is supposed to be the reason she was arrested. Are you starting to see the officers intent to arrest her even before he had a reason to?

When she refuses to exit the car, he threatens to tase her. She then complies and he orders her to the side of the road out of view of the dash cam, which is odd. It would seem that the fact that he was having difficulty with Sandra that he would want everything on film, but he purposely moves her out of the frame of the camera. What happens after that is still in question, but we already know that there was ill intent and a pre-existing desire to arrest her before the alleged assault took place.

Article by Dr Rick Wallace.

I believe they killed this sista. This story just doesn’t seem right to me. Somebody is lying.Also that video footage of the cop pulling her over has been edited. Who edited the video? I’m not sure but it seems like a cover up to me. Rest in Power Sandra. We will get to the bottom of this. You deserve justice just like so many others. Here are some other good blogs covering this tragedy. Be sure to check them out as well.

47 thoughts on “The Death of Sandra Bland(They’re killing Sistas too)

  1. I agree. I’ve been pulled over and a cop straight up told me his boss was on him about his quota. Luckily I was just inconvenienced instead of killed, but this instance is a reminder [like we need another reminder] that it could be any of us.
    I can’t watch the dash camera video; I’m still so upset about her senseless murder. But I agree with you. He didn’t like her attitude and was upset that his ‘authority’ wasn’t threatening to her. and I hope her family and loved ones are vigilant in getting some justice.

    • This story me sick to my stomach! This is such a horrible tragedy! I’ve had other black women tell me they’ve been pulled over too. It’s obvious these cops don’t acre if you’re a black man or woman. They see us ALL as less than human with NO right to life. We are garbage in their eyes! We aren’t even real citizens in my opinion. If you get an attitude with cops they will find ANY reason to arrest you and bring you in. This story is very fishy. I highly doubt she killed herself. We have to get this story out there. This is total BS!!! We demand justice!!!

      • Yes it’s very sad. I feel for her family! And I’m always in an underlying rage-like a dormant volcano-knowing the truth behind the nonsense.
        I’m ready for my Garvey ship back to Africa.

        And I meant to tell you that I [finally] read an abbreviated explanation of Kushites. Yay me!
        Keep it up, man. I enjoy your posts.

      • Well I’m glad to hear that. I think many of us are getting tired of being treated less than human. There’s only so much a people can take. You read up on the Kushites?? Cool! Keep educating yourself. That’s the right path. I’m glad you like my posts. I’m just one man but I do what I can to enlighten the people. That’s my only purpose for this blog. Glad to hear it’s reaching others .

  2. Now Kushite, the Dallas Police Department who caused her death, are putting lies to discredit her by having depression and having suicidal thoughts. How can a person who’s going to Houston to start a new life wants to end her life in jail? That’s suspicious in my belief! Even there’s the video when she was confronted with the Popo, there’s still no video of her stay at jail. Always, have to show video from the jail to find out any excessive force from policemen. But at the moment, there’s no video. I know something is fishy, I know there’s corruption the issue is how stop it for good. Another Fergusson? Let’s see…

    • No surprise Omay. You know how they do. It was just a matter of time. All this talk of her being depressed is a way to justify her murder. They’re trying to cover their tracks! This is absolutely disgusting!!! Ferguson??? God I hope NOT!! It’s almost like they’re testing us in different areas. Know what I mean? It’s like they want to piss us off so that we riot and tear the city apart. Hmmmmm……is this a government operation to see how we would fight back?? Maybe….not quite sure. Something to think about though.

      • This has been a strange time. I am near there. We are having that big multi-state drill right now. Not sure why(well I know where it is leading to and I am sure you all at least have an idea, but not this particular part) all these events keep happening and showing up on the media, especially in Texas, the center of the drill, but there is something weird going on.

      • You talking about Jade Helm? I was thinking about that too. Not sure if most people are familiar with that drill. If not,they need to get educated real quick!

      • Yes, I was talking about Jade Helm but you are correct in your other take on this. It is a tough time and there will be more unfortunately.

    • Have you ever heard of a riot in Texas? I haven’t. They have road signs all through that state that reads, “Don’t mess with Texas” for a reason.

      • That’s true Sunshine. They have open gun carry laws out there too. I’ve been to Texas before. It’s a very different mentality out there. They still think it’s the wild west of the 1800’

  3. Brothers and Sisters, if we expect any kind of justice for this tragedies we would be fools. It isn’t going to happen. Just like with Trayvon Martin, Rekia Boyd, John Crawford, Eric Garner, Patrick Dorismond, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray this is going to be swept under the rug and it’s going to be business as usual. We are dealing with devils in human skins…..

  4. Okay, we all know what’s up…. so now what are WE going to do about it? The way I see it at this point blacks have one of two choices:

    1. Accept being exterminated on the streets by law enforcement. Recent numbers say that there have been approx. 500 black people killed by law enforcement in 2015. As Dr. Francis Cress Welsing says, whenever whites give you stats pertaining to blacks you should always double or triple the number (thus putting the number at closer to 1000-1500)

    2. We can organize and devise a way to fight back! and I’m not speaking militarily. I truly believe that blacks can shut this police issue down by the end of 2015 if we all got on the same page (good luck with that, right?)

