Warped Logic of the Media(Transgender Nonsense)


Is this not insane? I am supposed to accept Bruce Jenner as an attractive woman….yet they tease Serena for looking like a man??  This makes NO sense to me! This is truly garbage!

35 thoughts on “Warped Logic of the Media(Transgender Nonsense)

    • I don’t trust Tel-LIE-Vision at all. It spews nothing but lies and deception. And basic biology 101 tells you that Bruce Jenner is a man. They are trying to confuse the masses of people in this country. I’m really tired of it!!

      • They already have the people confused! Who’s most of our people’s favorite female artist? Nikki MINAJ (Ménage à trois). Her name incites gayness but they keep pounding her music and message in everyone’s head. Then we’re left to wonder why the kids and people are turning out the way they are. The subliminals on the screen and in the music is destroying us!

  1. holy shit!!!!! I thought that was Joycelyn Wildenstein in the right picture next to Serena lol Caitlyn sure is one ugly woman, and on top of that he/she/it received an ARTHUR ASH Award? INSANITY!!!!!!!!!

  2. O geez. So real breasts and a naturally beautiful face and body are manly but a man trying to look like a woman is… ????!?!!?
    Serena is a great role model, so beautiful, sexy, confident, smart, classy and talented. And they hate that she’s so amazing and Black. It’s really too much sometimes.

      • KushPrince,
        Exactly Serena is winning championships and breaking records! That’s why the haters continue to attack her. She probably doesn’t pay the racists no attention. She is beautiful the way she is. Never understood why the media insists that everyone in the world has be skinny and look European. Beauty comes in many shapes and sizes mind you. 🙂

        Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner still looks like a dude and is technically (according to biology) a man even with all the surgery and changes.

        As for the transgender focus its giving me a headache. Now there’s a new reality series on TLC about Jazz Jennings the trans teen activist and youtuber. There was even a documentary on PBS about transgender kids meaning 6 years old saying they felt they were born in the wrong bodies and their parents actually allowed them to go through the transitioning process to become boy or girl from the gender they were born with. How in the world are kids supposed to know what sexuality and gender is before or after puberty? What parent would let their kids take hormone drugs and procedures to change their sex? Knowing the side effects and mental issues that comes along with doing such a procedure? Why all the sudden bursts and focus on transgender folks?

        I Am Jazz: http://www.tlc.com/tv-shows/i-am-jazz/

        PBS Growing up trans: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/growing-up-trans/

      • I know exactly where you’re coming from. They want to force all this gender confusion on everyone. They are doing their best to redefine gender and sexuality. Yes I know about Jazz. I mentioned her in a post last month. Although I did not know about his/her reality show. Thanks for the heads up. Yes it is getting really crazy out here! The world has gone completely insane!!

  3. No, you did a great job of concisely stating what you saw(and I think only a few, if any, caught that) but there is an explanation to it. It is part of something bigger, and if you think a little longer you will see why.

    • You want to know my personal belief? I think there is a clear double standard. I think they are trying to tell us that even when a white man dressing up like a women she is still more attractive than a REAL black woman. The media wants black women to be seen as more masculine than white females. Which is a total LIE! But that’s how the media wants to brainwash black people into thinking. They want us to hate ourselves and what we see in the mirror. Bruce Jenner looks hideous to me! I would never touch that creature with a ten foot pole. I don’t give a damn what the media tries to push into my mind. Well,what do you think? How do you see it?

  4. I mostly agree with you. The media right now is putting the last touches on destroying the image of the black woman and this is it as Bruce is being portrayed as more ladylike than Serena(who, for obvious reasons, has a lot of real womanly attributes). They are being told that no one seriously wants than, not even their men. There are some internal factors involved in why some can fall for this and it is not just some non-blacks who are at fault but that is a subject for another day. They are creating a society in which a transgender (woman? man? what is Bruce?) is equal to every other woman except blacks here. They are trying to push black women more into abnormal behavior.

  5. Yes, we have no real disagreement. But this is really warped logic. I don’t blame you for not wanting to think too much on this because I am starting to regret it myself. Man, I need to go look at a beautiful black woman post just to make up for this stuff we have been seeing lately.

  6. Bruce is a man dressed as an ugly woman. What type of accomplishments he done after that? Well, he is a former track and field athlete that’s it… Serena instead she’s a talented Tennis player who won a lot of championships. She’s happy with her talent, her femininity, and her color. Bruce on the other hand, he’s ashamed of being a man.

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