30 thoughts on “Racism in Japan( A Global Problem)

  1. Wow! I had to look this up. This is unbelievable. I was hoping it was a joke. Apparently this is a real chocolate pudding but the Japanese pudding company insists the title was a mistranslation in English from the original Japanese title Giga Chocolate Pudding. Even if it was a mistranslation it is no excuse for using the word and not on any product. Japan may not know the entire history or current violence African Americans and the wider African Diaspora has experienced due to the N word or its dehumanizing effects. This is the time where African Americans are supposed to create a global petition calling the company out for this disgusting display of marketing. The messed up part is this particular chocolate pudding has a facebook page that has nothing to do with the pudding itself!
    Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Almighty-Nigga-Chocolate-Pudding/550245705023057

    “Mistranslation” of Giga Chocolate Pudding: http://www.africanamerica.org/topic/lost-in-translation

    It turns out that the original pudding is called Giga Chocolate Pudding and the above photo is a parody or meme but it is this type of stupid, racist humor that has had real consequences for black people the world over.
    Here is the real Facebook page for Giga Pudding: https://www.facebook.com/GigaPuddingFans
    for those who want to write them on the offensive titling in the picture.

  2. I lived in Japan for a few years and LOVED IT. I’m so glad to see that this was photoshopped because I was just trying to think if I have seen this before at the Donqi-Jote and I have, but with “Giga”. Japan was the beginning of my self-love, because for the first time I felt admired for my brown skin, natural hair and even my round eyes. I’ll never forget how I first learned the word pretty “Kawaii”–from a group of old Japanese ladies waiting at the crosswalk with me, and just kept saying it and smiling. I had to look it up in my book since I just got there and was really taken back by that. From my experience, the pop culture of the African American is favored and admired, I don’t know how knowledgeable they are regarding the real history of us. I don’t know why I’m typing all of this, as if I’m defending the country…I just felt welcomed there, and that was a new feeling.

    • Glad to hear that GG. I’m glad you had a positive experience in Japan. Everyone will not have the same experience no matter what country they may visit. I do know that Many Asian countries(Japan,Phillipines,China) like black music and culture. It’s fine to appreciate a culture but I don’t like blackface at all. I do not condone that insulting type of imitation. But admiring an art form is okay as long as it’s respectful. But I’m glad you didn’t have any problems while you were there.

  3. Thank’s Kush for sharing this Viable information, It’s so much to learn and to understand why we are so Hated, I also would like you to also touch on
    The Mexican and their hatred toward Us as well. Not only that we have a lot to learn about who we are and how we as of nation of race’s of people. We are every Hue-Man Being First to Dominate this planet. So much So much So much to learn, Do you still listen to Neely Fuller I know I do. I have to keep abreast with this man he Is Skilled fully knowledgeable.


    • @JaKKeBrOWn and everyone:

      Anti-Black racism is everywhere! It’s pretty hard to accept, but it is a worldwide problem. Have you seen the PBS documentary “Black in Latin America” from a few years back? It shows racism in Mexico and other Latin American countries. There is a racial hierarchy there. Whites are the top, Mestizos are in the middle, and Blacks and Indegious people’s are the bottom. Just to give you some information. I hope that this helps.

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