    I want to bring something to your readers’ attention: only blacks are having this problem today- just blacks, nobody else. I want you all to read the link below regarding Sureshbai Patel and compare the response when police get out of pocket with non-blacks. Note the difference in the punishment of the police officer.

    After reading that- nobody in good conscience can say that blacks don’t have the power to put a complete stop to this if we wanted to. The problem is that too many of us have accepted this as a way of life- and that is unfortunate.

  5. What are we gonna do? Are we gonna continue to march up and down the street begging for justice and promising no peace? Are we gonna collect hashtags like baseball cards then struggle to remember them all when writing articles about the how they are killing us? Are we gonna wait for bs investigations knowing full well that they are indeed bs investigations? Are we gonna be forced to take our own lives into our hands and be our brothers and sisters keepers? I’ll tell you this-until we get really tired of always being Amerikas whipping boys and girls we can look forward to being killed in the streets by these fucking.

    I will never sit by and watch the killing of Black peoples no matter who happens to be the killer. Those days have long since passed.

    • I’m with you brother! I think we’re all reaching our boiling point! This madness is very frustrating to my spirit. I try everyday to remain calm but it’s not easy at times. I understand your frustration.

  6. African Americans should start demanding that their human rights and lives be protected by International Law, Geneva Convention and the UN. Other people and countries do this whenever their citizens or people are killed ie Palestinians, Sudanese or Eritrea for instance. If you just focus on civil rights, you are only limiting your rights to the United States and the constitution. IF the focus is placed on protecting the human rights of African American men, women and children than it carries an international weight that other countries will pay attention to and put pressure on the United States. The world knows that U.S. treats its black citizens terribly. If I remember, a few years back Michael Brown’s parents spoke to a special UN meeting about their son’s killings in Ferguson. It wasn’t reported much in the U.S. press. There is an old petition, more of an important document titled We Charge Genocide from 1951 charging the U.S. government with genocide against African Americans. It was originally written by the Civil Rights Congress. Sadly its one part of the Civil Rights our history class ignores focusing on the overplayed “I have a dream speech.” That’s one suggestion. The Geneva Convention and International Law also applies to the United States as much as any other country.

    We Charge Genocide:

    Geneva Convention:
    Human Rights and International Law according to UN:

  7. Since when is being arrogant a crime worthy of being dragged out of your car at the threat of being tasered and thrown to the ground? When whites use the term “arrogant” to describe blacks, that is their code for saying a “nigger that has gotten out of his or her place and needs to be corrected.” Do you ever here white people referring to white women as arrogant? Or white men for that matter? I don’t.

    This is classic white folk, but yet and still a large segment of our communities want to marry, date/mate, procreate, live, party and play with these demons. I appreciate Marc Lamont Hill, but I personally DO NOT debate with white folks where issues of white supremacy and race are concerned. Just as that white prosecutor was trying to justify that cop’s behavior when he KNOWS he would not condone that cop’s behavior for his daughter, there is no rationalizing with irrational people. Marc really is wasting his time trying to rationalize with these sub-humans. Even that lost coon Don Lemon couldn’t deny this one…did you notice that? As for Sunni Hostin -after all that discussion- she wasn’t brave enough to call out racism on TV by agreeing that this was racially motivated at the end. Did you peep that?

    Kushite- did you check out the article I posted about the Indian man and the cops? Did you notice how those cops got SWIFT justice when they treated a non-black like a nigger? That should be black America’s wake up call.

    • Yes I did check out the link you provided. It’s obvious non-blacks are treated much different than us. It’s pretty undeniable in my opinion. Thanks for that. I will share that link with others.

  8. FUCK Sunny Hostin! She is the very definition of a house nigger she is always siding with white people and rushing to tear down black men at EVERY turn. I feel really bad for her son having such a sleazy, cowtowing asswipe for a mom. No duh these assholes are going to play blame the victim because it’s not in their desire to ever acknowledge their flaws or have sympathy for Negroes. And you had stupid ass black women on the blogs complaining about Ismmayl Brinsley’s girlfriend instead of thanking him for his heroic act. I wish more Negroes had the guts to do what he did and take some pigs off the farm!

  9. From the moment I heard this story, I was suspicious. Something is not right and I discerned from the beginning that this officer–even before the video, was just wrong. A traffic stop should not escalate to this point. This was complete racial bias in action. And you’re totally right regarding how obnoxious white people are in general, yet, they don’t end up dead because of a traffic offense.

    I demand the Justice Department to get involved in this.

  10. Great post! So tragic. But nothing is more characteristic of the white man – especially those who are commissioned by their state to pin badges upon themselves, wear guns & masquerade before us as though they are here to protect & serve us. Rather (and much rather) WE NEED PROTECTION FROM THEM!


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